This idea has been bugging me for weeks. Personally I blame my English teacher, but anyways I had nothing better to do so BAM!

Our story starts in a normal English lesson, well as normal as lessons get at St Trinians. Hardly any one was paying attention to their English teacher Miss Dickinson, a select were actually interested. Andrea and Annabelle loving the idea of true love were among the interested. The Totties were in one corner at the back of the room whispering about boys and painting nails while Kelly Jones was in the opposite corner asleep. That was how much the lesson was boring. Taylor was sat in front of her skipping through the latest edition of heat magazine and drinking something alcoholic. Miss Dickinson was blabbering on about Shakespeare and one of his most famous plays Romeo and Juliet. Being an English teacher she was passionate about his works and the hidden meaning behind them. "What is Sampson suggesting when he says 'I will take the wall of any man or maid of Montague's'?" She asked her bored class, something clicked in Chelsea's brain as she raised her hand.

"He wants to steal a wall that belongs to the person called Montague! Miss is Montague a boy or a girl? Are they fit?" Everyone in the class groaned, it was typical for a Tottie to say those words. It amazed them how three Posh Totties had won School Challenge on their own.

"Anyone else?" Miss Dickinson asked the class. She may as well gone with Chelsea's answer, asking for answers off bord St Trinians was like getting blood from a stone. "Kelly!" Everyone looked at their head girl who had woken at the mention of her name,


"What is Sampson suggesting when he says 'I will take the wall of any man or maid of Montague's'?" Kelly thought carefully before she answered, she knew she'd get a few sniggers off the younger students.

"He's basically saying he'll rape anyone who belongs to the Montague house"

"Correct, next time stay awake during my lesson"

"Aw Miss ya interrupted her dream of Flash!" Taylor shouted out,

"Mmm, that's what you think Taylor," Kelly winked at Annabelle who turned around to try and hide her blush. Miss Dickinson rolled her eyes and continued her lesson.

"'Ow's it goin' wiv Flash? Pulled 'im yet?" Taylor whispered to Kelly,

"I have never been interested in Flash; I only flirt with him for business reasons. How's Andrea?" Kelly smirked at Taylor hoping to get some sort of reaction out of her,

"'Ow should I know? Ask 'er ya sen!" Taylor said defensively, she turned around and put her interest back into her magazine. Satisfied with herself Kelly returned to her slumber only to awaken minutes later by the bell that signalled lunch. The room emptied quicker then you could say anarchy, only Kelly and Annabelle were left in the room.

"What was Taylor on about?" Annabelle immediately asked Kelly, she had noticed them whispering,

"She and everyone else here wanted to know about Flash, they still think I actually like him"

"Not the brightest blubs in the box are they?"

"That is debatable," Kelly joked, "Common let's get out of her before Dickey bird thinks we want extra lessons!" Kelly took Annabelle's hand and led her out the room.

Meanwhile in the dinning hall a fight was brewing, foolishly Beth made a dig at the chavs and they heard it. They didn't like it so naturally they started on them,

"OI! Caspa' da ugly ghost!" Bianca yelled at Beth, "You callin' ma mum a pikey? You bin disrepectin' me"

"Well done chav you don't need a hearing aid!" The emos behind Beth smiled at her joke; they began picking up bits of food ready to fling them. The chavs and rude girls noticed what was about to happen so they to loaded themselves with food,

"I aint chav doe, it rude girls hear me? Rude girls"

"Talking like that you is chav doe" Beth mocked, Bianca raised her fist only to be met by a face full of food. The chavs and rude girls were about to respond but the Ecos stopped them. Celia pushed her way in-between Beth and Bianca,

"Put the food and the fists down!" She demanded, Beth sighed. She put her fist down but she wasn't about to give up, she knew she would get Bianca while she slept. The thought of that made her grin in delight. Bianca on the other hand was less then willing to lower her hand, to make matters worse Zoe came walking over,

"What's Celia going on about now?" Zoe questioned, "I assume global warming" Zoe was passed some food ready to throw, not that anyone noticed,

"Never mind the jokes, just help me stop this fight before Kelly comes!"

"And why would I do such a thing?"

"To the peace"

"What peace? This is St Trinians after all. Peace, I hate the word. As I hate hell, all chavs and you!" Zoe launched the food she was holding at Celia, who dodged it effortlessly,

"Food fight!" A first year declared. The girls grinned mischievously at each other before throwing food at their rival tribe. Food was flung at everyone and at every wall, only the Totties went without being hit. They hide under the tables in fright, they had just had their hair done and they didn't want that to be ruined!

The fight was loud and Kelly and Annabelle could hear it from the roof. Kelly grumbled and cursed the tribes, this was the 5th time that they had interrupted a 'business' meeting with her and Annabelle and she was sick of it. Kelly got up and marched towards the girls in anger with Annabelle at her side. When Kelly had entered at the worse possible time, the battle between tribes was violent. The most violent that Kelly had ever seen in her time at St Trinians. A handful of mashed potato was flying through the air its intended target jumped out the way; instead it hit Kelly in the face.

At that moment the room fell silent, the girls dropped the food in their hands to the floor and everyone gulped in fear. Annabelle was trying not to laugh or smile but it was proving difficult. She decided it would be smart to leave the room before her laughter spilled out of her. Kelly took a deep breath, "Who through that?" She yelled. Everyone pointed to their neighbour which annoyed Kelly even more, "Yet again you have turned a civilised time of day into a war! It's got to stop and it stops now. If you dare disturb the little peace we have left again you face being banished to the grounds for a week! Now clean this mess up!" Kelly marched out the room to get cleaned up. She hoped her threats would have some effects on the girls, she preyed it would stay quiet from now on but she knew that didn't happen at St Trinians. Kelly knew the fun was just about to begin.

I'm waiting for a smart person to get what this is based on. I bet you'll all get it but I suppose that makes you all smart people... I think.

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