A/N: So I found an old notebook with some writing in it… I still remember writing these about a year ago… So this is the first of my random poems…

Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, Garra.

Sweat and blood, pain and fear,

Other ninja disappears.

Golden haired owner of fire fox,

Artist boy with heart in box,

Dark haired avenger on evils side,

Red haired monster from witch you can't hide.

All alone with no one to hold,

The anger inside is easy to mold.

The golden one protects the sunflower (1),

As dark avenger searches for power.

Artist regains his heart, for which he must repent,

Red head lives without the power one tails lent.

Will they survive the coming war?

And live to tell the tail once more?

Darkness only lasts so long,

Before the sun can sing its' song.

Gold and Red have found the light,

Artist fallows soon behind.

Avenger looks around but only darkness could find,

The soul he has trued to hide.

A/N: (1) sunflower is Hinata in Japanese.