"What is it about Gene Hunt?. Ever the sexist, obnoxious, ballsy, stubborn character"

Alex was sat in her living room up her lone table that stood opposite the kitchen. Knocking her heel against the table leg and chewing her bottom lip, Alex's eyes fell on her glass. The green of her hazel eyes contrasted with the ruby liquid, as she gazed into the dark substance. Wrapping her hand around the stem, she lifts the glass to her lips and gulps down the remainder before returning it back to the table surface. Tucking her hair behind her ears, the detective inspector continues to speak her thoughts and feelings out loud.

"But somehow, all this consigned to oblivion when a glimpse of emotion is revealed. His hard, intimidating exterior cracking slightly and affection shining through, to me and only to me though. Now that I think about it, these moments, our moments, are no longer rare, instead becoming somewhat natural now. One another's confidant, partner, companion, friend. No, not friend, more then friends, just ; how much more?. That's the question, hopefully a lot more." Slipping her heels off and unclipping her fringe, Alex slumped back into her chair, lulling her head back, she closed her eyes. "Am I really analysing myself?" shaking her head, she laughed lightly at her own stupidity.

The tall brunette picked up her glass and the half empty bottle of red, or in Gene's words "Luigi's house rubbish". Alex giggled at the thought, before wandering lazily into the kitchen. Placing the wine glass in the sink and the wine bottle on the side, she sighed deeply before ambling back into the living room and flopping down on the sofa. It hadn't been long since Alex had arrived home from CID, it was almost quarter to eleven now and it had been a very long day of drug busting and crook chasing. Letting out a yawn and closing her eyes, Alex let the exhaustion of the day take over her body as she gently drifted into sleep.

Just like most nights, Gene Hunt appeared, crocodile boots and all. His gun aimed at a masked man who had Alex gripped roughly by the neck, a knife inches from piercing her skin, and with one clean shot, the felon is gone. Gene Hunt, the hero and striding over, the hero takes his woman in his strong arms and both lean in, lips parting… "Ma'am?"

Her eyes precipitously opened and with a grunt in slight frustration that her pleasant dream had been ended so abruptly, she pulls herself up. With another knock from who the slumberous detective assumed was a certain short haired WPC, she made her half asleep, unsteady way to the door.

Rubbing at her bleary eyes, Alex pulled the door open and just as expected, Shaz was stood on the other side "Shaz what's going on?" Alex questioned, her tone was groggy but held a hint of concern at the lateness of her colleagues visit "It's the Guv Ma'am, he's in a state" The shorter woman revealed, although not with concern but with a smirk

"What's happened?" Alex questioned, finding herself fully aware now, all somnolent gone, although Shaz's smirk calmed her slightly, reassuring her it was nothing serious.

Simply raising her eyebrows, Shaz started down the stairs. Alex followed, not bothering to slip her shoes back on, she assumed they wouldn't be going far.

Coming to the bottom of the stairs, Shaz pushed the door to the restaurant open and just like Alex had predicted, there was Gene Hunt, half on a chair, half sprawled over a table. His team i.e. Chris and Ray, standing over him, a look of bewilderment on their faces as to what to do.