Chapter 3 : Aware ?

Gene was now face down, his hair dishevelled, his limbs limply flung in every direction, dangling off the edge of the not quite long enough striped sofa he now resided on. Wandering back

in from the kitchen where she had retrieved a bucket from under the sink, Alex placed it on the floor by her Guv's head. She unintentionally sighed deeply in endearment as her eyes

skimmed over his figure, a small chuckle evading the quiet as she observed his lengthy legs stretched much further out then the sofa could reach. Quietening her giggle with her hand

gently over her lips, her eyebrows furrowed slightly in hesitance: she questioned her next move, not quite certain whether to make it. Deciding for it, her eyes travelled up to his head

and her teeth grazed her bottom lip as she padded silently to his feet and cautiously, keeping her eye's on what she could see of the edge of his face, she let her hand clasp the heel of

his left boot, her other hand around his left ankle. She brought her eye's down to what she now held and gently pulling the slightly scuffed heel down towards herself, the boot slipped

off and she placed it silently on the floor before doing the same with the right. Taking both boots, she went back through the kitchen and placed them neatly down inline with a pair of

her heels that she kept by the front door. She observed the shoes for a moment, she smiled at how they sat habituated together, as if they sat there every night, like his masculinity

belonged mixed in with her feminineness. Just like his scent, which now lingered with her orchid - rose smell, even if the stench of alcohol diluted it somewhat. It seemed they were

accustomed for one another, complimenting each other, fitting perfectly.

1: 45 AM and Alex was sat on the edge of her coffee table watching her Guv in fascination. She found herself absorbed by his features and the expressions they contoured; he looked

almost vulnerable. His fa├žade non existent for the moment and peaceful content seeped as he slept off the worst of his alcohol bout. She allowed a smirk to lighten her own features, as

Gene, in his sleep, tried in effort to get comfy on the sofa, groaning as he did so, only finally relaxing once he had managed to turn onto his back. In adoration for the man in front of her,

Alex impulsively reached out and, with affection, smoothed back a strand of fringe that had become stuck to his forehead. Gene had obviously sobered up somewhat from what was a

lifeless state, as he subconsciously acknowledged the touch and reciprocated by bringing his hand up and entwining his fingers in-between her's, before bringing both their hands to rest

on his chest, squeezing her's tightly to him. Her back was strained slightly, her stretched out arm caused it to bend forward, she couldn't stay like this all night. Yet his grasp was

unwilling, which emotionally touched her, made her undeniable fondness for him grow further, if that was possible. Maybe he did crave love and affection, as she did; from him. But was it

from her he wanted it?, did he know it was her hand he grasped?, did he even know he was doing it?. She couldn't stay in this position for much longer, her arm now ached and her back

had become somewhat numb; but she didn't want to move closer, didn't want to take their relationship to that next level, not while he was in a less then sober state anyway. So, with

her free hand and with a little effort, she managed to un-weave her fingers and gently slip her hand free from his tight grasp before softly resting his hand back down onto his chest. She

stood up and massaged the back of her neck in an effort to release some of the tension that had formed. Her eye's were becoming an ache to hold open now, so, with a yawn in

exhaustion, she tiptoed out of the room, only turning back once, as she reached the door, and with a smile she whispered "Good night, Guv".