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Miroku was exhausted. For days, everyone had been withdrawn and cranky. Kagome was upset because of something that had happened back home concerning some 'kissing disease.' In response to her frustration, Inuyasha was more irritable than usual, making him impossible to be around. Shippou had run off somewhere safe, and was only popping out occasionally for food and to whine about some demon eating his crayons. Even Kirara was ready snap.

The atmosphere was constricting and heavy, and the worst thing of it all was probably the silliest; with Sango so tense, Miroku hadn't been able to sneak up and get his daily fix without the concern of permanent injury.

The wind blew through the trees, whispering conspiratorially. 'Come on houshi. You know you want to.' In front of him, her hips were swaying in time with her steps, drawing attention to the defined area that served as his target. Finally, his concentration broke, and he forgot his mantra of virtue, stretching his shaking hand forward and grasping onto her backside in short-lived triumph before he was lying on the side of the trail, face bruised.

"Sango, please! My hand, it's cursed!" He exaggerated.

The rolling of her eyes made him wonder if his excuse was a little worn out.

Excuses was written for the lj community Inuyasha Issekiwa. 210 words