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Me: Gomen, I just keep getting lazy to update my other crossover and my second story will hopefully be uploaded by the end of the week. Anyways with Eclipse coming up and me going obessed with that and Digimon Adventure 02, I decided to do a crossover. Pretty weird huh! So yeah this came to my head, thinking what would happen if Bella (vampire already) came to the Digital World during the Digimon Emperor Arc. With the Cullens (and Jacob) being worried cause of her being gone for days and somehow go to the Digital World too. I think it's funny cause of the Cullens being vampires (immortality) and Jacob being a shape shifting Werewolf (also immortality) meeting the Digidestined (who are like in middle school), is too awesome. BTW, I'm doing English version for Digimon (cause of the Cullens, I mean, come on, United States, take a hint) so yeah. I won't update this as much cause you know, two other stories to work on. Oh yeah since Bella is a vampire in this fic, yay Nessie will be in it (she's adorable) Okay, I choose Bella to do disclaimer since the 1st Chapter is mainly about her into the Digital World.

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Me: Yeah I'm keeping it straight you here. I just didn't want to do JacobxNessie. I mean Nessie is still a kid. Okay enough stupid babbling, on with the 1st Chapter!

Note: Some characters (maybe all :D) will be OCC once in a while!


Chapter 1- Where Did She Go?

Bella's POV:

My days have always been the usual. It's mostly Edward and I taking care of Nessie, hunting for food, and still trying to improve some of my powers that I've learned during the time the Volturi were trying to kill us. The days were always the same, but today, something weird was about to happen.

Today I decided to hunt for food by myself instead of being with Edward and Nessie. When I was in the middle of trying to catch a deer, I saw a very bright light in the distance.

I ran towards it, thinking it was a fire, but when I reached a good 5 feet in distance, the light was overwhelming. Just as I was about to runaway, the flashing light swallowed me. I saw a passage of different colors. Once I reached the end, I blacked out. (A/N: She didn't really black out. She's a vampire.)

Digital World, With the Digidestined-Normal POV:

Veemon sat up and panted, "I think we'd better call Tai!"

"But that'll take too long!" Davis protested. "Help me dig before we find more trouble!"

"Trouble has found you!" a voice boomed over the desert.

"What have you done?" Davis yelled, standing up and clenching his fists. "Where are my friends?"
"Your "friends" as you call them, are here with me. Come and see if you dare!"

"Hurry!" Davis shouted as they took off running. "The ground could open up and swallow us again!"

"I wanted to start getting some more exercise but running for my life wasn't what I had in mind!" Veemon panted as they raced across the desert.

"I'm more worried about our friends now!" Davis replied.

"We're coming, you guys!" Veemon called as we kept running.

"There he is!" Davis spat, glaring up a tall hill, "You're gonna get it!"

The Digimon Emperor cackled, "Oh, I'm SO scared!"

"You should be!" Davis hissed. "Where are they?"

"Take a look. Your friends are at my mercy. And so, it would appear, are you."

"Oh, no! Guys!" Davis shouted. His eyes widened with horror as he saw all of them tied up and dangling from a bridge.

"Davis, RUN!" Kari screamed.

"Get out of here while you still can!" TK shouted, struggling against the ropes that bound him.

"Don't turn your back on the Emperor!" Cody added, wincing as the ropes chafed against his skin.
"Well?" Yolei snarled, "Don't just stand there. Save me!"

"We're coming!" Davis started towards them.

"Not so fast!" The Digimon Emperor cackled. Just then the hill in front of them started trembling and the rocks started to shatter.

"Awaken, Deltamon!" The Digimon Emperor shouted, grinning evilly.

"Maybe it's a ducky or a bunny!" Veemon said hopefully, just as the boulders completely shattered, revealing a large, angry mutant-dinosaur like Digimon, with three heads! One normal, one made of bone, and one made of metal.

"Or not…" Veemon finished shakily.

"What is that thing, Veemon?" Davis yelped.

"Deltamon is a dragon type digimon with a metal head for one hand, and a skull for the other! His attacks are Tri-Flex Force and Dragon's Bite!"

"What luck you all stopped by!" The Digimon Emperor cackled. "You see, it's Deltamon's dinnertime, and I think eating all of you makes a balanced meal, hmm?"

All of the captured Digimon and children screamed as Delatamon sniffed at them and drooled hungrily.

"NO!" Davis shouted.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," The Digimon Emperor said, grinning slightly, "You see, I've given Deltamon orders to simply eat your friends if I'm attacked."

"I'll never let you get away with this!" Davis yelled furiously.

The Digimon Emperor raised an eyebrow. "It appears you have no choice. If you want me to show mercy…on your knees and beg!"

Davis let out an angry yell of, "Forget it!"

The Digimon Emperor cackled, "You both heard me! If you want me to show mercy… "You must beg for it."

"Well?" The Digimon Emperor hissed. Davis looked down with desperation in his eyes.

He scowled then finally sank down on his knees.

"Please, master. Spare our worthless friends." The Digimon Emperor ordered.

"Please, master, spare our worthless friends." Davis muttered as well.

"That's excellent!" the Digimon Emperor cackled. "Now your Digimon!"

"NEVER!" Veemon snarled.

"Just do it Veemon." Davis said grimly.

Veemon slowly sank to his knees.

"Seeing you squirm is so delicious!" The Digimon Emperor smirked, laughing, "You are so entertaining, maybe I should take pity on you."

"Really?" Davis said through clenched teeth.

"As you can see, Deltamon only has three mouths, but there are four children. Therefore, you may have one. Sadly, I cannot spare them all."

"What?" Davis shouted, jumping to his feet, "No deal!"

"That…or they all die."

"So I have to choose?" Davis said angrily, "How the heck do you expect me to pick one over the others?"

The Digimon Emperor smirked. "Obviously, the decision must be made delicately. However…you only have till the sand in this hourglass runs out!"

"Don't worry about me, Davis!" Kari shouted, "Save one of the others!"

"Davis, you guys have got to get out of here-NOW!" TK shouted frantically.

"Oh sure, make me look bad!" Yolei spat, "Fine, then don't save me!"

"We trust you, you guys!" Cody called, "Think of something!"

"I…I…I just can't do it!" Davis cried, burying his head in his hands.

"How can I choose one and condemm the others?" he thought desperately as he watched Deltamon drool in anticipation of fresh meat, "Kari!…TK!…Yolei!…Cody! I can't bear to lose any of them!"

"ARGH!" Davis snarled, burying his head in his hands as well.

The Digimon Emperor roared with laughter, "You brought this on yourself! This is for making me look like a fool!" He grinned as the last sand fell to the bottom of the hourglass, "Time's up! Say goodbye!"

"NO!" he screamed.

"Take me instead!" Davis pleaded, leaping to his feet.

The Digimon Emperor snickered, "You think YOU can satisfy his hunger? Alright, Deltamon!"

He looked up to see Deltamon snarling over him, bearing his teeth in a snarl and drooling,

"Davis," Veemon yelled in horror, "if you've been holding back and planning a surprise attack, now would be a good time to yell surprise!"


"Very funny!"

Suddenly the sky started turning to different colors, soon turning to white. Then a light blue light started falling, hitting hard into the sand causing a crater. In the crater, a young brunette with shiny ruby eyes, skin that looked as hard as granite, even shining too, slowly came out of the crater. She looked at her surroundings and saw the terrible situation. She knew she had to do something. She ran towards the red head boy, knowing in some way that he needed help. (A/N: Human running)

'Why the hell am I here? Why am I trying to help that boy? Even though I don't know, I still have to help him without completely exposing what I am,' though the young girl as she was a good 5 feet from him when suddenly the ground opened up revealing a bug like creature.

"Surprise? It isn't even my birthday!"

"Digmon?" Davis gasped. From above there were shouts of, "Incoming!"

"Nerfertimon! Pegasusmon!" Veemon said, his mouth dropping open.

Just then the other kids raced towards them.

"It's just an illusion!" TK panted. "We're all right!"

Davis pointed at the kids tied up. "Then who's that? And who's she?" Also pointing to the tall brunette

The kids and Digimon tied up suddenly morphed, into drooling, blank-eyed Bakemon!

"What are those?" Davis yelped, "…What are they, Veemon?"

"Despite their obvious hygine problems, Bakemon are able to impersonate any creature! Their attack is called Dark Claw!"

"I can't believe it!" the Digimon Emperor shouted, "You dumb Bakemon, I had them right where I wanted them!"

"I can't believe you pulled that trick on us!" Davis shouted, "Go get him Veemon!"

"It'll be my pleasure!"

"DigiArmour Energize!"

"Veemon armour digivolve to…Flamedramon! The Fire of Courage!"

"Will you worthless Bakemon just go and get them already?" The Digimon Emperor screamed.

"Here they come." Pegasusmon said grimly.

"Like mosquitos." Nerfertimon added.

"Attack them!"

"Dark Claw!"

The Digimon screamed as the Bakemon punched them as hard as they could, anywhere they could.

"We can't beat all of these Bakemon at once!" Kari said anxiously.
"It's the Dark Rings!" TK exclaimed, "That's how the Digimon Emperor is controlling them-like a general leading his army!"

"Not for long!" Davis snarled, "I'm gonna get that guy!"

Flamedramon and Digmon both snarled under the attacks of the Bakemon.

"Finish them!" The Digimon Emperor ordered. He smirked, "I have them now…"

"NEVER!" The Digimon Emperor yelped as Davis tackled him and they both skidded down the hill.

The pale brunette looked at the scene unfolding at the top of the hill.

"I'll stay here and guard the hill!" Wormmon called after his partner.

"You tried to take over the Digital World and destroy me," Davis snarled as they both skidded down the hill, his hands around the Emperor's neck as if he wanted to strangle him, "Well, I'm taking you with me! Digimon Emperor, yeah right!"

"I am a genius, I cannot be defeated by a child like you!"

"Like me? You are just like me!" The Digimon Emperor kicked Davis off of him once they skidded to a stop at the bottom of the hill.

"You're a kid just like me!"

"I think not!" The Digimon Emperor shouted, eyes blazing, "Deltamon, Triplex Force!"

Davis let out a cry of fear as the dragon-like Digimon started gathering energy.

"Say goodbye!" The Digimon Emperor cackled.

Suddenly the brunette's eyes narrowed. Right when the blast was about to hit, it suddenly stopped in mid air.

"What the-," The Digimon Emperor gasped.

"Why leave so soon? This party's just getting started! Fire Rocket!"

"Aim for the Dark Ring Flamedramon!" The Dark Ring burnt to ash as Flamedramon's attack hit.

"Now!" TK called to his Digimon.

"Star Shower!"

"Rosetta Stone!" The Bakemon screamed and scattered like flies under the attacks.

"Rock Cracking!" Digmon shouted. The Control Spure collapsed, a cloud of smoke and sand rising up from the rubble.

"Yes!" they all cheered in unison.

"No…NO!" The Digimon Emperor wailed, "What went wrong? My master plan was invincible!" He slowly smirked at Davis, "I see I forgot to factor in that you're one of those all-or-nothing types. I can't believe the same person made me look like a fool twice in the same day!"

"What do you mean twice?" Davis said slowly.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" The brunette snarled, running up to them. "Don't you dare hurt him!"

"ARGH!" he shouted in pain as the ruby eyed teen smacked him hard (A/N: human not vampire hard) across the face and sending his glasses flying.

"You little!" he spat furiously, before smacking the brunette as hard as he could on the face with his whip. Surprisingly there was no cut or blood on her cheek. It was as if she wasn't even hit at all.

'Why am I protecting that boy? Is just because my parenting instincts came in because it's like protecting Renesme?' thought the brunette.

Everyone looked surprised that there wasn't a scratch on her at all.

"K-Ken?" Davis stuttered, staring at the Digimon Emperor's face.

Ken slowly smirked, "The one and only! Ken Ichijouji! Well, Davis, farewell for now, my worthy adversary, until we meet again, in battle!" He roared with laughter as his Airdramon carried him away.

The older teen looked up as the raven haired villain escaped. She clenched her teeth. Boy, she wished her husband was here right now. ( She misses Edward XD)

"I really looked up to you Ken." Davis whispered as he watched him fly away on the Airdramon's back. "I dreamed of being just like you. And now that I know you're my sworn enemy, all I can say is...and I mean this: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CRUMMY AUTOGRAPH!"

After that comment, the Digidestined looked the older teen who finally noticed their presence.

"Who are you?" asked Kari.

"Can we talk about this in another place instead?" asked the brunette in a monotone voice.

"Can you at least tell us your name anyway?" asked Yolei.

"Sure. My name is Bella. Bella Cullen." said the teen. Finally revealing her true identity.


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Spoilers for chapter 2. Don't like, then don't read this little section:

Me: yeah Chapter 2 is mainly introductions and Bella finding a place to stay that has animals to hunt for. She tries telling the Digidestined about her situation as best as she can without blowing the vampire secret. When the Digidestined are gone, Bella tries to find an abandoned place to stay for a while. So mainly Bella centered for the next chapter.


Me: Chapter 4 or 5 will introduce another Cullen. I'm not telling you who it is.

Bella: So this is it for now?

Me: Yup! Don't worry Bella, you'll see Edward soon. I might change the Humor to Romance but maybe not. I just really like the whole Bella/Alice friendship sibling thing because Alice loves messing with Bella. It's too much fun to write. Anyways bye! Read and Review!