Me: Ohaiyo, minna.

Yolei: Whoa!

Me: What do you mean whoa?

Cody: Cause you finally updated something.

Me: 0.0…..

Bella: Umm…is she alright

Yolei: Way to go, Cody. You broke her.

Cody: You can't break people, Yolei.

Alice: Yes you can. Well mostly us cause were…

Me: Don't you ever dare say anything.

Alice: Told you, you can't break her.

Yolei: What were you about to say?

Me: Nothing! She said nothing.

Cody: But she was about to say something…

Me: Alright enough of this conversation. Alice you do disclaimer since you're here.

Alice: Co0Ki3Z doesn't own anything except the concept.

Me: Disclaimers piss me off. Anyways on with the story

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Chapter 2- A place to stay

Real World, Normal POV:

"You're kidding?" Izzy yelped. "KEN is the Digimon Emperor?"

Cody shook his head. "I just don't know why such a talented and smart person would want to use their gifts for evil…"

"He seemed so nice…" Kari said sadly.

"You know, there was a report about him on the TV yesterday." TK said suddenly. "I saw it on that show, "The Genius Parade."

'Is there a show actually called that?' thought Bella trying to keep her poker face on.

"I just can't believe the Digimon Emperor is a kid like us," said Kari

"Let's find him!" said Izzy

"What do you mean?" asked Bella, not really understanding his meaning.

"Yeah! We'll track him down, and confront him outside the Digital World."

"Does this plan include a part where we get to eat?" Upamon asked wistfully.

Izzy laughed. "For you, anything!" He frowned suddenly. "Hey, where's Yolei?"

Just then Yolei walked in, smiling and holding a plastic bag. "Sorry I'm late you guys, but look what I brought!"




"Ice cream, ice cream!"

"You're the best, Yolei!" DemiVeemon mumbled through a mouthful of sweets. "You could be chief of the cafeteria someday!"

"Save some for me!" Poromon cried, as he dove for the plastic bag.

'They look just like us when we starve,' thought Bella.

Yolei shook her head. "I'm surprised they didn't tear my arm off…oh, by the way, there's an article about Ken in the paper."

"Let me see!" Davis demanded, snatching it from her.

"HEY!" Yolei shouted angrily, "You gave me a paper cut."

Davis glanced at the newspaper and scowled. "That's him all right."

"His smile makes him look so gentle…" Kari said, staring at the paper.

TK snorted. "Yeah, but his haircut makes him look like you, Kari!"

"Let me see it." Izzy said, reaching for the newspaper. "Oh…I've seen this kid before. He was on the news a few weeks ago."

Yolei sighed dreamily. "He's so handsome…and I bet he could reprogram my computer anyday!"

"Are you crazy?" Davis spat. "He may be a genius but that kid's sick in the head."

Yolei smirked. "He's not just smart-he's also really cute."

"And he's also really athletic!" Cody put in.

Davis just about exploded. "Hey, I'm just at good at sports as that guy is!"

"Ok, ok, Davis!" Izzy said hurriedly. "Don't get your knickers in a twist!"

'He's way more old fashioned than Edward,' giggled Bella softly of the thought.

"What are knickers?" Davis asked, frowning.

"…Never mind." He turned back to the computer screen. "I'll use my map program to locate where that apartment in the picture of Ken is."

Yolei looked at the apartment building in the paper. "Looks like a nice place to live!"

"Yeah, if living next to a sadistic kid who wants to take over the world is nice." Davis grumbled.

"If my calculations are correct," Izzy said, pressing buttons on his computer, "Ken should live right about…here!"

"Hey, I know that area!" Kari said, pointing at it.

"You smudged my screen!" Izzy snapped.

"I think there's an apartment building right under Kari's fingerprint." Davis said, staring at the screen.

"By the Way, who is she?" Izzy asked, looking at the older teen.

"My name's Bella Cullen," repeated the brunette from before.

"Can you at least tell us about yourself?" asked Kari.

'I have to think fast. I can't tell them the truth. I have to lie. It's the only way to protect all of us,' thought Bella.

"Umm…my family and I just moved from Forks, Washington a few days ago. My parents…love traveling to different places and learn different cultures. Umm…two of my siblings went to South America so…my other two siblings and my boyfriend came with my parents to…keep the company," explained Bella.

'Well at least not all of it was lies,' thought Bella.

"That's cool! By the way, how old are you? You look older than all of us," said Yolei.

"Just thinking about it, she actually looks older than Joe," said Kari.

"I'm nineteen," said Bella, trying not to say how old she really was now.

"Whoa! She is older than all of us," said Yolei.

"Yup. I'm in college right now," said Bella.

"Nice! Hey are you coming with us?" asked Davis.

"Umm…can't. I still have to help my folks unpack," said Bella.

"Oh, that's okay. You don't mind us going to your house sometime once you're all done, right?" asked Kari.

"Yeah, sure," muttered Bella, "I guess I'll head off already. Call me if you have any news," said Bella as she started walking out the door.

"Sure, Bella. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye," said Yolei.

"Bye, everyone," said Bella as she finally closed the door.


"How the hell I'm I supposed to find a house to live in while I'm here. I hardly even have money," muttered Bella in the cool streets.

It's been hours since she left the school, Bella needed to find an actual house to live in for a while. So far most of the abandoned houses are very worn down. None of them seemed to be close to the woods either.

When Bella was about to give up, she saw a rather average looking house that looked like no one lived in it for about 2 or 3 years. It was a rather beautiful house if it was cleaned up. It was 2 stories and had many windows. It was very modern. It looked almost similar to the Cullen's house back in Forks. The best part about it was that it was very near the entrance to the woods.

Bella went on the porch steps and saw a front door mat bellow her. She looked under the mat and saw a very shiny golden key. She grabbed the key and placed it on the keyhole of the front door. She was pleased when she saw that it was the key to the house. With the sound heard that the door unlocked, Bella opened the door, and went inside.

Even though the inside was bare, Bella thought it was perfect. Luckily the water and the electricity were working just fine. All the bedrooms were pretty big. There were 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a study, and an empty.

'Weird, it's like our house back in Forks,' thought Bella as she took one last look around the house.

"How am I going to buy all the stuff I need to make it look like my house. Wait, hold on," said Bella to herself as she started pulling out her wallet from her pants pocket.

She opened her wallet and was surprised at what she saw. She had 5 credit cards containing 4,000 dollars in each of them. Alice had given them to her each Christmas.

"Thank god, Alice you're a life saver," said Bella. She left the house, taking the house key with her, so she can shop the necessary items to get the house in place.


"Looks like now I need to get a job so I can start buying more stuff for the house and buy some food to look like I'm eating it," muttered Bella to herself as she smiled at her progress.

It's been a day and she already had a lot of stuff done to make the house look complete. There were couches in the living room with a small coffee table in the middle and an average size flat screen. In the kitchen there were plates, cups, and a microwave that looked decent. She mostly needed more money to get all the bedrooms, the study, and the empty room set up. She only managed part of the money for her bedroom since it was more expensive to buy items for the bedroom.

Her bed was average size with a night stand, a little flat screen, and some hangers in her closet.

"All that's left before I can find a job is to buy some decent clothes at the mall," said Bella.

At least she had 700 dollars left over from everything. As she was about to close the door, she looked back at the house with a smile on her face.

"I'm actually going to like it here," said Bella as she slowly closed the door behind her and headed off to the mall not even thinking about the next day.


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