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"Hey, hello and welcome folks!" a perky brunette teen welcomed as the catchy theme music played. She was wearing a fitted green v-neck tee and a flowy green skirt that stopped at her knees along with green flip-flops. Her brunette hair was straight and layered and went right past her shoulders. "I'm Lenaaaaa! And this is Total Drama World Tour: Aftermath- Fanfiction Edition!"

The music stopped and the camera zoomed into the teen, who was sitting on a comfortable looking sofa that was in front of a giant screen, currently showing the Total Drama: World Tour logo. On either sides of her were two rows of a seats and in front of her was a coffee table with a laptop and mug on it. The whole set was red and white, to match the TDWT logo colors.

"Anyways, I'll be hosting the Aftermath- Fanfiction Editions this season," she continued. Her bright green eyes widened and she grinned a toothy smile. "It's going to be like last season- but muuuuch cooler!"

"I know Geoff and Bridgette use to host this show, but it's Season Three and Fanfiction Edition, so things are gonna be little different around here," Lena explained. "I'll be your host. And while I might not be as cool, or as hot, or as amazing as Chris…" she went on and on. "…Where was I?" she asked herself. "Oh yeah… You get the point, right?"

"Anywaaaaaaays!" Lena exclaimed. "Enough of me. Let's get started!"

She pressed the applause button and the cheering sounds started. Katie, Sadie, Beth, Eva, Geoff, Trent and Justin walked on stage and took a seat on Lena's left. None of them looked very happy.

The applause stopped abruptly as Lena took a good look at the former contestants.

"What's wrong with you guys?" she asked the disgruntled teens.

"Everything," Eva glared.

"This used to be my show!" Geoff whined.

"Why did all those losers get on TDWT when I and my gorgeous looks didn't?" Justin grumbled.

"I was runner up last season!" Beth cried.

"I'm a singer! I totally would've dominated that show!" Trent exclaimed.

"Sheesh, calm down," Lena rolled her eyes. "No one wants to hear from you guys."

"So?" Katie and Sadie said at the same time, upset.

"It's all about ratings," Lena started. "And our audience is going to fall asleep listening to you guys!"

"You sound just like Chris!" Geoff exclaimed.

Lena's eyes watered, "R-Really? Thank you," she sniffled. She grabbed something from beneath her coffee table. It was a book. With Chris Maclean's face printed all over it. "I've been reading his book, you know," she started, "How To Be Like Chris Maclean: Chris's Rules of the ShowBiz. It's a fascinating read!"

"Chris has a book?" Trent asked. Lena nodded.

She looked straight into the camera, holding the book beside her head, and said, "And it can be yours for $29.99 Canadian, or $24.99 American. Or €20 Europe. Or ¥2000 in Japan. Or-"

"We get the idea!" Eva yelled.

"Okay, okay!" Lena jumped. She put the book down and looked back at the camera. "Our first guests today-"

"What? We don't count as guests?" Justin asked, offended.

Lena ignored him, "Please welcome Ezekiel and Duncan! We found them and their parachutes stuck in the only tree in the Sahara desert!"

Applause started as the two teens walked on stage. They took a seat and Lena cut off the sound effects.

"So," Lena looked at Ezekiel, shifting in her seat, "How does it feel to be the first one voted off in two different seasons?" she asked.

"Well, uh, I'm not done yet, eh. I'm in it to win it!" Ezekiel exclaimed.

"Yeah, mmhmm," Lena nodded, not really believing him. "How does it feel knowing that pretty much every other fanfiction author pegged their hopes and dreams on you? Praying that you'd pull out as the underdog and take the title of Total Drama:World Tour champion?"

"Uh… They did?" Ezekiel replied, confused.

"Moving on!" Lena exclaimed, turning to Duncan, who was seated in the couches to her right.

"Whatever. Just get it over with," Duncan groaned.

"Why did you quit so early in the game?" Lena asked. "That's what all of us want to know…."

"I hate singing," Duncan replied. "It's stupid."

"But you sing your little sister to bed every night!"

"…Uh, no I don't," Duncan said slowly. He coughed.

"Uh huh," Lena narrowed her eyes. "So what do you say about the rumors that you're coming back?"

"What rumors?" Duncan responded.

"The promos show you and Gwen in a liplock," Lena added, ignoring him. "What does that mean?"

Duncan shrugged, "I don't know! It hasn't aired yet! How would I know?" he asked Lena.

"Fair enough," she shrugged. She looked to her left. "Trent, do you have anything to say?"

"Yes, but this is a family fanfiction," Trent grit his teeth, glaring at Duncan. He looked back at Lena and smiled, "So no. No, I don't."

The camera turned back to Lena and she grinned, "Next segment! Total Drama Dish-Out!"

"This is new," Geoff commented.

"In this segment, we're going to talk about contestants, particularly those who stole the spotlight in the previous night's episode," Lena explained. "Let's start with Alejandro."

She shivered. "Ooh! I could say that name all day! Alejandro. Alejandro. Alejaaaaaaaaaandro!"

"He goes by Al too, eh?" Ezekiel added.

"Anyways," Lena snapped back to the camera, "What do you guys think of Alejandro?"

"I think he's yummy!" Beth exclaimed. "But I already have a boyfriend, so…"

"Alejandro is the cutest!" Katie and Sadie squealed.

"I think we might be related," Justin added. "I mean… He's gorgeous, devious- We're practically twins separated at birth!"

"Hmm. I should look into that," Lena said, scribbling a note of that.

"Well I think he's a bunch of hot air," Duncan humphed.

"You're just saying that because he's stealing your girlfriend," Geoff teased.

"You're one to talk! Did you see him and Bridgette?" Duncan replied. Geoff stiffened.

"And Sierra?" Lena asked.

"She's so creepy," Trent shuddered. "I found her blog and it had everything about me on it. Like stuff even I didn't know! Like my blood group!"

"But she seems nice," Beth added.

"She's got terrible posture," Justin commented.

Lena nodded, "I don't like her either! She's too into Chris, if you ask me. That's totally my shtick. But, speaking of Chris... Let's move onto our next segment- Total Drama What Is Chris Doing Right Now?"

"You don't have to add Total Drama in front of everything," Eva said. Lena blew a raspberry.

"You're going to stalk Chris on international fanfiction?" Trent asked, eyebrow raised.

"Why yes. Yes I am," Lena grinned.

Chris was currently in his bathtub, taking a bubble bath. He had his little rubber ducky and his little loofah and his special shampoo sitting on the edge of the tub. His hair was up in a pinkish shower cap. His shiny teeth were exposed by his grin and his muscular torso was above the bubbles

"SAY HIIIIIIIIIIII!" a bubbly voice yelled, startling Chris.

"Wha-Who's there?" Chris asked, turning his head side to side. He saw a camera, along with a little screen that showed a cute brunette with a little bit of drool on her face, waving wildly. He squinted, "Who the heck are you?"

"I get that a lot," she replied. "I'm Lena! And I'm hosting TDWT:A-FE!"

"Uh… What?" Chris asked.

"Never mind. This is a segment on my show," Lena explained. "So Chris, what are you doing right now?"

"Taking a bubble bath. What does it look like?" Chris grumbled.

"Nothiiiiiiiing," Lena giggled. "Chris, can you give us a sneak peek of next week's episode?"

"No," Chris replied, rubbing some bubbles on his arm. "I'm taking a bath."

Chris flinged (flang?) some bubbles at the camera and it all turned to static.

"I'm scarred for life," Trent said, in fetal position.

"Yeah, that was just creeeeepy," Geoff added. "That's not a regular segement… Is it?"

"Uh… No!" Lena gave a hearty fake chuckle. "Now, this next segment is kind of empty… Total Drama Reenactments is the segment where viewers and reviewers leave certain scenes from their favorite fanfictions that YOU GUYS have to reenact!"

"WHAT?" everyone said at once.

"Yeah, but no one's reviewed this, so… We'll have to save it for next time," Lena finished, with a small pout.

"Phew!" everyone wiped the sweat off their foreheads.

"Neeeeeeext!" Lena announced. "This is our video message slash comment segment, Total Drama Videos and Comments-"

"You really should stop adding that prefix," Eva commented. "Chris does it way too much already."

"But it's in his boooooook," Lena whined. "Anyways… Our reviewers will send in videos of themselves doing something TDWT and/or a comment about this show or the real one and I'll pick a couple of my favorites and air them! But unfortunately," Lena said softly, "No one's reviewed so… ONTO THE NEXT SEGMENT!"

"So… Next up- The Total Drama Hammer of Truth!"

"Stop, stop right there!" Eva exclaimed.

"Noooooo!" Lena cried. Eva raised her unibrow. "…Oh yeah, back to the hammer of truth. Ezekiel, you're up!"

"This woon't hurt me, right?" he asked, a little fidgety.

"Uh… Whatever helps!" Lena yelled to him. "First question! Are you allergic to peanuts?"

"Well, kinda," Ezekiel started, "It's noot really a food allergy, eh. More like a sensitiv-"

"Ooh, too slow!" Lena said as the hammer swung. Zeke barely dodged it. "Duncan, your turn!"

"Whatever," Duncan mumbled as he approached the large X painted on the carpet.

"Duncan, why did you quit?" Lena asked, reading off of a notecard.

"I told you!" Duncan scowled. "I hate singing!"

"Ooh, wrong answer!" Lena said as the hammer swung again. Duncan rolled over and was a hairsbreadth away.

"Are you crazy?" Duncan asked.

"Just a little bit," Lena grinned. She looked right into the camera, "Okay, last segment for the night," she sighed.

"Finally," Justin muttered.

Lena ignored him, "Total Drama Conflict."

Eva growled, rolling up her sleeves.

"Eeep!" Lena cried. She cleared her throat, "This segment will address conflicts and relationships in TDWT," Lena explained. "For tonight, we will be addressing the Courtney-Duncan-Gwen triangle."

"Whaaa-" Duncan started, his eyes wide.

"Are you a fanatic D/C shipper? Or do you favor the fanon, less accepted G/D? …Is G/D even fanon anymore?" Lena asked no one in particular.

"I liked D/C. Just saying," Trent said. "But I'm over Gwen now. So either's one's fine," he shrugged.

"I'm totally Team Courtney!" Katie exclaimed.

"No way! Team Gwen's waaay better!" Sadie replied.

"O-M-G! Take that back, Sadie!" Katie replied.

"Never! I even have my Team Gwen shirt on!" Sadie said, ripping her shirt off to reveal a black tee with 'Team Gwen' written on the front in white.

"Well, I don't see why everyone hates Courtney," Justin shrugged. "She's actually pretty cool. D/C all the way!"

"Courtney irritates the –BLEEP– out of me," Eva commented. "Team Gwen!"

Duncan was still sitting there, his jaw now on the floor.

"What do you think?" Lena asked the audience. "Team Gwen or Team Courtney? Leave us a comment and we'll talk about the results next week."

"Is this it?" Justin asked.

"Almost!" Lena grinned. "Before we go, I want to leave you all with a question. Audience, here is your question. Send in your replies. Out of the newbies, who do you like more? Alejandro or Sierra? And why?" Lena waited for a dramatic pause before continuing.

"Well," Lena said, getting up, "Thank you for joining us on the very first episode of Total Drama World Tour: Aftermath- Fanfiction Edition! Don't forget to send in your comments, answers and messages! I'll you next week in Japan!" Lena finished, waving to the audience.

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