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"Hey, everyone! Welcome to another totally dramatic fanfiction aftermath," Lena greeted. "I'm Lena and I'll be your host tonight and every other night of this show. And this here is Trent, my cohost," Lena motioned to Trent, who was seated beside her. On their left were the former contestants (Eva, Sadie, Katie, Geoff, Duncan, Harold, Justin and Beth) and the seats on their right were unoccupied.

"Welcome to Total Drama World Tour: Aftermath- Fanfiction Edition, everyone," Trent waved. "Tonight, we'll be talking about Monday's episode, where the teens were sent to the freezing north."

"The only thing colder is the competition," Lena said, in the low voice before giggled, "I loved that line! Okay, so episode-discussy time!"

Eva shrugged, "It was alright. I was afraid DJ was gonna get voted off again, but he was alright."

"DJ? Why would you worry about DJ?" Trent asked. Eva blushed, then glared.

"Yeah, but Bridge got voted off," Geoff mumbled.

"Awwuh!" Lena cried, "Talk to us about that, Geoff. How are you feeling?"

"It's just… bittersweet, I guess. Like, I wanted her to win this, but I'm kinda glad she got voted off so now we can spend some time together… But after what happened with Alejandro…" he trailed.

"I think it was her own fault," Beth said, crossing her arms. "If she never went in to kiss Alejandro –which would totally be cheating on her boyfriend- she wouldn't have gotten stuck to that pole, losing it all for her team."

"Which is ironic," Lena noted. "Team Victory keeps losing…"

"Did anyone notice how Alejandro AND Sierra used pressure points at the beginning of the episode?" Harold asked, rubbing his chin.

As usual, he was ignored, "Ugh. Sierra's really getting on my nerves! I mean, sucking up to Chris like that!" Lena fumed. She pulled something from below the coffee table. It was a Chris-doll, much like the Trent-doll featured in one of last season's aftermaths. She gave it a hug and the doll started talking. "See, I stuck the audiobook inside so that every time I hug him, he talks to me!" Lena gushed.

"Okaaaaaaaaaaay," Trent said slowly.

"Because I'M the bigger Chris fan, not Sierra!" Lena exclaimed, "You know, she had the nerve to go on MY Chris blog, read all about him and tell him that SHE researched it. I was the one who interrogated his high school teacher! Not her!"

"Okay, calm down, dudette," Geoff said. Lena sighed.

"Alright. But I don't like Sierra one bit!" Lena pouted as Trent took the doll from her and threw it backstage.

"In other news…" Trent coughed.

"I think it was super adorable how Tyler actually was useful in this episode," Sadie said. Katie nodded.

"The way he saved his whole team with those fingers of his!" Katie squealed. "Watch out, Lindsay!" she giggled.

"Remember his comment about 'fan blogs' liking Ezekiel more than him?" Lena asked. "Is that like a reference to fanfiction? OMG! The TD Producers read fanfiction!"

"Um, no they don't," Trent broke it to her gently.

"Oh, okay," she said perkily, "Time for a special guest folks," Lena said to the cameras and audience. "We found her in the middle of the Arctic Ocean stuck to a pole… Bridgetttttttte!"

Applause came on and Bridgette walked nervously onstage, rubbing her arm. Her eyes flitted to Geoff, who looked at her not in anger or hurt, but in disappointment. Her heart sunk. Bridgette sat down on the couch to the right of Lena and gave the audience a small, uncomfortable smile.

"Hey, Bridgette," Lena said gently. "Are you doing alright?" she asked. Bridgette nodded. "Good. We want to ask you some questions!"

"I-" Bridgette was cut off.

"How do you feel about letting your team down?" Lena asked.

"Awful!" Bridgette answered.

"And falling for Alejandro's charm?" Lena added.

"Horrible," Bridgette said, eyes downcast.

"And letting your boyfriend down?"

"The worst," Bridgette said softly.

"And there ya have it folks! Let's move onto our first segment!" Lena said cheerily.

"Wait, we're done already?" Trent asked.

"Uh, Total Drama Dishout," Trent announced. "So, last week, we dished out on the Amazons," Lena started. "We asked you all what you thought. And here's what you said!"

"nikki-kun05 says… Meh...Team Amazon winning seems flukish...I love Cody to win but meh... I feel bad for Cody having to deal with a bunch of bickering girls and a
creepy fangirl. I hope he gets far...wouldn't it be funny the only guy in Team Amazon to be a finalist? And The whole conflict between the three girls...yeesh I guess that what you get for getting girls who like to be in-charge on the same team. They really need to settle their differences (unlikely to happen though). Codiera is like dying puppies...just no... I might be biased but Sierra is a freak. He deserves better. Also it seems highly unlikely that he'll return Sierra's feelings...I mean...a piece of gum in your ear is just...
" Trent read out in a single breath. He took in a deep breath before, "Wow. She had a lot to say. "But she's right. About like… all of it."

Katie nodded, "Cody totally deserves a sweet, not crazy girl! He's such a sweetheart!"

Sadie agreed, "Yeah, like you, Katie!"

"No! Like you, Sadie!" Katie giggled.

"No…" Sadie said, frowning, "You should!"

"No," Katie growled, "You should!"

"Dudettes. Calm. Seriously," Geoff told them.

Lena nodded, "Snowsky says Team Amazon would be unstoppable if they could just hold off arguing for 0.204910 seconds. Codierra is adorable," she giggled.

"aceman88 saysI'm just hoping that they lose soon and I get the feeling Gwen, Courtney & Heather will be the first three voted out (not necessarily in that order) and I just get the feeling Cody will grow to like Sierra more like someone likes to smoke cigarettes, because the more your near it the more your grow to like it and one day you die of lung cancer because of it. …What?"

"Okaaay… Interesting comparison," Lena said.

"It's true, you know," Geoff shrugged. Everyone looked at him weird. "What? My dad was a smoker!"

"Moving along…" Trent said awkwardly. "Kelsica2 says…While the infighting is kind of amusing, I really wish Team Amazon would get their act together. If it wasn't for Sierra (and Cody during the fish tail commercial challenge), they probably wouldn't have won the last two times. Of course, knowing this show, if they start to get along, they might lose!"

"That's a pretty good point," Eva agreed. "This show is crazy." Duncan nodded.

"That fish tail commercial was so sad! Poor fishies!" Lena cried.

"There, there?" Trent said awkwardly.

"Last one. Islanda says... Team Amazon is pretty unpredictable. I mean, look at how Cody and Sierra got first place on the challenge! But the Courtney Heather Gwen conflict could definitely cause many problems later on..." Lena finished.

"You said it," Harold replied, "Gwen, Heather and Courtney just spell trouble."

Duncan raised his unibrow.

"Yeah, Duncan would know," Harold grinned, looking at him.

Duncan glared, "Shut up, dweeb."

"Uh… Now that we've gone through last week's, let's move on.! Today's Total Drama Dish-Out: What do you think about the Alejandro-Bridgette plot line?" Trent asked.

"I think it sucked," Bridgette sulked.

"I think Bridgette was just taken in by his charms," Eva shrugged. "Understandably. And she learned her lesson, so it's alright." The other girls, Katie, Sadie, Beth and Lena nodded.

"Geoff?" Trent asked. Geoff crossed his arms and stayed quiet.

"I gotta admit… It was pretty clever of Alejandro to do that where no else would see him and his real colors," Justin said thoughtfully. Harold gave a grunt of agreement.

"I don't think it's any of our business," Duncan said. "You hosts should stop poking your nose in others' stuff."

Lena stuck her tongue out at him, "No thanks."

Trent looked at the audience, "What do you guys think about what happened to Bridgette?"

"Total Drama What Is Chris Doing Right Now," Trent read off the screen. "You know, this is still pretty creepy."

"Nuh uh!" Lena exclaimed.

"Yuh huh!" everyone else replied.

Lena flipped the camera on and Chris could be seen getting a manicure.

"Hi, Chris!" Lena gushed.

"Wha-?" Chris said, looking around. He saw Lena on his computer screen. "You again? How do you keep doing that?"

"I know a guy," Lena shrugged. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Too late."

She ignored him, "You don't have an official biography, you know. I've been working on your life story, so I was wondering… If you'd consider me as your author and NOT SIERRA," Lena suggested.

"You're a stalker," Chris pointed out.

"Isn't everyone these days?" Lena scoffed.

"Goodbye," Chris said, flipping his computer off. The camera came back to the studio, where Lena was grinning.

"He said bye to me!" Lena squealed.

"This is so, so weird…" Trent shuddered, as did the rest of the people in the studio.

"Comment and video time," Trent said. "Total Drama Comments and Videos."

"Yay! We got a bunch of videos last week," Lena exclaimed. She frowned, "But… We can only feature a few, so… Here ya go."

"Here's a video from… tdifreak55," Trent announced, clicking the mouse. The video appeared on the giant screen behind the hosts.

A blonde- haired girl with blue eyes and a purple t-shirt that says TDWT appeared up on the screen. She smiled.

"Hey Geoff! I've got a question for you! Oh, BTW, you're like my 3rd favorite person! I mean, Duncan and Gwen are tied for first, then there's LeShawna, but you're TOTALLY third! 'Kay, so here's my question- 'How do you feel about the kiss Alejandro and Bridgette had in episode 3? Who are you more mad at- Bridgette or Alejandro?"

Geoff frowned, "Um, well…"

"You HAVE to answer that, Geoff!" Lena exclaimed.

"I know, I know," Geoff sighed. He looked at Bridgette. She looked back at him, her eyes wide. "Bridge… I know I wasn't there on TDWT with you, but I was hoping you'd stay with me… I mean, I know I'm not as cool or smooth as that Al guy, but…"

"Oh, Geoff!" Bridgette cried, "I am so, so, so, SO sorry! I kept trying to tell myself that I had you, an amazing guy. But he wore me down," she whispered softly. "Geoff, you're such an wonderful person. Alejandro's an evil jerk! I hate him for what he did to us," she finished.

Geoff looked at her, "You mean it?" he asked. "You won't do that to me again?"

"No, Geoff! I would never do that again! Ever!" Bridgette said, her eyes watering.

"Alright," Geoff replied, smiling slightly, "…So I'll pick you tomorrow at 7?"

"Sounds great!" Bridgette grinned. She got up and ran towards Geoff, who got up and ran towards Bridgette. They kissed. And then, they…

"Oh, break it up you two!" Eva snapped. "I'm trying to watch the show, here."

"Sorry," they blushed. Bridgette went and sat down beside Geoff.

"And tdifreak55, I'm way more mad at Al," he smiled.

"Oh, we've got some comments!" Lena said. "Yay! My favorite segment! Except for the one where we stalk Chris…"

"Anyways…" Trent continued. "Duncan-Gwen-Roxx says… I loooove this story!"

"Aww, thanks!" Lena gushed. "And nikki-kun05 says… I'm enjoying this fic...keep up the good work!" she smiled, "Thanks, Nikki! You're too sweet!"

"How come all these comments are complimenting just you?" Justin asked.

"Because I'm amazing," Lena replied, sticking her tongue out at him. Justin glared. "Fine. Read one about someone else, Trent."

"Alright… musicstar5 says… Go Geoff, defending his girl and going after Alejandro," Trent read. Geoff nodded his head and tipped his hat in response.

"TrueJackVP408 says… Tee-Hee! This. is. AWESOME!" Lena exclaimed. "Yay! Isn't TWDT awesome? GoldiLocksHana says…SQUEAAL! Trent replied to me! …Kinda. And I loved your e-book line, it totally is the way forward!" Lena grinned, "Why thank you. I believe in saving the environment!"

"Oh, and you're welcome, Goldie," Trent winked. "Snowsky says… Holy buttered toast, I LOVE this fic. Thanks for including me in it!"

Lena giggled, "That sounded like Owen. Kidding, kidding! Unless you're an Owen fan… Then, I was totally serious!"

"jazzyj1301 says… I think this is the best fanfiction ever. Keep on truckin'" Trent read.

Lena grinned, "Aww, you don't mean that! But thanks, Jazzy!"

"Kelsica2 says… It's so unfair that Trent isn't on Total Drama World Tour! Like he said in the first chapter, he's a singer! And I know he would have kicked butt! But I still love him," Trent read. "Aww, thanks, Kelsica."

Lena pouted, "I'm the host! Why do you have all the fans?"

Trent chuckled, "Okay, we've got one last comment from… Totally Calm. She says…I think Geoff's right ALEJANDRO SHOULD LAND COLD AND ALONE!HE'S A GIRLFRIEND STEALER HE DOESN'T DESERVE ANY GIRL IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!"

Geoff grinned, "This aftermath show isn't so bad! And you too, reviewers dudes! Thanks!" Then, Geoff frowned, "Glad we aren't the only ones who hate that guy," he added, looking at Bridgette, who nodded.

"It's interesting, though," Lena said. "Al manipulated Harold, telling him that he was awesome, which lead to Harold bossing everyone around, which resulted in him quitting. Next episode, Al manipulated Bridgette and she got voted off… Who's he going after next eppie?" she asked, then ominously music started to play. "Okay, next comment!" she said perkily.

"e-scopeisawesome thinks that… Gwen should eliminate herself for stealing Duncan. Heather needs to get a life and at least try to make actual friends and Courtney needs to make a apologetic letter to every single camper, especially Duncan, Gwen, and Bridgette. why Bridgette, because of all the yelling she had to go through in season 1. And its obvious that Cody doesn't like Sierra, but that's what he gets because he always wanted a girlfriend who liked him, so kids be careful for what you wish for… DxC 4 EVER!" Trent said.

"Um, wow," was all Lena could say.

Duncan, however, had more, "I'm really tired of people thinking Gwen 'stole' me from Courtney. All we did was laugh, have some good times… You know. I mean, I could see us being a couple, honestly- we mesh pretty well. But I'm with Courtney. I think. But then again, I really don't care. They're both crazy. Plus, I'm not an object to be stolen!" he said, sniffling, "Why don't you fans just get that? I'm a person, you know!" His lip blubbered.

"Um, no you're not," Lena replied, "You're a cartoon character. One who's really OOC right now…"

"Oh. Sorry," Duncan shrugged, sitting back down.

"I don't think Cody ever explicitly asked for a girlfriend who liked him," Eva said thoughtfully.

Harold nodded, "The guys just went after Gwen. And he gave up and let Trent have her, so…"

"I think Cody's such a sweet guy!" Sadie gushed. Katie nodded.

"Here we go again," Eva mumbled.

"Alrightey, we've got a video message from Alexex. Here it is!" Lena announced. The white screen with the TDWT logo faded out and the video appeared.

A girl popped up on the screen. She was a little tubby and resembled LeShawna. She had dark, curly brown hair with copper streaks tied back into a ponytail, with an elastic white headband around her head. Her eyes were chocolate brown, her skin was black and her smile was awesome. She wore a black spaghetti strapped shirt along with black-framed glasses with rhinestones down the arms. Her voice was like a Courtney-LeShawna mix.

"Hey! I love the Total Drama Series, It's like my LIFE. I'm like, a fanatic!" she squealed, "Okay, I have like, a few things to say," she narrowed her eyes, "I represent the DxC fan club when I say... WHAT THE -CENSORED-! Duncan and Courtney are made to be, yada yada yada," she smirked, "And, no Duncan, you DON'T have a say in this. Gwen is your friend, and I respect how you two are compatible, but...if you hooked up," she raised her finger, "The Total Drama Series would loose like, A FOURTH of it's fans! There's like, 906 fics about you two, and granted, like, three of them are mine. But, enough of that….

"Here's my take on Codierra!" she clamped her hands together and smiled, "Codierra is SO sweet! If I got on the show as a guest, I'd be so all over Trent... He is SO sweet, and adorable!" she sighed dreamily, "But alas, I am here.,,, OMG, I am SO a Trentney shipper, they are SO cute. Courtney needs someone to help bring out her softer side, and Trent is just the right guy to do it. I can't wait to see the next episode, the song is pretty epic," she started to frown, "Sorry about Bridgette, Geoff! She didn't mean to, it was an accident! I think... Well, I guess this ends my rant….

"Talk to you later, Total Drama peeps! Later Katie, Sadie, Harold, Eva, Beth," she started to glare, "Duncan," she smiled again, "Geoff, Lena, and Trent..." she sighed dreamily

"Bye!" and with that, she shut off the webcam.

"Hey! Where's my goodbye?" Justin pouted.

"There's more than 900 fics about me and Courtney?" Duncan asked, his eyes wide. Lena nodded. He scoffed, "This fandom's crazier than I thought, then."

Lena looked at him quizzically before "Awwuh, Trent! You've got ANOTHER admirer," Lena cooed. Trent blushed. "But you're still WAY behind Chris. I mean, he's got like millions of fans. Literally."

"Uh… Yeah. Anyways, we love comments. So leave us some!"

"Total Drama Songs!"

"What's the point of this segment, again?" Eva asked.

"To talk about the songs, silly!" Lena replied.

"Stuck to a Pole," Trent said thoughtfully. "I'll admit… It wasn't the best song… But the lyrics…." he trailed.

Bridgette laughed, "My tongue was stuck to a pole. What do you expect?"

"Why didn't everyone else get disqualified?" Beth asked. "Only Team Amazon and Bridgette sang…"

"Good question," Trent replied. "I have no idea. Chris is just weird."

"I was thinking…" Lena said, rubbing her chin, "We should change this segment. Maybe something like Total Drama Animal DJ Maimed in This Episode!" her lip quivered, "I know he doesn't mean to… But I don't like seeing those cute little animals hurt!"

Eva scoffed, "DJ was much cooler back in TDI. I mean, he saw ice and thought of his mother's freezer and then started crying which froze his eyes shut? Come on. MAN UP, DJ!" Eva yelled. "You better win this!"

"…Why did you want DJ to win again?" Trent asked.

"Or we could change it to Total Drama Person Who Alejandro Screwed Over in This Episode! Or Total Drama Creepy Cameo Ezekiel Made in This Episode!"

"Moving on…" Trent transitioned.

"Total…Drama…Conflict!" Lena exclaimed. Eva growled. "Man, I love this job!"

"Okay, last week, we asked you guys who you're favorite team was," Trent started.

"And the results turned out to be a little surprising…" Lena continued. "Check them out!" she nodded and the poll result popped up on the screen.

Team Amazon: 52%

Team CIRRRH: 48%

Team Victory: 0%

"Hey! I voted for Team Victory!" Beth said, angry.

"Yeah, me too!" Geoff exclaimed.

Lena shrugged, "You guys don't count. Sorry. Plus, Team CIRRRRH should've won… Anyways. We've got some comments from people who actually matter! Harlie Davidson says… I prefer Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot, then Team Amazon, then Team Victory. Team Victory isn't that interesting. I agree with Eva on Team CIRRRRH, they have all the bases covered."

"I know," Eva said smugly. "I'm always right."

"Strix Moonwing says… Team Amazon all the way! Mainly because Courtney and Gwen are on it. I hope the two can develop a friendship towards the end of the series, maybe by laughing and poking fun at some of Duncan's faults," Trent read. "Hmm. Interesting."

"Hey!" Duncan objected. "I resent that!"

"Tdirocksforlife says…Team Amazon all the way! I think they are the best because they always catch my attention. It's really funny how they put Gwen, Heather, and Courtney on the same team," Lena said. "You know, a lot of people said that. I think its interesting as well. But it might be TOO much drama, you know?"

Trent nodded, "I see what you're saying. Here's what GoldiLocksHana's saying- Team CIRRRRH because, they have the best characters in the team, and the best name."

"I agree with ya, there, Goldie!" Lena giggled.

"LordryuTJ says… Team CIRx4H to the max!"

"Last one. DxC fan says… Team Amazon is totally the best! I love how they put Heather, Courtney, AND Gwen on the SAME team! SO much drama, and I love me some drama...Especially when it comes to Courtney...She's my fave person!" Lena exclaimed.

"Yeah…" Trent said. "Okay, I've got to ask this. Just curious, but how people like Courtney for what she actually is?"

No one raised their hands. One could hear little cricket chirps in the background.

"And how many of you guys like her because she and Duncan make a 'cute pair'," he asked, using quotation marks.

The whole studio was raucous with cheering and laughter and yells of agreement.

"Thought so," Trent coughed. "No offense to you D/C fans, that is. Some of you guys are pretty cool and totally sane."

"Aww, thank you, Trent," Lena put a hand on his shoulder. "But I don't think I count as sane. I mean, the D/C doesn't make me crazy. It's… Chris," she sighed dreamily.

"Uh. Yeah," Trent said awkwardly. "So. Today's TD Conflict…"

"Who do you think is going home next? And why?" Lena asked. "Everyone's against each other in this show, so who's going to get backstabbed and go home?"

"I hope Al goes home,." Geoff muttered.

"Honestly, DJ might because he's been in the bottom two twice already," Eva confessed. "…But, they might just make it a running gag?"

"Maybe Owen or Izzy," Harold shrugged, "They've both gotten pretty far in the previous seasons, so maybe they won't in this one."

"I think Heather might. She's Alejandro's next target, right?" Beth asked. "Or Lindsay, if Alejandro picks her."

"I don't think Tyler or Noah will go home this early in the season," Bridgette said. "They both didn't get far in TDI, they weren't in TDA, so…"

"Cody could get eliminated, but it's unlikely because Chris likes Sierra and she likes Cody," Justin said. Lena growled.

"Who do you think will fall the Drop of Shame next?" Trent asked. "Let us know!"

"And our final segment, appropriately titled- The Final Question," Lena stated. "Last week, we wanted to know who you fans think should date Alejandro."

"Here's what you said," Trent pressed a button and the results came on.

Heather- 81%

Sierra- 3%

Lindsay- 3%

None- 13%

"Harlie Davidson says… Alejandro should get together with Heather. They would be the best evil couple, like, EVER! I don't want him with Lindsay or Bridgette! They both have guys already. Heather's a lonely witch," Lena read.

"That's SO true!" Beth exclaimed. "Maybe it'd do Heather some good if she had a boyfriend."

"Strix Moonwing says… I'm with Justin here, Tyler all the way! Lol, just joking. If anybody, I guess Heather. There seems to be a vibe going on between the two," Trent read.

"Finally, someone who agrees with me!" Justin exclaimed. "Oh, wait…"

"Musicstar5: Heather FTW! Wow, I never thought I'd say that...?" Lena said, then giggled.

"I don't think any would ever think they'd say that," Eva commented. "But I agree. Aleheather's pretty tolerable. Not as bad as some of the other pairings I've heard of. Like Trindsay. Ugh."

Lena growled, "TRINDSAY IS THE BEST!1!11!"

Eva shrunk down in her seat, "Eep."

"Yeah, eep! You better eep! Trindsay FTW!" Lena cheered.

"You never told me what Trindsay was…" Trent told Lena, unsurely.

"Only the best fanon pair EVER!" Lena squealed. "It's like up there. Like with Deva."

"Deva…?" Eva inquired. "Whose that?"

Trent read the next comment, completely ignoring Eva, "GoldiLocksHana says… Oh darn it, but Alejandro and that Panda were so cute ! Joking. Anyway, I think Alejandro should be with Heather or Lindsay. I love Lyler and Trindsay, but why not?" Trent frowned, "Uh, what's Trindsay? And why do people like it so much?"

"You'll just have to figure that out, my friend!" Lena winked.

"You know, that's really biased," Justin started. "Pairing the beautiful people with each other. Ugh. Makes me sick!"

"…No comment," Trent replied.

"Kelsica2 says… Alejandro should totally be with Heather! And as much as I like Alejandro and as much as I like the idea of him and Bridgette together, I can't say Alejandro/Bridgette. Geoff's so sweet, and that would break his heart! Besides, Heather and Al are both scheming and cunning. They're perfect for each other!" Lena read.

Geoff grinned, "Well, thank you. And you're right. I don't think they would work, honestly. Bridge's pretty cool. And Al's not."

"Plus, we're pretty awesome together," Bridgette added, giggling.

"You know, she's got a point," Lena said. "A lot of people are quick to pair Alejandro and Heather because they're evil, or they're breaking up someone's favorite couple (Like G/B or G/T) or simply because they don't like them. It's like pairing Owen and Sadie up because they're both chubby. I really love the idea of Aleheather, but like… On a deeper scale. Alejandro would drive Heather INSANE before she'd ever admit she likes him. And Alejandro seems like a guy who wants a challenge. And Heather's the only one who could offer that for him," Lena shrugged.

"Wow… That was deep," Sadie said. "…People pair me and Owen up?"

"Uh… Last comment! Tdirocksforlife says… I think Alejandro should be single. I think if Heather and him got together, they'd be a REAL threat. The mean and the meaner," Lena finished.

"What's Trindsay?" Trent asked,.

Ignoring Trent, Lena moved on, "This week's Final Q. Are we ready? Okay, good. It's an easy one. What was your favorite part of last night's episode?"

"That's easy," Katie scoffed. "When Tyler saved everyone!"

"No, it was when Owen won the challenge for the team!" Sadie replied.

"I liked the part where Deej maimed the baby seal," Duncan grinned. Lena gasped.

"Sierra knocking Cody out was pretty funny- you've got to admit," Eva chuckled.

"I LOL'd when Izzy started glowing green from the radiation," Justin said. "…What? It was funny."

"Courtney having to pull that sled! Karma!" Harold exclaimed.

"What's yours?" Trent asked Lena.

"Only all the parts with Chris!" she said, little pink dots replacing her eyes.

"Um… And yours?" Trent asked the audience.

"What was your favorite part?" Lena added. "Leave us a comment and let us know!"

"So, I guess that wraps up today?" Trent asked.

Lena nodded, "Yup. Stay tuned for TDWT! And see you in Broadway, baby!"

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Total Drama Conflict: Who's going home and why?

Final Q: What was your favorite part of the episode?

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