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Arashi: This is Joey's turn to be possessed by the Orichalcos and there will most likely be two versions, Yaoi and het. This one will be the Yaoi one which will be fine for now. Warnings are the same as "Almost Easy," Yugi's Story. Though there is some past abuse for Jou.

*glances around suspiciously* Um…right disclaimers… I Don't own Yugioh and its characters since they rightfully belong to Takahashi Kazuki. Don't make any profit off this fic.

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Warnings: Yaoi, Sexual activities, language, BMSD, Toys and Dom/Sub references

Pairing: Puppyshipping

Joey's thoughts under the influence of the Orichalcos


Summary- Finally has his buttons push the wrong way for the last time by Kaiba Joey wish to have revenge. Surprise to see the Stone so soon, Joey comes up with a plan to get back at Kaiba. Only he won't be the sweet puppy rather a bad wolf instead.

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf

Chapter 1- Plan Set

Growling darkly under his breath, a blond-haired teen punches a wall in anger. Tears start to sting at the corner of his eyes in frustration. How can that bastard act like an ass? He try to be friendly with the brunette after a few people convince him. Even that jack ass's younger brother beg him to befriend the older boy.

Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp can just kiss his ass for all he cares. He always did like Kaiba but if it weren't for that arrogant attitude he may be a nice guy to know. If there is only a way to get his revenge on Kaiba would make him happy. Anything to get rid of the nicknames that deals with canines. He starts on his way home not once noticing two pairs of eyes watching him as he enters his apartment to take a long nap.

"So he's are next target then?" A soft male's voice ask.

"Feh, Yeah though its pathetic really." a older man with a girlish looking features answers.

"Why is that Alister?" The younger male retorts.

Alister smirks evilly turning to the younger boy with green hair with sharp blue eyes. Gazing over his young companion stood his other friends on guard. Valon groans muttering about someone going to kill him if ever found out while Raphael rolls his eyes.

"Noa its simple really of just bringing two idiots together is all. Besides how do you think the Pharaoh and his prince got together in the first place. With the power of the Orichalcos stone though the card is to help control the power of the stone." Alister lectures the young protégé who nods in understanding.

Valon rolls his eyes carefully holding the package in his hands. He wish he could be with Raphael or someone other then Alister and this pain in the rear apprentice. He grounds at Noa. "Ready to deliver the package?"

Noa gulps nods getting the package feeling the power admitting from inside. His mouth dries up imagining someone who would look great wearing it. No bad thoughts about him. He jumps from his spot towards the tree near the sleeping blond's room that's open.

He sighs opening the box grabbing the black choker with the Orichalchos then place the card on the bedside table with the letter address to the blond. He lifts up the subject's head putting on the choker not after whispering guiltily. "Sorry about this Joey."

Noa slips out of the room never noticing the blond's eyes open with a red gleam follow by a dark calculating smirk before the expression disappear then Joey is fast asleep as if nothing happen. At the same moment a tall brunette couldn't help but suppress a strong feeling of fear and desire flowing through his veins. He pushes it away as if nothing not even aware of the future torture he'll receive by the hand of fate.

Arashi: This is the first part of this mini chapter story. If there is anything you like to see including if its going to be Kaiba/Joey or Joey/Kaiba will be a help. Hope you will enjoy this fic. Will have mentions of the other one with Yugi/Yami but don't' have to read to understand what's going on. Please read and review