This here won't be a story, it'll just be a bunch of One-shots, pure smut, heavy, fluffy, rough, soft, tender, hard fucking with rare pairings which I've chosen myself. I'm not sure yet how many it'll be. 14 are already planned though. I'll try and update once a week (at least). Some of them might be out of the blue without any plot at all, some will refer to past episodes of SD, Raw or NXT, others will be more detailed and with background/plot.

Characters used: Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase jr, Jack Swagger, Miz, Matt Striker, Michael McGillicutty, Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho... and many more.

Disclaimer: Sadly enough I don't own any of the guys, they all belong to WWE and their writers... and their wives/gf's. Those stories are fictional and are not in any kind related to the "real" characters and lives of these wrestlers.

Warning: Slash, Sex, Cursing

Chapter 1: Cody/Matt Striker (aka Matthew Kaye) "Dashing"

Takes place the night after Matt Striker got attacked by Cody's rookie at NXT.

Two weeks in a row, he had been attacked, two weeks in a row he had been portrayed as weak, two weeks in a row he had been humiliated by Cody now, him and his rookie. Sure, creative had had talked it through with him, sure he had agreed to it, but it did nothing to help him feel the way he felt: humiliated, tortured, misused, abused and most of all… alone. Thing was that every time he was around the young Rhodes, he felt an urge to just grab him and kiss him, invade his body and his senses, fuck him into oblivion; but he knew he could not act on those urges.

Not only would Cody just laugh at him, but he was sure the young man would also kill him. Not many backstage knew that he was gay, only a few of his closest friends and it was almost unbearable to hide it any longer. The presence of the brunette beauty made him weaken, made him twitch, made his whole boy be on fire and he was thankful that his segments with the boy were always short cut; else, he would not know how long he could hide the tent in his jeans in front of the audience.

The warm, large palm on his shoulder made him jump. He had been so deep in his thoughts, back alone in his locker-room, most of his co-workers already gone as he sat on the bench- that he had not even heard the door open and close, had not even realized the other man in the room with him, had not even heard the sexy lisp as it had called out his name.

He came eye to eye with a worried looking brunette; a frown crossing the young mans full, plump lips, eyes clouded with curiosity, with worry as he looked down at Matthew in concern.

"Everything okay, man? Windham hit you a bit too hard?"

Captivated by the angelic voice, he could do nothing else but to shake his head, the younger mans brow quirking up in confusion as to why heir commentator was behaving that weird, but he shrugged it off for now. He had come here to discuss the segment for last week and not to play pastor for the older man. He barely knew anything about him anyways and did not really feel the need to change that, not now at least.

"K… just wanted to talk over the script for next week with you. You don't mind, right?"

For whatever reason, Matthew felt himself unable to speak, his eyes glued to those full and soft lips as they opened and closed, wondering how they'd feel on his, imagining how they'd feel around his already throbbing length, his hands instantly covering his neither regions almost automatically.

Unbeknown to him, Cody realized the quick movement out of the corner of his eyes, a slight smirk appearing on his face as he eyed Brian over. He would have never guessed that the older male was into men and he would have never guessed that he was into him. He did not know if to feel flattered or insulted, though he had never turned an offer from another guy down yet as long as it promised to turn out satisfying.

The brunette did not consider himself gay, maybe bisexual, and he neither considered himself a slut, he just enjoyed being with someone at night, no matter if certain someone was still there in the morning or not. A one-night-stand had never hurt and especially not at the young age he was in… he rather liked to call it "gaining experience".

Matthew had realized the young brunette turning quiet, he could feel the burning gaze heating his body, could almost feel them undressing him and in a sudden act of brave, he quickly leaned forward, capturing the younger mans lips in surprise. Before he could even grasp what he was doing, Cody was eagerly kissing back, his tongue probing Matt's lips, begging for entrance, the older man obeying instantly as their hands started to fumble with every piece of cloth covering their bodies, tucking, ripping, pulling, pushing; a mix of gasps and moans, groans and orders filling the air.

It did not take long until the older ravenette was on his back, bare skin connecting with the cold wooden bench as Cody crawled on top him, settling himself on his co-workers lap, their groins rubbing against each other.

"Eager now, are we?"

Cody's lean, long fingers brushed over Matthew's painfully throbbing length as he licked his lips, cocky grin plastered on his flushed face as he watched the older man writhe underneath him, an almost needy mewl escaping the raventte's lips as their eyes logged and he nodded his head in vigour.

"Fuck Runnels… shut that mouth of yours or bring it to better use."

The grin on his lips grew, fingers now tightly enveloping the thick, pulsing length and giving it a firm squeeze, eliciting a gasp from the older man as Cody leaned down, their chests flush together, his lips ghosting over Matt's ear as his tongue snaked out to lick a stripe from his neck up to it.

"Hmmm… bossy much, huh? Suits you, Matty… tell me… where exactly do you want my mouth?"

His fingers slowly started to slide up and down, feeling the hard meat pulsing between them, Matt's hips trying to thrust his girth through the tight tunnel of Cody's fist, but unable to do so by the lithe hips holding him in place. A whine escaped the older male's lips, Cody's teeth gracing the sensitive flesh on his neck, biting and nibbling as his other hand roamed Matthew's body, feeling the slickness of sweat, the firm muscles trembling, the heartbeat increasing.

"Tell me! You want my lips on yours? Or… on your neck? Or rather… on your chest? Hmm… or… you want hem wrapped around that long, thick, fleshy, throbbing… dick of yours? Want me to suck you like a tasty, fruity lollipop? Want to shoot your load down my throat?"

The pace on Kaye's length slowed down, Cody's grip on it tightening as he slowly shifted down the older males body, the "Fuck yes" eliciting the ravenette's mouth making his own cock twitch in anticipation, his lips leaving a trail of kisses over the surprisingly smooth skin, the firm and well-toned chest and abs. For a guy his age, Cody thought, the ravenette had quite the hot body.

Matthew himself was frozen on the spot as his eyes followed Cody's movements down his body, the feather-like kisses, those smooth lips on his heated skin doing nothing but to get him closer to the edge; the firm strokes of that warm, large palm making it hard for him to contain himself; those emerald blue eyes staring straight back at him almost setting him off.

Just when Cody's face was on eye-level with his throbbing length and he was bracing himself for the first contact of those soft, swollen lips with his engorged head, Cody pulled out his trademark smirk and before Matt even knew it, his length was engulfed in those tight, warm caverns of the brunette's mouth, Cody swallowing him down in one go until his nose hit his pupics.

"Holy Shit!"

Head thrown back, panting heavily, hands desperately clutching for something to hold onto, his back arched off the bench, eyes rolling into the back of his head. Cody's chuckle around his throbbing desire doing nothing to help him as the vibrations shoot through his body.

Placing his hands on Matthew's hips to keep him from thrusting, Cody slowly started to move his head up and down the thick length, teeth slightly gracing the sensitive base, every time he came to the top swirling his tongue around it and sucking at the pulsing head before going back down, his eyes fluttering shut, moans and groans reverberating through the ravenette's lower regions.

"Shit Cody… who would have… known… your mouth… isn't… only good for… the talking?"

It was hard for him to even form the sentence, all his senses heightening at the incredible feeling of those smooth, almost velvet-like lips sliding up and down his throbbing length, those pearl-white teeth grazing his flesh, the sucking and swallowing around his girth, the hot breath from Cody's nose tickling the sensitive skin above his pelvic every time he sucked him down his tight, constricting throat.

Cody knew he was good at giving head, had gotten enough compliments already for his cock-sucking lips, his ego boasting with every gasp and groan escaping the older man's throat. Matt's hands were tightly twisting his auburn hair, fingers twirling it as he tried to bury himself in that warm, wet throat over and over again, his eyes fluttering shut, the burning in the pit of his stomach indicating that he was close, his balls hardening, his thighs starting to tremble as Cody worked him like a lollipop.

The brunette himself felt those muscular thighs tremble under his touch, could hear Matthew's breathing becoming heavier, pants sharper, and could feel the grip in his hair tightening. Slowly rising his head up again, he wet his lips, staring up at the beautiful specimen writhing underneath him, smirking slightly as he heard the low whine eliciting from the dark-haired male.

"Fuck Runnels… don't stop…"

He gave the engorged head a last tentative lick before crawling up onto that well-toned body again, peppering the hot skin with small kisses, nibbling and biting at those hard nubs for a short moment before sucking at Matt's throat, his voice barely above a whisper, hoarse, throaty, raw.

"I've other plans, Kaye… and I'm sure you'll like them just as much."

Before the older man could reply, before he even knew what was happening, Cody had himself impaled on his throbbing, thick length, an almost earth-shattering groan eliciting his lips as his tight, unprepared walls were stretched to the maximum, his eyes fluttering shut, head thrown back, hands firmly placed on Matthew's chest.

"Ow ow ow… shit… damn Matty… you're tearing me."

But the man underneath him was to captivated to even hear his words, this almost angelic face above him contorted in pure bliss and pleasure, those cock-sucking lips slightly parted, those prominent cheekbones flushed a bright red. His hands instantly searched out those taunt hipbones, grabbing them tightly, holding the young man still as he savored the feeling of his hot, narrow walls around him, suffocating him, and drawing him in, enveloping him; a low rumble of appreciation escaping his own throat.

"God… damn…"

The young brunette's eyes fluttered open again, a cocky smirk plastered on his else so innocent face as he stared down at his lover, tongue darting out to wet his lips before searching forward and crashing them onto the dark-haired man's, bruising them in a teeth-shattering, needy, demanding kiss. His hips slowly started to rock back and forth, indicating the older man to move, Matt's rock-hard length feeling as if it was ripped off as he bucked up in that oh so tight heat.

A string of explicatives, a mix of curses, moans, groans and pants were filling the air, Stryker's hands starting to touch, to feel, to grope every body-part of the young brunette he could reach as Cody bounced up and down his thick girth, stilled, wriggled his hips, bounced again, stilled, wriggled his hips, bounced again. Even though Cody was one of many on his list, he had never had anyone to use his muscles like that on him. He could feel those hot walls clamping down on him, constricting around him, massaging his girth while he let the brunette set the pace, his eyes staring up into those ocean-blue, lust-clouded heavens.

"Shit Cody… faster… gotta… oh fuck… just… faster."

Neither of them was capable of the English language anymore, mouths once again fusing as Cody's pace increased, Matt's hips moving off the cold wooden bench to piston his length inside that warm hole in synch with Cody's thrusts, the scent of sex filling the room, their cries and screams lying heavy in the air.

Matthew knew he was close, the blowjob he had received and the fuck he was being given combining to get him over the edge and his hand sneaked between them, a gasp of pleasure by the young brunette being muffled by his lips. The cold hand on his heated and sensitive skin indicated him that his co-worker was already close and in one fluid motion, Cody let himself fall backwards, his back almost touching Matt's legs, feet digging into the older man's thighs to keep himself steady, the change in angle making sure his prostate was hit dead on with every other thrust.

Matthew had already thought Cody wanted him to pull out, the eager and sudden movement of the younger man surprising him, but gladly enough he soon felt the reason behind the brunette's actions, his thick cock pistoning deeper inside of the already tightening walls, feeling the hot bundle of nerves pulse against his tip every time he went inside, the throbbing flesh between his fingers already pulsing and vibrating.

"Shit… so close… god Matt… come on… fuck… do it… harder… please!"

He gave those last thrust everything he had, the bench creaking underneath them, his hand moving as fast as possible as his length rammed into the young man until he saw Cody's eyes fluttering shut, an almost earth-shattering cry of ecstasy escaping his swollen lips, the hot liquid spurting onto the elder man's abs and chest, tight walls tightening even more, spasming, constricting, violating his girth.

All this combined with Cody's sweating, heaving, panting form collapsing onto his chest was his undoing.

"Holy fuck… Runnels!"

The scream echoed throughout the arena, his thick, white load shooting into those clamping walls, coating the younger man above, marking him, his body spasming and shuttering in an intensity he had never felt before, his hands desperately clutching onto Cody's back to hold him tight, fearing that his harsh outburst might throw him off.

It took him almost an eternity to regain his breathing, Cody's head tiredly resting on his shoulder, the younger male's hands running absentmindedly up and down his sides, their heartbeats in synch, their bodies relaxing, his eyes fluttering open again.

Suddenly realization hit him, of what he'd done, they'd done, of how it would affect, could affect their working-relationship, of what that would or could mean for their future, his hands starting to shake as they slowly caressed the young brunette's back. Only a second later, emerald blues stared down at him, captivated him, a small smirk playing on that flushed but angelic features as Cody murmured.

"That was truly… dashing."

After minutes of silence, minutes that felt like hours, finally the sound of laughter filled the air.

Forgive me for mixing up their real names and their character-names, but in the heat of sex, this might even become reality (so yes, it was planned). R/R please!

Next pairing: Either Jagger (Jericho/Jack Sw.), Beri (Barret/Jericho), Jiz (Swagger/Miz) or Coke (Cody/Mike)