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AN: So. My first multi-chaptered fic ever. Uh. I'm kind of nervous.

Anyway. The fic is apparently a Transformers one, and takes place in the G1 universe, somewhere in between the second season and the Movie. There will be slash and Plug & Play sex scenes in the following chapters.

The POV switches between Megatron and Starscream.

The units of time I use:

nanoklik ≈ a second
klik ≈ a minute
breem ≈ 8.3 minutes
joor ≈ an hour
solar cycle ≈ a day
stellar cycle ≈ a year
vorn ≈ 83 years

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1. Special Cure

The Decepticons returned to base from their unsuccessful mission with disappointment radiating off their battered frames. Not that the failure of today's energon raid should've come as a surprise – Starscream had foreseen the fiasco joors ago, right after Megatron had explained the strategy. The current Decepticon leader was just that incompetent.

Starscream huffed his contempt, only to be pierced by an angry glare. The Seeker didn't have to turn around to recognise the mech standing behind him, but he did so slowly, an arrogant smirk taking place on his faceplates.

"Ah, my dear leader," the jet breathed out. Megatron's optics visibly narrowed at his sarcastic tone, and Starscream smirked a bit more. His leader seemed furious. The Seeker couldn't have resisted the urge to make a mocking comment even if he had wanted to, "Your strategy failed once again, did you notice?"

"You will come to my quarters when I call you."

Megatron's cold not-really-a-reply did not surprise the Air Commander, the mere murderous glint of the Decepticon leader's optics informing the whole world of the silver mech's present need for violence. The Seeker was fully aware of what it would take to calm that anger, and who Megatron would choose to assist him in that. It was not a big problem, Starscream had learnt to handle beatings and pain long ago. He would survive a twisted wing or two and crushed neck-cables.

Megatron turned away without another word, walking to the lift. Starscream could barely hear him asking Soundwave if they had any high-grade left, but the question made his frame stiffen in surprise and slight panic that instant. The jet quickly tuned his audio receptors to make sure he heard the Communications Officer's monotonic reply. The positive answer increased his sudden nervousness; Starscream knew his leader's drinking habits well enough to be able to tell that Megatron usually only drank when in a particularly bad mood. 'Particularly bad' meaning one that couldn't be tamed with just violence, but demanded a … different cure. The Seeker's Spark gave another thrill, this time excited, his frame warming up at the thought even as worry grew in his processor. His rebellious body would enjoy it, being used to soothe his leader's anger – and his mind and Spark would burn and hurt and yearn for solar cycles after this night.

The Seeker's optics followed as Megatron stepped into the lift, and he turned to make his way into his own quarters only after the lift doors closed.

The call would come through his comm.-link in a few breems. Starscream needed to get ready, which mostly meant steeling his mind and trying to kill the unhealthy feelings he held for his leader.

Tonight he'd fall into recharge with Megatron's name on his lips, circuits sparking as the result of yet another self-induced overload. He knew it already.

The Decepticon leader truly hated some days, and this one he placed into that category without an astrosecond's doubt. It was not often that he had to face Optimus Prime, such an utter failure of an energon raid and Starscream's idiotic rebellion during one and same solar cycle. His audio receptors had been ringing quite enough after the punch to the faceplates he had received from the Autobot leader, but now, after having to bear Starscream's high-pitched, scoffing comments too, the silver Decepticon wondered if half of the sounds he heard existed outside his aching processor.

Megatron sank into the large chair behind his desk, grabbing the cube of high-grade he had retrieved from the storage room on the way to his quarters.

The high-grade did not exactly calm him, it merely clouded his CPU and weakened his self-control. A sip of the energon made one thing clear, however: someone would be feeling even worse than he in a few breems. That someone being Starscream, naturally. The insolent Seeker had begged for it with his disrespectful attitude.

Another gulp of the sweet-tasting liquid suggested the Decepticon leader that it could be the time for a special punishment today, and no matter how loud the rational part of his processor screamed that that particular means of "punishment" hadn't brought him any pleasure in stellar cycles and apparently had no effect on the Seeker, the high-grade had already decided for him. A hot spike of lust shot through his frame, bringing a half-smirk onto his faceplates.

It had been more than half a Earth year since the last time. A whisper of thought tried to remind Megatron that said last time had left him just as discontented as all the previous times, but the gun-former ignored it. He should give Starscream one more chance, just because he could still remember the very first time so well; the high-pitched, oddly seductive and explicitly drunk words and the resulting very over-energised interface from all those vorns ago. A jab in his core reminded Megatron that it had never happened like that again, that Starscream had never satisfied after the first time, but... One more chance. Just one more, to give Starscream an opportunity to show the Decepticon leader why he should tolerate his Second's constant insubordination and backstabbing. If the Seeker failed to present such a reason – failed to perform acceptably during the upcoming punishment –, then it would finally be "extinction to all traitors".

Megatron's smirk faded into a grimace, but lust still swirled in his core, demanding to be tamed. The silver Decepticon sighed, opening a private comm.-link.

'Starscream. To my quarters, now.'

Maybe the Seeker really would satiate this time.