"Now arriving to Tokyo School District."

The bus silently hammered to a halt as a sudden throng of people rushed out of the train, a destination as their priority at the moment. Out of a crowd, a high school girl emerged from the train station, now walking up the steps to the outer world from the underground. The morning was still bright as she struggled to find comfort out of it. An elongated yawn left her lips as she started walk now, a steady pace guiding her to school.

The streets were bustling with so many people, coming from home to work, starting their day off the same as any other day. There were people who would walk in the morning with their cell phones in their ear, drinking their morning coffee, or even high school girls with their friends- either way, it never really changed. Nothing did.

Well, at least that's what Sakura thought.






"Good morning, Sakura-chan!" One by one, girls greeted the pink hair girl as she walked herself to her usual destination in the morning, which was the library. The day was freezing, the Tokyo winter threatening every being with frostbites and high body temperatures. Sakura had forgotten to bring her precious scarf, after being in such a hurry to catch the train. Chilling breezes kissed the cheeks of the bubble-gum headed girl as she nodded to more passerbys, greeting her a friendly hello. Sakura Haruno was a known to be a very kind girl, helping out other students with school work and even volunteering to clean classrooms after school; many people respected her and looked up to her as she led a good role-model for her peers, and an ideal student among teachers as well. Her social and educational life was successful, but not so much her love life. Sakura had only one boyfriend, who's name should not be mentioned among her presence. It wasn't that Sakura was ugly, the exact opposite actually, but the fact that she did not find the time to spend and share things together with him. Eventually, he got fed up and left her, leaving her for her old best friend, who's name shouldn't be mentioned either.

After that situation though, she put her full dedication towards her future and education, disregarding love from all angles; but somehow, boys found her more attractive like that.

Sakura's had many love confessions starting off with, "Your dedication to life was very attractive", "I saw you studying in the library, and was captivated by your charisma", and the most used one, "Your studying face is really sexy".

Everyone that had confessed to her, were bitterly turned down, for the annoyance of having guys court her frequently was...holding her back from her studies.

Entering into the empty library now, Sakura checked the clock on the wall to make sure that school wouldn't start until another thirty minutes; just enough time to review over her AP Chem. notes, again.

She was very quick to open her over stuffed Chemistry binding, complete with notes and complimentary packets of extraneous information that she actually spent her time to read. Silently reading, the annoying tick of the clock started to bang louder in her ears, distracting her from finishing what she was accomplishing. Rolling her eyes with a bland look on her face, Sakura pushed her long, wavy, pink locks aside to give her more reading room and more comfort. But as she was doing so, she saw something in the corner of her eye, making her turn her head to one side.

She saw a slimy body laying on the floor, books all around it. The form had a book over its face, as one hand was atop the book as well. Sakura stood up, concerned and walked over to the person who was laying down.

'Hm? I don't think I've ever met them before...'

After moving closer now, Sakura started to observe the person more closely. They had pale skin, almost as pale as hers, and had short, messy black hair. What was amazing though, was that under the light, the person's hair seemed to have a bluish hue radiating off of it. They had the school uniform on, a white button up under a dark blue sweater-vest, the sleeves pushed up three-fourths of the way. Black, pants clung onto their legs as abused sneakers were revealed underneath. By a short glance, you would think this person would be a boy, but-

'This is an all girls school...'

Sakura was now debating whether or not she would try waking up the person, and had chosen her decision.

She lightly pushed the book, "1984", away from the person's face, inwardly gasping now.

Long eyes lashes were closed against cheeks, that were lightly brushed with pink. Beautiful lips were graced in a small smile as slow breaths of air started to flow from their nose. The person in front of Sakura was indeed, very beautiful- but Sakura wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl..

'This person is very androgynous...'

Sakura was now looking down, directly at the person's face, in interest as her hair moved with her, a curtain of pink waves hovering the sides of her face. For some odd reason, she lightly perked the person's cheek, and pearl met emerald.

A low gasp came from the person now, their body shifting awake, as they jerked their head up, painfully striking Sakura's.

Both of people left a small groan of pain as a cloud of awkwardness was now formed. A hand was on Sakura's arm as she looked up at those pearl-like eyes now, mesmerized by their beauty.

"Hey, are you alright?" Smooth and deep, the voice trailed inside the ears of the pink haired girl as she was now suddenly in a trance.

"S-Sorry." Captivated at the site, Sakura struggled to move from her position, still focusing on the eyes that held her in a strong-hold. It wasn't until a light chuckle was heard that she was snapped back into reality, looking at the face now. A charming smile played the lips of the person, beautifully white teeth exposing themselves, almost blinding Sakura.

"Um, I can see your panties."

Sakura instantly snapped out of the spell she was in, as she looked down at her legs- that were surprisingly, wide open. Her face was brushed red as she closed her legs now, pulling her skirt down to prevent any more access. A hand was placed in front of her, initiating a handshake that was embarrassingly given.

"What's you name?"

Sakura didn't making eye contact with the person, but knew that if she looked up at those smiling eyes again, she would die.

"Haruno Sakura."

Another small chuckle left the lips now of the person, followed by a small sigh.

"Hyuuga Hinata."

A/N: First time writing OFFICIAL yuri o:! How do you like Hinata's manliness? xD I could never see Sakura as the masculine one in the relationship (even if she is tought o.o) because of the whole pink concept going on; So Hinata wears the pants in the relationship ;)