That was all Sakura could see as she slowly stirred from her sleep, her eyes squinting at the contrast. It took her a good minute before realizing that she was looking directly at the light on the ceiling above her, the only space that was actually shades of white. The whole room was already covered with warm colors of crimson, orange, and tints of purple as the sun thatw as peaking through the winter clouds was setting through the open window, the time seemingly soaring by.

Sakura recollected her thoughts as she slowly sat-up, one hand patting her head, the other resting itself on her stomach.

Memories of what happened before her little fainting episode caused an embarrassed blush to poof on her face, emerald eyes drifting to the clock on the wall.

'It's already six o'clock?' A deep breath came from the tired and slightly confused girl as she looked around the empty infirmary, finding the person that she so long wished to question. It wasn't until she remembered what Hinata had told her that she felt a short of shock come over her.

'I can't believe it...'

The last school nurse was a woman by the name of Anko. She was the kind of person whom you had to grow to like. In short, she had many enemies among the faculty and student body. However, there was a rumor that she actually had an affair with one of the other teachers, who was a female and married; But Sakura felt like the rumor had to be false...

But then again, Hinata was here so-

Her thoughts were interrupted as the soft 'thump' of the door settling on it's hinges was heard, the deep-in-thought teen shifting her gaze upon the person entering. Emerald eyes met with sapphire ones as a look of surprise engulfed the bubblegum maiden.

Blonde hair spiking everywhere and a pair of tattoo whiskers came into Sakura's line of view as she was expecting something completely different than what was before her. The man was wearing a red and blue patterned flannel, washed-out skinny jeans and a pair of motorcycle boots. His flannel was opened a couple buttons at the top revealing a band shirt underneath with a dark blue scarf on top, and a necklace with a gem pendant underneath. Multiple rings and wristbands were on this man as he also had an orange fox snow-hat on, tilted a little bit on the side, one of his ears with multiple piercings peeking out to the world with it's little reveal. He had a tan and a slight build to him, making him look like he was in his later teens/early twenties. The blonde was carrying a big bag of groceries as he also stared at Sakura, mirroring her look of surprise. He was definitely stylish, Sakura thought, but in a weird childish sort of way.

'Who's he?'

"Oh shit, she's awake!"

Sakura perked a brow when suddenly the man was knocked over by the open door, another figure walking through. Her heart now ringing in her ears, Miss Haruno finally saw the person on her mind come into the room.

She felt herself stare at her in admiration as she was now changed out of her school attire, casual clothes now clinging on her. She had on a semi-loose black cardigan that was atop a grey-vneck, a thick red scarf covering her neck. She had on dark gray skinnies that was tucked into her own pair of motorcycle boots, it's top ending just above her ankles. She had on a pair of red gloves that had it's tips cut off, an optional mitten-esque covering buttoned atop of that for more warmth. Her hair was as disheveled as ever, her sharp bangs falling even more onto her amazing face. She too had a bag of groceries, much smaller though, that seemed to rattle every time she moved.

Sakura could feel the heat building up in her lower areas as she continued to stare at the dark-haired woman. Her looks were absolutely stunning when she was in her school attire, but her casual wear made her absolutely alluring. The Haruno felt smitten just looking at her; that was how deadly and sexually ignitable Hinata's looks were.

It wasn't until the Hyuuga finally put her attention on the bed ridden girl that Sakura was broken from her thoughts, her eyes softening.

"Are you feeling better?"

Sakura gave a small nod and smile as she averted eye-contact, a tint of red peeking through her cheeks.

Hinata gave her a small smile of her own as she moved away from the man who was still on the floor, whining about something, ignoring his presence now. She brought her bag of groceries on top of one of the counters in the room, taking out bottles of medicine with all types of labels and colors on them.

'Is she restocking medicine?.' Firm hands brought the bottles inside of the medicine into the cabinets that hung from the school walls, the front of their labels facing the outside of the space.

"Did you eat anything yet, Sakura?"

A shiver ran down the girl's back as she shook her head 'no'.

Damn her voice was perfect.

Suddenly, the blonde-man sprung to his feet, startling the teenage girl and igniting a spark of annoyance to the woman around his age group.

"I bought an ass-load of food, so help yourself!" The man grabbed his bag of groceries as he made his way to Sakura's bed, dumping them on the empty bed-space to the side of her legs.

"I have ramen, oreos, gummy-worms, chips-"


Sakura saw as Hinata called the man's name as she was continuing her task, a slight tone of warning in it.

As if seeming to understand, the hyper man flashed Sakura brilliant smile that almost made her blush.

'God, his smile is so cute!'

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Third-year university student at Konoha's University for the Musically Gi-"

A small bottle hit the back of the blonde's head as he was cutt off mid sentence, his heading turning to the direction of it's source. With a short glare and a funny face, Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he looked toward Hinata.

"Man, what the fuck was that for, Hinata!"

Sakura gave a short giggle as the woman shrugged her shoulders, her back now turned to sort out more medicine on a different counter before her.

Naruto continued to rub his head as he turned back to Sakura, rolling his eyes now.

"So, anyways, what's your name?"

Sakura shifted a bit as she now had her legs dangling from the bed now, facing the standing blonde who actually took a seat in the chair in front of her.

"Haruno Sakura."

Naruto flashed another smile as he poked Sakura's cheek with his finger, his dimples coming through his cheeks now.

"Nice to meet you, Sakura!"

The pinkette nodded, a brighter smile coming from her lips now.


Before anything else was exchanged, a bottle of pills could be heard spilling along the floor followed by a few curses from the woman handling them.

"Dammit." Sakura heard Hinata whisper.

"I'll have to go back to the store." Hinata turned toward the duo as she quickly ran to bring a broom and dust pan to the spill site, sweeping it and placing it into the trashcan near the door. After placing the broom and dustpan back to it's original place, pale eyes met with blue ones as Hinata gave a small glare.

"Don't you dare do anything weird to her while I'm gone, Naruto." The blonde nodded as he saluted the woman as she was fixing her cardigan and straightening out her scarf.

"I'll be back soon." Shes softly said to Sakura who nodded as she tried her best to hold her gaze.

Swiftly and quietly Hinata slipped through the door, not making a single sound but the door closing on it's hinges. As soon as she left, Sakura decided to spark a little conversation with the quirky man before her. She was a little wary about having to stay in the care of a complete and utter stranger, but seeing as though he was one of Hinata's friends, she felt like he would be no harm towards her.

"So, what happened when I passed out?"

Naruto rummaged through his bag of groceries as he brought out a package of ramen, now munching on the dry noodles noisily.

"Well first of all, you fainted. And second of all, me and Hinata normally hang here around this time." Sakura quirked her brow as she motioned for him to continue.

"I work at the radio-station that's only a couple of blocks here and whenever either of us has the our workplace completely to ourselves, in this case Hinata did, then we'd just stay a little after and hang out and catch up on life!" Naruto grinned as he continued to toss more dried noodles in his mouth.

"I've known Hinata ever since middle-school, but we ended up going to different colleges so it was great knowing that she would start working near me."

Sakura was still slightly confused, preparing herself to ask Naruto a question.

"It sounds as if she's been working here for a long time...When did she starting working here anyways? I only met her a couple of days ago."

Naruto nodded as he leaned back in the chair now, hands still busy with his food.

"She's actually been working here for a good three-months now. The first two-months she was doing training with Anko-san, and her first work month already passed."

'So she knew Anko? But wait, how come I've never seen her in the day time?'

"If you're wondering why you'd never seen her in the day, it would be because she was only free in the night-time." Naruto wiped his hands with each other as he started to crumple up the now empty plastic bag.

"She had classes during the morning and daytime and she was solely free only in the evenings. Kinda sucked though, if you think about it."

Sakura was still a bit confused and slightly concerned at this point. Something seemed...sketchy.

'Night sessions...with Anko? Wait, don't tell me she's the one rumored to have-'


Sakura lightly blew a few bangs out of her face as she heard the blonde continue.

"Hinata said that after you fanited that school was already over and was asked to look over you by the Principal when everyone left."

Naruto gave a loud munch.

"You know, the one with the big boobs."

Sakura giggled as she nodded, gently bringing out a small bag of oreos that she eyed in Naruto's bag.

"She was going to call your home to ask if someone could pick you up, but luckily I came by and insisted that we should just chill until you woke-up!"

A small oreo popped in Sakura's mouth as she ate it happily. She was starving, but out of respect and manners, she resisted the urge to splurge all over Naruto's food. A sudden hit of realization hit the girl as she finally found an opportunity before her that she felt like she needed to take.

"So...is Hinata going out with anyone right now?"

Naruto took a second as he swallowed his food nodding slowly, crushing Sakura's hopes and dreams. What he was about to say would completely and utterly shock her as well.

"She's engaged!"

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