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WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Violence, Gore, Sex, Dark Themes



"No, no, no, no, no!" Renae cried, tucking her dark hair behind her ears frantically and trying to catch her breath.

This wasn't how it was supposed to happen—this wasn't how it was supposed to happen. She wasn't supposed to finally find him and get close to him again and then have him dying there with only one way out. Stefan looked up at her, pain etched across his features and he wasn't sure what she was doing when she bared her wrist to him but suddenly he knew…he knew and he couldn't do that. He had told her he wouldn't do this—he had told her he was strictly on animal blood.

"Please just drink." Renae said softly, Stefan understanding the fondness in her voice. "Please—it'll be like old times."

Stefan took in a breath even though it was difficult for him. "I'm not going to do this, and you know it. Just let me go."

"You're not leaving me, Stefan…just do it." Renae whispered before she cut into her wrist and put it back in front of his face, the scent of blood filling up his nostrils.

Renae woke up with a start and opened her eyes, lying in Stefan's bed and sat up slowly, trying not to disturb him. He was awake and immediately set to running his hands along her bare back, both of them in their underwear. They hadn't done anything because Stefan was getting too many urges to drink from Renae and since he didn't want to slip up and Renae just wanted to stay with him no matter what they did, they kissed and groped each other and then fell asleep. Now she was having the dream again, only slightly different in places and she didn't really know what that meant.

"What's wrong?" Stefan asked her.

Renae swallowed and closed her eyes as Stefan kissed her shoulder blade softly, running his nose along her shoulder and the darkened skin where her wings came out of. He was being so attentive and so caring, both of them taking a moment just to revel in the moment because the two of them enjoyed this. It had been a long time since they had been able to be together and it was nice to just be close to each like this…they just liked being able to show the other how fond they still were of each other no matter what had happened.

"Are you involved in something that's going to get you hurt?" Renae asked, leaning back into Stefan and feeling his skin brush against hers as he cradled her and kissed the nape of her neck swiftly.

Stefan shook his head and ran his fingers along her arms and nuzzling her with his nose again. "No…I'm not actually planning on doing anything dangerous. Why?"

"I keep having this nightmare that you get injured and I have to save you by having you drink from me—I'm not really happy about it." Renae admitted to him.

"Well rest assured that I'm not planning on making you have to do that. Even if I did get that hurt, I wouldn't drink from you." Stefan explained to her, giving her shoulder a squeeze and kissing her head again. "I don't trust myself with blood anymore."

Renae made a face and turned to face him, happy he was still holding her close and stroking her skin and her hair. She kissed him gently, slipping her fingers into his hair and teasing the corner of his mouth with her tongue. He smiled a little and opened up his mouth for her, letting her explore it as much as she wanted before she pulled back.

"I need you, Stefan…so if it came down to you having to do it, I'd force you too, and then help you later on down the road." Renae explained to him.

Stefan laughed a little. "Fine, but you'd be taking it all upon yourself and I doubt you'd like what you saw."

"It wouldn't be anything I haven't seen before." Renae shrugged softly.

Stefan laughed again and then the two got up to get ready for class, Aaliyah coming down the stairs in hers and Renae's home. Jay was in the kitchen sipping some blood in a coffee mug, smiling up at Aaliyah who looked a little disgusted with what was taking place. She grabbed herself something to eat as Jay got ready to enroll into the school as well, trying to figure out how to talk to his sister.

"So…you're going to the school then?" Aaliyah asked him.

Jay nodded and then shrugged. "I don't see why I should go since I'm way too old to have to go through High School again but at the same time…I can't abandon my twin."

"Since you're twins, I don't think you can be her 'big' brother…even if you did come out first." Aaliyah told him as she sipped some coffee. "Doesn't she find that annoying? I mean you're twins—you have the same birthday and everything."

"I'm older and she deals with that." Jay said with a chuckle and a shrug, grabbing a book bag. "I assume I'm heading out on my own and you'll catch up?"

Aaliyah looked at him and nodded. "Yeah…I'll catch up."

"See you there, A." Jay told her with a wink.

Aaliyah just stared after him, quite dumbfounded, and then took a deep breath and gathered up her things. When she opened up her door, Damon was standing there and she stayed on her side of the door where she felt a lot safer. He just smirked at her and looked her up and down, knowing why he was there and knowing that he was going to need to explain himself. Aaliyah just wanted him to leave so she could walk out the door and then reach the safety of the school—have the crowds of people around her.

"What do you want?" Aaliyah asked him.

Damon chuckled at her. "I wanted to give you a heads up on some vampires coming into town tonight. I'm going to be otherwise occupied because I feel like I need a break, but I figured since you can't catch a break…you'd like to know."

"Renae was right when she said you have a knack for knowing everything—how do you do that?" Aaliyah asked him.

"You don't think I'm going to just start telling you every secret I possess, do you, Slayer?" Damon asked, giving her a look and shaking his head. "I just wanted you to know. Jay is here, Renae is here and hasn't seen her brother since they were both turned and here you are—unable to take out anyone. You're kind of the worst slayer in the history of time, aren't you?"

Aaliyah shot daggers at him with her eyes. "Did you have anything to say other than that? Looking at your face is making me physically sick."

"Ouch." Damon told her, winking at her and then hurrying away.

Aaliyah waited a couple of moments before heading outside, going straight to the school and seeing Stefan talking to Renae by her locker. He wasn't super close and he wasn't showing any PDA, but it was obvious to Aaliyah that the looks they were giving each other were more than just friendship. They had a history that Aaliyah knew she was never going to be able to understand, but at the same time she was a little envious—Renae knew love, and she could trust…Aaliyah wished that she could do that.

"You realize that you can be part of this 'Founders' thing, right? Your family is in that category, Renae." Stefan was telling her as Aaliyah grabbed her books and walked up to Renae. "So why don't you want to run?"

Renae rolled her eyes and closed her locker. "Because those kinds of things have all sort of background checks."

"She's right—someone's bound to find the holes somewhere. Besides, she was Miss Mystic Falls wasn't she? Back during her first life?" Aaliyah asked when she'd joined them.

"Yeah, see? I'm not doing that to myself again." Renae told him and then her smile and her laugh both faded and she looked down the hallway to see Jay standing there, giving her a small wave and sheepish shrug and smile. "JAY!"

Renae didn't even stop to think twice about her brother being there—a lot of weirder things had happened in her life. She bounded down the hallway and jumped on her brother, hugging him tightly as he laughed and spun her around. He was so happy to finally get to see her and to tell her everything that he knew, but he knew that if Damon saw him and knew what he was telling Renae, things would be bad. Jay wasn't supposed to do anything to undermine Damon but at the same time Jay didn't care—Renae was more important to him and he was strong enough now to go against Damon.

"Oh my God!" Renae exclaimed as she got off of her brother, not caring that she was making a scene and people in the hall were watching as she hit her brother in the arm. "Do I have Damon to thank slash kill for you?"

Jay laughed and nodded. "Yeah…yeah you do."

"I swear there is more to him than he lets on." Renae said shaking her head, and then she snatched the schedule out of his hand. "My, my, my, look at that—we have the same homeroom."

"Damn! I was hoping that we wouldn't have to be near each other." Jay teased, hugging Renae again when she hugged him. "Let's go to class."


By the time school was over, Aaliyah had suggested they all go back to the house, Renae telling them that she'd meet them there. Jay opted out as well, Aaliyah realizing she was going to be stuck with Stefan. She didn't want to do that, but at the same time she didn't want to be rude and take back the invitation, so they went to the house and she invited Stefan in.

"Now that I've been invited in by both you and Renae, I feel a little special." Stefan told her, setting his book bag and his jacket on the couch. "I won't stay too long—just until Renae makes her way back. I know you don't want to be my friend."

Aaliyah took a deep breath. "Look, I have nothing against you personally, I just…you're a vampire and I'm the slayer. Killing you is my job and I just—I feel like I can't even do that right."

"Not all of us are heartless killing machines." Stefan explained to her. "Sure most of us are, but some of us have feelings and morals."

"It doesn't really help that you all drink blood." Aaliyah told him, pouring them both some coffee.

Stefan nodded slowly. "Yeah, that's true. If it helps any, I stick to animal blood. I've been off of human blood for a very, very long time—in fact Renae helped me to wean myself off."

"It's still weird to think about Renae having been a vampire once." Aaliyah admitted as she made a face. "I mean I get that she's a Spirit and yet…and yet it's weird to think about. She doesn't seem like the kind of person that would kill."

Stefan smiled a little at her and nodded, explaining to her that Renae was incredibly frail and sick when they had met. She had plenty of people interested in her, but marriage was always out because she was too sick to handle the home on her own and that meant she was more work than she was worth. Renae had been insanely beautiful just the same, and mean adored her, but Stefan was the first one to stick around long enough to find out that she was strong and independent—that she was beautiful inside and out.

He fell in love with her and she fell in love with him, Damon growing tired of being in the town for too long and taking off. Stefan knew that Renae was close to dying, and she found out he was a vampire, so she asked him to turn her and though he turned her down at first, he accepted. He in a way had saved her life and she was so grateful that he offered for her to come with him. They had found her a ring to wear so she could go out into the sunlight with him, and then the two of them roamed the world together—sometimes with Damon—and eventually Renae wanted a change.

She was strong enough and willed enough to find a way to wean herself onto animal blood, helping Stefan to make the transition as well. They settled down in several places and Stefan knew that Renae entertained the idea of marriage but never voiced it. Stefan never had the courage to voice it either, just assuming that they'd be together forever and then her past caught up with her and she died saving Stefan and a town full of villagers and she deserve to now have wings and powers.

"Wow…there are a lot of things that I didn't know about you guys." Aaliyah said softly, blushing a bit. "I feel kind of bad for just judging you as a vampire."

Stefan shrugged and her. "Don't worry about it—it won't be the last time I'm judged. You're the slayer, Aaliyah. You were taught to look at us as the enemy and that's fine."

"But it's not fine. You guys can reform yourselves and I just…I'm not here to just kill you, Stefan." Aaliyah promised him. "I know I don't really have a reason to trust anything that you've said, but I trust Renae, and I trust from what I've seen of you and heard from Jay that you're not the threat…Damon is."

"I want to vouch for my brother…but I can't." Stefan admitted shaking his head. "I feel bad too because it's my fault he's the way that he is."

Aaliyah raised her eyebrows at that as Renae waltzed right into the Salvatore Mansion and headed to Damon's room. She knew she could handle herself if he got upset and attacked her, opening up the door and smiling at him. He quickly finished his phone call and gave her a look, sighing loudly as she shook her head and pointed to the chair near them. Damon sat in it even though he really didn't have to, and he looked up at her, pulling a playful face as she walked over to him and look down at him.

"So what is your plan, Damon? I saw Jay today." Renae told him with a shrug. "So you turned my brother? What about his family? He had a son, Damon! Will you please tell me what's going on?"

Damon took a deep breath. "As far as I was aware, Renae, you weren't my friend anymore."

"Damon, I'm always going to be your friend. I may not always agree with what you do, but I have your best interests at heart and I'm not just going to let Aaliyah kill you—I would hope by now that you'd know that." Renae explained, kneeling down in front of him and taking his hand in hers. "You saved my life when you didn't have to and it took you this long to cash in on a favor. I'm always going to see you as a friend no matter what you do."

"I'm resurrecting Katherine." Damon said simply, standing up and pulling his hand back.

Damon had found the words touching, heartfelt and sincere—he knew that she meant it and he felt the same kind of friendship with her. It was just that Damon couldn't just show her that he felt that way because he was the strong Salvatore and he wasn't going to change that. He had created an image for himself and even if he knew that Renae was going to catch on to why he was doing this, he knew that he couldn't tell her that he still cared about her well-being—that he'd still save her life again if he had to.

"Wow…why would you want to do that, Damon? She used you." Renae told him, standing up and crossing over to him but not touching him.

Damon shrugged and poured himself some scotch. "She was the only reason I allowed myself to be turned. If you want to understand, she was to me what Stefan was to you."

"Oh…I didn't realize you loved her so much." Renae admitted, putting her hands into her pockets. "So…what's your next move?"

"Are you going to tell Stefan?" Damon asked her, sipping some scotch and looking her in the eye, nodding slowly in amazement when she shook her head.

Renae took a deep breath. "This isn't something I want to tell him—it's not something that he should hear coming from me."

Damon nodded and thanked her, Jay walking up to Elena as she wrote in her journal in the cemetery, Elena looking up at him. She gave him a soft smile and recognized him as the new guy who had been watching her during their classes together. He waved at her and she stood up, brushing herself off and wondering why in the world he was there. What was he doing in the cemetery?

"I guess I didn't peg you for someone who hung out with dead people." Jay told her with a chuckle. "I just came to visit some of my ancestors' graves."

Elena nodded and pointed to the grave she'd been next to. "My parents are buried here, so sometimes I come here to get things out—that's what the journal is for."

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents." Jay told her sincerely. "Renae and I lost ours too, actually. Our uncle comes in and out of town."

"I live with my aunt." Elena explained, smiling up at him. "So you're Jay, right?"

Jay nodded at her. "Guilty as charged. Elena, correct?"

Elena nodded and couldn't really understand why the smile on her face wouldn't go away. Jay smiled back and then went into stories about his 'ancestors', Elena laughing and Jay realizing that he hadn't felt this feeling in his stomach in a while. Dating and companionship hadn't been high on his list since Damon had turned him after a group of vampires killed his wife and his son—Jay became a vampire for revenge and he still drank from humans…still used humans…but he didn't want to use Elena.

"You want to go grab a bite to eat someplace where people have a pulse?" Jay asked her, hoping she'd say 'yes'.

Elena smiled at him and nodded. "Yeah…yeah that sounds good."

"Good." Jay told her and he motioned for her to go first, feeling like he was being watched and wanting to protect her…why did he want to protect her?

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