Um no excuses about how terribly long a wait this was, I've almost forgotten about the fic so no doubt any readers have… sorry. Also this is a little graphic and I find that really hard to write, actually I really suck at it :L

Al was naked.

Al was very naked and kissing an also very naked Louis.

The blonde boy nibbled on his ear and Albus felt an unexpected tug on his groin at the contact, oh yes he liked that. Louis elicted a deep husky chuckle and continued on his quest to find all the most sensitive places on his little cousins body. He ran his tongue along the vein that was protruding from Al's neck and kissed his pulse point and then started to run circles around his little pink nipples, licking and biting on them gently. Albus was completely lost. They were in the Room of Requirement on a bed that Louis want had conjured -Merlin, Albus loved magic. Then the sucking and biting on his nipples stopped and the blonde boy was blowing air on them, his nipples were really hard and honestly Albus had no idea they would react that way Louis however was onto his next idea and the magic of really hardened nipples was lost on him.

Louis was putting his fingers in his mouth and sucking on them.

Albus had no idea how simply sucking on fingers could be so sexy but, Merlin, Louis was damn good at it. When he removed his sticky spitty fingers from his mouth it was only to place them in Albus's. Al didn't really know what to do. He tried to copy the sexy way Louis had done it only moments before but he was sure he looked like a complete idiot. Louis however was moaning from the actions so Al kept licking and sucking on them, applying the same methods he did when he was eating one of those muggle ice pops Aunt Hermione kept in her freezer and gave to them on really hot days during the summer.

Suddenly the slurping and panting mantra in the room was broken by a startled yelp from Albus as he felt Louis place his fingers, which had just been in Al's mouth, in a place he had never been touched before. It was just one finger circling around the last place Al expected anything to be. It just seemed so dirty. But it would be a complete lie to say that he wasn't enjoying it, it felt like pent up tension, an anticipation for something else, something more, he just had no idea what it was.

He was sure Louis did though.

It was just when he started to push through the tightness, the most private place that Albus could think of, that suddenly the room was filled with other noises. Sobbing.

Albus looked up away from Louis to find all their family surrounding them, every aunt and uncle, his grandparents, little Lily. Every face in shock and disgust. His mother and grandmother crying and shame in every tear. Oh Merlin, his Aunt Fleur. Even Scoprius was there just staring at Al with complete hatred in his face. His father stood out the most though, the only silent one out of all of his family, he was just staring at Al, right into his eyes, into his souls and Al could tell that nothing was ever going to be the same again. A tear fell from his father's eye.

" I'm sorry Albus Severus, I can no longer call you my son. You are not worthy of my family name." His hero, his father just looked at him as if he was a stranger, or some slug that had crept in and ruined his favourite pair of shoes.

Albus turned and looked at Louis and what met his eyes was a complete monster. He had red eyes and reptile wings, he had a cruel smile and worst of all he had Henrietta at his side. He looked straight back at Al and spoke in a warped voice.

" It was all going to come out sometime Al. It was all going to be revealed how this is all your fault. How you came and kissed me first, how it was all your idea, I was innocent in all of this. You can't have possibly thought that all of this was going to keep quiet forever did you? Your guilty Albus Severus. You're just a dirty, shameful Slytherin after all, who would believe you over me? I'm Head Boy, Captain of the Ravenclaw team. You're just a little boy."

He could hear agreeing sounds coming from his family and then suddenly Scorpius's voice was there, calling his name, the whole room began to shake.

Al opened his eyes.

" Albus! Albus, are you Ok? Wake up!" Scorpius's frantic voice was bursting through his fog of sleep and Al could hear sobbing. It was coming from him. He opened his green eyes to meet the twinkling blue of his best friend for life. Al had no idea what was going on and it was only becoming clear to him that the events which had felt so terrifyingly real were, in fact, just a dream.

" Potter will you just shut up!" Anthony Nott mumbled angrily through a clear fog of sleep.

" Yeah quit your whining, you woke me up. Go to sleep for Merlin's sake." Sebastian Zabini grumbled from his bed. Albus knew he was going to be in trouble with the two other Slytherins tomorrow for waking them up in the middle of the night with his sobbing.

" Oh just, shut up and go to sleep the pair of you!" Scorpius retorted. He then looked at Albus with concern once again and then seemed to have come to a decision from the look in his eyes. " That's it push over. Yes, in the bed. That's it."

The blonde boy made himself comfortable in next to Al all the while letting his best friend splutter beside him. Really, it's not as if sleeping in the same bed meant anything funny.

" Scor, your not supposed to sleep in here. With me." Al whispered frantically. Albus was still feeling really strange after that dream it was all muddled up in his head. One thing was for sure though he had a far more vivid imagination than he previously thought. Some of the things that he had dreamt were really vivid. What he and Louis had been doing! Albus didn't even knew that he knew about those things… clearly he did. Therefore after such vivid and mindboggling dreams he didn't know if it was safe to sleep in the same bed as someone else, never mind his attractive best friend for life. He was clearly some kind of sex pervert! Oh Merlin what was he going to do? He would simply have to run away. There was nothing else for it, how else could he live in civilised society? He couldn't be let out amoungst other people, he was sexually perverted!

Oh his life certainly could have done without this.

" Never mind about the 'supposed to's' I'm sure we'll survive. Now push over your elbow is sticking dangerously close to my arse."

Al yelped and removed the offending elbow. Maybe he could just start the master plans tomorrow, he was after all very tired.

" Night Al."

" Night Scor."

Before he fell asleep Al swore he heard the soft 'sweet dreams' coming from Scor's direction, but it was simply so unlike him that he brushed it off as his imagination simply running wild once again.


Next morning the boys took their time getting down to breakfast as it was a glorious Saturday, while at breakfast Albus and Scorpius were joined by one Rose Weasley. For the whole of last year Rose had had the fascinating habit of blushing whenever she happened to catch Scorpius's eye, for the first ten minutes of the conversation anyway, and generally making a complete fool out of herself in front of the Slytherin table. Albus would have found all of this ridiculously funny- and did for the first two months- until it just got plain annoying. Scorpius had found a quick fix solution however, all he had to do was pick a fight with her and Rose would forget all about Scorpius Malfoy's amazing sparkling blue eyes. So it was common place for any conversation with the three of the involved to begin with an insult. Rose this year seemed to be cured of her crush (or at least just hiding it better) and had stopped all the blushing, the insults however had just become habit.

" Hello dear Rose, you're looking particularly ugly today." Rose just looked him sweetly in the eyes and smiled a sugar coated smile.

" Why thank you Darling, your looking frightfully disgusting the morning yourself."

Al had never bothered to get involved with the strange dynamic

They had going on and was glad not to have to come up with a fresh insult every time he lade eyes on either his best friend for life (who he saw every minute of everyday during school) or his best friend/ cousin (who he saw 99% of the summer holidays) he'd be exhausted.

" Al, Louis just asked me to remind you that if you still want help with that project you need to go to him." Rose was looking at him imploringly. It was probably because he couldn't help the worry that crossed his face as he thought about if he should meet up with the Head Boy, Al wasn't quite sure if he should go to the Room of Requirement to meet up with Louis after the dream the night before.

" What project is that Al?" Scor was looking at him suspiciously. He was every single class with Scorpius Malfoy so Al knew it would be just plain stupid to lie to him.

" Um… herbology?" Albus almost cringed at the way it came out almost as a question. Instead of trying to come up with a more intelligent lie he turned his attention back to Rose ." What time did he say to meet up Rosie?"

" Uhhh, I think he said to meet you at half ten, which is in ten minutes." Rose said lifting her head up from her watch and was about to ask her cousin if he had heard anything from back home when she realised that Al was already half way out of the Great Hall.

-S.U -

Albus reached the Room of Requirement only ten minutes late, which was a miracle when you had to run up to the seventh floor and use the tricky stairs that moved. He was quite proud of himself actually. Albus was just regaining his breath back when the door appeared and he entered the room. Inside was a comfortable living room set, complete with a fireplace, a lamp, two couches and coffee table, in the back of the room was a big bed.

Al gulped. Was what happened in his dream going to happen here? If so would he regret it as much as he had in the dream? If he got in any deeper with Louis the more he was shaming his family, the more he was tainting himself. And then there was still that problem of Henrietta.

" Hello, Alby." Louis came up to him and kissed him in welcome to the room. It was a great kiss too, one that he had come to expect from Louis.

" Hi, Louis." Albus was ashamed to admit that the greeting came out distinctly more breathless than he had intended. He cleared his throat and started again. " Hello, Louis."

Louis just chuckled. "Oh mon cherie, you are too adorable." He made as if to kiss Al again but Al moved away. He really needed to sort things out first, like the stupid bint Henrietta.

" No Louis, listen. I just, I think we need to talk for a little bit. The kissing and stuff is great, it really is. I… um I'm really enjoying but… but I think we need to do other things too, ya know? Like how we used to before? We used to just talk all the time and play chess and other games too. I guess… I think we should just lay low for a little while. I mean you even have a girlfriend now Louis. Isn't she getting even a little suspicious? And Scorpius definitely thinks something's up. We need to just do other things… maybe? " Woo, at least he had said it straight. Albus felt like there was such a weight lifted that he felt like laughing. He really didn't realise how much he actually wanted to say all these things. He looked up at Louis.

He did not look happy.

" Of course I'd love to other things with you Alby. I just wanted to explore the things we had never done before, but if you want to those other things too then sure, of course we will. And as for Henrietta, she's just a cover, so that no one will suspect us, but if she's bothering you that much then of course I'll break up with her." Louis kissed Al on the head. Albus could hardly believe his luck. Was it really that easy?

" Really? You'll break up with her?"

" Oh course Alby. As long as you stop being friends with Scorpius Malfoy."

Oh shit…