NaruHina: Petals

Ps this story takes place in Shippuden.

Chpt 1:

Hinata was sitting on a bench in the park reading a book. She had just finished a training session with Kiba and Shino. They had helped her work on a new Jutsu for weeks and it was finally perfected, her very own knock out move. Kiba and Shino were of course proud but she couldn't feel the same way... Yes it was true she had gotten stronger but...she just never could match the standers she set for herself. Maybe she was just pushing herself to hard but she couldn't help but wonder if she would please herself as much as she pleased her teammates...She pushed any negative thoughts from her head and relaxed, kicking her legs up on the bench until she was laying on her back. She closed her eyes and was nearly asleep when she heard someone calling her. She unwillingly sat up, without thinking she glared at the voice. She quickly corrected and cursed at herself fore acting so rude. She softened her expression and watched as a waving TenTen ran over to her. "Hinata, we have been summoned to the Hokage's." Hinata looked down, a little disappointed. She had wanted to get to reading her new book but that dream was shattered.

"Uhh ok thank you." Hinata followed TenTen to the Hokage's office. They knocked and heard someone yell,

"Enter" and walked in. TenTen approached Tsunade.

"Got her!" she said proudly. Tsunade looked Hinata over and gave a smirk.

"Excellent! She is just the type of person you need for a mission like this!" Hinata blushed at the complement and found herself picking up her old habit of fumbling with her fingers.

"May I ask, Tsunade-sama, what is our mission?" Tsunade leaved back in her chair and waved Hinata off.

"I'm not going to explain twice, just wait for the others to get here." Hinata blushed embarrassed and stayed quiet. They all waited in awkward silence for about five minutes until a knock at the door made them jump.

"Enter" In walked Ino followed by Sakura.

"Sakura was able to come." said Ino with a glare. "But Shikamru and Chouji are away on special training with their dads."

"Hmm... well I guess we just have two more then." They waited there for for what seemed like hours until someone finally knocked.

"Enter!" In walked Neji. "Ah Neji, did you find him?"

"Unfortunately….." Neji moved from the doorway and Naruto ran in, bounding straight for the desk and excitedly yelled at Tsunade.

"Granny-Tsunade I finally get to go on a mission? Really?" Naruto's face beamed with nothing except pure joy.

"Will you just be quiet? I will explain the details of this mission if you would just shut up!" Naruto slouched back and pouted. Hinata couldn't help but smile. "Alright now listen carefully. You all are going on an A ranked mission. Your assignment is an escort mission. You must help this person." Tsunade showed them a picture of a wiry looking boy who seemed to be about the same age as them. "He is taking a prize to an island near the Land of Clouds." Naruto cocked his head.

"A prize? For what?"

"Every year there is a grand tournament where Shinobi from all over the Land of Clouds can test their skills against each other. He is in charge taking the grand prize all the way from the Village of Smiths, which is located in the center of the Land of Earth. He came here with the payment for the prize, from the Land of Waves and we must take him to the Village of Smiths and then to the island."

"Yeah ok but it's just an escort mission, is it really an A rank." Tsunade nodded

"It is. He is taking a great sum of money to the land of Smiths to pay for the priceless prize. On top of that, paying for the prize will hopefully bring peace between the Land of Clouds and the Land of Waves. Just the importance of that, is worthy of a B rank. Not to mention how many thieves who would die to get a hold of the prize and payment. It actually should be an S rank but as luck would have it, most of the Anbu I wanted is away on other missions. Now does everyone understand?" They all stood up straight.


"Alright then Neji being a Jonin will be team captain."


"You are to meet him at the gate in two hours. Go pack and get ready, this is going to be a long trip."

"Alright" The all left the office. Hinata was walking down the street going over the mission details in her head, trying to find where her skills were most needed. She found herself walking through a flower garden. Most the plants there were exotic ones from all over the world. She came across a pale purple flower she looked at the marker and it said, "Purple Nightshade." She gently touched some of it petals feeling it's smooth skin on her fingertips. It was one of her favorites but something seemed to attracted her eyes away from them. She walked over and looked down on a bright orange flower called a "Lilium" Her eyes just couldn't look away from the bold, orange flower. The powerful fragrance of the flower enticed Hinata to bend down and examine it more. The more she looked at it the more she loved it and the brighter its colors seemed to get. She was so enchanted by it' boldness she didn't even notice that some one was looking over her shoulder.

"Hmmmm I kinda like it." Hinata jumped and whirled around so fast that she lost her balance and started to fall backwards until someone grabbed her arm and pulled her forward.

"Uh T-Thank you so much." Hinata looked up and blushed as she looked into the ocean blue eyes of Uzumaki Naruto. His face only inches away. Her faced turned a bright red. ' close...What do I do?' She quickly scrambled away from him and took a low bow. "My apologizes! I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings!" She lost the control of her voice and was nearly yelling at him. She felt her face get even hotter from the blunder. Naruto just stared at her a little confused. Naruto quickly looked around and sure enough some passersby were starring. He quickly put on an awkward grin and waved, trying to show that everything was fine. He quickly grabbed Hinata by the shoulders and brought her back up.

"You don't need to act like that Hinata, we're friends. Just a simple thank you is good for me!" She stared at him, still with a tint of red to her cheeks. After a few seconds she broke into a smiled.

"Thank you Naruto-kun." He smiled back and put his hand behind his head.

"He-he-he No problem Hinata." Naruto bent down to examine at the flower Hinata was looking at earlier. "Not a bad color for a flower." Hinata looked at the flower as well. She held back a giggle.

"No, not bad at all." Naruto looked at Hinata and then looked back at the flower. He bent down and picked up one of the Liliums that had fallen on the ground but was still perfect looking. He stood up and moved close to Hinata. He put some of her hair behind her left ear and placed the flower in her hair. He stood back to get a good look. It seemed to make the shy girl's features pop with amazing beauty. He was actually taken aback for a second

"I think it your color." Her face turned red and was near to fainting. She had to close her eyes and forced herself to stay conscious. She smiled.

"T-Thank you Naruto-kun." He gave a huge grin back.

"Well I better get going, I still need to prep for the mission." He walked right past her. She walked him go, he kept walking but abruptly stopped and looked down at the ground. He scooped something up and looked at it. Hinata could see it was a flower from the Purple Nightshade he looked at it smiled and pocketed it. Hinata didn't know why but she couldn't help but blush. She stood there looking in the direction that Naruto had taken until she remembered that she had to leave for the mission and she hurried to the Hyuga Mansion to get ready.


Hinata went running to get to the village gates in time. She did not want to make everyone else mad. "Damn….Please don't be late." She thought, finally making it to the gates. As she got closer she saw that everyone was there except Naruto. "I'm so s-sorry I'm late, where is Naruto-kun?" Sakura sighed,

"Nobody knows…." The boy that was obviously in charge of transporting the prize stepped forward.

"Well he better get here soon I have an important deadline to keep. If he doesn't come in the next five minutes I am leaving with or without you Shinobi." They waited in frustration for Naruto to arrive. After about ten minutes have passed, the boy walked over and mounted a old but sturdy looking wagon that was being pulled by two oxen. "Alright that is long enough." He made an odd "Heeha" sound and the ox started to move as Hinata turned her back on the village in disappointment.

"Naruto-kun..." After a few step she stopped. Did she just hear something?...She heard it again.

"W-Wait a minute, listen." They all strained their ears as the sound, started as a tiny hum but slowly got louder and louder. They realized it was a battle cry of a yell which, growing even louder, sounded as if it was coming from above. Downward hurtled a orange blob of color. It hit the ground in front of all of them with the small "Click" of shoes. And there, in the cloud of dust, stood a smiling Naruto.

"Hey guys, ready to go?" Neji glared daggers at him.

"Do you know what time It is? You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago and now we are behind schedule." Naruto unknowingly scratched the back of his head and grinned.

"Well I got hungry so grabbed a quick bite of ramen." Everyone looked furious expect for Hinata who only smiled softly. The boy turn the oxen in the direction leading out of the village.

"Ok all of you get in." Naruto starred at the boy and his cart.

"What?" The boy sighed.

"Get in the wagon, are you coming or not?" Naruto cocked his head.

"Why are we going to ride in there?"

"Because people walking beside an empty wagon will look a little suspicious wouldn't it?" Naruto's brow furrowed.

"Well yeah I guess but where is the payment?"

"Under the straw and boards, now are you going to get in or not?" They all started to get in the wagon one by one. Naruto jumped in and just so happen to land rather close to Hinata.

"Mind if I sit here?" he asked, giving her a small wink. Her cheeks responded with a nice blush.

"Oh uhhh N-no not at all Naruto-kun." He gave her a thankful smile which only Naruto could ever show her. The kind that made her become completely taken over by a warm feeling that was inside her. Once everyone was in the wagon, the boy made the noise again and the oxen began their slow trod.

"Okay we're off."


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