NaruHina: Petals

YEP! IT'S BACK! It might be a little sloppy I kind of wrote fast. Ps Thanks for the votes!

Naruto reclined into the warm straw and starred up at the clear blue sky. The prize was safe and delivered, the mission was a success, Hinata would be back with them in a matter of minutes, and to top it off the weather was absolutely perfect. Everyone seemed to have an air of joy about them, including Katashi who didn't insult Naruto once the entire trip to the hospital. Naruto tilted his head to peer at Neji upside down. "You sent the message right?" Neji didn't even look at him as he answered with an annoyed

"Yes Naruto!" Naruto smiled at the Hyuga boy and returned to looking at the sky. He knew Neji's response wasn't unreasonable after all he had asked him the same question about 10 times now. It accidently slipped out a few times out in his excitement to see Hinata again but after he realized how mad it made Neji he just couldn't stop himself. He honestly didn't know why he was so ecstatic to see Hinata but he was. He simply decided it was just because he was bored without anyone to really talk to. Sakura, TenTen and Ino were all having a blast by themselves and Neji was well Neji leaving Hinata and himself to hang out with each other, not to mention they had just really hit it off that trip. He rolled over in the hay and looked at Neji with a devilish smile. Neji answered back with a death glare. "Don't Uzumaki." Naruto was in such a good mood he decided to poke the bear a little.

"Hey Neji…"

"I'm warning you! Don't do something you will regret…" Naruto gave him a look of childish innocence.

"What?" he said with a sweetly "I just wanted to ask you something…" Neji's body tensed and took a pose that, even sitting down, appeared menacing.


"Did you send the message?!" That did it, Naruto sent the Hyuga over the edge. Neji pounced. He tackled him pinning him to the wagons floor. He grabbed the still laughing blonde boy's collar and started shaking him.

"What did I just say Uzumaki?!" said Neji through gritted teeth. A high pitched whine came from the cart as it started to shake.

"Hey!" yell Katashi, "The fuck are you doing?!" Neji stopped and realizing what he had done quickly regained composer. Not many people could make him lose his temper like that but Naruto defiantly succeeded. Neji jumped off of the dead looking Naruto and reclaimed his spot in the corner of the wagon.

"Well he should have listened." said Neji simply, trying to ignore his own blush. The three girls, who had been talking amongst themselves, looked at Neji in shock then down at the still groaning Naruto. They glanced at each other and, feeling no pity for their spiky haired friend, returned to their conversation as if nothing had happened. Naruto, seeing no one would come to his aid, he found himself pouting

"I bet Hinata-chan would have helped me…" He mumbled but was simply ignored.

They odd group road along, Naruto staying as far away from Neji as possible and Neji appreciative for the silence, until they finally made their way to the hospital where they dropped off Hinata. Naruto jumped out of the cart in excitement and was about to bound into the building until he was stopped by a frowning Sakura grabbing the back of his jacket.

"Wait Naruto, let me go in alone." Naruto shrugged her off to face her with a look of disbelief.

"What?! Why?" Sakura simply looked at him sternly.

"Naruto you are to hyper, you might get Hinata excited or scared and she might end up right back in there." Sakura pointed to the hospital to add emphasis to her words. "Just let me go. Don't forget, I'm the medical ninja in this group." Naruto, at a loss for words, simply nodded and jumped back into the cart. She quickly got out and went inside the small hospital.

Sakura walked up to the front desk and with a smile on her face ask, "Is Hyuga Hinata fit to leave?" The woman behind the desk looked Sakura up and down and peered at her books.

"Ah Hyuga! Yes it seems so, who may I ask are you?" she asked in such a way that it was obviously a shot at Sakura. The slightly insulted girl hid her annoyance with a smile.

"I am her friend, Sakura Haruno, a medical ninja." The receptionist scanned Sakura again, this time not even trying to hide her actions.

"Really? Such a young girl? You can't be older than thirteen!" Sakura felt her eyebrow twitch in anger but kept the smile on her face. Grinding her teeth all the while.

"About to be seventeen actually…but enough about me how about Hinata?" The woman just gave Sakura another look then stood up, told her to just wait her, and walked down the narrow hallway. Sakura's eye twitched again but she let in out in a nice long sigh and sat down.

After about half an hour Sakura heard a two sets of footsteps come echoing down the hall Sakura shot up and peer down the hall to see the receptionist come walking down the hall while a woman with flaming red hair right on her heels. The both looked over at Sakura, the receptionist whispered something to the other and they both nodded. Sakura was at her limit and was done being nice. "Where the hell is Hinata?!" The two women gave each other a look that two high school girls would give while gossiping. The one with the red hair quickly spoke up in a high pitched voice.

"Calm down, this is a hospital, not a zoo. Hinata will be here shortly. If you please sit down and be patient." Sakura knew yelling back would be useless so she sat down again. She sat through ten more minutes of hell before her heard someone walking down the hall. Sakura shot up and to her delight saw a glowing Hinata came down the long hallway being pushed in a wheel chair.

"Hinata!" Hinata smile a dazzling smile that warmed Sakura's heart. So much so that she ignored the two women, shushing her.

"Sakura-chan! I am so glad to see you! How was the mission?" Sakura shrugged.

"A few bumps but nothing kunoichi can't handle." Hinata laughed the first true laugh she had since she had woke up.

"Glad to hear it!" The woman pushing Hinata smiled at Sakura and grabbed her hand in a firm shake.

"Hello Dearie! My name is Atsuko, "Kind Child", I was Hinata's bedside nurse. Tomiko says you are a medical ninja?" Sakura had to admit she was a little frightened of this woman but smiled back anyway.

"That's right! I'm Sakura Haruno."

"Cherry Blossom!" Atsuko said with a boom, "Good on ya girl! Well since you will take care of Hinata, here are some things you will need." Atsuko handed Sakura Hinata's clipboard who scanned it quickly and did a small double take. She looked at Hinata, then Atsuko, then the clipboard, and back to Hinata. Sakura handed the board back to the nurse and tenderly reached for Hinata's hand.

"May I?" Hinata nodded meekly and watched as Sakura slowly unraveled the wrapping and exposed Hinata's burn to the outside air. Sakura swallowed, a lump in her throat, nodded slightly and rebound Hinata's hand all this time avoiding the raven haired girl's gaze. "R-right so Atsuko, what else is there for her?" The stocky woman gave Sakura Hinata's paperwork, bills, prescriptions, and medicines to the pink haired girl before kneeling down next to the wheel chair.

"Now you just remember what I told you, ya hear?" Hinata nodded and whipped the tears that gathered in her eyes. Atsuko reminded her so much like her own mother, she wasn't sure she was ready to give that up quite yet. "Hey dearie no tears, you will just get me going." Atsuko brought Hinata in for a gentle hug. "You are going to be just fine." Hinata nodded into Astuko's shoulder and quickly whipped away a few more tears with her palm.

"Right!" Astuko laughed, kissed Hinata on the top of the head, gave a nod to Sakura a shuffled away to attend to her other patients. Hinata took a quivering breath, gave a nod to the receptionist and the red haired woman, and turned to Sakura, still avoiding her eyes. "I'm ready" Sakura got behind Hinata's chair and started pushing her towards the door. Inches away from being outside, Sakura was surprised to feel Hinata push the small brake on the right wheel. "Sa-Sakura-chan…"Sakura leaned in close to hear the whispering girl.

"Yes Hinata, what is it?" Hinata turned her head to look Sakura in the eyes for the very first time. The Pink Kunochi was surprised to see the great look of pleading in them.

"Please don't tell anyone about…it…" Sakura starred at her with a hint of pity.

"Sure Hinata…" and that was all that was said on the matter.


Maybe I should have gone in with Sakura…thought Neji in despair. He sent a glare directed to Naruto. It sure beats this… Naruto was pacing back and forth grumbling about how long Sakura was taking.

"I mean come on! How long does it take to get one person?!" Neji just scooted deeper into the hay.

"Settle down Naruto, Sakura will be out any minute with Hinata-sama and then we can all head home." Naruto just crossed his legs and sat down in a huff.

"They sure are keeping us waiting…" Ino gave a loud annoyed sigh.

"Naruto is right, this is getting ridiculous… Should we go in after them?" TenTen didn't look up at her. She was far to engaged in cleaning her weapons to even think about getting up.

"No. Remember Hinata was in pretty bad shape, the best thing is to just wait her and let Sakura handle it." Ino gave pout

"I just wish they hurry up! This waiting around is killing me!" TenTen looked at Ino with a look of temptation. "What the hell are you looking at me like that for?!" This little yell made even Katashi look up. TenTen extended a rag and kunai.

"If you really wanted to you could help me." TenTen said cooingly. Ino just smirked at the idea.

"I don't think so." TenTen's eyebrow rose.

"It beats doing nothing!" Ino just stood starring at the brunette until she finally sat down and helped.

Waiting….and waiting…..and waiting…. For what seemed like for hours until Naruto sprang to his feet. "LOOK! There they are!" Sure enough a wheel chair bound Hinata came through the double doors, being pushed by a blank faced Sakura. Naruto sprinted to them almost running them over in the process. He droped to his knees and skidded till he and the in shock Hinata were practically nose to nose. She could even feel his breath on his face when he talked. "Hinata-chan! You're ok! Well, at least you seem ok! Are You? What did they say? The doctor I mean, when will you be out of that chair?" Naruto was talking a mile a minute and to be honest she wasn't paying one bit attention to his words, all she cared about how their faces were inches apart. She felt a mix of gratitude and disappointment as her cousin pulled the blonde boy back.

"Give her space." Neji released him and returned to her side. "Hinata-sama, are you well enough for travel?" Hinata gave him smile and a nod. Neji stood and opened his mouth to speak to Sakura but shut it tight. The look in her eyes…they were filled with so much…Neji couldn't put his finger on it but he didn't like it. He placed a hand on the girls shoulder and her head snapped around in fear and confusion. When her green eyes met Neji's, they just filled with tears. She blinked rapidly to prevent them from spilling and simply pushed Hinata to the cart. When Hinata's chair made contact with the edge of the wagon, her pale eyes scanned the group pleading for assistance. Naruto yelled

"I'LL HELP!" and bounded for her with Neji right on his heels.



It was dark, cold, and the shaking cart wasn't making sleep come any easier. Sakura just tightened her grip on her blanket, refusing to give the sleeping Ino anymore than what she already had. She closed her eyes and laughed to herself. She actually didn't even know why they still fight the way they do but oddly…it works. Through being rivals for so long, a strong friendship actually blossomed from it. Weird. She looked at each of her slumbering comrades individually and soon her surroundings but found her eyes kept drifting back to Hinata, still asleep on Neji's shoulder. Ever since she got out of the Hospital he refused to let anyone touch her, especially Naruto…Right after Neji gingerly place his cousin in the wagon Naruto dove at her with a whirlwind of questions, mission stories, and random nonsense. She could tell Hinata was trying to be nice and answer all of his questions the best she could as well as listening to all of his stories but it just became to much for her. As soon as Neji sensed Hinata was even the slightest stressed he simply told Naruto to shut it or else, putting a quick end to Naruto's attention tornado. Hinata tried to convince Neji she was fine but he had made up his mind and the rest of the night was practically silent. But Neji wasn't the only one looking out for Hinata, Sakura had been watching her that entire day. She noticed every wince, every groan, every twitch, and there was absolutely no doubt in her mind Hinata was in a great deal of pain but…that actually didn't bother her as much as the question she felt in the back of her mind…She had seen burns like that before but where?...They were nothing like something somebody would get from a stove or a candle. No…these were very different…almost hell like. She thought long and hard about where she had come across that type before but to no prevail. She watched Hinata painfully twist and turn for another hour or so until she finally faded of to sleep herself… Hinata…I swear…I will heal you…