Rain washed away the redness of the midnight sun. The stain blood dried itself onto his shirt. The pearly white body, which can be mistaken for a porcelain doll, laid defenseless and helpless as it can be in the arms of one who truly loved her.

In the midst of the hurtful rain, Ichimura Tetsunosuke could make out a boy with silver hair. He smile directly at him as if to mock him. In a flash of lightening, the boy diappear from sight. Tetsu clench the body tighter to his. "Saya…"

The hot scorching sound of the afternoon sun burn his throat. He sat up and wipe away the sweat on his forehead.

"Tet-chan, don't you think it's about time you come in?"

Tet-chan or Tetsunosuke look up at his mother in the pinkish apron.


"You must be thirsty, let's go in and I'll get you a glass of lemonade."

Tetsu got up, "I have a dream just now , kaa-chan."

"What is it about?"

"The Shisengumi."

His mother pause. He look at her in wonder.


"It's nothing. What did you dream them about?"

"I dream I was a… Shisengumi."

His mother look at him terrified. She quickly embrace him.

"Don't ever say you're part of the Shisengumi ever again. The Mibu wolves are nothing but cod-hearted demon who killed for their own gain. I would never let you become one of them even in this time of day."

Tetsu got hug his mother back, "Okay."

They sat down on the kitchen table and drink lemonade. Mom said that they kill for their own personal gain, but somehow… I think that's not it. I think there's more to it then history knows.

"I'm home!"

A big man step into the kitchen. Tetsu jump out of his seat and jump onto the man.

"Welcome home Tou-san!"

"Hi there Tetsu. Oooh, Lemonade."

"Welcome home honey."

His mother hug his dad and she say, "I'll get you a cup of lemonade."

Tetsu let go of his father's waist and sat back down in his seat next to his father.

"How was the business trade?" Tetsu asked.

"It went well as always. The new president was very capable."

"Who was the new president?" his mother asked.

"His name is Suzu. Quite an old name for this time of days but, other than that he's a great president." his father answer cheerfully.

Suzu? I think I heard that name somewhere before, but where?

"His fiancé, Saya-chan, was a great lady as well."

Saya? Tetsu gasp quietly. Saya? The girl in my dream?

Knock! Knock! The knocking sound snap him out of his thoughts.

"I'll go get it," said Tetsu getting off the chair and to the door. He open the door and was shock to find a boy standing there looking down at him with a smile. In his mind, the name Suzu came to mind. The boy had silver hair and a creepy smile and quite business like.

The boy bow, "Do you perhaps know someone name Ichimura Ryuunosuke that lives here?" Looking at the boy smile, Tetsu felt fear crawling up his spine. He turn toward the kitchen, "Dad! Someone's here to see you," he turn back to the boy and open the door wider, "Come in."

"Thank you," said the boy in step into the house follow by two little boy with cat-like eyes and dress in a black and green kimono. Tetsu close the door behind them and lead them to the living room. Ryuunosuke appear just then.

"President? What are you doing here sir?"

"I came to tell you good news."

"Good news? Uh anyway, why don't you sit down sir."

"Thank you."

They sat down across each other on the couch. Tetsu's mother gave them each a cup of tea and retrieve to the kitchen where Tetsu sit awaiting his mother's return. Good. She's back unharmed. Why is it that I get this bad feeling? Tetsu look at his mother, "Kaa-chan. Was that Tou-san's boss?"

His mother smile, "Yes Tet-chan. That was Tou-san's boss. Young isn't he?"

Tetsu nodded, "But… he seem different."

"Of course. He's the president of the top trade business company right now. But don't worry, he seem like a good person. Maybe you should become his-"

Tetsu didn't let his mother finish before he hug her. In honest truth, he didn't want her to say the word friends. "Tet-chan." his mother hug him back and patted his head. By the open window, she could see a black crow perch there. She gave a little smile just before the crow flew away. She watch as it disappear and then turn back to Tetsu.

They parted, "Tet-chan, would you mind to go and buy me some daikon for dinner today?"

Tetsu nodded and grab the money his mother gave him. I guess Tou-san's boss decided to stay for dinner. he could see them in the living room talking as he pass. For a moment though, he caught the sight of the president's eyes locking directly on his. The same fear creak up once again up his spine. Tetsu was happy again once he step out of the house. The fear and bad feeling he gets dissipate once he was out of the house leaving only good feeling behind.

On the way up the street, he pass by a flower shop. He stop and look through the glass and look at the many different flowers. "Beautiful," he murmur.

"It's certainly is."


Surprised, Tetsu almost fell on the ground but he manage to stop himself. He look up at a long hair guy who look almost like a smile at Tetsu and introduce himself, "I'm Okita Sojiro. You can call me Okita-sensei. Nice to meet you… uh…"

"Ichimura Tetsunosuke," Tetsu finish the sentence, "But you can call me Tetsu if you like. And nice to meet you as well Okita-sensei."

Okita-sensei? That name sound familiar as well. Why is it that weird things keep happening today?

"Soji! Why are you taking a break?"

Another man appear and he seem to be in a bad mood. He has long hair as well and seem to be the manager of the flower shop.

"Sorry, Hijikata-san! I was just talking to a costumer."

"If he's not in the shop, then he's not a costumer."

Hijikata-san? That sound familiar too.

"Who are you brat?"

Tetsu frown at this. He gave this Hijikata-san an evil glare.

"Don't call me a brat! I'm Ichimura Tetsunosuke for your information!"

"Hmph! Still a brat to me."

"Why you-!"

"Oh, is this a costumer?"

A new familiar voice enter the scene. The laughing Okita-sensei, that was laughing until now, and the Hijikata-san both said, "Kondo-san."

Kondo-san? I definitely have gone crazy. Why do I keep getting these feeling of familiarities? I definitely gone bonkers.

Kondo-san look at Tetsu and gave a little smile, "Welcome. I'm sorry, Toshi is being so rude. Please accept my apology."

"I was not being rude. I was just telling Soji not to goof off."

"What?" Okita-sensei complain.

Somehow, this site made Tetsu feel like he was home. Everything is still like how it was back in the old days. Wait! What old days? What the heck was I thinking about?

Beep! Beep! Tetsu look at his watch. 5:30. He had to get what he need at the store and go home. He turn off the alarm and bow at the still arguing people. He slip pass them and ran for the store. Okita-sensei look at Tetsu as he leave and gave a little smile.