Love, Betrayal, and Redemption

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Chapter One: Turmoil.

The rain fell that blustery autumn day, most of the citizens of Japan knew to stay in doors, safe and sheltered from the elements, and if not, they knew to bring their umbrellas. But to one girl, the elements meant nothing. The storm raging inside her far exceeded the mere forces of nature. Even the lightning coursing through the sky failed to faze her.

The information she had received four hours ago had put her into a shocked state. Since leaving the office, she had roamed the streets of Juban and beyond.

Her thoughts jumbled, in no ordered fashion, consistently returning to the conversation that she had with her parents only a month ago.

'I can't ever go home. I have no family any more. How could this have happen. It makes no sense.'

Tears streamed down her face in consent flow, her haggard expression drawing the attention of many passersby's'. And the aura of this girl seemed to touch many hearts of people that often looked the other way. But this girl, whose pain had been written in her eyes, ignored even the ones that offered to help her.

'What am I going to do. I have nowhere to stay, no money, nothing. Dad, Mom, and Shingo were the only family I had in the world, and they'll throw me out as soon as they find out. Or try to force me to DO THAT. I'LL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN. I don't care the how, I WON'T.'

Reaching up, she rubbed her eyes on the cloth of her white sleeve. Of course as the sleeves were already soaking wet it did little good.

Fate and destiny had been hard on this child over the last year and a half. At age thirteen, she found a cat that led her to a destiny she barley understood. Despite the turmoil in her life, she had tried her best to keep the dark world she had been thrown into to from dominating her soul. She had always promised herself that she would protect the children, ever since her brother Shingo was born. To her that meant the child within as well.

She also had always allowed the innocence of her soul, her beliefs in love and justice, her zest for life to be her guide. Unfortunately, this often led to trouble with others, especially her Parents, teachers, friends, and kitty advisor to think she was major ditz. She wasn't so much a ditz as a free spirit that saw the best in life and believed in others and that love and justice would always be the true path to follow, even if it wasn't the easiest.

Her intellect was not so much low, as her ability to understand what is being told her, either by book or word. And her inability to understand or convey to others her troubles often causes her mind to wonder to subjects that her energetic mind could comprehend.

Her clumsiness seemed to be as much a part of her as breathing. Being a dreamer at heart, she often floated in a world that few could see. And even when she tried, her body always seemed to move at the wrong ways that she intended them to. Sometimes when she tries her hardest, was when she is at her worst.

Her appetite was also another source of embarrassment for her. No matter how much she ate, she couldn't make it go completely away. But despite the vast amounts of food she inhaled, she could not gain an ounce of fat. And she would again be hungry after just a short period of time. But no one took this into account, and kept calling her a pig and fat, despite the evidence contrary to such statements.

The fear she often feels is also a by-product of her love for life, friends, and hatred in hurting others. And when life is threatened, be it hers, her friends, or her world's, the fear magnifies to almost out of control proportions causing her to react in extreme manners. But, when they are directly threatened, she will solidifies into an indestructible force of justice.

Despite that, her soft heart refused to give into the darker emotions and just kill anything, even Yoma straight out. Unknown even to Mamoru and Luna, she had during her first battle as Sailor Moon tapped into an ability to neutralize an enemy with out killing it. By weakening it with her moon attacks, the last phase of all her attacks have a teleportation spell added that send the enemies into the pocket world inside her trans-dimensional pocket. It had been a spell and world created by Princess Serenity during the Silver Millennium. She had created it so that her Senshi would not have to kill to protect their Empire. The world was one that adjusted to the creatures that would be banished there. Giving adequate food, and shelter, allowing them to live, grow, and even die as they would in real time. The only escape would be if a being would purify their soul, and renounce the Nega-Energy that so often the foes of her Empire seemed to possess.

That is why she made sure that she was the one to always MOON DUST the enemy. If her friends realized what she was doing, and the power she needed to use to do it, they would have been REAL upset, and maybe even stopped her from continuing this path.

You see unknown to all, even Queen Serenity herself, Princess Serenity had found out about the enemies that threatened her world. They had all tried to keep it hidden from her, even her soul mate, but she wasn't THAT naïve and desperately attempted to help them out in secret. She created the Pocket world prison in the moon prism, a crystal she had used her magic to create, so that she or another could utilize the power of the moon. That a Senshi of the moon could at last walk the Universe. But to fully energize it she would need the Ginzuishou, and she would need her mother to activate the power and bond it with a chosen candidate. She wanted to fight herself, always fearing for her friends, family, Empire, and beloved, but knew that her mother would never allow it. But with the prism as a focus, at least her power would be at hand if needed.

Usagi was overjoyed that her mother HAD chosen her to be the Senshi of the Moon. Now she could protect her beloveds as they protected her.

But now a crisis has arisen that dwarfed even the Nega Moon villains that have suddenly appeared to threaten Earth. How this has happen is a mind boggling mystery to her, but she knows for a fact. She can never go home again.

'As if being the disappointment that I am to them already wasn't enough. This is sure to have them cast me out. They already told me so.'

Rubbing again at the tears that streamed out her eyes and seemed to create, in her mind the downpour that has blanketed the city, she took a deep breath and let it slowly out.

'Ok Usagi, your not the complete ditz that everyone thinks you are. Think this through.'

Sighing, Usagi sat at the edge of the lake, not even realizing that she was so far out of the city.

"I have lot's of friends, and protectors. They'll help me in my time of need. But who to ask, and what can I tell them? And what can I tell Mamoru. Kami, he has to understand. Baka Usagi, of course he will. He's your soul mate. Plus we've, ALL OF US, have been through so much together. Literally been through hell and back. The bonds forged in that time can never be broken. Despite what has happen lately, that bond still lives. I know it.'

The blonde grimaced at that, remembering the new enemy and the troubles she had been having with the Senshi and advisers.

Thinking back to the beginning, she remembered how she met her friends, teammates, and court.

'First there was just me. I hadn't even heard of Sailor V yet, when Luna crossed my path. Ha, she was in some ways the proverbial black cat. Trouble sure followed her and latched itself onto me.'

'She has been a good companion. But a bit of a pest.' Sighing, she looks over the lake, lost in the turmoil of her memories.

'I just wish she would lay off a bit. I can't help it if I don't understand what everyone tells me. I've tried, and can't compute it. Heck the only thing I do any good at is computer hardware and programming. It's the only thing that kept me from being held back for several years now.'

'Everyone has been on my case lately. Rei is worse then ever. Ami is constantly giving disproving looks about my grades. Minako is upset that I'm always late. Makoto is even complaining that I need to work on my endurance because I get so tired after using my attacks since the Nega Moon arrived. Heck it's worse then ever. The drain anyway, the burns I get from using my attacks are about the same, not that I told anyone, even Mamoru about that. If I had, they'd never let me in battle.'

A frown appears on her forehead as she considered the reason for that.

'Well, at least I know why I'm so tired and hungry lately. It's no wonder.'

Sighing, she continued with her depressing train of thoughts.

'Even the Outers are upset with me during this war. Haruka and Michiru have actually been yelling at me for my *weakness*. And Setsuna keeps giving me a look that says she can't believe this ditz is her Princess. Only Hotaru has been quite, but she still gives me looks of disappointment. Probably the only reason she doesn't say anything is because I saved her from Mistress Nine, the Doom Tree and her own power.'

'Kami what a night mare that was. After the battle with Beryl we all came back with our memory altered so we didn't remember the events of the last 6 months. Time passed, but no memory or evidence of the time we spent together existed. We completely forgot about being friends, Senshi, ... Lovers.'

'Then Ali and Ann attacked and Luna had to awaken me again. Ditz that I am I couldn't fight them off on my own, so she had to activate the other Senshi as well.'

'Mamoru had no memory of me, and even our locket was useless to awaken his memories. We had to get Luna to do it. And he fought the entire way when I asked him to come with me to the temple to talk about something important. It seems that the only way he ever even likes me is when he remembers that I'm the reincarnation of his soul mate, other wise he just ends up putting me down.'

'He still does a bit, though no where near as much. But he never defends me against the others verbal attacks, and is always giving me confused looks. Like he's wondering how this ditz could truly be his beloved Serenity.'

Tears streamed again down her face at these thoughts, but she shoved them aside, thinking again of her great love for him, and intending to prove herself worthy of his love.

''Even with Tuxedo Kamen on our side we we're out matched by them. Even together we didn't have enough strength left after our battle with Beryl to fight such a powerful enemy yet. Pluto ended up having to activate Uranus and Neptune. But than they were threats from outside this solar system, so that should have happen anyway.'

Grinning sourly at that she remembers the mixed blessing that was.

'But they're awakening also stirred Saturn's. Hotaru was drawn into it like a moth to a flame. With Mistress Nine inside her, she used the awakening power in her to excel her awakening of Pharaoh Ninety. We suddenly had to fight on two fronts, with the Deathbusters and Cardians. Not only that, but Uranus, Neptune and Pluto kept fighting with us as much as against us. During the entire time they kept putting the safety of civilians to the back of the list. Saying that sacrifices had to be made.'

'When the talismans were discovered in them I had to fight and threaten Uranus that I would destroy the mirror if she tried to use the gun on herself. Boy was she torked, but I was able to separate Neptune's heart crystal from the talisman with the aide of the Ginzuishou. Then used it to retrieve her talisman without so much pain and suffering.'

'Ha, at least something good came of it. Is was able to change into Super Sailor Moon with the power of the Grail, and Pluto said since I used my power to retrieve them they would interact with me better and wouldn't drain me as much as it might have otherwise done.'

She ignored the coming of night as she continued this line of thought.

''Who would have thought how the final battle would have been fought. Those jerks the witches five actually stole Ali's heart crystal and his pureness of protecting the tree and Ann. Fortunately I was able to talk Ann into joining me in saving both him and Hotaru who was then fully possessed by Mistress Nine. The two of us made it inside the infinity building with the help of the dying Doom Tree. But when Hotaru convinced me to give her the Grail all Hades broke lose.'

'Uranus an Neptune kept yelling at me not to give her the Grail, yet I knew the only way to save everyone, was for all our powers to unite. Including Saturn and the Doom Tree. I was able to call on the others powers and again transform into Super Sailor Moon and entered the vortex that held Hotaru, Ali and a desperate Ann who had gone in after her Man, the Doom Tree, Mistress Nine and Pharaoh Ninety.'

'Because the battle was held between dimensions, I was able to activate the Crystal's, The silence glaive's, the Doom Tree's, Ali's, Ann's, and the Senshi's powers through me. Focusing all these powers, we were able to heal the Doom Tree, Ali, and Ann, Destroy the Silence Glaive and reconfigure it so the power matrix was now positive instead of Negative, and made her the Senshi of Healing and Rebirth. All that time my past self spent studying Senshi powers and creating the Moon Prism paid off big time.'

'As for the destructive power of the crystal inside of her, I was able to split it into ten fragments, and with the aide of the Ginzuishou alter the fragments into pure energy and fuse it with the Senshi's and Tuxedo Kamen's own Celestial powers. Thus allowing all of us to achieve a super form that day. And by me distributing the power just so, Tuxedo Kamen, the Inner and Outer Senshi became equal in power levels.' She found herself smirking at those thoughts. 'Haruka and Michiru we're a bit upset by this. I think they liked being more powerful then the Inners, but Hotaru and Setsuna we're a bit more gracious.'

'Regretfully we couldn't fully destroy the destruction power, but with splitting it into ten parts, we did manage to fully contain it. Now that attack can only be used by all ten of us combining our power willingly. And since it's so spread out it won't kill us when we use it. But it will drain us dry.'

'After that Ali and Ann took off for an unknown place to try and find a new direction for themselves, now that they no longer need to steal energy to survive.'

'Only one test remained after that. Uranus and Neptune.'

She shook her head and shuddered at that memory.

'Those two never learn it seems. Instead of being happy everyone was safe. Hotaru was cured, happy and healthy living with them and her father, and the Earth was safe, they had to make a big production that I endangered us all by letting them have the Grail, and not killing Ali, Ann, and even Hotaru. So yet another fight got underway. This time between us. Tuxedo Kamen kept the others out with some stupid idea that you can learn a lot from fighting or something. I love the man, but boy does he need to work on his speeches and common sense. Hello, fighting hurts people and should always be the last resort. True, it had ultimately come down to a fight between us, but it should never of had to. It should never mean, might makes right. It should have been, might for right. I love the fact that he trusted me to handle it, but that should ALWAYS be the last resort. It makes me think that the only reason they follow me is because of the power I possess. '

'During the fight I managed to reach inside and active my powers myself, and the glow seems to convince them that they we're wrong about me and my path making me weak.'

A slow smile then appeared on her lips, a shadow of the true brilliance of her shine, but giving a glimmer at it none the less.

'The next three months were heaven. Just out of junior High about to go to high school. About to turn fifteen. My friends to hang out with. Finally making up with Naru-Chan. My parents not on my case as much about school. Shingo even being a little nicer, though I think that was because he had become friends with Hotaru when she applied for his school and they hit it off so well. No enemy. And mostly time to spend with Mamoru. It was truly heaven. But one that was not to last.'

'School had just started and I had actually got up in time. After waking Mom, Dad, and Shingo from their faints, after eating my portion of breakfast of course, I left for school at a slow pace. I was just thanking my stars at how peaceful everything was, when I fell to the ground and passed out. I still don't know why. I told the teacher this was why I was late, but given my track record no one believed me. Not the teacher. My family. Luna. My friends. And worst of all Mamoru.'

'Now it's true that I sometimes lie to protect my identity from everyone, but it hurt that no one, even and especially Mamoru and Luna didn't believe me. Heck their the ones that are always lying or keeping secrets from me, not the other way around.'

'This seemed to be the beginning of the rift that had started between the Senshi and me. That night a battle started with a new enemy. We don't know who they are, or where they came from, but they want the crystal and seem to have the power to do it. They called themselves the Nega Moon Family.'

'Their first attack was at my school, where all of us now went to. Rei had finally talked her grandfather, with our help, to let her go there. And Haruka and Michiru also went there. Hotaru's school was about three blocks west of it. The same school Shingo went to like I said.'

'Any who, the battle was a hard one, I kept loosing my footing, like I couldn't move right even more the usual, and Tuxedo Kamen actually had to save me three times that fight, and in the end I had to use heart spiral to defeat it, despite the fact we we're all in a super form. But that attack really wiped me out, so when I finished, I fell to the ground on my hands and knees heaving great gulps of air. But all this did was upset the Senshi. They we're all tired, but they still stood. Tuxedo walked over to me and gave me his hand to help me up, but I could see the disappointment in his eyes at my klutziness and weakness.'

'Instead of sleeping that night I received a long lecture from Luna on getting my act together. Leader of the Senshi. Ditz. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. It's not like she's on the battle field, or doesn't SLEEP all day. Heck she even yelled at me about using my sub-space pocket for other things then Senshi business, and I know she has cans of tuna and a few toys in her own. So do all the Senshi, but I'm the only one to get yelled at.'

'Needless to say I was late for school the next day.'

Lowering her head, she despairingly glazed at the muddy grass below her.

'That was the beginning of the end of the happy times. My parents became more and more ashamed of me because of my falling grades, my increased appetite (Didn't think it could get any greater), and failure to get up. Luna and the other's started to get disgusted with my always falling and stumbling in battle, and my predisposition of collapsing after using my attack, even though Ami tells us it's weaker then my previous ones. As well as being late for meetings, even though they all know I get detention every day now. I'm just so tired from everything, including bearing the power of the crystal that I can never get enough rest. And the food I eat isn't enough energy to keep me going. That time Mom and Luna forced me on a diet nearly killed me. I thought they would when they found me sneaking food all the time. Luna, Rei, and even Mamoru are now on my case, more so then ever. And if I try to defend myself, they just tell me I'm making up excuses.'

'Naru-Chan and I have again had a falling out. I tried to get the other's to let me tell her, but they forced me to swear not to tell her. My best friend my entire life and I lost her to this destiny that has been placed on me. Yes, I want to protect all I love, but do I have to sacrifice all that's dear to me to protect it?'

'Several times over the last few days the others, Mamoru, and Luna have been avoiding me. I know they've been meeting on what to do about me. I can see it in they're looks. This lack of trust and faith is tearing me up. Why are they making me an outsider? I always stood by them. Can't anyone except me for who I am, not what they want me to be?'

'Even the bond between Mamoru and I is being affected by his lack of faith, and something else. Something that is interfering with our link.' I'm pretty sure I know what it is now, but it is not the only cause. It never would have been affected like this if he completely believed in us.'

'The past couple days I have been so ill and tired I finally decided to see the doctor. Using my disguise pen I went under an assumed name during school. The results shocked me. The question of HOW kept going through my mind ever since I found out. I'd have called the doctor a liar, but my own soul tells me it's the truth. But that still doesn't explain how.'

'But it does explain my weakness. Why I'm so tired. When I see the others we can have Ami do a complete scan of me and maybe find out from that. As for where I'll stay, I guess the Outers are my best option. After all, living with Mamoru would not be right. Not till we're married anyway.'

The blonde giggled at that thought, a look of joy as that happy time played out in her head.

Looking up, she realized how late it was, night had already approached and was on the verge of arriving. The dark clouds overhead made the evening sky appear even darker then it would be at this time of day.

Frowning she remembered about the meeting she was supposed to be at earlier.

'Great. Now I get yelled at some more. I'm surprised that Rei hasn't called to chew me out yet.'

Sighing, she lifted her watch up to call, when she started at her watch beeping back. Quickly, she opened the lid and saw a furious and disheveled Sailor Mars glaring at her.

Shocked, she stammered, "What happen to..."

"Save it. Get to the temple now. There are two Droids attacking and the Inners, Outers, and Tuxedo Kamen are really taking a beating."

Not even giving her time to respond, Sailor Mars hung up on her.

But this left her with a dilemma. She couldn't fight in the shape she was in, but she couldn't desert her friends either. Deciding to transform and at least be there, she quickly realized fighting wouldn't be so bad, as she felt her power compensating for her disability.

With a quick look around she realized she was at least ten miles from the temple, it'd take her ten to fifteen minutes to get there at top speed.

Gritting her teeth, she took off at a speed that even Uranus would have been stunned by, sending local travelers into shock at the speeding figure that past their speeding cars. Those morning sprints finally paying off at last.

But half way to the attack, she was caught up short by a blast from another Droid that descended on her. Barley recovering her wits in time, she dove out of the way of the attack and brought up her Heart moon dojo even as she regained her feet. With a quick "Moon Spiral Heart Attack, she dusted the creature into the prison world and again sped on her way.

Though winded she stilled strived to achieve her former rate of speed, despite the energy that was drained from her by the attack and her disability.

But as she reached the city's limit another surprise attack hit the ground before her, causing her to trip, spraining her ankle. But despite this, she managed to roll with the fall, landing on her back.

The Droid wasted no time in taking advantage of her predicament and wrapped his huge hands around her slim neck.

Dark spots started to form in front of her eyes as she fought for air. Thoughts of what would happen if she failed flew through her head. What would happen too her friends, family, world, and Mamo-Chan and how they might suffer because of it. Another factor needed her as well.

This last thought stabbed deep into Sailor Moon mind and soul. Reaching inside, she summons her power, the true source of her strength. Her love for all. Reaching up, she grips the claws that dig into her flesh and forces them away.

Had any seen the sight that was transpiring they would have been shocked. A young girl, Barely over four feet six inches, was actually forcing a eight foot four hundred pound monster off her by pure force of her own. Glowing silver, her injuries from the two fights immediately faded and she let lose her attack once more that evening on the stunned Droid, again defeating it and sending it to her inter dimensional prison.

Leaning heavily against a near by tree, she panted for air as her body started to take the toll of the power she has had to utilize in the battles.

The sound of her communicator going off again brought her back to reality that for the past twenty seconds she had been in. Cursing her stupidity for being so careless with her friends safety, she again start hauling tail to reach the temple, opening the communicator as she did.


She's stunned that it is Tuxedo Kamen calling, as he didn't have a communicator. Opening hers she responded.

"I'm almost there. Less then a minute away."


Not giving her time to respond, he hung up on her.

Tears in her eyes, she beat herself for her slowness and stupidity for being away from the city during this time of need. Praying for her friends' safety, she maintained her high speed, despite the weakness, her only thought to help her friends. After the battle she could explain everything, and they would understand.

Arriving at the foot of the temple, she gasped at what she saw before her.

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