The theme of Mission Impossible floated though the air, until Moon, Comet Moon, Agent Double Negative Zero, turned off the CD.

Wise precaution, it could have set off the sensors.

He fell through the air at high velocity; the wind pulled the skin of his face back into a feral grin.

He had just been airdropped over Japan. A high attitude drop at that. The air bottle on his back his only life line.

Coming over Tokyo, he opened his black chute. The strain on his back nearly torn him in two. With a groan, he maneuvered his descent so that it took him over a majestic building in central Tokyo.

Saying a prayer, he popped the release of his harness, and plummeted down, pass the shaft in the air well, securing a tether to the outer wall.

Lowering himself, he made his way to the protected room, secured with state of the art tracking devises, heat sensors and listening devises.

With a press of a button, he released the liquid nitrogen from its canister into the specially designed fibers of his suit, lowering his temperature.

The cold was horrible, but the rewards would be worth it.

Stealthily, he removed the wire grid from its mooring and again used the winch to descend to the main computer.

Barely did he keep his excitement at bay, as he loaded up the special computer virus he had created, that once installed into the central matrix, would override all computer systems attached to the copyrights, financial and governmental systems in Japan. A virus so powerful, it would crash all their systems if they tried to override.

'HE, HE, HE. With this, the government will be unable to protest. The copy rights to Sailor Moon and company will all be mine."

He opened the CD drive and inserted the disk, he only had to hit enter and months of planning, sacrifice and a few, wel-l-l-l not murders, but friendly persuasions, will have paid off.

Horns and alarms suddenly blared, and the computer shut down. Dozens of flame throwers, machine guns, tear gas nozzles, and MORE liquid nitrogen sprays emerged from the wall, activating.

In a panic, Comet Moon hit the panic button (OH, that's why its called that) on his winch and scraped the ceiling and vent shaft on his hurried exit.

He used the remote on his watch to send for his stealth plane, and felt his arm jolted from its socket as in secured him with a line, and hauled him aboard.

Cursing, eyes still tearing from the gas, he sat in the pilots seat, and wrapped his burn, frostbite wounds, and gunshot wounds with duck tape (It's a manly thing).


A beeping sound brought him out of his thoughts. There was an E-Mail in his emergency file.

Sulking, he opened the file to see that it was from his Imoutos.

"#%_)(^_*#^%#+%)(#*%)(#$^*#%_)#_)*%_)%$*()(*^)#$_#^_+)*_)^*_!#$)#^*$)##^^%!%$!^)(!%*)(!%$()#)(%$)*(%()*$)(*%$+_()*$+)(%$*)%(&)($%_)(%)(&%_()%&*)(%98)(%*#$)(%)(%)(*%+)_(%*+)%_*+)%(*+%*_%ROTTEN NO GOOD BRATS. I BET IT WAS THEM."

Opening the file, he read the message.




"$)(*#)%&#^)(*)%$(^&$()*^)(#^)$(#()^$#)(^+)#^$(+^$)#^$(*$^()^$()$#^$#^&$()()*%)#)%*#$$)(!()*^$()*^_)ROTTEN BRATS!!!!!"

"Fine, I don't own Sailor Moon. YET. Satisfied?"

'However. She will be mine.'

Love, Betrayal, and Redemption.

Chapter Six. Year One. Adjustments.

With the excitement of the opening ceremonies, it had been decided to postpone classes until the following Monday. This way parents, who we're outraged and fearful for their children's safety, would have time to visit and reassure themselves.

Also, they needed a new DADA Professor.

This time was used well by Professors Dumbledore and Snape. The time to get reacquainted with their loved ones was precious to them.'

But the one whose life was most effected by it, was Harry Potter.

It seemed unreal to him. Two weeks ago he was in a prison with no way out it seemed. No friends. Real family. No one that really loved him.

As he aimlessly wondered the halls of Hogwarts, he pondered the direction his life had taken.

Flash Back

Lilly held her sobbing son in a tight embrace. She desperately tried to hold the terror of years of pain in check.

Madame Pomfrey hesitantly approached her old friends. After all the years, seeing them again brought mixed emotions. Awe. Sympathy. Sorrow for the lost years. And above all, overwhelming joy.

But now was not the time to reminisce. She had patients, and these three were among them.

"Lill, Jim. We need to get you three to the Hospital ward to be checked out."

Both looked up into the eyes of a remembered friend. The years separating there ages was staggering to them. Could this be little Pomy? She was two years younger then them.

Lilly and James still traumatized by her ordeal allowed her to lead them to the hospital wing, neither releasing their hold on each other or their son.

The Hospital staff had their hands full. There had been dozens of captives of Voldemort trapped inside, all in various states of shock.

Madame Pomfrey was aghast at the state of her precious domain. There were so many, and her staff was ill prepared for the chaos brought down upon them on the very first day of the New School Year.

She ran around dispensing healing potions, memories sedatives, and chocolates in an attempt to calm her charges.

Lilly and James watched their old friend, trying to establish a balance. To the shock of all involved they started to laugh.

Pomfrey, fearing their for their sanity, cautiously approached them.

Giggling like a schoolgirl Lilly exclaimed, "Oh, Pomy. You always said that when you became a head healer that chocolate would be the cure all for all aliments."

James and the rest of the victims, all friends and classmates from their time at Hogwarts stared at her in shock.

Then it started with a chuckle, escalating into an uproar of relieved laughter. There were some absolutes in the Universe after all. The healing had begun.

Harry himself relaxed at the ease in tension. He still was unsure of where he fitted here, but relaxed at the outpouring of friendship. And the sedatives and chocolate didn't hurt.

He fell asleep in his parents' arms. For the first time content with his life and hope shining through into his heart.

The next morning, Harry awoke disoriented. He was no longer in the room below the stairs. Instead, there were arms wrapped tenderly around him in a loving embracing.

Slowly, he opened his eyes to the most wonderful sight he could imagine.

His parents.

They slept in the same bed, much to the disproval of Madame Pomfrey. Sleep had brought a look of peace on his Mom and Dad's faces that lured him in.

'Mom and Dad. I can't believe it. So many times have I dreamt of this to happen. Is this what this is? A dream from a fearful mind.'

Lilly gradually opened her eyes to the most wonderful sight she could imagine. Her son and husband. For so long, she and James had been both together, yet separated. Now to have the two she loved most in the world with her once more caused her to question the reality of the situation. Was this just a dream from a stressed mind?

James grudgingly opened his eyes to the most wonderful sight he could imagine. His son and wife. The pain of being together yet separate tore at him for years. Now they were together at last and he was terrified of it. Was this just a dream from a tormented mind?

Lilly reached for the soft flesh of her arm, pinching hard the sensitive flesh, proving that this was not a dream.

James pinched the skin of his upper arm. The pain proved to him that this was not a dream.

Harry uncertainly pinched his arm to see if he was dreaming.


Three simultaneous yelps of pain caught the attention of Pomy. Having awoken early after a loonngg night, she fell into an exhausted slumber in one of the comfortable observation chairs on the ward.

She rushed over to the blushing trio, inquiring if they needed assistance.

Harry, still asleep, mumbled, "I was just pinching myself to see if this was a dream."

Red colored his cheeks as he realized what he had said. As well as his parents surprised laughter.

Lilly hugged her son, tears again formed. "Oh Harry. I just did the exact same thing."

James laughed out loud, barely getting out that he did too.

With a look, the three broke into laughter, clutching their sides.

Pomy, for once, decided to leave them be. With a smile, she addressed them.

"Well, there seems to be no real damage. And you three are recovering the best of the lot of you and I need the space. So I'm going to let you go. WITH A WARNING. If you feel worse you are to contact me. And I want to see you in a week for a follow up. GOT IT?"

A little stunned at the strength in their old friend, they dumbly nodded their concurrence.

"You have been assigned the blue rooms for the time being. And Professor Dumbledore wishes to see you three at 2 o'clock today for a meeting." She added as she departed.

James stomach growled at this time, followed by two others.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm hungry. Given the time, it should be time for lunch in a couple of hours. What say we head for our rooms to clean and change? Then feed the demons in our stomach."

With a smile, both grabbed one of his hands and pulled him out the door.

After a swift shower in his lavatory, Harry rushed back to his parent's room, and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Are you two just about ready?"

A squeaked "almost" from Lilly was the response, and Harry grumbled about the long delay they seemed to be taking as he sat on their bed.

Fifteen minutes later, a blushing James and an impishly smiling Lilly exited the room.

"What took so long? You were in there forever."

Despite the blush, James grinned at Lilly and replied. "Sorry Son, we were delayed."

Harry just stared at him with tears that flowed down his face.

Lilly was horrified. Had they hurt him somehow?

The two sat on the bed next to him, both wrapped their arms around him.

"Harry, what's wrong? I didn't mean to hurt you in anyway." James asked franticly.

"Son, what is it?"

Lilly's gently asked question just compounded the situation. The two stared at each other in confusion and growing despair. Were they that bad at parenting that they couldn't even speak a single sentence without causing him to breakdown? In unspoken agreement they just wrapped him in a hug and let him gain control of himself again.

Ashamed, Harry pulled away (Reluctantly) from them.

"I'm-m-m sorry. It's just..."

"Just what Harry?"

Looking down, Harry dug his toe into the plush carpeting and finally replied in a broken whisper.

"That was the first time you, or anyone called me SON."

Now the tears were on the other foot (Or face).

Lilly smiled at the young boy before her and lifted his chin so they looked into the other's eyes.

"We call you that because you are. And we love you."

Another bout of crying followed. During that time, Harry regaled his parents with his life to date.

To say they were furious was an understatement. Lilly was going to have a long talk with her sister and husband. They would regret their actions.

Harry's stomach broke up the discussion, protesting the shameful way it had been treated this day. Lilly's and James's joined in the criticizing.

With a laugh, many of their fears put to rest, the three made their way to dining hall.

As they entered they were shocked to see the multitude of people even larger then yesterday. Parents of many of the children had arrived to reassure themselves on their children's health. The floo powder salesmen were in ecstasy.

The noise level was high, and you almost had to shout to be heard. In fact there was a shout being raised over the masses directed at them.

"Potter, over here."

Over at the head table, which now extended in greater length from last night, were Draco, Hermione, and Ron. They, and their parents sat at on end talking amongst themselves. Draco had seen them enter and hailed them.

Grinning, Harry headed over towards his new friends. Friend, yet another new word for him.

"Hey Draco, Ron, Hermione," Harry grinned. "Let me be the first to introduce you too my parents. James and Lilly Potter." His chest puffed out, and his face seriously contemplated splitting in two at the smile that had grown there. So unaccustomed to this particular feature.

Ron, Hermione and Draco, who had been informed by the other two of Harry's home life, grinned back. A round of greetings followed and the Potters were introduced to Ron's, Draco's and the flabbergasted parents of Hermione, who had been brought there by Professor McGonagall herself.

Lucius Malfoy was in a bind. His very son had rebelled and battled Voldemort. Now he was put in a position that would alter his fate for all time. Either he sides with Voldemort and turned over his son to him as a peace offering. Or he joins his son in the fight against him, forever ruining his dreams of power.

Draco, unaware of the conflict in his father's mind, felt freer then he had in his life. For the first time he had friends (He and Harry were more alike then they thought), and a position of respect in the school as a first year equaled only to the fame Harry himself had attained.

The Weasley's had brought all their children to the school until it was considered safe. They had no idea if Voldemort would attack them to get to Ron or not.

Ginny was in heaven. She got to see Hogwarts early. Meet the famous Harry Potter (Mucho points at her local school). And her brother was one of the saviors. He fought Voldemort himself. With the aide of the others of course.

The Granger's we're terrified. Their youngest daughter was in danger, and their family may be as well. Hermione's older sister Harriet was furious that she was taken from school. Hadn't the brat ruined her life enough already?

The Potters shared a cold stare with Malfoy. They had more then one run in with him, and they knew him to have been one of Voldemort's biggest supporters. But the coldness between their parents went unnoticed by the children as they gossiped on the events of the previous day.

"So Drac, what do you think of our resident Princess?"

The question was not an uncommon one this day. All were wondering about the girl that literally dropped into their lives.

With a smirk, Draco raised one eyebrow.


But to his father's shock, he didn't object to it, and continued.

"With out doubt, she's powerful. And, I can't believe I'm saying this, but pure of heart. I mean you guys felt it too."

The three nodded their heads at that. Touching her soul was like bathing in a pool of liquid love. Warmth seeped into them and filled them with hope. Yet there was sadness as well.

Hermione, bringing out a large book added, "I've been reading up on the subject. The kingdom that they mentioned was said to have existed nearly fifteen hundred years ago. An ancient culture that was established at the beginning of time."

Harriet glared at her sister, her anger at her having grown since it was found out that she was a witch.

"Way to go brainiac. Read that book in a single night."

Hermione was hurt by her idolized big sisters contempt. In the past few months there had grown a wall between them and she could not find out what. They had been so close before, but now Harry (Same nick name for her as Potter) just avoided her. She wished she knew how to bridge the gap.

Her mother however did not take this lightly.

"Harriet, behave. I don't know what is wrong with you, but I will not tolerate such rudeness."

Her daughter just glared, not even attempting to apologize, just snorted in derision.

Lilly looked on in confusion. This reminded her of the pain she went through with her sister.

Professor Dumbledore approached the table, a kind expression on his face at the bickering. The tension in the room was already great with out adding to it, so he tried to head off these minor bickering before they could escalate.

"I'm sure she meant nothing by this. All are under a great strain and we should all try to think before we say something we might regret."

Most calmed at that, but Harriet's fury just increased. 'This idiot is patronizing me.'

She glared up at him much to his shock.

"What do you know old man?"

Needless to say the rest of the table were aggravated by this muggle's (A term that more then one at the table either muttered or growled at her) disrespect for her superiors. She should be thankful that they even let her in here.

Dumbledore however was put back. That was twice in two days that he had been scoffed and he was definitely not use to it.

"Harriet. How dare you shame us like this. Apologize now."

She just glared at her mother, but kept her mouth quiet, fighting the tears that wanted to fall in the place of her anger.

"Maybe she has reason to be angered. Has any thought to contemplate that?"

The softly sung voice from above startled all. Floating above them was Eve, her serene eyes glazed compassionately at her descendent.

Harriet however was terrified.


The Bloody Baron took offence and swooped down on the child. None would offend the Parents Prime while he was around.

But before he could scare her farther, Eve placed herself between the two, frowning at the Baron.

"No child. This is not the way. All are our children and we love each of you."

The Baron backed away at this, but not before he sent Harriet one last glare.

Again Eve face Harriet, a smile once again in place.

"Despite what you may think young one, I do understand what angers you. You are not in the wrong at your anger at Hogwarts, just perhaps your manor of responding to it."

Harriet looked at Eve in awe. No longer was she so fearful of her, the caring in her eyes aligning all her insecurities. She looked as if she truly understood. Her mind went back to when Hermione had explained about her, and she looked to her feet in sudden shame.

But Eve would have none of it. She whispered, "As I said child. You have valid anger at Hogwarts and your parents. Do not feel you have to feel embarrassed by them. But stand tall and explain them with out the anger. If you give into it, anger can turn into bitterness and hatred. That can very well destroy your life."

Tears in her eyes, she glazed at Eve. She saw the belief in her eyes, and shakily asked, "Are you real? Truly Eve, as in Adam and Eve?"

Her laughter that drifted over them caused much of the strain to lift.

"Yes, I am that one. And before you ask, yes we believe in a god as well. But unlike most we realized that we could never understand all there is to god. But this being does go beyond the term male or female. God is the parent of all existence, and we can not presume to know all there is to know about this being."

"Hav-ve you met him, err God?"

"No, not in person. The two of us have not crossed over to the beyond yet. We will stay until the Universe has stabilized and the Messiah of life has ascended to her throne."


"Yes, the young girl that made such a debut yesterday. Hers is a heavy burden to carry, with the fate of all on her shoulders. She will need all the help and love she can get to take her rightful place as the guiding light of hope. And I believe she may be able to help you with your troubles. Believe it or not, they are not as different from some of her pains."

Harriet just stared; unable to believe that the one she had heard so much about could have anything in common with someone like her.

She was cut off from making any reply by a rush of wind that had flown into the room.

Sleep. That was what she craved, almost more then anything. There was only one force great enough to awaken her. Only one force that could tear her from her cozy bed.

It growled its fury to her, endlessly demanding her vigilance.

Her G-G-Pa was speaking with some lady next to her, when his foolishness set her off.

"Child, all your patients are in stable condition, and you need sleep. Now go down to the dining hall, get something to eat...." He was going to tell her to go to bed afterwards, but was unable to get that far.

The eyes of the figure lying on the bed next to them shot open at the sacred words.

Eat. Food. Hunger. Food. Eat. Food.

She exploded out of bed with the speed of a missile (No, a speeding bullet. No, that's been used. The speed of light? ARRGGHHH, You get the point.), and followed her sixth sense that drew her like a magnet to one of life's greatest joys.

Food. The word sung through her head and sent visions of ceiling high piles of delicacies dancing through her head.

Adam blinked. 'Uh-oh. Good thing I'm dead or Eve would kill me.'

With a reluctant smile to Madame Pomfrey, he left the shaken healer, who was unable to comprehend the speed that her worse off patient was able to attain and stood staring open mouth at the cloud of dust left in the wake.

She sped at sub sonic speeds (She was too weak from hunger to get up a proper speed. Guess it wasn't the speed of light, huh?), on a direct intercourse with her intended target.

Ahead of her she saw the light. Paradise was through the open doors. She knew this in her heart.

With a final spurt of adrenaline she crossed the finish line and stared Longingly at the bounty before her.


Platters, dishes, tables and people were blown from their seats by the hurricane that had descended upon them.

Eve gaped at the beast panting before them. The madness in her eyes gave her pause as she realized what must of happen.

'Adam, you Baka.'

Shaking her head, she glided over to Usagi and said, "Usagi dear, would you like something to eat?"

Before the word eat was finished being pronounced, she pounced into the feast before, and ate at a rate she had never achieved before. Two handed she shoveled food and drink into her mouth, not even bothering with utensils.

The hall had become silent by this time, all eyes focused on the girl.

Professor McGonagall was horrified at the lack of manors of this child, and was about to reprimand her, when Eve intervened.

"No. Do not attempt to stop her unless you wish to loss some fingers. She is in a feeding frenzy. Her energy was depleted so greatly by the past few days, her only thought is to feed herself."

Adam chose to arrive at that time, a sheepish expression on his features.

Eve just sighed and rolled her eyes.

For the next twenty minutes, they watched in amusement, horror, and disbelief as the girl inhaled more then triple her weight in food. The house elves being put to their medal in trying to keep up with her appetite.

Harriet, in her pursuit to be a doctor finally stated, "This is not possible. Her body can not hold that much food."

Adam blushed at that. His appetite had also been large.

"Her body chemistry is different from most. Her digestive system turns everything she eats into pure energy for her to use. That is the reason for the frenzy. She needs to replenish the loss she sustained yesterday. Indeed, she metabolizes her food so efficiently that she doesn't have any waist to excrete."

At the loss expressions, Eve sniggered and added, "She hasn't used the bathroom since she was two."

More then a few jaws dropped, and faces flushed at the statement, but before any could reply and sweet voice stated.

"So that's why. I wondered about that. When mom found out I couldn't go to the bathroom, she was going to take me to the doctors. I was afraid I'd get a shot, so I fooled her and went in the toilet, flushed it, then told her that I didn't have to go anymore. After that I went in every now and then just to fool them."

They had turned to the voice and saw a more rational Usagi eating her lunch with a fork, a contented smile on her face.

Her smile impossibly brightens and laughter filled her eyes as she introduced herself.

"Good morning. I'm Tsukino Usagi. I'm very pleased to meet you." The introduction was said with a bizarre mixture of formality and care freeness that all could not help but return the smile.

"Good afternoon little one. I see my mate did not manage to keep you in bed long."

Usagi grinned up at the pair. Adam blushed red (Quite a feat for a spirit).

"Well, I decided that my hunger was greater then my need for sleep. Thank you for inviting me to eat. I was getting really hungry."

Professor McGonagall raised an eyebrow at the young girl. Despite her horrendous eating habits, she obviously had not realized something in her mindless race for food.

"Well Miss Tsukino, I relieved that you're feeling better. However you might want to see about a change of apparel."

She was in a hospital gown, and anyone who had worn one before realizes that she was living up to her Royal title.

With a grown, Usagi slammed her head on the table, and began a session of therapeutic head banging.

Amused the transfiguration master took out her wand and altered the gown into a dull gray jump suit with matching gray sneakers. She had no fashion sense what so ever.

Feeling the altered cloth on her body, she glanced down in wonder. The revulsion at the monstrosity that she was forced to wear.

'I didn't think she disliked me that much."

"Arigoto Senshi. This is...nice."

Amusement at the comment was barely held in check. Almost have seen the Professor's civilian attire.

Just then however, Madame Pomfrey finally tracked her charge down. More then a little annoyed, she stalked up to her suddenly uncomfortable target.

"And just what do you think your doing young lady? Your suppose to be in bed. And for the next few days at that."

"But I feel fine now. I had a good meal and my strength is back. I feel great."

The head healer however had other ideas and bed rest for the next week headed that list. But before she could respond, Adam came to Usagi's rescue.

"I assure you child, that Usagi-Chan is fully recovered from her experience. Putting her in a bed would only aggravate her." Usagi's head bobbed up and down rapidly at that. Laughter held in place by a string, Adam continued.

"If there are any further problems, you shall be the first to know. Besides, your expertise is needed for your more seriously traumatized patients."

About to protest, Madame Pomfrey considered the statement. 'There are many who need me. And this is a very ancient being with more knowledge of this girl's physiology. I suppose I can trust him.'

"Very well. But I want someone with her at all times for the next day. And tomorrow I want in my office for a check."

Usagi weakly nodded at this, dreading another check up, but complied for the sake of her freedom. With that Madame Pomfrey walked back to her domain.

She looked at the Gray attire she now wore with distaste, and realized she had nothing to wear besides this. 'Oh Kami-Sama. What if this is the only thing I'll be able to wear for my entire stay here.'

With panicked eyes, she looked at her G-G-Ma and asked, "Uhhmmm, I don't have anything to wear besides this. Is there anyway to go shopping for new clothes?" The idea of shopping excited her. It was one of life's joys.

Eve chuckled as Adam groaned. She had never been shopping herself, and the idea intrigued her. Adam however, being a prime male, was horrified of the concept of it.

"Yes Little Bunny, there is. We..."

A raised eyebrow from Usagi at the name was her reaction.

"Huh? Bunny?"

"Well little one this is the English magic school. I thought that that might be a good idea."

Usagi grinned at the new name. She liked friendly nicknames. It meant the people liked you enough to make one up.

"Sure, I don't mind. Just remember that my real name is Usagi. Tsukino Usagi"

Her face fell as she realized she might not have the right to use that name any longer. Adam saw this, and despite his better judgment at bringing up the hated task, a distraction was needed.

"Well then Bunny. How about we plan a trip to Diagon Ally?" At her confused look he added. "That is the wizards version of a mall." Usagi's eyes lit up even more at the reverent name. "We can access your account at Gringotts, a get your school supply as well."


"Why yes. Much of the Moon Treasury has been placed there." Eve smirked at the excitement in her Granddaughter's eyes. She couldn't wait either.

Harriet, having hidden in the background growled at that. This girl seemed to have everyone wrapped around her little finger, and a fortune at her fingertips.

Usagi sensed the anger of the dark haired girl, and turned towards her.

"Hi. I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Tsukino Usagi, but you can call me Usagi-Chan."

With a grin on her face, she held out her hand to the frowning girl. And held it out. And held it out. Her smile never wavered.

Harriet glared into her eyes and tried to hold onto her anger. But this girl, this Usagi just kept giving her that damned enticing grin. Despite herself, she fell under its spell as well. Unconsciously understanding the friendship and caring being offered.

Before her mother could scold her however, she tentatively grasped the hand in a firm handshake. A warm feeling seemed to flow into her, soothing some of the pain she was in.

Usagi however felt the pain this girl was in. The loss. The hurt feelings. She was not sure as to the nature of it, but she knew she had to help her.

Holding on with both hands now, she asked, "Why are you so angry?"

Startled out of her calm, her anger return full force. 'Who does she think she is to believe she knows me so well?' Those thoughts flowed through her mind, despite the fact that she was entirely accurate.

She pulled her hand free and ignored the hurt in Usagi's eyes. She didn't care what anyone thought; she wouldn't let them make her feel shamed about her attitude.

"What do you know of the lost of dreams?" The snarl in her tone shocked all around her. But the lost of light in the eyes of the girl before her had her breaking the oath she just made. Guilt washed over her as she saw the dying piece of this bright soul scarcely remaining alive.

But before she could start to apologize, Usagi replied.

"More then you could possibly imagine. I've seen the death of my empire, and been helpless to prevent it. I've faced evil in the most atrocious forms imaginable. I've died to protect those I've loved, only to be betrayed by those very beings. Life, death, joy, sorrow, love, despair, all I've seen and known to the extent that my heart felt like it was being torn to shreds. But to give into anger and hate would destroy me. As it could destroy you."

She looked down from the girl, the hall yet again quite at the avalanche of information. Harriet herself had her mouth hanging open, tears running down her face.

"Next to that, my pain seems irrelevant."

Suddenly a hug from behind enveloped her, holding her tight.

She looked up into the endless compassion of the girl she just insulted, unable to handle the conflicting emotions with in, buried her face in her hands and cried. All the pain of the past two months, the feelings of rejection, loss over came her.

Usagi just rocked her back and forth as she rambled on about her lost dreams. How she had been accepted to an advance private school just this year, and how betrayed she felt when all the money they had saved went to Hermione's tuition instead. How she hated them and herself for being so selfish. How she hated Hogwarts for not even caring about the turmoil they bring to a family by just disrupting their lives like that. And always looking down at them for being muggles and mudbloods.

Lilly listened to this with mounting horror and realization. She remembered her sister's dreams, but until now had not realized why her dream to be a doctor was never realized.

She remembered the gap that had grown between them. Her parents' constant praise of her, often ignoring their other child. Even her own feelings of superiority that sometimes came through in the few conversations they had after. 'No wonder she hated me.'

Harriet's parents and sister we're dismayed by their child's and sister's outburst. None had really given thought to it, and realization came as a shameful shock.

Usagi looked up to Professor Dumbledore, who has sat quietly.

She questioning gaze caused him to actually squirm in his seat.

"Well," He stammered. "It is true that the cost for Hogwarts is high for Muggles. The exchange rate is fairly low for their currency."

This annoyed Usagi to no end. He hadn't even realized he had said it.

"What about the term Muggle and Mudblood?"

"Those are simply the names of non-magic beings, though Mudblood a major insult to a witch or wizard of Muggle parentage."

He still didn't see. She let go of her now calmed companion, and gave a causal wave of her hand to Dumbledore.

"Well, I'm not sure I like that name. I've been insulted enough to know an insult when I hear it. And the way that the term Muggle has been used is undeniably one. Especially coming from a mere Maggie"

The way she said the name Maggie caused more then one frown to appear. Who was she to talk to them like that?

"I am not sure what the term Maggie means, but I do not like your tone Miss. Tsukino."

A smirk appeared on her face at that.

"Oh please spare me. I mean, a mere Maggie actually thinking he can insult a Celestial. I mean really. You cannot even tap into the cosmic powers of existence. Nor were you chosen by the Universe itself to be its avatars. Its laughable."

Adam was incensed at his Granddaughter's disrespect, but Eve held him back. She understood what was going on.

Six others did as well. Draco, Harry, Hermione, and Ron sensed through the bond what she was up to and held their peace.

Ginny for some reason also saw right through it, as did Harriet. Having been in her arms, she knew that this one would never do that to another.

Dumbledore however knew no such thing. And he intended to act upon his rage.

"Now see her young lady. You will not use that tone when you speak to us. Your terminology is degrading and disrespectful. Just because we do not have your powers or understandings of the Universe you do, does not mean you can just label us inferio...r t...o you...?" He stammered to a halt as realization of what he was saying hit like a runaway freight train. (No, no. It was like an exploding nuke. No, like a super nova. No, like...Ahhh, forget it.)

"It hurts doesn't it?"

The hall ceased their uproar as they realized what she had done. Many felt ashamed by their actions and thoughtlessness. Though some felt no different to MUGGLES then before.

"Its not powers, or abilities that make a being. It's their soul. Humans with out the ability to access their magic, and yes all beings have it in them, are not better or worse then you. Just different. Indeed they may even be stronger as they do not have the benefit of magic survive and thrive in spite of it."

Adam smiled at her regretting his lack of faith, while Eve felt like she could burst.

Dumbledore shook his head at his own folly, and made a mental note to try and change.
With a rueful smile, he nodded.

"I suppose we all have some learn about that."

"Yep. Its called life."

With a joyful grin, she continued.

"And as for this problem with the new magic blood, that shouldn't be a problem. If the Royal treasury is here, I'll just start a special scholarship for them. A few of people I know were always taking about them. The Serenity/Arthur scholarship, made in my parent's names. Hermione will be the first to receive it, and I'll also finance Harriet's schooling as well. For her courage in standing up for herself."

Hope surged through Harriet, only to be dashed.

"My school has already started. Its to late."

Ron's father looked up at that. He too felt like he had been demeaning Mug...his fellow humans. But he has had contact with some of the more prestigious schools. Maybe he could help.

"Are you talking about the Star institute? (Making it up)"

Harriet's eyes glazed at that. It was the dream of all would be scientists to go there.

"No that one is the unattainable dream. Mom and Dad could never afford that."

"They could with the scholarship." Usagi reminded.

"But, But it's a two year wait just to test for it, let alone be but on the list."

Arthur grinned; maybe he could start to make amends.

"I happen to know the director of the board. You'd have to past the test of course, but I think I can get you in."

Lucius Malfoy grumbled a bit, and added.

"I too know some of the board. I've been keeping an eye on them to make sure the, scientists, do not do any thing to stupid. Like nuclear weapons and such. I'll talk to them as well."

Draco looked at his father in shock, and he was not the only one. Why would he do this?

As for Lucius, he too was pondering that. It had just slipped out. But still, he would have an insider in there now.

Unable to stop herself, she embraced him in a hug that left him breathless. Over and over again crying thank you. Then proceeded to do the same to Usagi and Arthur.

Usagi hugged back of course, while Arthur blushed.

Crabbe and Goyle looked at their friend stunned. What was wrong with him? He must have something up his sleeve. They decided that they and their sons needed to talk now, before anything else was done.

The four made their way to the center table, attracting the attention of the Malfoy's.

Crabbe cleared his throat and addressed him. "Lucius, I think we and our sons need to talk. Now."

The tone he had used was new to Lucius. Draco's betrayal of Voldemort had built a breach in their network, and now was time to clear it.

Lucius also realized that now he had to make a choice. His son or his power.

If he chose his son, then he'd loss face with Voldemort. He'd want him to kill his own son as atonement for his attack. But this would prove his loyalty beyond doubt, and his power would only grow.

If he chose his son, he'd loss all his supporters save his son and wife. He'd be a target for Voldemort. His personal power would be diminished; with little he could do about it.

"Malfoy?!?" Crabbe was getting annoyed at his boss. What was his problem? "Are you coming with us?"

Snape looked on from behind the curtains. 'So, there may be a breech in the network.'

Lucius looked to his son one last time and stood up. Draco lowered his head at that, a suspicion of what was transpiring ran through his head.

He walked over to his two long time stooges, and grabbed them both by the collars, bringing their faces to his.

"Tell them I'm through with them. I stand by my son, and no one had better hurt him."

With that, he hurled them away from him onto the floor. Calmly he returned to his seat next to his son and placed a hand on the shoulder of his grinning son.

They got of the ground and glared at their EX-boss.

"You regret this Malfoy." Goyle growled.

The four left the hall to discuss the change of events that had taken place recently.

'No turning back now.'

He looked up to see Eve and Adam looking at him in approval. Sighing, he turned to Dumbledore and said.

"We and the children need to talk Albus."

"Indeed. And since I believe Miss Tsukino would be very put out if we delayed her excursion tomorrow, after lunch may be the best solution." Dumbledore more then approved of the violence that had just taken place. He had feared that he would have to one-day take Lucius on, and did not relish the thought.

Usagi, caught some of the underlying overtones of the conversations to get a bad feeling about it, nodded her head.

"Yes. That will give me time to finish eating."

As she dug back into her meal, she felt the stares of the entire table fall upon her yet again.

Food in her mouth, fork in the process of shoveling more in, she asked. "What? I'm hungry."

The laugher eased much of the anxiety.

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