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Alice lived at the same time Luke was enrolled in his school. Stuck in the basement of her home she stayed hidden. As all the other children who were not born first or second but the unlucky third. Her mother had told her to stay in the basement and that they would come for her to give her food and other such things. Her only rule was that she was never allowed to go upstairs, or near windows. This was to keep her safe and so the family wouldn't suffer because of her existence.

As it had been for many days Alice found herself playing with her dolls. Well not her dolls her older sister Molly's dolls. Alice played with the dolls everyday. She loved to read when her mother would allow her to have light in the dusty old basement. Above her she heard noises, the front door opening and closing, muted conversations, then a new sound, a loud 'pop'. She heard a cry and then the dreaded words, "Population Police, where is your third?"

Alice did the only thing she knew to do at this point she hid. Her father had built her a cubby hole in the old molding of the house. She was small from years of not building muscles running, and from depression she had slipped into a few years ago. She slipped seamlessly into the small hole. As she closed and sealed the door to her sanctuary, the basement door began to break as the population police forced their way into the underground lair.

Footsteps sounded from outside of her hiding place. "Jake, I'm not seeing any traces of life down here." They fumbled through the cramped under story. Alice was barely breathing as they searched around. "Hey how old are their children?" The same voice from before, Jake, asked the leader.

"Twelve and fifteen." a huskier voice answered. They began knocking over her tables and chairs. "Are those dolls? How old do children play with dolls?" she heard another set of feet go down the stairs. It sounded strained as if whoever was walking down the stairs was in pain or injured.

"My youngest twelve year old holds onto them as a memento of her childhood. She wants to sell them next year." Alice heard her mothers voice. "I have no third child. My two daughters are the love of my life." she breathed in deeply and continued, "Why would I want to enrage the government? My husband and I are always on your side." Alice could hear her mothers pleading.

'Smack' a whimper fell from a mothers throat, Alice became enraged, wanting so badly to help her mother. Still she stayed hidden, if she were found it would mean death for her and her family. Alice felt helpless, she could do nothing, couldn't help her mother. "Do you think we are stupid?" the leader asked viciously, "We have heard you speak to someone when 'no one' is here. Never is there an audible answer but still you ask, talk, and concern over."

She could feel her mother stiffen and soon the room became quiet. Footsteps left her alone. She didn't dare leave her safety until her parents came to get her. There she waited, for what seemed like weeks. Truthfully it had been three years. Still she waited, her parents and sisters had stayed above, dead. The day the population police came, was the day they inhaled their last breath. Alice didn't know that, she thought 'soon they would get me out of here', never did they come to get her. She died there, in the hole in the wall. Her father was smart he had made the hole hold enough food to keep her alive if they couldn't get to her in time.

When the house finally came down, the viciousness of the government was revealed. With a thriving family of four, and the unknown third, who was hidden away for always.