Siren: Domination

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You could still feel the air, thick and moist as we headed out into the forest toward the eerie light. I had seen it from my window when my girlfriend was over that night. The water from the last rain was still clinging heavily to the leaves as we trotted through the masses of dead leaves, moss and wet earth.

We could hear them now, in the back yard. We had a relatively thick bush behind our house; it looked pretty nice in the summer. Now, it just looked dark and endless, like a never ending hole in the earth travelling deeper and deeper. My girlfriend kept questioning why we had even come out to investigate in the first place. Now that was all I could think of...why?

"Like I told you before Avery, it's probably nothing!" I started, trying to keep quiet as we peered at the congregation gathering in my back yard.

"No Matthew! It is something! They're trespassing on your property, doing a whole bunch of creepy stuff..." started Avery, my relatively anxious girlfriend.

"That's why I brought the camera." I said, holding it up for her to see. "If something weird starts happening, I'll tape it and show it to the police or something! Everything will be fine Avery."

Why did I have this 'all of a sudden' feeling of wretchedness? What was I getting us into? "I sure hope you're right Matt." I was trying to think of something to calm her down. Something. Anything! "In fact, think of it as an adventure," I said, probably sounding stupid. "Kind of exciting, right?" Avery gave her little smile that she does when she's nervous. "A little. I guess it is a little 'adventurous'."

As she was smiling at me, I kept looking at her, thinking I must have at least calmed her down. That was when the worst happened. While she was smiling, we immediately heard screams. It sounded like a couple of girls screaming. We both turned to try and make out the cause of the bloodcurdling scream. We watched, completely horrified, as two men brought out two girls, each gagged and screaming horrendously as they were lead over to this...ceremony.

We watched as another man brought forth a sword, one of Japanese origin, and jabbed it at one of the girls. She bent over and was immediately wrenched upwards in the air as the sword went through her sternum and out her back. Avery and I watched terrified as sweat was beading down my forehead and back and tears swelled in both our eyes. Then, the most outrageous thing happened! Another man, not part of the ceremony as he was not cloaked in all of that crimson red, came out of the bush and took the other girl away with him. It took no less than five seconds. He was there, took her and went back into the swelling darkness, with a couple of the ceremony people following behind.

"Jesus! That guy got her! He's running away!" I informed Avery, even though she was paying as much attention as I was at that time. "What about that other girl?" she questions. I have to tell her she's dead.'s so hard. Dead. That's how I felt as well. "She's...she's dead." I struggle with the words, trying to form them right, trying to say them right, to no avail. I sound like a little kid again, death was never easy for me.

"We have to call the police!" Those words of hers snapped me out of my daydream as I immediately sprang up and knocked her back down into the bush. "What are you doing?" she exclaimed. "We don't want them to see-" I start, until I see the ceremony people looking in our direction. "Shit! They've seen us!" I exclaim, jumping back into my observing position. "What are we going to do?" asks Avery. For a guy with all the answers, this time I don't have a clue what we are going to do!

I watch as the ceremony people start to douse their torches. "Shit, they're putting out the torches."


"They're putting out the torches! Pretty soon, it'll be pitch bl-!"

I was cut off by the immense darkness that now surrounded me. Absolutely nothing was visible as all of the torches were out and no light would penetrate all of this darkness. Only my own heartbeat, Avery's heartbeat, breathing and the steady footsteps of the ceremony people were heard.

"I'm scared..." is all I hear Avery say.

"I know, we'll get through this. I promise...I'm going to get us out of this."


"Here! The camera! I'll lead us out of here with the night vision...ok. Hold on." I try to sound comforting for her as the camera starts up, casting an eerie glow on both of us as we sit in the wet weeds of the forest, trying to be as small as possible, feeling the sticks on my back and legs. As the camera starts, I go into the night vision setting and it comes on.

As soon as it does, I let out a silent scream of sheer terror as I see the murderer in the night vision standing not five feet away from us. My breathing increases, my heartbeat is the loudest thing I can hear and I start to die inside as he moves ever so close...slowly...oh, so slowly.

"Oh shit..." I whisper.

"What?" Avery says.

"Don't move, baby...don't make a sound."

He moves so close that if he were to move a little closer, I'd practically be breathing on his leg. I'm ready for death as he raises his sword, he knows we're here. He knew all this time. I am ready for that metal to come crashing down on my head and then that bright light appears to take me away.

In the next chapter: As I put my hand in front of my eyes, I could finally make out what was going on. What were they doing here?