Siren: Domination

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Allen Forrest / September 3rd / 01:18:02

"Shut up! You better shut up or they're going to hear us!"

I felt her teeth sink into my hand as I put it over her mouth in an attempt to make her shut the hell up! I tried to conceal my cry of pain, with no such luck. But I needed to talk some sense into her; she was one of the lucky few who did not end up like the rest of them.

"Girl, shut up. I'm not going to hurt you alright? But if you scream or try and call out in any way, I'll snap your neck so quick...*Sigh* Get me?" She reluctantly shook her head and I released my grip on her. I hurried her to the nearest patch of forest where we could hide out. I didn't want that cop to come racing back up the hill after what I had just seen him do to that poor kid.

"Alright, what's your name?" Silence. "Come on, you can tell me."


"Avery, huh? That's a nice name. Are you with anybody?" She started to cry again, she put her arms around me in a huge hug. She was really cute and I could feel her warmth, even though I knew she was cold inside. "Who was it that got shot? I saw him...through someone's eyes..."

"He was my boyfriend...I loved him. So, why did he have to die? Why would that policeman do such a thing?" she screamed. "Alright, alright, keep your voice down!" I whispered harshly, looking out into the clearing to see if anymore of those things were out there. "Sorry...what's your name?" she whispered silently. "Allen. I'm on sort of a health kick and decided to go for a jog, when I met up with one of my friends from down the street...his face was...dead. He was dead, but...he was also alive. I can't explain it, all of the dead are rising up, and they're like zombies! We need to get the hell out of here!"

I grabbed her by the hand and led her out of the bush, running to the street. What's that I hear? Is that static? Then there's a vision, is this like the vision from before? The vision turns red; it's not from a friendly vantage point. I can see two people, I can hear Avery asking me what's wrong, I clutch my head, I become disoriented. I can see...myself!

The vision becomes obstructed by...a rifle! "No!" I screamed as I pushed Avery into the ditch, landing with a thud as I took a bullet to my left arm. I feel the bullet inside, the pain and the warmth of my own blood through my jogging suit. I fall into the ditch beside Avery as the first few drops of rain start to pelt down on the pavement. The drops are red and start to fill the ditch quickly as a down-pour starts. That thing stumbles into the light of the street lamps; he has a bullet hole in his forehead, probably from that crazy cop. He's laughing, at what though? What is he feeling? What does he want?

I start to tear my sleeve to wrap up my wound, but realize that there is no pain anymore. The red healed my wound? How? All that was left of the wound was an 'O' shaped scar. Avery started to cry again but this was no time for emotions, I had to get her to do something.

"Avery, you see that driveway over there? I need you to run to that driveway and back several times, really, really fast alright? So I can get up there and get him before he comes down here and kills both of us."

"You want me to be bait?" screamed Avery. "No-but...yea...but-we need to get this guy! If we get him, then we're out of here!" After much debating, she finally agreed, with a whispering voice and a shaky nod of the head. She prepared herself on the edge of the ditch and then bolted it. Through my watering eyes, the red vision returned, with the rifle following Avery. Luckily, that monster wasn't much of a shot; otherwise the poor girl would have been killed. I started to sneak around to the back of the monster. It was increasingly difficult to keep moving when the rain is coming down in buckets, the gunshots get louder and every move you make cannot be seen when looking through the eyes of another. I just wanted to get this guy out the way and get some place safe!

The gunshots are so loud; I can barely hear myself think. I must be behind him now, but I can't get rid of the vision. I'm going to go for it; I lunge forward and I grab on to his shirt. I can feel it, torn and ragged and now I can see myself, hair matted with dirt and the red blood-like rain, torn clothes and dark eyes. I grab him by the neck as he tries to force me off of him so he can grab his rifle. I start using my right foot to search for the gun on the ground, but he finally looks at it and now I know where it is. I push the monstrosity with all my might and grab the rifle.

It only takes me moments to find the trigger, and taking one last look through the creature's eyes, I see the flash and then darkness. The vision ends, I fall to my knees and throw up. The monster...was my neighbour, for fourteen years we've shared stories, shared drinks, shared laughs. Now it's come to this. Avery runs over to me, sobbing and laying in the dirt. She pulls me to my feet and gives me a hug. I hug her back, she's still so young, she shouldn't be going through this.

"Let's get out of here."

"Okay..." she whispers.