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"Princess, are you all right?" the elderly toad driving asked.

No… I Feel Terrible.

"I'm Fine" I said.

"Good. Your father will be glad." He glanced at me, the mess I must have been, wet, cold, with puffy red eyes, and a nasty scar right above my right eye.

I glanced out the window to escape the awkwardness of the conversation, and found nothing comforting.

Just…. rain.

It had been a long day for me. I was back in Sarasaland for business, and what do you know, that happened to be the day a huge wildfire started. No one knew what (or who) started it, but it swept through the kingdom, only to be put out by a sudden pounding rain.

My father, King Richard of Sarasaland, insisted I go to the safest place possible until the kingdom was cleaned up.

That place happened to be my favorite place in the whole world.

Mushroom Kingdom.

The only thing I wasn't looking forward to was the attention me and my kingdom would receive.


And Bad.

I sighed and picked up my cell phone. I dialed Peach's number and waited.

"Daisy! Oh My GOD! I was SO worried."

I smiled weakly and replied.

"I suppose you heard the news about Sarasaland, huh?"

"YES! You worried us half to death when you didn't call! We thought you were hurt! Or worse!" Peach's voice raised two octaves on the last two words.

"We? As in you and….?" I started.

I could almost hear Peach blush

"You caught that, huh? Me and…. The rest of Mushroom Kingdom! Yeah!" She seemed to be trying to convince herself on that last part.

"Tell the truth." I replied firmly.

"Well…. Luigi kinda seemed worried…"



I smiled. I had known for a long time Luigi had a crush on me, and I thought it was cute. I wasn't sure if I felt the same though.

"Yup. Giddy." I laughed "So Peach… I don't really have a place to stay anymore. Could I…"

"Of course you can stay at the castle. " Peach said.

"Thanks Peach, you're the best friend ever, ya know that?"

"I guess. Hey, you should probably call Luigi."

I cringed.

"Okay. I will."

"See you."


I pressed the end button. Then I stared at my phone for a minute or so, gathering the courage to call Luigi.

The Poor Guy, I thought, But why am I so nervous? He's my friend, even if he does have a crush on me…

I quickly dialed his number, not noticing I had memorized it, nor realizing my hand was shaking.



I displayed a perfect "What?" face, and even though I was sure Luigi couldn't see it, he quickly corrected himself.

"Um... I mean…. You… don't have hives! Fires can cause allergic reactions, you know" he said nervously.

I burst out laughing

"Uh yeah… Heheh. Funny…" Luigi said sadly.

"Oh come on Weegee! Don't be like that!" I teased "I think it's sweet you were worried."

"You do?"





"Just Kidding."

"Are you coming to Mushroom Kingdom?" He asked, obviously trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, I am. Staying at the castle."

"That's, um, cool." He said

"See you when I get there?" I asked

"Okay." He replied, obviously thinking I had made a statement, not asked a question.

"Bye!" I sang

"Bye." He said

I closed my cell and shut my eyes to nap, but I was "awoken" suddenly to the voice of the elderly Toad Driver.

"We're here Princess."


I grabbed my small bag I had managed to pack before the fire destroyed the castle, and I stepped out of the chariot.

The sky over Mushroom Kingdom was gray, and a light drizzle of rain came down.

It was the worst weather I had ever seen here.

I was worried.

Not only worried for the people of Sarasaland, but for the fact that now, in my enemy's eyes, Sarasaland was weak, and easy taking.

And that might also mean they would come looking for me, as I was a threat to their plans as long as I was alive and free.

That would also mean Mushroom Kingdom was in danger as well.

As I stood in the rain, I pulled out my cell phone and made one more call.


Pick-a up the phone you-a dummy! PICK-A IT UP!

Wario grumbled and opened one eye.

He seriously had to change his ringtone.

He picked up his phone and held it to his ear.

"What?" he demanded.

A chillingly familiar voice came over the line.


"T-Tatanga?" Wario stuttered.

"Yes it's me you dummy."

"What-a do you want? It's-a been ages."

"Turn on your TV idiot."

Wario obeyed, turning on his small, grubby TV.

"What do you see?"

Wario glanced at the screen.

"Hot-a chicks in bikinis?"

"NO YOU IDIOT! Go to channel 34."

Wario changed the channel.

A neat and orderly news toad woman was sitting at a desk, the logo for the local news station above her.

"-Sarasaland Fire. Officials aren't sure who started it, but the damage was so great, it collapsed the castle. No one knows where the royal family is, but many towns-toads report seeing the princess fleeing the kingdom."

"Channel 82 now Wario" Tatanga stated.

This time, a flustered looking Koopa was standing in front of the ruined castle, yelling into his microphone, "Huge criminal fines and twenty years in the dungeon face the guilty party involved in this tragedy."

Wario shut off his TV in shock.

"See where this is going blockhead?"

"Not-a… really."

"I'll make this real simple for you to understand. PRINCESS MISSING. FINES FOR CRIMINAL. BIG ONES. You like money, yes?"


"You like power, yes?"


"Good. Here's the plan. We find little miss Daisy, turn her in, get famous for saving her and such, maybe even get a reward, and then we whisk her away to somewhere no one would find her. While Mario runs off to save her like the idiotic little hero he is, we capture Peach, and Mr. Green Guy."

"Mr. Green-a Guy? Luigi?" Wario asked

"Know any other green clad knuckle-heads?" Tatanga chuckled.

"Well-a… Luigi-a has… kind of-a changed."

"How so?" Tatanga asked in a threatening voice.

"He-a…. is in love-a with…. Daisy."


"He might-a, try to rescue-a her instead of Mario."

"Well all the better. Doesn't matter which bro goes. But anyway, back to the plan. After we capture Luigi or Mario, we tell King Richard that they killed Daisy. I marry Daisy, you get to rule for catching the bad guys and all is good."

"What-a about Peach?"

"I have… plans for her. An alliance I'll say. Are you in?"

Wario glanced at his house, how small and meager it was. If he lived in a castle, he would be in heaven. He wouldn't have Mario or Luigi or anyone to deal with. He could beat his brother in everything!

"I'm-a in."


Who Did Daisy Call?

Will Tatanga succeed?

Is Sarasaland in Danger?

When will Daisy realize her true feelings for Weegee?

I dunno, you'll have to read on my friends.