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Top Secret Spy Wolves Headquarters

"Squad Leader, Agent Fang?" The Mysterious Voice booms.

A tall brown-haired young man dressed all in black steps forward calmly, masking the fact that he's spent the last twenty minutes of this very important meeting playing a game on his cell phone.

"Here" he replies.

"Agent Scar?"

A man dressed totally in black leather, with short silver hair and a large scar on his chest, looks up from where he is brooding at the edge of the group of secret agents.

"I'm right in front of you." He remarks irritably

"Agent Collar?"

"Hi!" Agent Collar is smiling and waving at The Mysterious Voice. He wears a bright yellow sweatshirt and tan pants and is eating a hot dog.

"Agent Bracelets?"


The youngest agent is reading a comic book and caught off guard. He hurriedly tries to stand up a bit straighter and brushes a few strands of his reddish-brown hair out of his eyes.

"Oh, I'm here."

"Agent Flower?"

A pretty girl with pale lavender hair and strange pink eyes quickly shoves the match she has been playing with into the pocket of her (fireproof) skin-tight black suit and tries to look innocent. She knows she isn't allowed to play with fire during mission briefings, but she does it anyway.

"This one is here." She declares.

"Agent Amazon?"

Agent Collar nudges a tanned, indigo-haired woman in a short black dress and tall black boots, who is listening to her I-pod. She replies automatically, without even looking up.

"Right here."

The Mysterious Voice is satisfied that all agents are accounted for. He reads from an official looking paper in front of him.

"Wolf Squad, you have a mission. Lady Jaguara has stolen the renowned Paradise stone. In the hands of a corrupt Noble such as her it could be used to destroy us all. Your mission is to recover the stone and return it here. Do you accept your mission, Squad Leader?"

"Yes," Agent Fang agrees. "You can count on the Wolf Squad."

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