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Sonny left the studio just after 5. When she got to her and her
mom's apartment she started rushing around. She got chicken out and
thawed it quickly with water and then stated making the rice. She
finished by putting the chicken on the rice-soup mixture.

Sonny put the dish in the oven and set the timer for 45 minutes.
She headed for the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. She
finished her shower and did her make-up before getting dressed.

Sonny heard the front door open and her mom walking in. Sonny was
standing at the counter cutting potatoes for scalped potatoes. Connie
walked in and set her purse on the counter.

"Wow, what's the occasion?" She asked jokingly. Sonny looked at
her mom and bit her lip. "Alright, so there actually is an occasion?"

"Umm, yeah, Mom. I need to tell you something." Sonny saw the
look on her mom's face and rushed to explain. "No, Mom. It's nothing
bad. I swear."

"Okay, mind telling me then?"

"Alright. Umm, well, I'm dating someone. It only happened
recently. Like, really recently."

"But you and David have been going out for awhile now, haven't you?"

"Yes, but he broke up with me. Yesterday. Over a text message."
Sonny turned around to the cupboard and started looking for a can of

"Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry."

Sonny turned back to her mom. She waited a few seconds for it to
sink in. She counted in her head. 3-2-1. "Wait, you said you were
dating. You're already dating someone else?"

"Well, the thing with David wasn't right. I don't think I ever
actually liked him like you're supposed to when dating. My eyes were
kind of...opened after that."

"Mackenzie." Sonny heard her mom say to herself.

"What was that?"

"Mackenzie...err...Chad Dylan Cooper. That's who you're dating,
isn't it?" Sonny looked up at Connie and just nodded her head.

"Isn't it a little too soon. Honestly. You have a break-up with
your boyfriend in the morning and by that afternoon you've already
hooked yourself another guy? I expected more of you, Allison Monroe."

With that, Connie left the kitchen and headed to her bedroom.
Sonny couldn't believe it. Her mother had basically told her she was a
slut. She didn't know how to explain it all. She could barely explain
it all to herself. All she knew was she loved Chad and had for sometime.

Sonny stood at the counter staring into space for she didn't know
how long. The next thing she was aware of was a knock at the door.
Sonny walked to the door to let Chad in.

When Sonny opened the door, Chad was ready to do his 'I'm here,
everyone pay attention' act until he saw her face. "Sonny, what's
wrong?" Chad walked in and pulled his girlfriend into a hug. Sonny
dropped her forehead onto his shoulder as Chad closed the door with
his foot.

"Sonny, sweetheart, tell me what happened" Chad lead Sonny over
to the couch and sat them down. He kept her wrapped in his arms until
she felt ready to talk.

"Baby, you've been crying way too much these past few days, is
there any way I can help this time too?"

Sonny raised her head and looked into Chad's eyes. She realized
that in the past two days, it had always been Chad there to stop her
tears and put a smile back on her face.

"Thank you, Chad"

"For what? You're still upset, why are you thanking me?" Chad
couldn't figure it out. One minute she's crying the next she's
thanking him? He would never fully understand how women's minds

"Thank you for being there. Have you realized over the past two
days, every time I've been upset you've made it better? First with
David, then my friends, and now with my mom."

"So that's what it's about? Your mom? I thought you said she
wouldn't mind?"

"That's what I thought. But when I told her she told me I was a
slut and now she hates me. She just didn't use so many words." Tears
started to slip out of the corners of Sonny's eyes again.

Chad wiped then away and softly kissed her. "Sonny, I'm sure your
mom doesn't hate you. You have to look at this through her eyes. It
was really sudden between David and you dating me. That doesn't mean
your a slut. Connie doesn't know how our relationship has been over
the years. We've always kept our attraction to one another hidden by

"We never fooled anyone, Sonshine. Your friends may have been
angry at first, but they've all seen it. Our fights were like us
flirting with each other and that's a lot." Sonny giggled.

"I guess your right Chad. My mom isn't at the studio so she never
saw any of that. It's just, it hurt hearing her say she was
disappointed in me. Especially when she's disappointed about me
finding love, even if she doesn't know that's what it is. Also, with
her not around the studio and us all the time, she's not going to
believe we actually love each other after only a day of dating. She
doesn't know our history."

"Exactly. So, let's forget about that for now. What are we having
for supper?"

"Oh my god, supper." Sonny started to frown again. "My mom came
home before I finished getting the potatoes ready so I guess we aren't
having those now. The chicken and rice should be ready in about 5

Sonny stood to go back to the kitchen and Chad followed. "Is
there anything I can help with?"

"Well, I guess you could chop some vegetables for a salad and
I'll get the lettuce ready." Sonny put the bowl of corn in the
microwave and set the timer before pulling out the lettuce.

They worked silently together, side by side. Once the salad was
finished Sonny checked the main dish. She opened the oven and pulled
the chicken out. She set it on the counter on pot holders to let it
cool. "Wanna help set the dishes with me?" Chad nodded and grabbed the
stack of plates.

Sonny followed him to the table with her hands filled with
silverware. They continued their teamwork and finished the job
quickly. Sonny sighed and looked towards the hallway to her mom's
bedroom door. Chad walked over to Sonny and hugged her tightly.

"It'll be alright, Sweetheart. Go get her. She'll see for herself
how much we love each other." Chad smiled and kissed her for
encouragement. Sonny walked towards her mom and slowly knocked on the

"Mom? Mom, supper's ready, if you want to eat with us." Sonny
left the division up to her. She walked back to the table and sat down
across from Chad. They left the head of the table open for Connie. If
she didn't eat with them, they figured they'd just make it like
another date.

After a few minutes, Connie emerged from down the hallway. She
walked to the table and sat down without a word. Once she was seated
she looked over to Chad. "Hello, Chad. It's nice to see you again."

So, she was going to be polite at least. Sonny could handle that.
She was at least going to talk. Maybe not directly to her but to her
boyfriend. "Glad to be here again. You have a lovely apartment."

"Thank you, Chad." Sonny was starting to feel awkward. Her mom
had never been this polite. She looked to her boyfriend helplessly,
begging for help.

"Sonny, do you want some more corn? I know it's one of your
favourites." The look he gave Sonny was reassuring, like he was saying
every thing's going to be fine.




"So your good?" Chad started to smile and laugh as he said this.

"Oh, I am so good." They both started laughing, breaking the
tension, and totally forgetting about the corn. After they broke the
ice, dinner was a lot easier for the couple. They couldn't say the
same about Connie, but the two teens were chatting and joking and
laughing like they would any other time.

When the three finished eating, Sonny and Chad stood and started
putting dishes and left overs away. They quickly finished. Sonny
walked back to the table with Chad following. Sonny stopped in front
of her mom.

"Mom, I'm going to Chad's tonight. You can think what you want but
you don't me or Chad and how we are together. If you won't stop
judging and watch to see who your daughter actually is...I'll...I'm
going to have to move out." Sonny turned and headed for her room.

She flopped on to the bed and buried her head in the pillows. The
bed dipped beside her and she felt Chad rubbing her back. "I'm sorry,
Chad. I didn't ask but would it be okay if I stayed the night tonight?
If not, I'm sure Tawni would let me stay there."

"Sonny, you know my house is always open to you. If worse comes
to worst, and you're mom doesn't accept this, you can think about
moving in with me, unless it's too soon for you."

"Oh, Chad. Thank you so much." Sonny sat up and hugged Chad. Chad
leaned back and kissed Sonny. It started as a comforting gesture and
then turned into something more. As they got more into it, Chad leaned
Sonny back on the bed so he was lying over top of her.

He broke apart from Sonny lips to whisper, "I love you, Sonny."
Before she could respond, Chad's lips were attacking hers again. Sonny
wrapped her arms around Chad's neck to keep him there, not that he'd
want to move.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Connie was still sitting at the table.
She was contemplating what her only daughter had told her. Maybe there
was something between Sonny and Chad she wasn't seeing.

Connie got up from the table and walked towards her daughters
bedroom. She knocked quickly on the door and walked in. Two steps into
the room and she froze. She saw her daughter and current boyfriend
entangled on the bed. How could she think, especially after this, that
her daughter only flitted from boy to boy?

"Sonny!" The two teens pulled apart from each other. Sonny tried
to explain but Connie cut her off, "No. No, get out of my house. Now."
She turned around and walked back out the door and headed towards her
own bedroom. She couldn't handle this right now. She needed to be able
to think things through. Alone.

Sonny turned to Chad with tears in her eyes and spilling over and
down her cheeks. She launched herself into her boyfriends arm and
buried her head in his chest. Chad sat there and just let her cry. He
knew she needed to let this out.

Once Sonny was reduced to only sniffles, with no more tears to
cry, Chad hugged her tight once more. "Sonny, how 'bout we grab some
stuff and you can come to my house. I think your mom needs some time.
And so do you. Come on."

Chad got Sonny up of the bed and helped her pack some stuff. Once
she had enough stuff to last her for at least a week they headed
outside. "Are you okay to drive or do you just want to go in my car?"

"Let's just go in yours. I can pick up my car tomorrow after
work. If that's all right?"

"Of course it's all right, Sonny. Whatever I can help you with, I
will. Always know I love you. Not just for today, or only a week. I'll
always love. For forever." Chad sealed his words with a tender kiss
before they drove off to his house once more.

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