So I decided to write another story. Yay! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and for any of you who read The One sorry sorry about not updating but I've been busy and this summer I'm definitely going to finish it I hope. Sorry about my bad grammar.

Welcome to Hollywood


We thought nothing bad would happen, since we were just two teenagers driving (not me) home from a school play. But when that green light went my life was ruined.

My best friend, Cathy, went at the right speed driving along the intersection. All of a sudden this black vehicle zoomed toward my friend's car. Basically the man in that automobile broke the law and for that, we had to pay.

Bright lights were everywhere and I could hear police cars rushing into the scene. Some people screamed ...especially me.

Cathy died that day, but I don't know who she is. My parents forced me to go. They said that I got amnesia and that I forgot everything that occurred in the past two years. Especially our trip to California last summer (I think that's when they went). My sister Sara refuses to tell me anything because she thinks that I don't need to know. What a great sister!

Anyway, the doctor's say that I'll remember but it will take time, obviously. It's not like I can go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow with every memory that I don't have now. But now my grandma wants to see me again so I guess I'm going to California, again.

So how was it? Hopefully okay. I know that it was short but I'm going to try to make the first chapter longer. Oh and please review. Alex :)