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Chapter Three

(Jess' POV)

Before heading towards the tar pits Sara made me change my clothes for a second time that day I now wore dark jean capris, a reddish tank top and a grey vest with a lace racer back and trim. Knowing that if I changed she had to too, we stayed even longer at home until she came out ready to go in a hot pink tank with ruffles in the middle, floral shorts, and brown gladiators. Apparently everyplace has a specific outfit according to my sister.

She then dragged me all the way to the car, telling everyone that we were heading to the tar pits. First thing you would see in California are the tar pits? Not exactly what I wanted to see. Why couldn't we just go stalk Christopher Wilde? I mean he's bound to go to better looking places than there.

As Sara was driving, 'Hero' by my favourite pop star came on and my sister started screaming the lyrics like a prayer. While she was singing my mind went blank and in my mind I faintly heard someone playing the song like it was live. Maybe Sara forced me to a concert with her? I shook my head thinking my unconscious just made it up.

I guess I spaced out for the entire trip there because when I looked up the car wasn't moving and Sara had this weird look on her face.

"Are you okay, Sara?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Sara yelled. Oh. That's why.

"I'm sorry Sara, I don't know what happened. It's like my mind just went blank," I told her honestly.

"Alright... but be careful. If you just space out in public and don't know what's going on, who knows what strangers could take advantage of you," she warned.

"But aren't we going to stay together?" I frowned.

"Obviously! Just in case I get distracted. You know me, Jess. Come on let's go," I never understood how she could change topics so quickly.

"Are you sure she's going to be here?" I asked

"Have I ever been wrong?" Stubby asked, giving me that look.

"Actually you have. Remember that time-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don't have to go into the specifics," he said.

"I might as well, since you always think that I don't have a good reason, but I really do," I stated.

"Whatever, let's start working on your wooing skills."

"What wooing skills? I'm perfectly fine with the ladies," I said while smiling at some girls that smiled back.

"Them yes, Jessica no. Remember Chris she hates you, you're a jerk to her at this point, and all that had happened didn't. So yes we need to work on your wooing Jessica Olsen skills."

"I was fine just being myself the first time, so why wouldn't it work the second?" I asked.

"Because things never occur the same way twice," he said.

"Don't go all Narnia on me now!"

"Have no fear my friend. I'm not the person to pull it off; I'd have to be British and blonde/dark brunette."

"Oh thank goodness, I honestly thought you were lost to the evil side of all those nerds that fall for the mystical, Lord of the Rings type," I sighed.

"Actually Narnia can and cannot be a part of that group so yeah."

"I don't think now is the right time to discuss this, besides there they are now," I pointed to two girls walking along the fence.

"Good luck," Stubby said taking off.

"What? Wait! Where are you going?" I yelled.

"To have fun," he smiled back at me.


"You said you were fine," he replied.

Ugh. Why'd I have to say that?

(Jess' POV)

Sara just left me stranded there in the middle of the sidewalk to jump into a guy's arms. What a nice older sister.

I was about to follow her when some sandy blonde stepped in front of me.

"Excuse me," I said trying to get around. Of course it failed.

"Hey," this mystery guy spoke.

"Sorry but I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, so if you'll excuse me-"

"But I'm not a stranger, Jessica."

"How did y-you know my name?" I stammered.

"Because we met last summer. You and I became friends."

"Alright," I was already suspicious of this guy.

"If we were friends then surely you can tell me your name, right?"

"Wouldn't you remember?"

"My memory's a little hazy."

"Okay, my name is..."


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