A Trip to Greece

By Shadowgate

I don't own South Park. Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Comedy Central own it.

A/N: This is an ongoing sequel so if you've not read "I Love You Stan Marsh" and "Making Amends with Friends" and "A Trip to Casa Bonita" you may want to go back and do that. This is my first supernatural fan fiction story and it's rated 'M' for later chapters.


It's the first month of fifth grade. Much to Kyle's discomfort he and all his friends have Mister Garrison for a third fucking year in a row. Today word is abound that there will be a long unit on Greek Mythology.

Kyle is standing at his locker and he's approached by Eric Cartman.

"Hey kike faggot we're starting a big lesson on Greek Mythology and I know you find big naked Greek men sexy."

Kyle glares at Cartman.

Stan comes up to Kyle and says "let that go. Kyle it just so happens that fighting will get you an automatic two weeks suspension."

Stan puts his arm around Kyle.

"Kyle don't blow your education over this stupid fat dipshit loser."

Stan feels Kyle's heartbeat slow down and Kyle nods in agreement.

The students take their seats and Mister Garrison takes his place at the board.

"Okay class we're going to learn about Greek Mythology. Let me tell you class these Greeks weren't geeks."

The class is not amused by Mister Garrison's catch phrase.

"Alright class wake the fuck up we're going to talk about Greek men and what they wore."

After class Wendy tells Stan that her parents have made big money and are willing to have her take a trip to Greece to learn more. She invites Stan to come with. Kyle and Kenny have big smiles on their faces but Stan doesn't know what to say.

Wendy walks off so he'll have time to think about it.

Kyle is enthralled and says "you should go with her to Greece."

Kenny equally amused says "you can stick your cock in her pussy."

Stan says "we'll have a chaperone and no I'm not going to stick my cock in her pussy."

Kenny says "ahh come on!"

Cartman walks up and says "Stan and Wendy lying in Greece, oh my they're naked and covered in grease. Ha ha ha"

Stan says "shut up Cartman."

When Stan gets home he talks with his parents about a trip to Greece. His mom is not thrilled but his stupid dad said he was okay with it. Thus Sharon and Randy argued for an hour straight and Stan had quite a headache.

The next day in school Mister Garrison had a headache but he was going to teach his class about Greek History.

"Alright class you all are going to the computer lab to research Socrates. Oh and let me warn you all that anyone caught downloading pornography will be suspended for a week. So I'd better not catch anyone looking at pictures of big sexy naked Greek men with muscles."

The class giggles.

"Stop laughing because it is not funny. It's not funny to disrupt education with pictures of luscious nude Greek men."

The class starts laughing harder.

Mister Garrison gets really pissed off and yells at his class and tells them to get to the computer lab right away.

After two hours of research they go back to the classroom and Clyde is up first.

Clyde got up to give his speech and when he ended it by discussing The Thirty and how they gave him hemlock to drink as punishment for his criticism of the government Mister Garrison said "oh how I wish I could give hemlock to all of you kids."

The class looks at Mister Garrison with disgust.

At lunch time Wendy confronts Stan about the trip to Greece and that if he can go Mister Garrison will give him an automatic A for the semester in Social Studies.

Stan was really motivated and Kenny continued to ask Stan if he'd fuck Wendy in Greece.

"Goddamn it Kenny I don't even know if I'm going to go. My mom and dad had a big fight over the issue and I just don't know if I'm going to go."

Kenny looks scared from Stan's anger so Stan apologizes and pats him on the back.

When Stan gets home he finds his parents having sex on the couch.

"Mom! Dad! What the hell are you doing?"

Randy said "Oh Stan we're having make up sex. Oh and you can go to Greece with Wendy."

Stan jumps for joy and says "yes!"

In Greece however another man by the name of Hordak Hess is smiling and yelling "YES" as he puts his plan together.

"I Hordak Hess will punish Greece. The superior Aryans of Germany have had to carry Greece financially for too long."

In the mean time Stan and Wendy are packing and getting ready to go. There was room for Kyle and Kenny as well but Wendy specifically said "no ticket for Cartman."

When Stan and Wendy met up the next morning in school they were happy as could be.