A Trip to Greece

Chapter 10

By Shadowgate


Zeus informs him that the dragon is no more and points out that all prisoners he had are now free.

Stan and Kyle start receiving magic power from the Olympians making them 100 times stronger than normal. They attack Hordak Hess and beat him to the point that he's crying like a baby.

The police drive up and handcuff Hordak.

Craig looks at Stan and Kyle with a big smile on his face. He states "I'm glad this shit is over with."

8 hours later the three boys and Wendy were on a plane back to America. When they got back to South Park Stan and Kyle slept for 36 hours straight.

Kyle made a phone call to Stan the day before school.

"Hey Stan are you awake?"

Stan answers back "shit I slept for over a day."

Kyle says "oh yes me as well. My mom called up our personal Jewish doctor to make a house call so I could have a checkup. You know the one who circumcised me?"

Stan said "oh yeah well my mom thought of driving me to Hell's Pass Hospital but I seem to be doing alright now"

Kyle went on to talk about the issue of their presentation in front of the class. They knew that for taking down Hordak Hess and saving the world they were getting 'A' grades no matter what. They were concerned that Cartman would be disruptive.

The Monday came and it was back to school for everyone. Kyle and Stan pulled Cartman aside in the hallway for a talk.

Kyle said "hey Cartman now more than ever it would be a good idea for you to sit quietly and behave in the classroom while we give our presentations."

Stan added "we know what happened to you when the Olympians came."

Cartman nodded to both of them without saying a word.

Kyle gave him a pat on the shoulder and Craig gave him a stern look just to reemphasize the message.

Everyone went into the classroom and took their seats and Stan got up in front of the class with Craig by his side. Kyle was at the chalkboard holding up some poster boards.

"Alright class let's just say that our trip to Greece really sucked balls."

The presentation lasts a little over an hour and after that Mister Garrison promptly rewarded Craig, Wendy, Stan, and Kyle with A's for Social Studies.

Hordak Hess sat in a prison cell vowing to escape and get even.