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You Can't Tune Me Out

"I'll always be here and you can't ignore me forever," snapped Nick, eyes giving daggers in the form of an icy glare.

Macy walked right on past him. "Actually, I can." She flipped her caramel colored hair over one shoulder before disappearing into the room that she and Stella shared in the guest quarters.

Instead of going after her as he probably should've, Nick crashed on the couch behind him, leaning his head back against the plush pillows and putting his hands over his face. Whatever he'd done wrong this time was going to be much, much harder to fix.

Especially when he had no idea what it was.

And Nick had screwed up a lot of times. A lot a lot of times.

If anyone asked Joe or Kevin how many times Nick had screwed up, they would have to use their fingers and toes to count. And that was a lot of fingers and toes.

But with Macy, he seemed to screw up even more. Whenever she was around, he always screwed up. He fell a lot more. He ran into things frequently. He got smacked in the face by a microphone once or twice courtesy of Joe and the fact that he forgot to dodge the stupid thing.

And more than once he had tried to drink water out of a vase when the glass of water he was originally drinking was right next to it.

Nick considered himself as the smartest of all the Lucas brothers. Except for maybe Frankie, but that was questionable. So when he knew he was doing stupid things, he had to worry about it. Because he didn't do stupid things like Kevin where they were on purpose but with good intentions. He did it because he didn't know what he was doing.

Macy walked past again, this time carrying a massive stack of surfer magazines.

Oh yes, she was tuning him out the best she could. What had he done wrong this time? The list was so long she'd have to use Joe and Kevin's fingers and toes to count.

"Macy," Nick tried again only to watch her disappear into the other room and the slamming of the back door followed closely behind and the sound of her footsteps disappeared. He let his head fall against those pillows again.

"You screwed up," taunted Kevin in a slightly whimsical and child-like voice as he pranced past. Seconds later he got whacked with a pillow in the back of the head. He ran for dear life, knowing Nick had a good aim with pillows and moving targets.

What had he done? Nick ran through the list in his head. Macy had only been mad at him since this morning, so what could he have done in one day?

He'd gotten up.

He'd walked down stairs.

He'd eaten Froot Loops. And it wasn't the last of the box so it couldn't have been that.

He'd sat outside with a guitar and worked on a few new chords. Nothing too horribly annoying about that.

He'd stared at the sun without sunglasses on. He figured out that was a bad idea a few minutes later when he couldn't see anything but black spots dancing across his vision. How would that upset Macy? It probably wouldn't.

Kevin had danced across the pool and Nick had kicked him in with one foot. Okay, that might upset Macy, but not too horribly that she wouldn't want to talk to him ever again…

What else? He'd sat on the couch. He hadn't sat on anything… As far as he knew.

She couldn't tune him out. He wouldn't let her. And he would be even more annoying if she kept trying to ignore him. Nick wouldn't let her. He never would.

There was a long silence as he ran through the rest of his day. Sitting on this couch. Nothing less. Nothing more. That was what he'd been doing most of the day. That was pretty much all.

Going against his better judgment, Nick got up off the couch and grabbed his guitar and slung it over his shoulder before walking towards the back door that Macy had disappeared through. He wasn't going to take this anymore. He wanted to let her know that he was upset that she was upset. That was hard to understand, but he was starting to get miserable with being ignored and then Kevin was even poking fun at him. Of all people, KEVIN!

"What did I do wrong?" he asked, standing in front of her with a guitar over his shoulder. Nick stared down at her with her caramel colored hair and her big brown eyes that were pointed towards him in a cold manner. "I didn't do anything wrong, did I?"

"If you didn't then why would I stop talking to you?" she retorted, glaring at him with daggers in her eyes.

"You're talking to him," commented Joe as he walked past.

Nick kicked backwards.

His foot caught Joe's leg and his older brother went right down into the pool.

The youngest Lucas brother's attention turned back to Macy who was smiling at Joe falling into the pool. Her eyes were directed on him until she returned her gaze to Nick and it turned cold again. "You didn't have to do that," she growled.

"You don't have to stop talking to me," he pointed out.

"Why can't you just figure out why I'm mad at you?" she asked, a fierce tone in her voice.

He groaned. Nick reached up and ran his fingers through his hair. "Macy, what do you think I've been trying to do for the past three hours on that couch?"

"Sitting there and maybe trying to write a song." She gave him that implying look.

Nick didn't catch on. "Macy, please don't make me ask again."

"Nick, you can figure it out on your own. I know you're smart." Macy got up and took her surfing magazines and walked away, back inside.

Joe resurfaced. "Dude, think back."

"Back to what?" asked Nick, falling into the chair Macy had just been in. He stared up at the sky, knowing that the sun was currently covered with a couple layers of thick clouds.

"What is Abraham Lincoln on?" Joe hauled himself out of the pool's icy waters. "And what is worth one cent?" He shook his head, water droplets flying everywhere. "And-"

"What did I do with Penny that has totally set off Macy?" asked Nick, throwing his hands up in the air.

His sarcastic voice coming on, Joe cued Kevin. "Oh, Nicholas, I have no idea." A guitar came from the bushes and then Kevin stood up, waved to Nick and crouched back down in the shrubs.

Joe captured the guitar in his hand.

Nick stared at him, expression blank and as confused as ever.

Scowling a bit, Joe took the guitar and shoved it in Nick's face. "Penny…" he said, giving his brother the 'keep going' gesture, knowing Nick would catch on at some point.

"Oh. Shoot." Nick ran inside, his guitar in hand. He flitted to his room, really hoping he could fix this before it spiraled out of hand.

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