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He'd taken almost an hour to work this out. He'd focused on it for the longest time. Nick had literally dumped his heart and soul into his guitar and into those words and everything he wanted to say was now on paper. He'd gotten the chance to write it down and to put it on a few bars of sheet music and now he had to go find Macy.

And that would be the hardest part.

Nick headed down the hall and looked for any sign of her. He banged on the door only to find Stella opening the door and staring out at him with angry eyes. "At least you know how to knock," she commented. The blonde leaned against the door frame. "What's up?"

"Where's Macy?"

Stella pointed a finger inside her room.

Nick started to push his way inside until Stella barred her arm across the door frame. "Nick, life is never this easy."

"Try something else?" he offered with a sigh, knowing that winning Macy over wasn't going to be easy. He didn't think it'd be easy in the first place, but he didn't think she wouldn't let him in. Or maybe it was just Stella doing that…

And the blonde girl nodded with a smirk. "Find a better way. Making things easy would be too hard for me and it wouldn't be special for Macy."

"Making things easy would be too hard- I'm not gonna ask." Nick turned and took his guitar by the neck before stalking around the outside of the house and sitting down out there. He picked up a couple of tiny pebbles and tossed them up at the window pane.

He faintly heard the door open and he saw Stella leave the room quietly, either going to find Joe or going to find a random piece of food as an excuse to leave the room.

A face appeared in the window. Macy stared out in a short bright yellow nightgown and her caramel colored hair tied in a ribbon over one shoulder. She looked down at her favorite rock star as he sat on the lawn right below her bedroom window. "Nick," she said with a small smile on her face. She knew that he figured out. With some extra help from Joe and Kevin of course.

"It took me a little while, Mace, but I'm sorry. I didn't think you needed a song just to feel like I cared about you. With Penny, it was a burst of inspiration. With you, I just know that you know that I care about you. And I didn't think music played a part in us being together." Nick set the guitar down on his lap. "I'm sorry, Mace."

The girl smiled down at him, eyes glimmering with some misunderstood emotion.

"So this one's for you," he said, picking up the guitar and setting his fingers across the chords. And Nick started to sing.

"I'm starin' at the wall
Hopin' that that clock won't fall
'cause I can' waste my time
Waitin' for you.
Maybe you're a lil' slow on the pick up
Maybe I just don't wanna slip up
There's no chance
To make a mistake

'cause I just want you to notice me
Notice me down here
My dear
I'm standin' here just wastin' my time
Kinda hoping that you'll be mine
Starin' at this clock on the wall
And hopin' that you'll fall
For me

Spendin' all my time lovin' you
Wonderin' if you love me too
And now I can't turn away
'cause these feelings might fade
Maybe we're just a couple of sweethearts
Maybe we shouldn't go 'cause we'll break hearts
And there's no way
That I can say

I just want you to notice me
Notice me down here
My dear
I'm standin' here just wastin' my time
Kinda hopin' that you'll be mine
Starin' at this clock on the wall
And hopin' that you'll fall
For me

I'm down here lookin' up at you
Wonderin' what your love can do
If you turn me down"

Nick looked up from the chords and into Macy's deep brown eyes.

They were welling up with cold, wet tears. A small smile was dancing across her thin and pale lips. "That's beautiful," she murmured, reaching up to wipe away the running mascara around her eyes before it stained her cheeks. She had to blink a few times and look away, knowing that she'd only want to cry more by seeing his angelic face and those tight curls and his smile… oh, his smile just made her heart melt.

"Thanks for talking to me again, Mace." He just smiled and got to his feet, holding his guitar by the neck.

She sighed deeply, knowing that she could rest easy now. Macy wiped away one last tear and put one hand over her heart, hoping it wouldn't burst. Because it felt like it was about to explode.

Macy felt something brush against her cheek softly and her eyes fluttered shut as she heard Nick pushed a few strands of stray hair away from her chocolate shaded eyes. "Goodnight, Macy." He kissed her cheek again before carrying his guitar off to the main house again. Once there, he crashed on his bed and let out a long breath. It had gone over better than he had expected.

The girl crashed on her bed and clutched a pillow to her face, able to rest and relax. Macy smiled into that pillow, listening to that tune running through her head, the words singing in her mind.

She couldn't tune him out. No matter how hard she tried. Because she was in love with Nick Lucas.

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