I slowly opened the box on the floor before me, unfolding the flaps after carefully using my knife to cut the tape. The contents were all individually wrapped in a clear plastic and on top was an invoice that I took out a lot slower than I normally would. The paper made soft sounds as it was unfolded and my miscolored eyes took in the information while my face steadily got a little more red. There was a checkmark beside each order, right before a price that had seriously hurt my wallet. Even with my part time jobs at section six doing civilian work and the other one working in junction with the local police, this fully customized set had been more than I was honestly willing to spend…

…But I did anyway.

Puppy Love



Carefully laying the paper next to me, I looked in the box and just sat there for the longest time. I knew what was in there, but I was hesitate to take it out. Once it was removed from the plastic, I couldn't send it back. I would be committed to do what my plans were that night. Even though I paid for the rushed order, and the overnight shipping, I was worried it wouldn't make it today. Vivio's birthday.

To most of the world, it was a day that was on her created birth certificate. It was a day that Vivio was born from parents that had died and left her as an orphan before the church had found her. To the few of us that knew the truth, it was something else. It was the day the Kaiser inside of her had died and Vivio Takamachi was born. It was the day she had asked to be saved, the day Nanoha had truly understood what it was to be a mother. Vivio was willing to go through anything to be with her again, and Nanoha had used a power that may have shortened her very life to make sure she could grant that wish. I understood this, and it put a large burden on me every year when I bought her a gift. It had to be something she would remember, something to be a match for the day she had been given. She was always so happy on her birthday, any present paled in comparison to just being there with her family.

Fate had the day before, the day of, and the day after off for the birthday, and even looked her superior officer directly in the eye and stated she would transfer units if it was denied of her, no matter the situation. Her skill and mage rank was enough for her to get away with the threat, and Nanoha worked directly under Hayate so she didn't have to worry. I had to compete with that, and it wasn't easy.

Reaching into the box, I pulled out the top item and looked at it. Slowly, I removed it from the packaging and held it in my hands. The black plastic on it felt way more sturdy than normal, and there were small 'teeth' all over the headband that would ensure it would stay in my hair. On both sides of the arched plastic were animal ears in the shape of a wolf, or a rather large dog. The fake fur on it felt real to the touch, and the color matched my hair perfectly, as I had to send them a lock of my hair in the custom order. Turning it over, I saw the 'inside' of the ears, that were a light silverish-green, to which I knew was the lightest shade of my hair. I looked at the band for several moments before I carefully slid it on, adjusting it multiple times while looking at the mirror on my nightstand. When done, it looked so real I couldn't even tell where the band was on my head. Tilting a bit, the ears reacted thanks to magic link on the band that was touching my head. I felt a little shocked at how accurate it was, and the ears perked up to match my expression. With that, I turned to look away from the mirror, feeling my face grow warm.

Honestly, this box contained one of Vivio's most hidden secrets. She was, what was called a 'furry', I believe. I would never forget when I had found out. I was with her one afternoon, just spending time together. We had been a couple for a little over half a year now, and had just started to fall into the 'very comfortable around each other' stage. I wasn't nervous around her anymore, and no longer worried about embarrassing myself when we got intimate. We had made a lot over the span, but each time was still special, something that neither of us would forget. Each touch was sensual and each whisper to each other was heartfelt and meant with everything we had. I thought I knew everything about her then, but that day changed it.

She went to get us some drinks and allowed me to browse her folders stored on Kris. The monitor was in front of me and I took great interest in looking at what she stored. I went to her music folder and then under the band names to see what music she had saved. I noticed a folder with a band I never heard of called 'Furcadia' and it perked my interest enough to look at it. A few songs were list, but there was another folder named 'yiff' in it. Curiosity took over, and I had permission, so I opened it as well. What I saw had honestly freaked me out, and Vivio came in before I could close it. She saw what I was looking at and had dropped our drinks onto the floor so she could dive over and grip the monitor in her fist, closing it down. She looked at me with a face that was clearly scared and was blushing so hard I knew she would get a headache from it. She asked if I saw it, but I didn't answer. The horrified expression on my face was clear, even to me.

We didn't talk for a few days after that, which was about a month ago now. I had done some research on the word I remembered and found out what it had meant… To be honest, I was a little disturbed and… maybe a little offended by it. After a while, Nanoha had asked to talk with me. She was told by Vivio what happened, and I was a little amazed how close Nanoha and Vivio were. Although I didn't ask how she had found out, I was sure it was in a similar way I had. It was awkward, to say the least, sitting on Nanoha's couch in her living room while she tried to talk to me about it…

I had asked her what she thought about it, and she smiled lightly at me. She told me that a lot of people go through phases in life, and it was normal for teenagers to experiment with things. She had to go through the awkward phase where she had to accept that she liked girls, which I found out wasn't a normal thing on the planet she was from. I guessed that was how she was so accepting of this weird fact, but she went on to explain a little more to me. "Vivio is Vivio," she had told me soothingly. "If this is more than a phase and turns into something she stays with, then it won't change who she is. It is a little weird, yes, but isn't a whole lot of other things? If this is the worst I have to worry about, then I think I am getting off lucky, don't you?"

The words were true, and I accepted them, even if I still didn't like the idea. It was weird, and I didn't understand the attraction to it. Vivio did, apparently, from the amount of things on it that I had seen before she came in the room. There were things about her I didn't know about, and things I didn't understand. I didn't like there being secrets between us; and after a week or so, I began to feel a little distant from her.

I don't like that feeling, and I wanted everything to go back to the way it was before… but it wouldn't change the fact that Vivio still liked those kind of things, and it wouldn't change the fact she wasn't comfortable enough with me to explain herself. 'Will this cause us to break up?' I had asked myself. 'Is this the moment that all couples say they had before things started to go downhill?' I didn't want that, but there was nothing I could do about it unless I accepted this part of her… Was losing the girl I loved worth it? Was this… kink… of hers something that was more powerful than our relationship? If she couldn't trust me enough to share her secrets, then how could I trust her with mine?

My answer to the questions was in the box in front of me. Vivio was Vivio, no matter what she liked. I loved her, although we rarely said the words to each other. It was a special statement, reserved for those moments where it was needed to express our true feelings. We didn't say it casually like other couples, we said it seriously. To us, it was a bold statement, not to be taken lightly. But I did love her, so much so that I wanted to do anything and everything I could to understand her.

My hands went back into the box and another item was picked up. The plastic was cut carefully with my knife and I took out two items that were shaped like boots. The outside was covered in short fur that matched my hair just like the ears on my head, but the inside was a material that was a little too small for my legs, ensuring that they would stay on me no matter what. I held them in my hands and looked over them several times before finally laying them in my lap and leaning back a bit so I could reach the button on my jeans. The clasp was undone and I slid the zipper down so I could wiggle the fabric down my legs. My socks went with them and I placed them beside me before fishing out the fur boots in the mess. I held the top and slid my foot down through the material, a weird sensation going through me from the feeling. The boots were cut out near the bottom, leaving two holes. One was for my toes, and the other was for my heel. The fur wrapped over the top of my foot and on the underside as well, leaving the whole section of my toes free as well as the heel before going back up my leg. I felt a little silly in it, and after I situated the one on my other leg as well, I smoothed them out, the fur going clear to just under my knees

I looked at the box again, and removed another plastic bag. This time, gloves were pulled out. Again, the fur felt soothing to the touch and so real, I was amazed it was made just for me. The end of them would go to my elbows, the glove part being fingerless. On my palms alone, the fur turned a darker green color, matching my hair tone perfectly. With a curious test, I ran my fur covered palms over my legs, shivering at the…bizarre feeling it gave me.

The next package made me sit and stare for the longest time. I was holding a type of vest in my hands now, seeing to type of zipper or hidden clasps on it. I knew I had to slide it on like a swimsuit, but I was hesitating. The material was the same as before, and would cover from my hips up to just under my breasts. Two half-moon cut outs were on the front, where my breasts would be on display. I ran the fur between my hand and thumb, feeling the soft, gentle tingle on my skin.

Slowly, I leaned back against my bed and bent my knees up with my feet flat on the floor so I could lay the top on my thighs and look at it. Honestly, I didn't want to put it on, as I was a little weirded out by it still. I didn't understand Vivio for this. Fur on my stomach, sides, and back? I admit, it would feel very nice, but can't you get the same feeling with those fur lined gloves at the sex shops? Why does the whole outfit need to be on? What was the desire?

I sat for a long time, staring at the top against my legs. 'Vivio, I don't understand you…' The thought went through my mind again and again. From the research I had done, and the forums I went to, I knew that people like Vivio were generally only open about it when they could remain anonymous. It was a very embarrassing thing to like, and I could understand that clearly. Vivio had never once attempted to talk with me about it, and could only go to Nanoha for what little support she could get from her mother who didn't understand it fully. But… this was what she liked. It was weird, but… she liked it. This wasn't about the fetish so much as wanting to understand her. I wanted to let her know it was okay to come to me about things she was embarrassed about. I would listen to her, even if I didn't understand it. I wanted to be there for her, even if I could only tell her I would support her no matter what. I wanted to be on the same level as her mother, who Vivio knew would accept her.

With that thought, I took off my shirt and bra, placing them next to me in the small pile. My hair was scooped up and held so I could get my head through the opening. It took a little struggling, and I repositioned it what had to be at least seven times, but I finally got it on right. I couldn't tell the difference from where the tight material clung to my skin and where the fur began, so seamless that it made me realize why I had paid so much for this. I had measured myself repeatedly, making sure I got the same numbers three times before I sent off the order, and I was thankful for it now. Although I was embarrassed by having myself on display like this… I think it is okay. Vivio would like it, and that's what mattered. This was between us, as lovers, and I wanted to do anything I could for her.

I felt re-assured by now, and the next to last item was taken out with a little more confidence. The container was cut into and I took out a collar. It was only an inch wide, and snapped close instead of buckling, but the front of the red leather had a small name tag in the shape of a dog bone. On the front, it had my full name with hearts on both sides of it, where the bone was larger. The text was smooth and fluid, and then the 'i' in my name was dotted with a little heart. On the back, my custom message was also engraved in the gold. Property of Vivio Takamachi, it said. Her address was engraved just under that note, and I felt my cheeks color while looking at it. 'Property of,' I read again, smiling while touching the tag with a finger tip.

That's right; I belonged to her, just as she belonged to me. Nothing would change that. Not this or anything else. She was my girlfriend, and I loved her. I don't care about the rest of the world, even if they found out about this. Yes, I'm willing to dress up in a fetish outfit for my girlfriend. Yes it's covered in fur, so what? Yes, I have doggy ears, does it matter?

It didn't matter. Vivio was Vivio. A shy girl who always tried to be gentle with me, who understood I was generally a quiet person. She didn't make me uncomfortable, and was outgoing enough for the both of us… If this was the most I had to do for her, didn't I get off easy?

…Yes. Yes I did.

The final object was taken out and I opened it with a little more determination. I had saved this one for last on purpose, as I knew it was two things that I was uneasy about. The first being it was an imitation dog tail, curved and pretty long. When on, it would flip up like a Husky and react to my emotions and movements, just like my ears. It, along with my ears, had cost the most in all of this since I had gotten the magically enhanced versions… but that was okay. I wanted to show her I was serious about it, and didn't get some cheap little set that I could shrug off as just a 'phase' she was going through. No, this was for real, and if Vivio liked it, then I would wear it.

…Although the next part of it made me hesitate more than anything else. At the base of the tail was a little three inch insertable…plug. It was a light green, just like the hair on the tail, and I knew it would blend in perfectly once put in, but…

I sighed. This was what really tested my determination. I sat on my bed now, looking at the device in my hand. A small bit of lubrication was in a squeezable package that came with it, and I reluctantly tore off the top part at the dotted line. Vivio would really appreciate this, I knew, but… Oh well, here goes nothing.

I put the tiny plastic pouch to the tapered end of the plug and spread the contents on it until it was empty. Tossing it into the box filled with the trash and packing chips, I used two fingers to smear the clear cream along the toy. It was only three inches long, and was the smallest size available, but it still flared out to almost an inch thickness at the bottom before it cut under like a mushroom. The tail started there and I immediately thought that this thing was three inches too long, and one inch too wide.

Despite this, I still moved so I was sitting on my knees. Carefully, I reached back with one hand and, with great embarrassment, pulled on the left side of my butt so I was able to place the small tip to the entrance. Closing my eyes, I put slight pressure on it, my hand not wanting to listen to my mind. I felt the slimy tip peek inside of me and I grunted, leaning forward and pressing my cheek against my bed sheets. I gave the toy a small twist and forced myself to put more pressure on it, sliding it in almost an inch before I felt my hole protest rather painfully. 'No, I'm not doing it!'

I took it out and rubbed my sore butt, grimacing at the lubrication being smeared. 'She doesn't need the tail anyway,' I told myself looking at it. What was just the tail? She wouldn't know. It would be just fine to not wear it.

But my body wouldn't move to place it back in the box.

I looked at it, my previous thoughts running over in my mind again and again. I had bought it because I was serious about it. I was willing to wear it because Vivio liked it. I would do anything to show her I would accept all of her secrets… Damn it.

I moved it back behind me again and placed the base of it onto my bed, shifting so my feet were on the floor. I lined it up again and twisted it around as the tip entered me again. 'okay… simple and fast…' I took a few deep breaths and tried to sit down on it, only to not move. This made me rather upset, as I was starting to doubt myself again. 'No… I can't cop out on this. This is me saying its okay… This is me showing her things that I can't say clearly…' I sat down as quickly as I could, yelping at the flare of stinging pain that was in a place I never wanted it to be. Even still, I knew it wasn't completely inside and I bit back a cry as I lifted up, gripped the base, and shoved it the rest of the way in.

The feeling made me open my mouth in a loud gasp, stumbling forward until I fell to my knees. I bent forward and groaned, a trembling hand reaching back and gripping the tail. It took more willpower than I would like to admit, but I managed to pull away after twisting it so the tail was correctly in. I'm not sure how long I stayed in that position, but I knew it had to be a few minutes. The pain was gone, replaced by a feeling that I didn't like and couldn't get used to. Despite that, the tail wagged when my hips moved, and I was satisfied that it worked properly.

Moving was a little hard, as each motion made me want to rip the tail out and forget I ever bought it, but I still managed to get everything cleaned up and the box hidden in my closet. I had almost twenty minutes before Vivio was supposed to appear at my house, but I used almost all of it to get used to what I was wearing.

When I heard the knock on my door, I crawled onto my bed, on all fours, and looked at the entrance to my loft apartment. I told her it was imperative that she came alone, and she promised me, so I trusted her. "Come in!" I called out. I heard the door unlock from her key and she stepped in, closing the door behind her.

"I'm here," she called out, looking down as she took off her shoes. "What's so important that I-" She stopped when finally looked up and saw me.

"Wan!" I barked at her, moving my hips and feeling the tail start to wag behind me energetically. It felt… weird, but I didn't mind it anymore.

"Ein…hart-san?" She was speechless, slowly walking over to the bed and standing before me. Her hand shakingly lifted up to touch one of my ears and it twitched under her, making her pull back in shock.

"Wan," I barked again, this time softly. I nuzzled my face against her palm and looked up at her lovingly.

I had expected many things from her after seeing me. I had expected her to look at me utterly confused for a while, as well as grinning from ear to ear at the sight. I had expected her to pet me, to feel my hair, and to look at my identity tag. I was expecting her to call me 'puppy' or maybe even 'Ein-chan' while we fooled around… But I hadn't expected this.

Vivio fell to her knees, looking at me with wide, moist eyes as tears began to fall down her cheeks. I immediately sat up and moved to the floor in front of her, my hands holding her shoulders. "Vi-Vivio-san?" I was shocked, too scared to really say anything clearly. "Is… Is this not right? I… I read that- that this was…" Before I could finish, I was pulled into a tight embrace. My girlfriend was pulling onto me tightly, almost painfully. A sob came loudly in my ear and I felt the tears drip down and run along my neck as I hugged her back. "I'm sorry," I apologized. "I'm so sorry, I thought this was right…"

"It is," she coughed out, wiggling to get closer to me. Our fronts were crushed together and she was straddling both my knees in an attempt to get closer. "It's… It's everything…"

"Then… Why?" I asked her, still confused.

"Why are you…wearing it?" She was sniffing harshly now, not letting go so we could look at each other. "It's… It's stupid! It's weird!" She stared breaking down now, almost clawing at me, trying everything so I couldn't move her to look at her face. "It's not… not…" She was choking on her words and I finally gripped her tightly, pushing her off of me as gently as I could so I could see her.

"Because," I told her softly. Her eyes could barely stay open, tears falling down her cheeks freely. "I love you… and everything you are into… even if I don't understand it." She started shaking more and I allowed her to push forward and wrap herself around me again, crying onto my shoulder as I stroked her back. "It may be weird, but I'll be weird with you." She was holding me so tight now it was almost painful. "Vivio is Vivio."

"…Thank you," she managed out, voice so full of emotion that I could barely make out her words. "I don't… deserve you…"

"Shhh," I tried to sooth her. "I don't think I deserve you either, but here we are." She nodded against me and I held her against me lovingly. Her breathing started to slow and we parted a few minutes later. Her makeup was running now, and her mascara was smeared around her eyes, but I couldn't ever recall seeing her look more beautiful then right now.

Vivio hiccupped and blushed, sniffing while rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. "Einhart-san…"

I placed a finger against her lips and smiled. "I need to say this before I get too embarrassed…" She nodded and reached up to take my hand with both of hers after kissing my fingertip. "If… If you ever have something that you want to talk about… If you ever have a secret that you are afraid I may not understand… tell me. I promise you, I will listen with everything I have and try to understand you… no matter what it is, I will always be here with you. I will always look at you as Vivio. Always… So… So please don't keep anything from me."

She was starting to shiver again and I could tell she was fighting back tears. With a small nod, she gave a hum in understanding that was mixed with another hiccup. We embraced again, and held each other for the longest time, smiling.

We didn't make love that night like I had expected. Instead, we lay next to each other on the bed and simply talked to each other. We shared everything that we felt a little insecure about, leaving out nothing. We became closer that night, able to fully understand each other's fears and concerns. We offered comfort to each other and held on lovingly when we had a small break down and cried.

I was finally able to give her something on her birthday that she would always have with her. It wasn't something physical, or something she could show off to her friends, but instead it was a feeling that she could always rely on. I was able to give her my absolute trust, and she knew I would be there for her. No matter what, I would stand beside her. She knew this, and nothing could take away the feeling of love I had managed to share with her heart.

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