Ash and Misty's

First Date

This is my first attempt at a Fanfiction, review and constructive criticism is appreciated

Ash Ketchum had finished his Pokemon Journey nearly a year ago (about damned time, too), and had been meeting with his old friends Misty Waterflower and Brock Slate to keep in touch. Misty had tried to tell Ash about her feelings for him nearly fifty times, but couldn't bring herself to and was becoming frustrated at Ash's complete ignorance towards this fact. Ash had been smitten with Misty since they met at that pond that first day but didn't know how to tell Misty about it. Brock, being wiser than the other two, noticed these things in both of them, but knew Misty would most likely claw his face off multiple times if she found out, so he took it upon himself to tease Ash; but recently Brock has been rather annoyed by how reluctant Misty was and how oblivious Ash was, so, without telling either of them about the other, set both Ash and Misty on a blind date with one another.

On the night of the date, both Misty and Ash were dressing up in they're best clothes, and had made their way to the train station where they would receive their pre-purchased tickets that would direct them to their seats on the train that would take them to the movie theater (playing Twilight, neither were very happy with the movie choice). As Ash was moving towards the train he noticed Misty also walking towards the train, "Hey, Misty!" he called, causing her head to turn in his direction as he jogged towards her. "Hey, where are you sitting?" He asked.

Misty glanced at her ticket and replied Carriage Three.

"Weird," Ash remarked, "Brock set me up on a blind date and bought us tickets for Carriage Three-"

Ash was interrupted by Misty saying that Brock had also set her up on a blind date and bought her the ticket; "He set us up together." Both Ash and Misty nearly fainted at this realization.