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Chapter 1

Sam watched as everyone talked excitedly about something. No one ever told him anything and that was fine with him. He hated it, hated being there but he didn't have anywhere else to go anymore. He hadn't seen his family for four years, not since the letter had arrived. Dad had kicked him out, even threatened him with a shotgun. Dean hadn't been there, he had been out for the night with some other high schoolers. At first he'd tried sending Dean messages but they'd all come back unopened. As far as he knew Dean felt the same was as Dad.

Sam straightened as the Headmistress entered, a young man following her. The sounds of excitement increased even more as the young man followed her to the front of the room. Sam studied him and recognised something he hadn't seen in anyone at the school but himself, this man had seen combat.

"I'm sure from the noise in here you already know but I will make the announcement anyway. Please make welcome our new student, Lord Harrison James Potter-Black. I know you all have lots of questions for him but please keep in mind that you are all here to learn and do not press for answers. If you'd like to find a seat Lord Potter." The headmistress said and he nodded. Sam looked down, going back to his breakfast only to pause as he felt someone nearby. Looking up he saw Lord Potter standing opposite him.

"Mind if I sit here?" He asked and Sam shook his head. Potter smiled and sat down, food appearing in front of him as he did.
"I'm Harry." A hand was offered and Sam took it.

"Sam." He answered and Harry smiled again.

"What year are you in?" Harry asked and Sam looked up at him again.

"Fourth." Sam answered and Harry nodded.

"So you fourteen yet?"

"Not till May." Sam answered, not sure why a Lord was taking so much time to talk to him.

"A birthday during the term, bet that makes it annoying to celebrate." Harry stated and Sam shrugged.

"Don't really celebrate." Sam admitted and Harry frowned.

"Why not?" He asked and Sam ignored the question.

"Why are you even talking to me?" Sam demanded and Harry smiled sadly at him.

"Because you remind me of someone." Harry answered and then headed off to class.

Harry watched Sam as the kid studied in the library. The kid reminded Harry of himself in so many ways. He'd seen the pain in hazel eyes when he'd mentioned Sam's birthday, a pain Harry recognised from his own childhood. His life had ended up a living hell, maybe he could save someone else from going through the same.

He'd asked around the school, and wasn't Salem very different from Hogwarts, and had learnt that Sam never went home for holidays, never mentioned family and didn't actually have any friends. He'd even talked to the headmistress about Sam, ignoring her surprise over his inquiries. Apparently the poor kid was shuffled from home to home each summer, sort of a foster system for abandoned wizards and it made Harry's heart clench in remembered pain. Because it wasn't just himself Sam reminded him of, but of Hermione and her love of books. He'd moved to America, transferred three weeks into his last year of magic school to get away from the memories and eyes always watching him only to find a kid that brought it all back.

America and the Salem Institute were meant to be a fresh start and here he was diving right back in to saving people. But when he had seen Sam that first morning...he couldn't stay away.

"Hey Sam!" Harry called out and Sam turned to face him, at least Harry had finally gotten the kid to simply call him Harry, not Lord Potter or Lord Black.

"Hi Harry." Sam answered.

"I was heading into town this weekend and was wondering if you'd like to come?" He offered and Sam frowned.

"But it's not a scheduled weekend."

"True but being a Lord does have some benefits, including being able to bring a friend. So you want to come?" Harry said and Sam stopped walking to stare at him.

"Friend? You want to be my friend?" Sam asked and Harry smiled, tugging Sam into an alcove for privacy.

"Yes Sam, I want to be your friend." Harry answered gently and Sam frowned suspiciously.

"Why?" He demanded and Harry mentally applauded that attitude. It was rather Slytherin to suspect everyone but then again Harry himself was more snake than griffin these days.

"Remember how I said you remind me of someone? That person is me and as well as a good friend who died in the war. You're smart, talented, you don't participate in gossip and you've never gawked at me or demanded an autograph. And I can see the pain you try to hide. Your family couldn't accept what you are, could they?" He asked gently and Sam glared at him defiantly before slowly shaking his head. Harry reached out and laid a hand on Sam's shoulder.
"For four years I believed my name was Freak, I only learnt otherwise when I started Primary School. I understand Sam and if you need to talk about it I'll listen."

Sam stared at Harry in shock. Yeah his Dad had kicked him out but suddenly that didn't seem so bad after hearing that. Maybe, just maybe he could finally have a friend who could understand and wouldn't care. Not that it would last long, Harry was in his final year and Sam still had three more to go.

"So do you want to come?" Harry asked again and Sam slowly smiled at him.

"Okay." His answer got him a grin and then he squawked as the older teen reached out and ruffled his hair before leaving. Sam stared after him, fighting pain as the action reminded him so much of Dean.

Sam had never travelled into Salem itself, the school was set on land nearby hidden from muggles and he'd always gone by portkey to whichever person was letting him stay for the summer. Harry was a fun companion though. They'd visited several museums, rolling their eyes at much of the information there on witches and the famous trials. A lot of it was ridiculous for their type of magic user or the type he'd seen his Dad deal with as a Hunter. They had lunch at Caffe Graziani, which Harry paid for and waved off any attempts to promise to pay him back. By the time they headed back to the Apparition point Sam was reeling. He'd been dragged from store to store and all across the city and had now had a new muggle wardrobe, any book that had caught his eye and even a warding ring that had somehow ended up in a silly little wannabe witch store. Thankfully Harry was very good with shrinking and lightening spells.

"Have fun?" Harry asked when they reappeared before the school gates and Sam smiled.

"Yeah, you didn't have to buy all this."

"Nonsense. I have more money than my great-great-great-great, etc grandkids could spend. Besides I got stuff for me too." And he had, but not quite as much as he'd gotten Sam.
"Better get that all put away, I'll see you at dinner." Harry turned to head towards his room.

"Harry!" The older teen turned back to Sam who smiled.
"Thanks." He said and Harry grinned at him and waved as he disappeared deeper into the school.

Sam tried to scream but nothing happened, his voice muffled by the first spell. Sure Alexander and his 'friends' had never liked him and enjoyed teasing him, a bit of pushing in the corridors but he'd never thought they'd go this far. He fought tears as he felt a rib snap as a boot slammed into his chest, he was a hunter damn it! He'd had worse as a kid and he would not give these bastards the satisfaction of seeing his tears.

"Expelliarmus!" A familiar voice called and then Harry was there, crouched protectively over him and Sam managed a weak smile before letting the darkness claim him.

Harry snarled at the group of boys in front of him and had to hide a smirk as one actually wet his pants. Apparently facing off against a pissed of Lord and war veteran was a bit more than they had expected.

"What the bloody hell did you think you were doing?" He hissed and they all looked nervously to one boy. He was pale with aristocratic features, dark hair and eyes, and very finely made robes.
"I'm waiting..." Harry let it trail off; imitating one of Snape's best sneers and most of the group looked ready to bolt.

"He doesn't deserve to be here! Filthy mudblood doesn't even have a family to run home to." The boy finally spat out and Harry fought to keep his magic under control.

"You pathetic little inbred incompetent! Haven't you learnt anything from the war? The most powerful wizards and witches of the past century have been half-bloods and muggleborns! Voldemort was a half-blood! Technically so am I. The real world doesn't care about who your parents are but about your abilities and knowledge. Now get back to your rooms and wait for a teacher. Move!" harry watched as they scattered and then lifted Sam into his arms, apparating to his own rooms and placing Sam on his bed before calling for the school nurse.

"Lord Potter?" A voice called and he opened the door.

"You called for my assistance?" She asked, looking him over.

"Sam Winchester, he's on my bed." He answered and the nurse moved past him and went to work.
"I need to see the Headmistress about those responsible for this." The nurse nodded and Harry left, sealing his room just to be safe.

Sam woke fighting, trying to get away as he was restrained.

"Sam! Sam its okay, you're safe. Just relax." A voice called and Sam opened his eyes to find it was Harry holding him down. Sam panted for air as he slowly calmed down and Harry let go, sitting back on the bed.
"Better?" Harry asked and Sam nodded.
"The nurse healed you but you need to be careful of your ribs for the next few days." Harry said and Sam nodded, not meeting his gaze, as he slowly sat up.
"You gonna talk or just stare at my bed?" Harry asked softly and Sam finally looked up at him.
"Has anyone ever done that to you before Sam?"

"No. They...they've never liked me and the tease me, shoved me in the hall a few times." He admitted and Harry nodded, reaching out to wrap a comforting arm around Sam's shoulders and Sam found himself relaxing.

"They're bullies who believe in all the pureblood idiocy. But blood doesn't mean a thing Sam."

"But aren't you a Lord of some old family?" Sam asked and Harry nodded.

"I'm not a Black by birth, my Godfather died childless, he made me his heir. And while the Potter's are considered one of the Ancient Houses they were smart enough to know that you need an infusion of fresh blood every generation or so plus marrying your cousin is a bad idea. My Mum was muggleborn and she became one of the youngest Charms Mistresses in centuries. My first friends in the wizarding world were a practically penniless pureblood whose family were considered blood-traitors and a witch whose parents were dentists. Blood isn't everything; don't let them look down on you because of it." Harry answered and Sam smiled.

"Thanks, for helping me." Sam told him and Harry nodded.

"Get the feeling that in a physical fight you could have taken them easily. Wasn't me that bloodied the little twerp's lip after all." Harry answered and Sam shrugged.

"I, um...my Dad was a marine, taught me and my brother how to fight." Sam told him and Harry nodded.

"So why don't you spend holidays with them Sam?" Harry asked as he moved to lie on the bed beside Sam. Sam stared at the quilt before hesitantly lying down beside Harry.

"Dad he..." Sam choked out and then shut his eyes. He tensed as he felt gentle hands tugging him and then he was in Harry's arms, his tears soaking Harry's shirt.

"It's okay Sam, let it out." Harry whispered.
"After my parents died I was sent to my mother's sister and her family. Petunia was...jealous of my mother and scared of her magic. I spent ten years calling the cupboard under the stairs my bedroom. I loathed them but I could never bring myself to hate them, I tried to save them but they wouldn't listen." Harry whispered and Sam calmed, realising Harry knew what he'd been through, had had it worse actually.

"My family are hunters." Sam admitted fearfully and Harry frowned in thought.

"What sort?" He asked instead of jumping to conclusions.

"Anything that hurts people. Something killed my mom when I was a baby. Pinned her to the ceiling of my nursery and then burned her. Dad started hunting after that, trained Dean and me. When my letter arrived he..." Sam couldn't say it, couldn't bear to admit what his father had done.

"Sam did he hurt you?" Harry asked seriously and Sam could see the concern in his eyes. Sam shook his head.

"He pulled a gun on me and the look on his face...he'd never looked at me like that before and it hurt! It was like I was a monster, something we hunted. Told me to get out and never come back. I grabbed my bag and ran, sent a reply saying I'd go to school but that I had nowhere to live anymore." Sam told him, soaking up the comfort Harry offered.

"And your brother?" Harry asked softly and Sam shrugged.

"Wasn't there. I tried to send letters but they get returned, unopened." Sam answered and Harry sighed.

"Get some sleep Sam." Harry told him and Sam went to get up but Harry gently pushed him back down.
"You're staying here at least until you're healed. I can transfigure the couch for myself."

When Sam woke up he found the room had changed. There was a second wardrobe, desk, bed...it looked like one of the younger dorm rooms and not those for the seniors. He slowly sat up and noticed that his books where on one of the bookshelves, his trunk against the wall. What on earth? The door opened and Harry walked in, smiling when he saw Sam was awake.

"Morning Sam." Harry called and placed the tray of food across Sam's lap.

"Harry? What happened to your room?" Sam asked as he absently began to eat.

"Our room now. House elves set it up this morning." Harry told him and Sam just stared at him.
"Considering your roommates in detention for the rest of the term for the fight...plus I had an idea. Get the feeling you don't really plan to stick around once you graduate so I figured I could help you with your magical and muggle studies if you'd like." Harry offered and Sam slowly smiled at him.


"No problem, I'm used to sharing a dorm with several other guys. Frankly I miss the noise." Harry told him.

Harry grinned as he watched Sam open his Christmas presents in front of the huge tree Harry had had Dobby buy and decorate before they arrived from school. It hadn't taken much to convince the school to let Sam join him for the holidays; Harry himself was legally an adult, a Lord and a war hero. Not much to say no to there. And while he preferred the company of his own gender he would never go near someone under aged, he preferred his partners his own age if not older. So Sam was getting his first real Christmas since starting at Salem. And if Harry had anything to say about it Sam would have a real home come summer.

The only question with that was which option to use. Harry could make Sam a ward of his House or offer to take him as his apprentice. He already had his Defence Masters after all. And with Sam's hunter background Defence seemed to come fairly easy to him.

"Harry." Sam calling his name brought him out of his thoughts and he grinned at the younger teen who was staring in shock at what Harry had gotten him.
"This is way too much!" Sam complained and Harry rolled his eyes.

"Better spend money on friends than let it gather dust in my vaults. You like?"

"I...yeah. but I didn't get you anything near this."

"So? It's the thought that counts." Harry countered as he opened the present from Sam and grinned.
"See, a book I don't have and since you got it I'm assuming it's accurate?" Harry asked and Sam nodded.
"So thoughtful and useful. Thank you Sam." Harry said and he was grateful. Sam had told him of some of the various things his Dad had hunted over the years, many of which Harry had never heard of. Therefore a book on some of them was very useful.

"Thanks for letting me stay here; I usually just stay at school over Christmas." Sam commented as they were eating breakfast.

"No problem Sam, you're my friend. I know what it's like having to stay at school over Christmas and it's definitely not fun. Besides, this place gets lonely, way too big for just me."

"Family house?" Sam asked and Harry nodded.

"Yeah, apparently only the best and biggest for the Black's. I'd be fine in a flat but why buy or rent one when I have this monstrosity available?"

"It's a bit..."

"Creepy? Yeah, I'm slowly having it updated. No point working on an empty house so I only had it started once I was accepted to Salem. The place in London is a lot more modern now, should have seen it a few years ago though, made this place look airy and light." Harry said and they shared a shiver.

Harry held the bundle of papers tightly as he approached their room. He didn't think he'd be this nervous but no matter what happened this was a very big deal for both of them. He opened the door and smiled when he saw Sam buried in his charms textbook.

"Hey Sam." He called and Sam grinned at him.

"Hey Harry, have fun?"

"Not really, way too much paperwork. Which we need to talk about." Harry said and Sam's eyes narrowed.
"It's...well...damn it how to do this? Here." Harry handed Sam two bundles of paper that Sam began looking through, confusion growing.

"I don't understand."

"Two lots of paperwork. One is to make you a ward of the House of Potter. The other is for apprenticeship." Harry told him and Sam just stared.


"Because you're my friend. Let's face it; the work here isn't challenging you. I can fix that. At the moment the school is your magical guardian, that's why you get shuttled around over the summer. I'm offering you a home Sam and I hope you accept." Harry said and then left to let Sam think it over.

Dean frowned as he spotted something odd in the garbage bin beside his Dad's bed. Curious he pulled out the wad of...parchment? he unfolded it and frowned at the official looking seal.

Salem Academy of Magic
Headmistress Amelia Lightheart

Dear Mister Winchester,

This is an official notice of a change in status of one Samuel Winchester, fourth year student at Salem Academy of Magic. Samuel has been accepted as apprentice to Lord Potter-Black in the area of Defence. As such Samuel has been withdrawn from our school and will be considered the sole responsibility of Lord Potter-Black. See the enclosed for Samuel's future contact details and congratulations on your sons new position in our society.

Nickolas Bright
DADA Professor

The bundle fell from numb hands as Dean stared blankly down at the floor. Sammy...Dad had told Dean the kid had run away and like the obedient son he was Dean had believed him. Heart pounding Dean scrambled through the sheets until he found the one with contact details and pocketed it, just in time as the door began to open. When his Dad walked in Dean was sitting on his own bed, watching TV. Dean wasn't going to admit to having gone through his Dad's trash but he was dying to know why he had lied to him for the last four years. Then again...the letter was from a magic school and he knew how his Dad react to anything that didn't fit into his view of normal.

"I'm gonna go grab a burger Dad, want anything?" He said after a few hours and John just waved him off. Going to a post office he got a pad of paper and an envelope, addressing it according to the parchment form. All he had to do now was write to the kid and pray Sam would want to hear from him.

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