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Chapter 9

John looked into the room, seeing Sam sprawled on the carpet with books all around, chewing on a pen as he read and kicked the air aimlessly. He couldn't help but smile at the sight. Sam looked more peaceful and happy than John had ever seen him and he closed his eyes before slipping away. He looked into the garage to see Dean working on the Impala, covered in grease and humming along to the radio. This was the sort of life he'd never been able to give his children, too focused on getting Mary's killer and anything else he found along the way. "You're leaving aren't you?" Dean called, looking over at him and John nodded, moving into the garage.

"Got a lead." He leant against the workbench to watch Dean work.

"Will you be coming back?"

"I could lead something here Dean."

"This place is warded Dad." He pointed out, leaning back into the Impala's engine. "When are you going?"

"In the morning."

"You better say goodbye to Sam."

"Of course." John knew he was still on very thin ice after all.

Sam watched from the window as their Dad's truck pulled out from the curb and headed down the road. He hadn't expected him to stay so long but now that he was gone he wasn't sure how he felt. Dean sat beside him and Sam curled up against him happily. "Okay?"

"Yeah." Sam answered softly.

"He'll be back Sammy, he promised." Dean assured him and Sam nodded. "We can always call whenever. Leave a voicemail or something." That got a small smile from his little brother. "Now you better finish your homework. Don't want Harry mad at you." Sam stuck his tongue out at him but left to finish his essay.

Harry sighed and put down the letter. Why couldn't they just take the hint and leave him alone? He was happy in America with his student. Teaching Sam was the best thing he had ever done. He would have to call in more skilled help when it came to potions soon but he'd always expected that would happen. At least Sam would never have to put up with teachers like Snape or Lockhart. Harry looked out the window and smiled when he saw Sam and Dean messing around in the yard. Sam was so much happier since Dean had come and now that their Dad was back in the picture he was…lighter. Harry didn't think much of John Winchester but if him visiting made them happy then Harry would let him come. He had the greatest respect for the man as a hunter; he just sucked as a father.


Short I know but another story I'm stuck on.