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The Right Kind of Wrong

by LovingHate

An orange-haired girl drew in a determined breath, then brought the green corded phone to her ear. A large black screen stared back at her, along with her vague and angered reflection as she started dialing a certain number. She scanned over a wrinkled and small piece of paper to make sure that she was getting each number right. Then, the tomboy held her breath and lowered her hand as the phone rang. He had answered a brief moment after the third ring, his face appearing smack dab on the once dark screen.

"What? What is it? I'm busy, what do you want?" He demanded hastily. Then his face softened upon realizing who was bothering him at this time. His lips curved into a sly smirk. "You're that girl. Ashy-boy's girlfriend."

Misty had been startled at first. Not because of his self-righteous attitude, but how he'd physically matured. A handsome, probably charming young man, with spikes of reddish-brown hair erupting upward and then falling downward around his sharp face. His black eyes were dancing with amusement, but held knowledge behind them. And despite the white lab coat he wore, Misty noticed his broad shoulders and knew underneath the draping ivory was a well toned body. Heat rushed to her face, but she made sure not to miss that 'Ashy-boy's girlfriend' comment.

"I'm not his girlfriend you jerk," she yelled, despite being in a Pokemon Center. This was the only place she could have called him; her sisters would have invaded the private conversation if she'd contacted him at home. She was surprised how soon her anger faded away at the sight of him, but then she had to remind herself that she called for her sister, Daisy, not to gawk over Gary Oak's new hunky body. Years had passed since she last seen him, despite that he was now a famous researcher, and she never remembered him being so goodlooking."And my name's Misty Waterflower," she added irritably, masking her attraction with a frown. "You know... Daisy's little sister?"

"Like I care." He spat out. His eyes were now looking downward. His surroundings suggested that he was in a lab. And now, he was reading?

"HEY!" -He jumped, startled, and dropped his papers- "Stop reading and look at me, this is serious!"

He glared at her. "I know why you called, and I don't care. I'm busy."

"And I don't care that you're busy! I'm asking the questions, and you're giving me answers." Misty was seething as yesterday's events came back to memory.

Tears were spilling uncontrollably from the blonde Sensational Sisters' eyes. A girl that was once beautiful and confident had shrivled down into a helpless, heartbroken fool. She'd become like every other girl, crying over a guy that should mean nothing to her. Lily and Violet had both tried to support her over the popular and rich and charming Gary Oak, but it had all been in vain. In the end, he didn't want her, and now she was forced to cower in the gym, crying.

Misty heard the sobs under the bleachers of the gym. It was late, but she wanted to go for a swim in the gym's pool, until she noticed her sister. "D-daisy?" Misty poked her head under the bleachers, and her tall and blonde sister was scrunched all the way in the back, against a wall. Misty approached her and kneeled down. "Hey, what's wrong?" Misty asked sincerely. She didn't have the best relationship with her more girly sisters, but she'd never leave one crying and vulnerable. Never.

Daisy raised her head, her eyes swelled and tears still poured as she attempted to smile. "Nothing Misty," she said and then lowered her head back between her knees. She wrapped her arms tighter around her legs and held herself close.

"Don't lie to me," Misty said softly.

"I just..." Daisy whimpered. "...I... why did this have to happen?"

"Why did what have to happen?" Misty kept her voice gentle, inviting Daisy to continue. This was such a shock. She'd never seen any one of her beautiful older sisters cry. She'd never seen them hurt or upset. They seemed to glide through life blissfully, having the perfect bodies, the perfect hair, the perfect things... Sometimes it wasn't fair. But never in a million years did Misty want to see one of her sister's like this.

"This!" Daisy sobbed louder. "Everything.. with me and him. But mostly me. Why was I such a fool?" Daisy looked away, over to the side, actually feeling too humiliated to look at her little sister, the one who'd she always thought she was better than.

Misty was puzzled. She didn't remember Daisy ever having boy problems. Of course, the Sensational Sisters felt that they needed to keep things like that between them. They were close, and Misty was out of the mix. "What do you mean?" asked Misty tenderly.

"R-remember that vacation I went on a month ago? To the Orange Islands?" Daisy looked up, sniffed, and allowed Misty to wipe her eyes with a handkerchief. Misty merely nodded. "I met a guy.." The corner of Daisy's lips jerked up, as though she were surpressing a smile. Misty recognized the look of longing in Daisy's eyes. Love. Love was in her eyes. "I was... at a beach. He was observing Pokemon there. And I noticed him immediately: he was beautiful."

Misty nodded along to the story, tucking the cloth away in her jean pocket when she was done drying the blond's tears.

"I was surprised when a camera crew was following him, though. I knew he was famous because the news was there, interviewing him. So I was too intimidated to talk to him.. I went for a swim a-and a wave caused me to lose my bikini top," Daisy chuckled weakly. The memories that she treasured most... were memories that were hurting her the most. "When I couldn't find it, I called for someone to help me. He quickly came with a towel. He had a smile that could melt any girl, even your frigid exoskeleton."

"I doubt it," Misty muttered. The two sisters shared a brief laugh and then Daisy continued.

"It was love at first sight, for me. I'd never met a guy as sweet as him before. He treated me so well... in the beginning. The news caught the whole scene when we flirted near the waters. Violet and Lily saw it on the news, but obviously you didn't."

Misty shook her head; she didn't watch TV.

"But then I started to recognize him. He was a famous Pokemon researcher; rich, goodlooking, proud, charming. I remembered him well. He was Gary Oak, from Pallet town."

When that bomb dropped, Misty's jaw fell along with it. She never expected that. Gary. Gary Oak! Ash's rival. Ash Ketchem's rival from when she used to travel with him. Daisy... she'd fallen for that punk? That arrogant, stupid, disgusting jerk?

"But he's so annoying!" Misty exclaimed. "He was nice to you? That was all a..."

Daisy whimpered. "Just say it. It was all a lie."

"Oh, Daisy..."

"He told me where he was staying. It was in a nearby hotel. We started seeing each other after that and when I called Violet and Lily for advice, they said.. he likes you! Snatch him up! He's perfect!" Daisy showed another small smile. One of pain and love. "I asked him if he wanted to be with me, as girlfriend and boyfriend. He said he was a very busy person, and that if I wanted him, I'd have to wait for him. I told him I would always wait. Always... Next thing I know, we're up in his hotel room. After just a week of knowing each other. We... w-we..."

"You don't have to say it, Daisy," Misty whispered. She already knew what happened.

"I feel so stupid! I'm 21, he's only 18! I've broken guys' hearts like its a reflex. So how did I let him control me like, like I'm some useless puppet!"

Misty didn't know how to respond to that. "Well it's... Gary Oak." She didn't know what that meant though. The Gary Oak that she knew, and the Gary Oak that Daisy had gotten too familiar with were different. When she traveled with Ash, Gary had been a rude, mean, and egotistical kid. Now that he was older, he'd molded himself into the perfect player, the side that Daisy and probably a lot of other girls knew.

"You're right," Daisy sniffed. "It is Gary Oak. I knew of his reputation, but I still wanted him so badly. After the night at the hotel, he was still so nice. We exchanged phone numbers."

Daisy slipped her hand beneath her shirt collar, possibly brushing her fingers beneath her bra, and pulled out a folded sheet of paper. "H-he said to call him some time. So I did immediately when I got home a few days later. He didn't call me back. I thought... oh, well he's a busy person, so I'm going to wait for him. Like he said I had to. I waited and waited. Day after day slid by and I was getting so lonely.. Lily and Violet kept saying, he likes you! Just keep your head up and wait for him! I thought.. this must be like in those romance novels, when the perfect couple is separated because of tragic events, but eventually comes back together. Because it's true love. T-then I saw an interview with Gary on the news this morning. He said he was coming back to Pallet town for a break! I was so happy and I called him right up. But when he answered, I was no longer happy. He asked me all rudely, Who is this? I said.. it's me, Daisy Waterflower. Daisy Waterflower, who? The girl from the Orange Islands. I told him I waited for him and now that he was coming back to a town nearby, I asked him if I could be with him still. He laughed. He laughed... at me. He said, Really, Daisy? Don't you get how these things work?"

Daisy shook her head miserably. "I'd denied it for so long. Of course I knew how these kind of things worked. I invented the rule: if the guy doesn't call you back after sex, he's just not interested. But I kept waiting and pushing it. I..."

That was the end of that story. The rest was implied: Gary wanted nothing to do with Daisy anymore. She began to cry hysterically, and Misty slipped the paper out of Daisy's hand. There were two numbers, one saying Gary's Cell, and the other, Gary's Work. Misty stared at the numbers in wonder, pondering which number could she reach Gary Oak by sooner. He was typically busy, so she guessed it would be his Work number. She kissed her sister on the forehead and said, "He's not getting away with this Daisy, I promise."

"Five minutes." He said.

"Huh?" Asked Misty, coming to life.

"What? Are you braindead? You have five minutes to rant and then I'm outta here." He looked too relaxed, like he'd expected this confrontation to happen eventually. It was inevitable. This happened to Gary multiple times before.

"What do you mean?" Misty appeared cautious.

"I've gotten angry phone calls before, but this has to be the worst of them..." Gary sighed. "Are you a dense idiot like Ash? Is that it?"

"No I'm not!" Misty fumed. "Look. You hurt someone close to me: my sister! Why?"



Gary pretended to be deep in thought. He stared upward, scratching the skin beneath his jawline. "Hmm.. why?"

A low growl crawled up through Misty's throat, her free hand balling into a fist. If only he was here in person, he'd be on the floor getting the ass kicking of his life. "Why did you have to break her heart?"

Gary snorted. "I didn't break her heart."

"You did! She- she was crying yesterday, and I've never seen my sister cry."

"She's shallow; only her ego was hurt. She'll get over it."

"Not the point! She liked you and she waited for you. You didn't have to feed her lies!"

"I didn't," he agreed thoughtfully, already shifting through another pile of papers. "But she didn't have to believe them, now did she?"

"You're not answering the question - why did you have to do that to her?"

He locked eyes with her through the screen, black burning into sea-green eyes. His playboy smirk teased her. "You really want to know?"

"YES. I really want to know, so explain yourself before I come and find you and bash your face in!"

His eyebrows perked up, showing some curiousity in his onyx orbs. "Hmm.. come and find me, then. I like girls that play hard to get."

The screen went black. The phone cut off. Nothing but the sound of the dial tone rung through Misty's ears. She calmly placed the phone back on the hook, and then exploded.