A/N: Yes, short again. I wanted to get past the introduction of Eric.


Misty stepped out of the taxi, her sandals meeting the ground of a dirt path. She yanked her suitcase from out of the back seat and then shut the door. When the yellow car was no longer in sight, she exhaled then looked up to the town of Pallet in determination. 'I promise Daisy, Gary Oak is going to feel the hurt you're feeling.' But there was that shred of doubt that of course told her Gary Oak would never fall in love. Ever.

She started down the road, noticing the wide open grass fields and the wind turbines. The large building atop the biggest hill was where Professor Oak's lab was. She continued walking, having Eric's address memorized already. 'His house should be somewhere down-'

A shot of red sped her way; a sports car. She blinked, then let out a terrified scream as Gary Oak shot down the street in his convertible. He wasn't even paying attention! Misty saw that he was eyeing the girl in the passenger seat and laughing. "Stop the damn car!" Misty screeched, and Gary's head turned immediately. He removed his arm from around the girl and put two firm hands on the steering wheel. The car slowed then swerved, stopping horizontally in front of Misty and blocking her way.

From in the driver's seat, he looked her from head to toe in surprise. "Well hell-o Misty." His eyebrows perked up with interest.

"What is the matter with you? You just carelessly drive down the road, not even paying attention!" Misty screamed.

"You could have just moved out of the way, Waterflower."


The girl - no, not a girl, a woman, sighed as she started to reapply a layer of pink gloss across her lips. "Gary, can we just get going? Oh and I love your dress- Glamour, right?"

Misty blinked a few times. "Uhh..."

"The store," The woman said impatiently.

"Oh yeah- Gary can you move your car now?"

"Yes Gary, we have places to go." The woman put her lipgloss away and frowned.

"Hmm..." Gary inspected the woman in the passenger seat. Beautiful, long black hair, and leggy... how typical. "I've never done a red-head before," he said suddenly. It took Misty and the blonde off guard. "You, get out. Misty, get in."

"B-but Gary!" the woman was gasped.

"WHAAT? I'm not getting in a car with YOU." Misty retorted.

Gary lightly chuckled, his smirk finalizing his decision. "You act as though you have a choice. Now out, shoo."

The woman with black hair stepped out and slammed the door with rage. "UGH! You'll regret this Gary Oak!"

"Yeah yeah, I bet." He only kept his eyes on Misty, his smirk growing wider. "C'mon, throw your things in the back." He nodded to the two back seats.

"No." Misty said sternly.

"Isn't this what you came all the way to Pallet for? You even got all dressed up -for me."

"NO, not for you!"


Misty growled then threw her massive suitcase into the back seat. She jumped into the passenger seat. "No, now drive."

Gary looked like he'd won the lottery. Misty was acting like she didn't want him, but he knew that she wanted a taste of THE Gary Oak. Who could resist? Who could-

"DRIVE!" Misty hollared.

"Okay! Sheesh...freakin' anger problems..." Gary muttered and the car was again speeding down the road, the black-haired woman finally out of sight. "Where to? My place?"

"NO. Go that way," Misty pointed to a specific pathway, but Gary's sight was guided somewhere else.

"The forest? Hmm...sounds adventurous. I like it." He winked.

"NO YOU PERV, take me down that path!"

"Fine, calm down."

"YOU calm down."

"Sorry I can't while you're wearing that dress..."

Gary rolled his eyes. He could tell he didn't want to be around this lunatic too long. A quickie would be fine and then he would be gone. And even through all of Misty's frustration, when her mystical green eyes brushed over Gary's body, they slowly found their way back to it. She couldn't look away. Replacing his lab coat, a short sleeved black shirt hugged his toned body. Muscles were ripped along his arms and the tightness of the shirt around his stomach suggested washboard abs. He had on a green-yellow Yin and Yang necklace, something he'd always kept with him since his was ten.

"E-err, stop here," Misty managed to say, pointing to a specific white house.

Gary stopped. "So this is where the magic's going to happen."

"No! I'm not sleeping with you, damn it!"

"From the way you were looking at me, I beg to differ."

Misty's face heated furiously and she stormed out of the car. When she reached back for her suitcase, Gary's hand caught her wrist. "If you didn't come here for me, who did you come here for?"

As if on cue, the house's door opened with a blonde and blue eyed man. He eyed Misty in recognition, and from that look she knew who it was. Eric.

"Him," Misty said, pulling her suitcase out of the back seat.

"I'm Eric, and you must be Misty," said the blonde boy. He was tall and slender, wearing all blue. He easily looked over Misty's head and smirked at Gary Oak sitting in his car across the road. "And he must be a very angry fellow."

Angry didn't even begin to describe how Gary was feeling.

"Oh he's just being petty," Misty huffed as Gary's car pulled away.

"For an admirable Pokemon Researcher, he really is an idiot." Eric moved back, allowing Misty entry into his home. "Come on in. I'll give you a grand tour of the place. And let me take your things."

"Thank you," Misty smiled as he took her suitcase and led her into the house. She shut the door behind her.

"Okay, the living room's in there, along with the best entertainment systems of your life. Here's the kitchen, it's kinda small but your sisters say you can't cook, like me, so we won't have any problems here. I put all of the best take-out menus in this drawer and the phone's over here. Now for the upstairs..." The pair walked up a short stairwell and entered a narrow hallway. "Here's my room. Your room is just across from it." Entering Misty's room, he placed her suitcase on the wooden floor. It was small but cozy, completed with a well made bed, clean closet, dresser and mirror. "The bathroom is over here. There's also one downstairs, near the kitchen. Oh! And I know that you like the water so I should tell you that I have an in-ground pool outback."

"Well, what room is that?" Asked Misty, pointing to the lonely door all the way at the end of the hallway.

"Oh, it's a photography room. I put all my work in there."

"Really?" Misty beamed. "Could I see? My sisters say you take amazing pictures of Pokemon-"

"No," Eric suddenly seemed tense. "You can never go in there. It's locked at all times, so don't even try it."

Misty's eyes slightly wider but Eric recovered from his second of bluntness. He smiled charmingly. "Well that ends the Grand Tour!"

"O-okay.." Misty said awkwardly.

"I really hope you're up for this Misty."

"What do you mean?"

"Playing with someone's feelings is like using a double-edged sword. I really hope you're ready."