When she had fallen asleep she heard his voice again, moaning her name. Her dreams were the only way she could see him. Many people would be horrified at the fact that she was in love with such a creature. But he wanted her and she wanted him, wasn't that love? Pyramid Head only wore the helmet to hide from the world. He was in so much pain from what others had done to him that he lashed out and did these things to others. Pyramid head was something more than she could have though. Silent hill a place that haunted her dreams...

She rolled over in agony, her shoulder hurt bad. It was like it happen yesterday, she sat up and the man next to her Jake still lay there. He probably had to go to work put her hand through his hair and cuddled close to him. She smiled and began to kiss his neck. He was cold, very cold. She wanted to warm him up, she put her arms around him. He felt different what was it. She nudged him " Hey when do you have to go to work?" She asked him. But he didn't wake, she noticed something else he wasn't breathing. He was still, she gulped. What was going on, she crawled out of bed to see he was cut open. His guts spilled from his abs. She closed her eyes and walked to the bathroom. It was happening again...

She looked in the mirror and knew Silent Hill was back. What did this town want from her? She walked out of the bathroom to find him gone. He was gone like literally disappeared. His blood was still there, but his body was gone. She closed her eyes in agony. She hated his, she hated that he had to be hurt because of her...she noticed his gun was still on the table. She took the gun in hand and looked for the ammo in his belt that was still there.

She dressed in some new clothes she'd bought, she put this pair in a special part in the closet in case something like this did happen again. She pulled the box out and took the flash light from it, the band aids, ammunition's and supply belt from it. She then unfolded the clothes, it was getting cold so she knew what had to be worn. She put the vest from the last time over the green then put some pants on with her boots. She was ready now for anything.

When she reached for the door of her apartment she looked back at the wall with the tallies " mind as well leave it at that. In case I don't return." she said out loud to her self. She turned the knob and was surprised at how fast things had changed. The noises she had only heard in dreams...no nightmares were back. What did this town want from her. She stared at the rust on the walls. It dripped down from the ceiling, the floors were drenched in blood. The apartment complex was back to being hell.

She walked through the halls slowly, didn't want to waste her energy. She didn't know where to go, where to run. Was this just another dream, she walked down the steps to the out doors to find thick fog. The fog that filled the town with silence once again. She stepped out into the road " What the hell is going on here again?" she asked.

She continued down the fogged path until something in her body told her to go back, go back to Silent Hill. It was screaming at her, but she didn't know what to do. If she went back, she probably wouldn't get out. But what else could she do...but listen. She began to walk and this was the start of her journey.

She finally got there about 3 days later. unlike Silent Hill her journey was quiet, she didn't even understand how she made it as far as she did. The silence killed her and her body was frigid and she longed to go to sleep. When the sign began to peek through the fog she actually smiled.

But the closer she got the more she began to draw out the shape of a figure. It was, no it couldn't be?

Her eyes widened " Pyramid" the word fell from her lips and the faster she stepped the farther he went. She was going crazy, what was happening. She suddenly felt light headed, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she was out cold.

When she awoke she could smell the foul smells of Silent Hill, she opened her eyes and it was dark...the only things that were around her were bright red. Seemed to be the color of Silent Hill. She sat up and cringed, the back of her head would be bruised that was sure. How did she get here? She suddenly remembered the figure of Pyramid Head. She went to stand and was surprised by something else. It opened the door and walked in. It was something different. It groaned with a putrid cry. She was now beginning to remember the fear of Silent Hill. She stepped back and tried to escape it but there was no use. " No, leave me alone!" She shouted trying to run. The beasts hands grabbed her throwing her across the room. She cried in agony trying to move. It raised its arms and began to swing viciously, beating her hard. She cried out in agony. When she lay there limp it must have hit the monster that he could be doing something else. Or maybe that was the plan the whole time, to weaken her. Heather couldn't move a muscle now but she tried to protest. The monster's 3 appendages held her in place. His arm moved down to her skirt and began to fondle her sensitive areas. Tears fell from her eyes. " Pyramid...help me." She shuttered as the thing began to go inside her.

It pushed its hand in and began to pump back and forth. She winced and finally couldn't fight anymore, she began to moan and this made the beast go faster. She bit her lip and finally when his lips went to shoulder and began to bite the scar she let out a scream. She cried again quietly as the beast tore into her" Pyramid..."

The sound of the scraping metal made the beast stop only for a second, he continued to pump inside of her when finally his cock was hard. It went to pull his hand out to switch when the door was thrust open. It was Pyramid, the monster went to stand but before it had time to move. The Giant man lifted his sword as if it were a feather and sliced through him, tossing his body parts in the air. Heather squinted in agony as she went to sit up. She looked at her savior, he saved her. Her face was motionless for him but in her heart she was happy to see

She tried to stand but began fell back, her vision blurred and what brought her back to was her saviors hands catching her. She looked up to him, and his large helmet was all she could see. " You came for me?" and she passed out once more.

When she awoke again she was being undressed on the table slowly. Pyramids gloved hands swiped over her body and moved to his skirt, he uncovered his large member. She was happy to see him once again. She leaned over and kissed the tip. He was happy with her response, he laced his hands through her hair and pushed into her mouth. She moaned in pleasure, making his cock feel a new kind of vibration. He groaned and began to move his hips in and out. She moaned at his taste, he was so good tasting and she was happy to be back with him. Life wasn't going back to normal, she wanted him. But she knew she couldn't stay here forever.

"Heather..." He moaned and pulled out.

" Pyramid I want you to hurt me, I want you to pleasure me, I just want you." She moaned.

He brought her legs to her chest and moved his face down between her. He moaned at her scent, she hadn't showered in a couple of days and it was strong. He positioned the helmet so it was resting on her stomach as he licked her. She moaned as his tongue traveled through her silky flaps of skin. He let go of one of her ankles and moved his hands to his mouth. He licked one of his fingers and pushed inside of her tight asshole. She moaned loudly and could feel his tongue speed up.

She could feel her self losing control, her body shook and she moaned his name once more. He didn't stop at this though, he wanted to humiliate her, fuck her pyramid wanted to take her and make her his own.

Pyramid stood to his feet and reached for his sword. He took the handle and pushed it inside of her. " AHHHHHHH Pyramid that's to big!" She cried out. He wouldn't let that stop him. He began to pull in and out, she moaned finally and shuddered. She was going to come and she knew it was coming soon. She bucked her hips and came hard on the table. Her body fell limp, but now he wanted to pleasure her gently. Why was she making him melt, this girl was changing him. Before he would have killed them after using them. But now he wasn't what had happen to him?

" Pyramid...I have been thinking of you everyday since I left." She panted as he pulled her up to him. His helmet was pointed downwards so it would not hurt her. She ducked and went inside of the dark metal helmet. 'how does he see in here?' She thought. She nuzzled into his thick muscular shoulder and went to shut her eyes. She was surprised to feel his tongue glide up her neck. She let out a soft moan and moved her head to the side. He began to nibble gently and kiss her neck. Making her get goosebumps. She moaned louder the lower he got. His lips finally met hers and they kissed long and hard for a while.

Tears fell from his face as he pulled back and moved away from her. " Pyramid...what is wrong. Don't go." She plead

" This place is not meant for an angel like you." He said about to leave.

She stood up and grabbed his hand again like she did when they met for the second meeting.
"Stop! I like you ok...don't you get it?" She shouted " I don't fuck every guy...even though you did force it on me...but still I have dreamt of you every night." She shouted crying a bit her self.

" Heather, I made it so you came back here...when you leave this time...you will not remember me and what we you ever were to return you would fear me and flee." He said with his deep husky voice.

"...would you chase me?" She snickered.


"Would you kill me? I know you feel something for me...I know you do." she cried.

" Heather." He turned to her and took his helmet off. Showing his true human self, " I have murdered slaughtered 100's of people. I have tortured poeple and destroyed there lives! How can you feel anything for me?" He shouted.

" I don't know I cannot explain it."

He didn't like this answer, his large hands leapt for her throat and squeezed hard. She coughed being choked by her savior. " If I kill you. You will forget about me." He squeezed tighter. Her eyes fell shut tightly and she didn't understand. She didn't want him to leave, she didn't want to leave. " Pyra-mid" She gagged. His group loosened and pulled back. She began to cough horribly in pain. He stepped back and looked down at her. His eyes burnt through her and made her melt.

" Pyramid...can I have you once more," tear drops fell from her face. She was heartbroken she didn't want him to leave nor the other way around. " Just let me have your body once more and I will be happy." she said feeling the knot get bigger in her throat.

He put a hand out to his broken butterfly and helped her up onto the table. He didn't put the helmet on. He wanted her to enjoy this. He went to move her legs but she did it for him. Her arms wrapped around his head and she kissed him. He returned the kiss and could feel the salty liquid on her face, he brought his hand to her and wiped the tears away. " Don't cry...beautiful" He kissed her again and let his hands run over body. She moaned and whispered his name in his ear. He kissed her neck and the two were over there high. They melted into one and touched each other for hours. He finally turned her over on her stomach and spread her vagina lips and pushed inside of her. She moaned loudly. He thrust over and over.

"Pyramid! Ah~ahhh yes! She moaned

He pushed in and out. Her insides tightened around his member. He pushed in one final time and shuddered. Her orgasm was coming and soon. He continued to push in and out until she erupted. He let it out as well and pulled out slowly. He put his member away and turned to leave. She placed a hand around his hand, " Please just stay a little longer..." She whispered.

" Heather" Was all he said staring into her eyes. She was getting teary eyes again. He went between her legs and wrapped his arms around her " My broken butterfly...the mirror never lies. When you look into it you will still have that scar. You will not know where you got it but you will still have it. I will always remember you, you were the first girl that looked at me with eyes of-

"Love." She whispered in his ear.

He shut his eyes and stepped back " Heather...I"

"Do you love me?" She asked tears falling from her face.


"Do you? I need to know." She asked choking a bit on her sadness.

Pyramid stepped back and this was when he couldn't answer. If he did she would never leave. He reached for his helmet and put it on. He did not want to show her the tears that fell from his face. For the first time since his wife had died he had felt love...but unlike then he couldn't express it. He didn't want her to be trapped in Silent Hill forever. He opened the door "Heather when you leave by tomorrow your memory of me will be gone and your life will go on..." He just about shut the door when she grabbed his hand. She stood on her tip toes and kissed his lips under the helmet. " I love you...since this is the last time I will see you again...I want you to know that. I am ready to leave can you show me out..." she said saddened holding his hand, he agreed and guided her through Silent Hill...the hospital hadn't changed much. Putrid and grotesque still in smell. It was noisy and the walls were covered in a rust like substance.

But suddenly the walls changed, instead of walls they were turning into mirrors. Mirrors surrounded her, she looked into one as she passed by and saw someone else. It looked like her father, her eyes widened she shook her head. Pyramid guided her through the complex maze. Each new section they went though things changed. She hit the Elevator, as it came up she held his hand tightly. He wasn't letting her go though. He would take her to the door and that would be it.

In the elevator she asked him a question " Pyramid what is your name? Like your real name." She asked but he didn't answer. He guided her out, it started getting brighter in the area and the darkness was divided by a line of light. The smells were gone, the sounds were gone. It looked like a torn up hospital, old and run down. On the side of light it was old and run down, ruined and on the dark was the rusted, dark, with reds, oranges and browns all around him. Pyramid stopped and watched her body. She turned back to him and opened her mouth to say something, but knew that there was no use.

She stood at the line where the light divided her from the darkness, she glanced back and saw it was dissolving. Her eyes widened, she bit her bottom lip. She glanced in the mirror to see everything on the other side was fading. " Pyramid, I don't want to lose you. I have already-

"James." He said, he dropped his sword to his side and reached his hand out to her. She returned the gesture and lifted her hand. There fingers just about tangled to a grasp when he began to fade. One last tear fell from her eyes " James was my fathers name."

" I know."

" What?"

" A mirror never lies."

She looked in the mirror and saw her father fading where Pyramid stood. The light covered the rest of the hall way and she looked back at Pyramid. She closed her eyes " I love you, just know that." She said. A whisper fell through the hospital " I loved you too."

She fell to her knees and cried, she stayed there for a while. She cried and cried some more. Her life was changing, she was in love and would never be with the guy she loves again. Then she finds he was some how connected to her father. This was all just an emotional time for her. After staying for a while she saw the brightness was fading, night was falling. She soon would forget where she was. She had about an hour and a half left. She stood up and pressed the button to the went to the storeroom.

She walked through the empty ghost hospital, she opened the door and saw the cart still there. She saw everything but the rust...hell...she looked in the mirror. She saw herself as she turned she remembered him touching fell down her face once more, she wanted him back already. But she wouldn't for long. She turned to the mirror and as she turned her reflection didn't. She smiled, now she understood why that was there. It was her future self. She let her reflection stay it would stay for pyramid to look at. So she thought.

She went to the hospital doors and opened them, before she left she set her gun, belt and vest on the staircase. She whispered a final farewell and began to walk down Silent Hill's rode. The Fog was there but as she walked through it, it dispersed into the air. Silent Hill was leaving. She continued to walk and when she passed the sign she looked behind her...it was a ghost town but she could hear a difference.

She turned and walked towards her old city. She had a long walk and it was getting dark. Almost right as she got on the main road someone drove past her and offered her a ride. She accepted it into town. She went up to her room and nothing was strange or out of place now. The officer was gone, but he was reported killed in action, so said the newspaper in the diner. She walked to her bed and went to shut her eyes.

'Where was I again? What did I do today? NOOOO! Fight it you had sex with...with... what was his name." She began to cry tears of frustration. She wanted to remember but she couldn't he was amazing at it. Her shoulder hurt but why. She jumped to her feet and looked in the mirror. Her reflection was scary to her, she had a huge scar in her shoulder.

"Where the fuck did I get that!" She screamed at herself. What was going on with her. She now just wanted to go to sleep. She opened her mirror shelf up to grab the tooth paste. As she shut it she saw a figure. She gasped and turned back. No one was there. " A mirror never lies." she mumbled. She didn't know what that meant but it for some reason meant something to her.

When she was done she walked over the bed and curled up. She went to sleep saying one final thing " A mirror never lies.".Her dreams were blank, a thick white cloud of something. That was all her dream was, white. She went to sleep finally and fully.