Authors Note: This Ouran Story is on the mature side. It's a fusion between Ouran and Secret Diaries of a Call Girl. It's not a cross over. It's more like inspired by the stories of Belle duJour. This is the second version of the story, re-edited in 2014. If you have read this story before March 2014, it's time to start over.

Pairings: Haruhi/All Hosts, Haruhi/Twins

Rating: M – language, sexual encounters, violence (at times)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Warnings: Besides sex... Haru gets a little OOC due to events of her past changing her into what she is now.

The Job

My name is Haruhi Fujioka and the first thing you should know about me is that I am a whore. Don't give me that look. If you were not expecting such bluntness you wouldn't have started reading my story. I am not that sweet innocent girl that my parents once knew. Nor am I the shy nerdy girl I used to be in high school. Life changes a person and so begins my story. I am a whore.

I do it because I love it, and I make good money. I am very high class, so I only get the best and my fees are rather high. The men I entertain are rich and handsome. Occasionally I get a few freaks but for the most part, the men I sleep with are worth hour they pay me for.

No one knows what I do. Not my father, who works in this field as well, as a transvestite. It stands to reason that I would rather him not know I do it too. He wouldn't be mad at me but I would find myself with fewer clients. My father is way too over protective. So no, definitely not my father.

Not even my best friends know what I do. I have two, I would have only had only one best friend, but they came in a pair. Twins. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin.

I met them after I transferred into their middle school and I did not care much for them at the time. They were rude, hot headed and just plain mean. I ignored them and kept to my studies not bothering to be friendly to anyone.

However, they were the first friends I ever made. That was when we were in high school and they remained my friends after all these years.

The story of how we became a trio is for another time but I can say this, I love them. I even dated them, one at a time of course. Kaoru (who was younger by just a few minutes) was the first one I dated because he was the first to ask me out, but his brother got insanely jealous, damn him. Unfortunately soon after we started that fling, he let me go and I began to date Hikaru. I tell you they were good boyfriends and great lovers but I was a terrible girlfriend and somehow we ended up friends again.

Of course we screw around occasionally. Not at the same time mind you. The brothers were close, but not that close.

I also don't charge them, for obvious reasons, and it's a good thing my boss doesn't know about my relationship. She would take one look at their financial standing and force me to bring them into her twisted system. That would not be a good idea, since they don't have a clue about my real job. They still think I work a more professional and respectable job.

When I was a child I wanted to be a lawyer and I even went to school for it. Which explains why I called myself nerdy at the beginning of this tale. So everyone believes me when I tell them that I work as a night time legal secretary until I get my big break.

The thing they don't know was I got my "big break" when I meet a very persuasive woman. Her name is Renge Houshikouji and she is my "boss", "madam", what ever you want to call her. Renge is half Japanese and half french. She knows the tricks. She knows the trade and she hand picks my clients. All of them. Including my first. Kyoya Ootori.

Right now I am sitting in cab on my way to meet him. I am dressed up by request. I hate dressing up sometimes. I am not very good at it. The only reason I have nice clothes is because my friends love to take me shopping. They have good eyes I have to admit.

My normally boy-short brown hair is lengthened by extensions, by request. I am in a light blue slinky dress, by request. Heels and light jewelry also by request. But no make up. Thank god. I was to play the role of a good little rich girl.

Kyoya is a regular. A tall black haired man with a handsome face. He wears glasses but some how they make him look even more attractive. He is cool, collected and calculating. Just as he is cold and dominating. It makes my knees weak when I think about it.

I pay the driver when he stops and once I step out I let my eyes wonder upwards taking in the majesty of the mansion he lives in. This man always has me come to him. He feels comfortable in his own setting. Kyoya must feel like he is in control and I don't mind. He hasn't hurt me in all these years and I don't think he is about to start now. Forceful and harsh yes, but never harmful.

I brush back my hair, slightly surprised by the added length. Taking a deep breath, I proceeded up the stairs. I rehearsed my lines in my head as the maid opened the door.

"Ms. Fujioka" The woman said smiling. She doesn't know. She thinks I am his girlfriend. The entire household thinks that. They also are extra sweet to me because they know I am not the only girl who visits. They think that I am the "jilted girlfriend" rather than the whore that fucks him when the real girlfriends are out of town.

I nodded to her and she leads me to the parlor. The clicking of my heals on the hard tiled floor resonates through out the hall. I am grateful every time I reach carpeting since it muffles the sound. She opened the large double doors and there he is. Sitting by the fireplace, reading a book and drinking a cup of hot tea.

His eyes perk up when I walk in. They twitch a little when the maid bows to me as she exits the room. Closing the doors, she leaves me alone with him, in silence, as I stand there awaiting my que.

"Haruhi" His voice rumbled. "How was your trip?"

Internally I smiled. I like playing the traveling girlfriend role. Full of pent up tension and a passionate reunion. "The sights were magnificent and the food was wonderful." Shit, I forgot where I was supposed to go this time. Oh well, go with the flow. "It would have been better if you were with me." I purred as I took a step forward. Closing the distance between us.

"Is that so?" He closed his book with a click and looked up at me. His glasses caught the light of the fire. It made him look menacing.

I hummed in affirmation. "The nights were cold without you beside me." Truth be told, I feel silly talking like this but it's just the way it has to be.

I continued forward letting my heels click softly on the floor below me. Kyoya just watched me without a single word. It works out like that. As long as the staff and his family believed we were in an actual relationship his name would not be ruined. He needed a clean name if he was going to fuck over his older brothers and steal their inheritance. He was a dark man.

"I realized over the long plane rides that I didn't get to say goodbye properly." I stopped right before him. My hands were clasped behind my back and I leaned forward a little giving him a glimpse of what little amount of cleavage I had. I really needed to get some work done. "I think its a little over due but what do you say I make it up to you." My voice was low and full of mischief.

He gave a little hmm sound as he picked up his tea cup and finished the last of it before standing. He placed the cup down on the table and grabbed ahold of my shoulders.

His grip was firm and he gave me one of his smirks. My body was totally into the moment as I faked the surprise, letting my brown eyes widen. I pretended not to know what was coming next as his lips came crashing down onto mine.

The taste was extraordinary. It had been a while since I had been with this man and each and every time I am surprised by the passion in his kisses.

I opened my mouth, timidly, of course, as his tongue forced its way in. Moaning a little when he flicked at my own tongue, encouraging me to play along. I did. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands traveled to my hips. The kiss became more furious as I battled for dominance.

This game was fun. He needed my challenge. He needed me to fight for dominance, none of his girlfriends ever did that for him. They were all too weak to handle it. I bit his lower lip as he groaned. Then took my mouth with his as he began lifting up my dress. My hands slid to his neck cupping under his chin as I tried to bring his kisses to my neck and chest. He obliged as he bit and nipped at my collar bone.

I was fumbling with his tie as he backed me up till we were upon one of the large sofas. Fancy as hell and located in the center of the room. He liked to do it in the more public places of his home. He didn't care if anyone saw us and he didn't care if they didn't like it. It was exciting.

I let go of his shirt as I was forced to sit on the soft floral cushions. He began unbuttoning his own shirt and tossed it aside before coming down on me with another round of kisses. I heard his belt buckled being loosened and by instinct I opened my legs to him. One more request from my Kyoya, "Never ever wear underwear". So I hadn't.

I was surprised every time because he chose the moments to enter me. He never let me prepare for it. This is where I call it rough. Not painful because there was just enough foreplay to get me going but he took me with force and I mean force.

I gasped and moaned his name every time he bucked into me. There were no more kisses. Now he was biting me. My neck, my collar bone, my breasts, that had fallen out of my skimpy blue dress, were all being licked, nibbled, sucked and bitten. Kyoya had me.

When he was my client, no others existed. I felt him twitch and heard him moan. I held my own orgasm because it wouldn't be right for the whore to finish first.

One, two, three more thrusts and his breathing hitched. This is where I do my job by rolling and bucking my hips back to him. I held onto mine until this particular moment. I let go relishing the feeling as I watch him release.

Kyoya collapsed on me his knees no longer supported by the edge of the sofa as he lowered to the carpet and slowly slipped out of me. He was as spent as I was. Both of us were sweating and breathing hard. Not a single word was said between us until he was able bring his breathing under control. He cleared his throat as he stood up, putting himself together. A sly smirk graced his lips as he tilted his head, his eyes criticizing me.

"That..." He said as he looked down on me. My fake hair sticking to my skin, my boobs hanging out and my legs still parted. " a good look for you."

I felt myself smile. Hands instinctively adjusting my dress. "Thanks" I replied and mimicked his scrutinizing look. "You don't look half bad yourself."

He chuckled. "Do I still have you for the hour?"

I hummed a little in affirmation. "Kyoya, you can have me all night if you really wanted" I winked at him, indicating that he better put the price on the table.

We were not allowed to talk business in his home but suggestions... they were allowed. He took my hand and lead me upstairs. Now that the act was over, his family having heard the most of our excursion, he could take his time with his "girlfriend".