My hand came to my mouth when the urge to yawn hit me. I couldn't stop myself. Believe me, I tried.

Warms gentle arms enveloped me from behind. The chuckle rumbled in the chest of the man who I was sitting up against. "I'm sorry, my love, I didn't intend on keeping you up all night long."

I sighed back into the embrace. "I wanted to be up with you. I told you that already."

Umihito Nekozawa was about to take a big step. An amazing step, if you ask me.

From the first day that I met him, he had feared the sun. He feared what it would do to him. When he was younger the light burned him and even though the physicians told him it was all in his head at this point, he was still unable to face the sunlight.

I spoke about this before. My dark prince, my midnight lover. One of the men who I entertained before I became a courtesan, one of the men who I continued to entertain as a committed member of the Ouran circle. I helped him from the beginning by lighting candles, then by turning on the lights from dim to somewhat bright. Slowly he was becoming accustomed to the light.

Tonight.. today, we found ourselves on the balcony of my little house. We had taken all the pillows and blankets from inside and made love over and over again under the moonlight. It brought chills down my back just to think about it.

Right now, we are waiting for the light. The sunrise was starting and like I mentioned, I tried to stifle that yawn. I didn't want him to think I was tired in the least.

This moment was so very important.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" He asked me as he placed a kiss on the top of my head.

"Hmmm." I hummed in contentment. "I always enjoy being with you."

His rumbling chuckle escaped him again. Carefully he caught my chin with one of his fingers and guided my head to turn and face him. With my back against his stomach I found this to be just a little bit of a challenge. I ended up rotating myself sideways and tilting my head up.

Our lips met with the lightest of touches before he began pursuing me further. Unintentionally I found myself face to face with him, my body pressed up against his bare chest. I shivered as his fingers trailed light touches up and down my back. Then eventually cupping my backside and sliding down my thigh. He guided me to straddle his hips without once breaking our kiss.

I moaned when I felt him near my entrance. He teased me by not letting me settle on him but eventually he relented and buried himself deep within.

"Haruhi, My light. My beauty." He called out to me.

I moved on him in a steady motion, tightening and pulling on him every time I lifted myself up. Umihito held his hands to my hips, it was the only thing holding him down on to earth.

I have no idea how long this particular round lasted but when I finally opened my eyes to look down on my lover, I noticed the little specks of sunlight peaking through the trees. I gasped when I felt the contractions that preceded my climax. The sound had the effect of making Umihito open his eyes only to close them again. He stopped moving but I wasn't sure it if was because of the muscles contracting around him or if he was hiding from the new dawn sunlight.

My answer came with his twitches, then his cries of contentment.

His head fell back onto the pillows behind him. He still held my hips in his hands, which soon started to caress me.

"Umihito?" I asked. "Are you okay? Do you want to go back inside?"

"No. I'm fine." Taking a cleansing breath he opened his eyes again only to find himself staring straight into mine. "You... are beautiful." He sighed.

He made me unnaturally giggly, "If you say so," I smiled at him, this sweet man.

He opened his arms up to me and I came to him. My face pressed into the crook of his neck while my arms wrapped around as much of him as I could possibly get to. I could feel the pounding of his blood going through his body, which probably mimicked the rate of his heart.

"Good Morning." He whispered in my ear. The sound of those words were so unnatural coming from him. Though, in a way, it was very satisfying to hear.

I picked up my head and looked tenderly at him again. My lips turned into a lopsided grin as I replied. "Good Morning to you too." I felt the urge to yawn again, but I tried to fight it.

The result, was a funny twisted expression on my face before the yawn escaped and Umihito's warm deep voice rumbled with laughter. I couldn't help but join in.

"Oi, Haruhi!" Hikaru cried when he saw me come up the stairway to the manor.

I waved up at him, tossing him a smirk when he paused in surprise. The look on his face when he saw me in one of his most recent dresses was rather confused even if it was happy. He could thank his brother for stealing it and tossing it my way.

Sadly this is one of those days where if I didn't dress up, someone would be attacking me and shoving me into something even more bothersome than a simple dress.

In other words, Dad's in town and his best friend the fashion obsessed surrogate mother of mine, Yuzuha Hitachiin, decided we need a family dinner. Lucky for me, I'm early.

I meet Hikaru half way up the stairs. He was waiting for me since I called to let him know the cab I took had arrived at the mansion.

"Well, at least you don't look like a train wreck." He smirked at me once he recovered from his surprise.

I frowned at him. "Charming, Hikaru. You can be so sweet sometimes." I growled at him sarcastically. Ungrateful ass.

As usual, He wasn't affected by my irritation. Laughing, Hikaru took my hand and tugged me into his arms. He squeezed me in a tight hug. "You know I'm just teasing. Can't you take a joke?" He whispered to me.

"I can, but you can be such a jerk." I squeezed him back.

"True," He admitted before releasing me and holding my hand again pulled me into his house, "Kaoru is waiting for us upstairs. We were gonna make you try on clothes but since you already look cute, we'll let it slide this time."

"Thanks... I think." Why don't I trust him? Oh, right. He's Hikaru.

It didn't take us long to get upstairs but instead of opening the door to his brothers room we stood in front of it. Hikaru stopped and turned to face me. The look he gave me was completely serious. Not at all like his normal, impish self.

"Um." He began before he started to fidget, scratching the back of his head. "Haru, before we go in.. I wanted to ask about the whole heir thing."

Hika looked at me tentatively. I returned his questioning look with a straight faced deadpan. "Seriously... you want to talk about that now?" He nodded.

"Please?" he asked me. "I just have to know." Those hands of his came to my hips and pulled me close to him. "I don't know how much longer I can wait for an answer."

Sighing and shaking my head in disbelief, I put my hands on Hikaru's chest. "I was able to bring up the subject with Kyoya." I took a moment to look up at him, bit my lip and then continued with another drawn out sigh. "It's possible that I can still see them without sleeping with anyone for as long as it would take to get.. well.. until I get pregnant."

Hikaru's eyes gained that glint of humor, of mischief. His smile slowly grew before those hands on my hips pulled me close and had me press right up against his body. His mouth was so close to my ear when he breathed out. "Let's hope it doesn't happen too quickly then. I kinda like the idea of Haru being mine and mine alone."

I pushed him away with a grunt and opened Kaoru's bedroom door. Maybe I shouldn't have assumed that with Kaoru there, Hikaru wouldn't pull me close and smother me with unwanted affection. Nope, I should definitely not have assumed anything because two steps into the room, those devilish arms were wrapped around my waist and Hikaru's lips were at my neck, nipping and biting.

"Oh come on, Hikaru. If you're gonna fuck her do it in your own room." Kaoru whined when he looked up from the book he was reading while sitting in the window seat.

I squealed when he moved to my ear. "Kao, help!" I shouted when Hika's tongue darted out and licked at the lobe, then behind where the skin was even more ticklish. My body squirmed because of all the chills that were running up and down my spine. My brain was slowly, but surely failing to cooperate with me.

Kaoru closed his book, placed it beside him and stood up. He put his hands into his pocket and smirked at me. "You're really in trouble if you are asking me for help." He snickered at my predicament.

"Just get him off me." I shouted then squealed once more. That bastard was making it hard for me to think because now his lips were grazing my collar bone.

Kaoru took a step forward, then another. His hands never left his pockets. "I don't know, it looks like you're enjoying it."

I groaned out loud when one of the hands slide away from my waist and down to my hip, pressing me backwards on to his hardness.

"I know I am" Hikaru's gruff lust filled voice sent another round of chills down my spine.

That's it. If I don't stop this its gonna end up with me on that bed. So I stomped on Hikaru's foot.

"Owwww" He hollered and let go of me.

Kaoru started laughing. "Looks like you took it too far this time, Hika."

After I took a swat at my captor, I glowered at Kaoru. "You are no help at all."

Twins, thats what they are. Evil little monsters. Demons. They frustrate me so much sometimes. Why, oh why did I ever fall in love with them.

After one last menacing glare I spun on my feet I attempted to leave the room.

I was two feet away from the door when both of my hands were captured and I was pulled backwards into the arms of both Hikaru and Kaoru.

"We have a few hours..." Hikaru whispered.

"Come on Haru, lets have some fun." Kaoru completed, ending the words with a kiss on my temple.

Now after all of this, I am sure you could understand how my emotions can go from irritated to calm to compliant. Especially when it comes to my boys.

This was their game of hunter and prey. Or in this case, the hunters.

Sighing, I let go of any frustration that I still had. I let my mind go blank to clear it and with very little effort I was able to fall back easily into their embrace. "You guys are gonna be the death of me." I muttered before I let them have their way.

"So Yuzuha, how did the fashion show go? I'm sorry I missed it." My dad said as he took in a spoon full of soup.

As usual my father was being overly fluttery about fashion. His long hair was tied back, but he for once was not wearing a dress. If it wasn't for his effeminate personality you would have seen what others would call a normal father.

But my normal is not everyone else's normal. My dad, was a tranny and seeing him dressed in mens clothing was a rarity. Though, as I noticed, it didn't stop him from putting on a light base of foundation and some eyeliner.

The twins mother was sitting beside him while she talked about everything and nothing at all. The current topic was about that fashion show that we went to a while back.

Dinner at the Hitachiin manor was always a big event. Lots of food, lots of gossip and no one left the table for at least a couple of hours. I was glad that we weren't in the big dining hall. The one where you have to shout to be heard. That place was used only on really important occasions. Today we were in the family dining room. It was about a third of the size of the big one but it wasn't exactly small. When is anything ever small in a mansion.

Our "little" family table was evenly split. One side had the parents and the other side has us, the trio. Originally, I was able to convince the twins to let me sit on the side and not in between them but Dad... and their mother decided it was cuter for me to remain in my original place. Damn it.

With the obligatory eye roll and suppressed groan, I did what they said and sat in silence while everyone else talked. The food was all that held my attention, but then again, what's new about that.

Time passed casually while we ate. I let my mind wander around in various directions. Non of which were entirely important. The words that were spoken around the table were not registering, just the sound of the voices. It was comforting, calming even. I would have gladly remained in this state.

But my concentration was broken by Hikaru and Kaoru's obnoxious laugher. I looked up in confusion when I noticed everyone was looking at me.

"What?" I asked automatically.

"My little girl never changes. Put some fancy food in front of her and it's like you are talking to a door." My dad was laughing.

Yuzuha spoke up. "We were trying to ask how work was going, honey. If you were working on any new cases or if you've picked up new clients."

I almost choked and the twins, plus my dad started laughing again. My face flushed as I tried to ignore them. "No," I answered. "Nothing, and no one new."

That's pretty much the only answer I could give. It wasn't a lie. In fact it was true.

I was about to look back down and continue eating when Hikaru's voice rang out. "Haruhi and I are gonna have a baby."

That time I did choke. But it was drowned out by the commotion that followed.

Kaoru dropped his fork. His mouth was hanging open before he cried out. "Hikaru! We were supposed to ask her together!"

Dad jumped up with, "Haruhi that's wonderful."

Their mother squealed and asked. "Oh my gosh! When did this happen!?"

The only one besides me who hadn't yelled out was the twins' father. His eyes were wide with surprise, so he didn't need to say a thing.

Once I stopped gagging on the food. I was able to say, word by choking word. "Hikaru... I … said I would.. think about... it."

"Hey, that's enough for me." He leaned back and returned his attention to our parents.

"Wait so.. you're not pregnant?" Their mother asked, her voice was loosing its excited volume.

My voice finally came back, "No." I elbowed the jerk and continued. "He asked me to have his heir and I said I would think about it." The last words were said pointedly in his direction.

"To me that means you will," He gave me a cocky grin. I wanted so bad to smack it off his face.

"Shut up." I snapped back at him before I faced the concerned group across from us. "Yeah, I said I would think about it. You do need an heir and these two are idiots so... if you need me..." I trailed off.

"Haruhi.." My dad said cautiously looking back and forth between the twins and their parents. "What about your job?"

I waved my hand away. "Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal."

"I'm sure it's not." The boys' father stood up. All of us looked at him with confusion. He waved at one of his maids who nodded and picked up a news paper from behind her. She timidly brought it over and placed it into his hands.

Slowly, He unfolded the paper and opened it to a page while folding it back so that when he handed it to his wife, her eyes grew wide and her hand went to her mouth.

My dad looked over too and held his breath giving quick darting looks at me and the mother who wasn't mine.

"Haruhi..." She trailed off. She handed the paper to the three of us.

I could hear the intake of breath on either side of me. And when my eyes fell on the photo of me and … Kyoya Ootori I swear my heart would have fallen out of my chest right then and there if it were physically possible. The headline read. "High Society Men with High Society Escorts: The truth behind the Ouran Circle"

Yuzuha's face grew sad and she started to pout. "I'm so disappointed in you." She said standing up and leaving the room.

Oh, I could have cried. I would have too if I hadn't been in shock but when she returned to the room she handed her husband a piece of paper. He smirked when he took it from her.

She sat back down in a huff and said. "You couldn't have waited two more years before you started that kind of work. Honestly, it's just not fair."

My mouth must have hit the floor and not just mine but the two boys beside me were dead silent.

They knew this would happen? They knew I would have fallen in to my dad's line of work? They knew... and the made a bet on it?

"Young lady, you just cost me 8 million yen. What do you have to say for yourself?"

The long bitter silence that followed was broken by my dads unnaturally loud rounds of laughter. Somehow he was able to choke out the words, "Yuzu, How did you know?"

"Easy," She said, pointing at the three of us. "These two are not exactly easy to manage. The fact that she could do it means she has learned a lot from her daddy." She smirked at my father who then returned the look. "Any girl with the skills to handle my sons... both my sons, and keep them entertained is bound to have the skills to entertain others. Why waste the talent?"

She paused to give us the knowing Hitachiin smirk. "Besides, as long as I get a grandchild out of this I'm happy."

This whole thing was ridiculous. So much so that I couldn't hold back the laughter from boiling out of me. Which it did, rather maniacally in fact.

All this time I was afraid that the family would find out and disown me. That maybe they would refuse to let me even be friends with the boys if all this came to the light.

Now not only had they learned in the worst way possible but I find out that they expected it. They even placed a bet on when it would happen. This is just way too much, even for the Hitachiin family.

I felt Kaoru take my hand and soon enough his brother had taken the other. My eyes were watering when the boys joined in with their own guffaws. The entire table had started the round of reckless infectious laughter.

Believe it or not, it seems that my life had finally reached a balance. Go figure.

For once in my crazy story of sex, lies, drama and adventure, there is now a sense of completion. My life can continue down the path I set before me. I get to keep my lovers, my best friends, my family and not only that but I get to make a family. True, it won't be normal.

But then again when has my life ever been normal.

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