This is my destoy all humans fanfic and the first yaoi fanfic. Please read and review! FYI, I know it's short. But I hope I'll be able to make the future chapters longer.

Cryptosporidium 137 and Cryptosporidium 138 have been brought back for some unknown reason. And that same unknown reason caused Pox to have a normal Furon body again. Throughout the years, Crypto had slowly begun to fall in love with Pox. And Pox already felt the same way ever since they met. But the older Furon kept those feelings very discreet.
"Crypto," Pox shouted.
"What," Crypto shouted back. Pox prepared himself to ask something he wanted to ask Crypto ever since they came to Earth.
"Crypto, will you go on a date with me," Pox asked. Crypto, very shocked, only nodded. Pox sighed with relief that he wasn't rejected. He then began making preparations for the date, whivch they agreed should be next Thursday.