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Storm Hawks: A Healer's Love

Chapter 1

On a deserted forest Terra where a Sky Knight named Aerrow and specialist Piper are looking at their binoculars to see if there were any Cyclonians Talons.

"No sign of Cyclonians Talons on my side," said Aerrow with concern, "how about you?"

"Nope," said Piper with a smile, "not a single one."

"Good," he said with a smile, "I'll meet you at the Condor real soon."

Aerrow began to start the engine on his Air Skimmer until found Radarr is missing.

He began to worry so he used his communicator and asked, "Piper is Radarr with you?"

"No, I thought he's with you," answered Piper.

"He was, but now I can't find him,"

"Don't worry Aerrow," said Piper, "I'll help you go looking for him."

"Thanks Piper," said Aerrow with relief.

Not far away, Radarr began to wonder around the forest until he spotted something.

A creature that looks like him except it's a girl. She has white fur that's well trimmed and blue eyes. She wore white shirt and pants, a pink chocker, and a crescent moon with a cloud patch on the back of her shirt.

Radarr went close to her, but she used her tail too hide her face meant she's to shy.

"Belle," said a voice called out. Quickly her ears began to perk up and ran toward that voice while Raddar followed. Just as he gets close to Belle he stopped and remains hidden in the bushes.

He spotted a tall teenaged girl of sixteen with pink hair that's tied to a pony tail, blue eyes, peach skin; she wears white tights with crescent moon, with clouds on her back, brown boots, a white crystal teardrop necklace around her neck and a silver shield on her back.

Radarr slowly stepped backed until he stepped on a thorn. He let out a screech so loud the entire Terra could hear.

Not far away, Aerrow could hear Radarr screeching sound. He stopped, presses the communicator, and said, "Piper, I've just heard Radarr he's not far away."

"Good," said Piper who sighed with relief, "I'll meet you there real soon."

Aerrow nodded and continued looking for Radarr.

Radarr notice he has a thorn in his paw. Then he saw the creature called Belle, and notice the thorn in his paw. She called out her companion.

The teen aged girl bent down and asked, "You got a new friend Belle?"

The creature nodded.

The young girl let out her hand but, he made a hissed meaning to back off.

"Belle," she said with concern, "You should straiten him out."

Belle nodded. She went to him and told him that her friend wanted to help him.

He finally calmed down and went over to the girl.

He showed the thorn on his paw. The girl pondered and said, "Don't worry I know what to do."

Quickly she took out her knapsack, grabbed her tweezers and pulled it out, and then she put some medicine on it and finally bandages it up.

"There," said the teenage girl, "that should get better."

"Radarr where are you?" said a voice.

Radarr's ears began to perk up. He knew that voice anywhere. He dashed off to find Aerrow and found him.

"There you are Radarr," said Aerrow with concern, "I was so worried about you, but I'm glad you're safe."

Then he notice some bandages on his paw.

"Who bandage you up?"

"I did," answered the teenage girl.

"You bandage Radarr?" Aerrow asked.

The girl nodded.

"Thanks I appreciate your help he said with a smile.

"No problem," she said, "oh I'm sorry my name is Hanna and this is my companion Belle."

Belle gave a smile and wave to Aerrow.

"You two are from Terra Lunar aren't you?" Aerrow asked as he notices the insignia of a crescent moon and clouds on her Air Skimmer.

"Yes I am," she answered.

Just then Piper showed up on her Heliscoter and said, "Aerrow did you find Radarr?"

"I sure did," answered Aerrow with a smile.

Then Piper notice Hanna and said with excitement, "Oh my gosh you must be Hanna the famous healer from Terra Lunar and related to Lunar's Sky Knight Leader of Moon Lights.

"How did you know Piper?" Aerrow asked in concern while Raddar is puzzled by Piper's enthusiastic.

"Well I have a magazine clipping of the squadron," she said as she shown a picture of the Moon Lights."

"That's amazing Piper," said Aerrow with a smile while Radarr climbed up towards Aerrow's shoulder to looked at the picture.

My big brother is the Leader of the Moon Lights and his name is Paul."

"Which one is Paul?"

"He's the one with black hair and emerald green eyes," Hanna said after she answered Aerrow's question.

"So why aren't you two with your squadron or your Terra?" Piper asked with curiosity.

Hanna's smile turned into a frown and said, "It's complicated right now we should be getting going."

She gathers her belongings and headed to her Air Skimmer along with Belle.

Aerrow and Piper felt pretty awful for Hanna and Belle. They have been traveling for a long time.

So he got an idea and said, "I know you and Belle come along with us?"

Radarr's spirit has been lifted when Aerrow popped the question.

"Aerrow are you sure about this?" puzzled Piper.

"Well you said she's a famous healer in her squadron can't hurt to have her and her friend with us."

"Alright she can join," she said with a smile, "I don't mind having a healer on our team."

Aerrow turned back towards Hanna and Belle and asked, "So what do you two say will you join us?"

Hanna looked at Belle who gave a friendly nod to her companion then she turned her back to them and said, "We're in!"

"Then it's settled," he said as everyone rode off to the condors on their flying vehicles.

To be continued. . .

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