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Chapter 3

Later on that night, at the Condor. Piper was still sleeping until she felt a little shake. She opened one eye and saw blue eyes glowing.

"Raddar what is it?" Piper asked.

The creature chirped in confusion.

She looked puzzled he never chirped like that before, she grabbed her night vision goggles it turns out to be Belle who woke her.

"Sorry Belle," Piper apologize, "I should have kept track on everyone names."

Belle smiled as she made an okay sign to accept her apology.

Piper smiled and said, "So what's on your mind?"

Belle pointed at Hanna who is moaning in her sleep. Her eyes shut tight, she griped her sleeping bag with fright and sweat dripped on her forehead

'It looks like Hanna's having a nightmare,' Piper thought.

The healer's only dream is returning to her Terra.

Dream Sequence. . .

Hanna is on Terra Lunar collecting healing herbs with Belle right beside her.

"Well Belle," said Hanna with a smile, "that's all the herbs we need let's get back to the Healing hut."

Belle scurry back to the healing hut while the healer followed.

Unknown to her a shadow came and swallowed her whole.

The healer stand in the darkness frozen in fear until she felt a hand holding her arm.

That hand was belong to the Dark Ace.

He grinned like a chaser cat and said, "Master Cyclonis have herd of your unique gift. She wants you to be at our side."

"No," she said in angrily voice, "I'll never joined you and your master."

"If I can't have you," he said with a sneer, "I'll make sure you'll be mine forever."

The young healer can barely hear the talon commander's laughter echoing in her head until she screamed.

End Dream Sequence. . .

Hanna woke up with a jolt. She gasped out for air, and places her hand on her forehead. She looked at Piper who is up and felt concern for her.

"Did I wake you Piper?" the healer asked.

"Berle," she answered, "you must had a horrible nightmare.

As Piper knelled down to talked to Hanna she herd a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Piper asked.

"It's Aerrow," the Sky Knight answered.

She opened the door and in front of her is Aerrow, Raddar, Finn, Junko, and Stork.

Raddar went inside the room to check on Belle to see if she's okay.

All he saw was a deep concern for Hanna who just had a nightmare.

"We've heard you screamed."

"I didn't scream Aerrow," said Piper who looked back at Hanna with sadness, "it was Hanna she just had a nightmare."

Junko went inside and asked with concern, "Are you okay?"

"I guess so," the young healer answered who wasn't sure.

"Are you sure you didn't eat or drink anything that might trigger those nightmares?" Stork asked who was making some calculation.

"Not realy," she answered.

"What kind of nightmare did you have?" Finn puzzled.

She looked at everyone who is puzzled and concern at the same time. She got up and said, "You won't believe me what I've told you."

"Try us."

"Alright," said the healer as she cleared her throat, "I was force to marry the Dark Ace."

Everyone was shocked except Finn who let out a burst of laughter until he finally stopped and looked at Hanna who is serous.

"Your not joking are you?" he asked.

"Why would I joke?" Hanna asked, "to be honest I was running away from him."

"Why are you running away from him?" Aerrow asked.

Hanna and Belle looked at each other then looked back at the Storm Hawks and said, "I think it's time I'd told you the truth."

Everyone is at the brig listing to Hanna's tale.

"I'll never forget the day when I receive my healing powers and the elders told me that I'm the healer," said Hanna as she told her story.

Flashback. . .

Terra Lunar is a beautiful land where everyone lived in peace. They named Terra Lunar because two mountains and right between them is an arch that made the mountains into a crescent moon. When I was five I was playing ball with my friends.

"I'll get the ball guys," I said until I tripped, fell, and scraped my knee.

All of my friends came rushing to see that I'm okay.

"Whoa what happen?" asked a brown haired girl.

"Dose it hurt?" said a dirty blond hair boy.

"A bit," I answered.

"I'll get the elder," said the purple haired girl.

As I was about to cover it something unusual happen to me. My hands glowed a white glow and my skinned knee is gone.

"You have an unique gift child," said an elderly man who was in his sixties, has grey hair, blue eyes, peach skin. He wears a white robe.

"Elder," I said, "I was just about to get the ball until I trip and fell. Then I was about to co-"

"Calm down my child," the elder explain, "you have been chosen to be the next healer."

After my experience my father return back from recon he looked at me surprised he told me that my mother will be proud. I asked my father what was my mom like.

He looked at me and said, "Your mother was beautiful. She died by giving birth to you her last words are, 'Our daughter will have a special gift that will help out Sky Knights all over Atmos.'"

I never knew my mother. I kept seeing her pictures in dad's photo album.

My big brother missed her while my father often dreamed about holding her once again, but there still glad I'm still here.

The next morning the Elders anoint me to become the next healer and gave me their sacred treasure the healing crystal necklace.

I've began my healing training until one year later my training has been complete and in no time I've meet Belle after my father found her caught in Cyclonian's trap. She have been my nurse aid ever since.

Six years later, after my training one of my dad's squadrin came and told me and my brother that my dad died from an illness that they didn't know.

I decide to return the healing crystal necklaced to the elders, and said, "Elder I would like to postpone my position of healer because of my father's death."

"Hanna," said the elder, "We still need you. Your father would said the same."

I did some thinking on what the elder said so I smiled and said, "Alright I'll continued my position as healer."

The elder smiled with relief while Belle gave me a thumb up for continued my work.

End Flashback. . .

"I'm glad you kept your position as healer," said Aerrow with a smile as Raddar chirped in agreement.

"I think you should stick to your position," said Piper.

"So what happens next?" Junko asked with concern.

"It was four years after, I continued my position I been healing not just Terra Lunar, but all over Atmos my brother who is now a Sky Knight of Moon Lights, escort me though every Terra where everyone needs healing from there broken bone to there sickness," Hanna said, with shutter, "things didn't last very long on Terra Lunar until he showed up.

Flashback continued. . .

The Dark Ace has headed towards the Terra that I was born at.

My brother and his squadron fought bravely until they were defeated.

Paul and the Moon Lights lay on the ground and saw Dark Ace's sadistic smile. He looked at everyone by giving off a death glare and said, "I demand to see the healer or we'll search the entire Terra!"

"I'm here," I said, "don't you lay a hand on anyone including this Terra!"

Belle hid behind my leg as he walked over towards me, he got down on one knee, took my hand and kissed it.

I felt frightened, but I summon my courage by saying, "May I help you?"

"Yes," he answered as he rose up to his feet, "my master has heard of your unique gift and told me that your sixteen I think I should marry you so the Terra you were born from will be spared."

"If I refused"

"If you did refuse Master Cyclonis will take the Terra."

I was frozen with fear I looked down and said, "Alright you win just promise me that your master will leave my home alone because my family and friends lived there for a very long time."

Dark Ace lift my chin and said, "Of course my beautiful healer, but one day you will thank me for it."

That night of the Full Moon Engagement Ceremony Terra Lunar just have celebrated mine and Dark Ace's Engagement. The Cyclonian commander came right beside me and said, "My master told me she won't be able to attend our engagement ceremony but, she gave us her eternal blessing."

"I see," I said coldly.

"I know it didn't seems right for you but, I'm sure you'll give us a chance."

He glance over his shoulder, motion his hand and a Cyclonian talon walked over to Dark Ace while caring a medium size black box with a crimson ribbon wraped around it.

He jester my hand to open the box. I've unwrapped the ribbon, opened the box and in it is a crimson red crystal like flower engagement corsage. He took the corsage and slipped it on my wrist.

The elder announced, "The engagement ceremony has been complete they shall be married on the new moon."

I have a suspicious feeling that his master told him about our culture.

End Flashback. . .

"I've heard about it," Piper interrupt, "Terra Lunar's engagement is that when a Terra Lunar citizen reaches the age of sixteen the boy builds a crystal flower like corsage that resembles it's color of the Terra or squadron."

"I can't believe you getting married to Dark Ace," said Finn with a stern as he imagine her marring a Cyclonian.

"Hang on Finn," said Aerrow, "There's more to the story."

"My brother and I," said Hanna who smiled a little, "devise a plan."

"What was it," Stork asked, "mutiny, savtage or giving out demands?"

"No," she answered, "even better."

Flash back continued. . .

I began to speak to my brother about my marriage to the Cyclonian Commander.

"Paul," I begged, "I don't want to be with Dark Ace!"

"I know if father was alive he would say, "I rather die in the wast lands than seeing my daughter in the hands of a Cycvlonia.'"

"What do we do?"

"Run away sis and find some help," my brother answered.

"What about the Dark Ace?" I puzzled, "I can't let him chase me."

"Do you still have that sleeping powder that we use on the Murk Raiders?"


"Well," my brother said with a grin, "I've got a plan."

My brother told to put some sleep powder on Dark Ace's drink and make sure he won't suspect a thing.

Later on that night I wore a pink dress with white rims while Belle stayed by my side. I've carried a trey that holds the drink that has one of the sleeping powder.

I began to knock the door of the guest bed room at my brother's house until he shouted, "Who's there?"

"It's me, Hanna," I said nervously.

"Come in," he said, "I promise I won't attack you."

I entered the bed room his tights lay on a screen along with his armor. He emerged out from the screen and wore a scarlet red robe and dark green pajama pants.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were coming?" he puzzled.

"I thought I get to know you before we got married and my arrival is suppose to be a surprise."

"Well I'm flattered and surprised."

I grabbed the two drinks I handed him on the left handed side as we propose a toast to the future.

He and I began to sat on the couch, drank our drink, and talked about our latest position and success.

I place my glass on the solid oak coffee table and walked over to the window to see the full moon.

"Is something wrong my dear?" Dark Ace asked in concern."

"Nothings wrong my love," I said while I glance at Dark Ace getting up from the couch until he fell back down while he put his hand on his forehead moaning.

"Are you alright," I said with concern as I was rushed back until he raised his hand to stopped me and said, "I'm fine I was just feeling a little dizzy that's all."

I return to the spot were I looked at the moon. I was hoping the sleeping powder would kicked in until Dark Ace finally got up from the couch walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"The moon is beautiful," he wispered, "just like you."

"It's too bad this will be the last time I get to see it."

"I'm sure my master will get what your heart's desire."

I felt his arms are falling I turned around seeing that his eyelids are getting heavy, his legs began to quiver until he fell down on the floor fast asleep motinless.

I began to scream until my brother came into the room and asked, "What hapen?"

"Dark Ace just collapse on the floor."

A few talons came and one of them asked, "We heard someone screamed."

"It's my sister who screamed he just collapse sir," said Paul with concern, "my sister told me that he fainted from all the excitement."

"So now what?" the other talon asked.

"I've gave him some medicine," I said with relief, "he'll wake up for about eight to ten hours for right now my brother will escort you three while Belle and I take him to bed."

The talons followed my brother while Belle uncover the blue covers with white sheets on the bed and I carried him on one shoulder. He was like a life size doll when I began to take off his robe, lifted his legs on the bed places his head on the pillow, tucked him in and Belle and I tipped toed out of the room.

Later that night while everyone else is sleeping my brother, a friend of his, Belle and I snuck outside so the talons won't catch us.

"Alright sis," said my brother, "find any Sky Knights who can help us."

"I'll be back with some help I promise," I said.

And so Belle and I rode off hoping I could end this nightmare for good.

End Flashback. . .

So that's why you and Belle run away," said Piper with concern.

"Yes," said Hanna sadly, "I promise my brother that with some help Dark Ace will leave me alone."

Finn cried, "Oh man,you have to go through all that trouble because of him."

Juko and Stork cried in unison.

Aerrow looked serious and said, "We're going to help you and your brother."

"Thank you," she said with relief, "I wish there's some way I can repay you in return."

"That won't be necesary," said Aerrow with concern, "you helped us now it's our turn."

Everyone nodded their head in agreement.

They all agreed for tomorrow they will go to Terra Lunar together.

To be continued. . .

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