I had left him. I still couldn't believe I had left him. I was crying silent tears as I was traveling home. My real home. I probably had just ruined my entire life. I had left my love, my life, my soulmate, my other half in general. I'm such an idiot, but it was actually for the best, I mean he saw me using magic, when he wasn't supposed to. Your probably confused and saying 'What the hell is she talking about?' To answer you question we have to start at the beginning.

First of all my name is not Isabella Marie Swan my name is really Bella Rosemarie Potter. I know I was named after a flower which most people thought was weird, but so was my mom which meant I loved the name. It made me feel special. Anyway back to the clearing up thing, I have a...little brother.

His name is Harry James Potter. Of course since he's a boy he's always going to be jealous I'm 10 months older than him, and I actually don't mind, it makes me feel even more special. So I'm his big sister. Our parents have both been killed by the Dark Lord, or as we knew him Lord Voldemort. They were both murdered without mercy. Their names were Lily Jane Evans Potter, and James Anthony Potter. Harry and I were both supposed to die that fateful night, but fate had other plans for us. We were both babies, I was almost two and Harry was one. We were both sleeping when everything occurred, but we awoke in time to see the green blinding light, and afterwards a bunch of smoke coming from nowhere.

Harry and I had lived with our Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, and their pig of a son Dudley. They were horrid! They treated us like we were scum, as if we were their servants instead of their freaking niece and nephew, I hated them, but they were the only blood-related family left. When we were both 11, we got our letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That was the beginning if an entire new life we never knew we would have.