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Chapter Twenty-Three

The New Wonders in Forks

The drive to Forks was quiet and uneventful. The drive was what to be expected, when we arrived to Forks it was raining, the usual weather. The soft pattering of raindrops on the car windows comforted me. I turned and saw Edward looking at me with a small smile on his face.

"I love you Bella," he whispered, as he lowered his forehead to mine.

I breathed in his scent, "God, Edward I love you too. It's something that I can't even explain sometimes."

"Love," he whispered in a strained tone. It wasn't a tone filled with lust, it was a tone filled with worry.

I scooted over to the other side and looked out the window. "Don't pity me Edward. I don't want pity for the family problems I have. I just want to forget what happened," I whispered.

Edward nodded and looked over to his mother. Esme stopped the car and moved her body to look at us in the back. "We're here babies!"

As soon as the words were spoken my door flew open, "Bella!" squealed the pixie who pulled me out of the car by my arm.

"Alice!" I squealed back. I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and squeezed as hard as I could. I pulled back and kissed her cheek lightly. "I missed you pixie."

"Aw! Bella I missed you too!"

Someone pulled me back from Alice and turned me around. "Aren't you going to give me any love?" asked the always stunning Rosalie.

"Rose! How could I ever have forgotten about you?"

We hugged tightly and let go when I felt a pair of thick arms circling my waist, "Belly!"

"Emmy!" I squealed as he twirled me around. "I missed you my teddy bear."

"I missed you too my ballerina!"

I giggled as he set my down, and Jasper decided to swoop me up.

"Hello Bells!" he said in his sweet accent.

"Hello Jazz."

"I can feel something's wrong but I'm not going to harass you about it. I'll let you be until you feel comfortable enough to let us in and tell us about it."

I nodded and gave him a small smile. Jasper would always understand the tangle of emotions I was feeling.

I walked inside without another word and made my way towards the backyard. I gazed up at the sky, watching the gray clouds roll by.

"There's going to be a storm," said Edward closing in on me.

"Vampires like storms," I said with a small smile.

"We can get a do-over if you like? Last time didn't end so well."

Before I could respond to Edward, Emmett ran over to us and pushed me to the other side of the yard. I turned to chastise Emmett, but the grin on his face was just too adorable and all I could do was give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't reward him for doing wrong Bella. He's still learning how to be a proper child," said Alice, threading the word child with sarcasm.

"Just because you let the child inside of you die off Alice, doesn't mean I'm going to do the same!" rebuked Emmett.

I watched with fascination as the discussion between Emmett and Alice jumped from being immature, to the weather, to who had higher grades at Hogwarts, to who was the biggest Gryffindor fan.

Esme and Carlisle came out to shut them both up and told them to get ready for the game that we were having in a few minutes.

"C'mon dear, I'll give you one of Alice's spare uniforms so you can get down and dirty with us," said Esme sweetly.

I followed Esme and once I got dressed I ran down stairs to find everyone waiting for me at the end of the steps. Edward grinned when he saw me and grabbed my hand, pulling me against him.

"You're perfect," he whispered.

Before I could respond Esme cleared her throat, "We should get going if we want to make the most of the little light left. Everyone has left his or her wand in a safe place right?" she asked looking around at us.

Everyone nodded. I nodded even though I had my wand stashed in my boot. No one would see it, and I needed it in case something went amiss. It would give me the comfort I desperately needed from the evil that was surrounding my life.

"Bella ride me with me in Em's Jeep, Edward will be waiting for you at the field," said Rose.

"Of course Rose," I said. I turned to Edward and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips and walked out with Rose. Rose grabbed my hand and began swinging them like we were the best of friends. I couldn't help but giggle at this silly side of her.

"I'm really glad you decided to spend New Year's with us Bella, I promise it's going to be amazing," said Rosalie once she started to drive towards the field.

I nodded at her words but couldn't get rid of a bad feeling deep in my stomach.

"Have you ever gotten a bad feeling that you just can't shake away?" I ask Rose, while touching my anchor around my neck.

"Everything will be fine Bella, just breathe and try to enjoy your time with us. Try to actually enjoy the game sweetie; nothing bad will happen with us protecting you. Nothing scares us vampires," she said with a grin on her face that showed her slightly sharp canines.

When we arrived at the field, my door was thrown open before the car even came to a complete stop.

I gasped and giggled once I saw who it was.

"Are you alright? Did Rose threaten you?" asked Edward fumbling with my clothes and hair.

I swatted his hands away and grinned at him. "Rose was a total sweetheart. You have no reason to worry about me when I'm with your sister. Me and her are on a whole new level with our friendship."

Edward huffed and pouted.

"Don't pout at me."

He leaned down until his forehead was on mine. "I love you."

I smiled at his words. There will never come a time when Edward Cullen will stop surprising me with those three words.

"I love you too."

"Forever?" he asks.

"Always," I whisper back, feeling my heart skip a beat…or a few beats.

"Okay enough with the sappy love story, it's time to play ball!" says Emmett effectively ruining the moment Edward and I were having.

Edward chuckles at his brother's antics but I can see that he's excited at the chance he's gotten to kick Em's ass at baseball. Edward takes off his hat and places it gently on my own.

"You look really sexy in hats…especially my hats," he says, with the grin that belonged to the cat that ate the canary.

"Edward hurry the hell up before I have to drag you over here!" yells Emmett across the field, Edward, the always classy gentlemen, gives him the bird and kisses me with new fervor.

I respond with the same passion.

Edward pulls back and takes in my swollen lips and lust-filled eyes. I can see him swallow the venom that's pooling in his mouth. It turns me on even more.

Before anything else can happen Edward is being dragged away from me and all I can do is laugh.

"Emmett! Put your brother down! The game is going to start so everyone get into position," yells Carlisle.

Everyone gets into his or her positions: Alice as pitcher, Rosalie as the first to bat, and Esme as umpire, everyone else is spread out wide in the grand field that belonged to the Cullens.

The game is in full swing when Alice wants me to bat.

"Please Bella? It'll be fun!"

I shake my head at her. "No Alice! I've never batted before and I don't want to right now. I'm very comfortable where I am now."

She begins to pout and her eyes get watery with tears that will never fall. I sigh and make my way to home base.

"You Cullen's and your pouts are going to be the death of me," I mutter.

I grab the bat and get into position, Alice grins at me. "I promise to be gentle Bell."

I nod, waiting for her to throw the damn ball already so I can go sit down.

The ball is thrown and I receive a strike.

The ball is thrown again and I receive another strike.

"C'mon Bella! Anyone from a mile away can tell you're not even trying!" complains Emmett.

"Shut the fuck up Emmett!" I seethe at him. Carlisle behind me chuckles while Esme gasps. I promptly apologize to them both before turning back to Alice and glaring at the damn ball. Before Alice could throw the ball, something emerged from out of the trees.


Fucking huge wolves the size of horses.

All I could was stare. They all seemed to be glaring at the Cullen's.

Edward appeared in front of me blocking me from staring at the creatures any longer.

"What's going on Edward? What the hell are they?" I whispered holding on to his shirt tightly.

"Nothing Carlisle can't handle I promise."

Three out of the ten wolves present ran back into the woods. I expected more wolves to come out but what I saw next shook me to the core. Three men came out of the forest dressed in jean cut-offs.

"Carlisle," said one of them, the one that was the leader by the looks of it.

"Sam, it's nice to see you again," spoke Carlisle, like the perfect ambassador.

"It would be nicer if there weren't so many bloodsuckers around," sneered one of the others.

"Cool it Paul," warned Sam. Sam must be the alpha.

Paul growled but said nothing.

"We know you have a girl with you, a human girl Cullen," spoke the other man.

"Jacob! I said I would handle it," says Sam giving him a glare that shuts him up.

"Are they shape shifters?" I ask Edward quietly. He nods and wraps my arms around his waist. I gently lay my head on his back and sigh, reveling his scent, desperate for a distraction from the scene unfolding in front of us.

"The girl is in no danger Sam," answers Carlisle, keeping his face calm.

"The treaty Carlisle. You vowed that no human would be transformed."

"And I'm still keeping that vow. Bella is safe with us, we're protecting her from a greater evil."

"Plus, I'm not all human," I add stepping around Edward, even thought he attempts to stop me.

"You look human, you smell human. Why try to lie about it?" asked Jacob.

"I'm not lying. I have nothing to gain or lose by lying." I pull my wand out without another word and begin to say the incantation that will transform me back to who I really am.

I can hear gasps all around me, from the Cullens who are in utter shock that I just showed my magic, which could get me expelled from Hogwarts, and the wolf pack who don't believe what they've seen.

"What are you?" whispered Jacob, who has a curious glint in his eyes.

"A witch," I said brushing my unruly red curls down with my hands and putting my hat on right.

"Do you know what they are?" asks Paul.

"Of course silly! This is my family, they're protecting me from something way worse than all seven of them combined."

"Worse?" asks Jacob intrigued by what I'm saying.

"Yep. A dark wizard is after my brother and I, and I have to do everything in my power to keep him away from us."

I felt Edward press himself behind me and all the other Cullens coming closer around us.

The other wolves approached us too and sat down on their bellies in front of me. I sat down and petted them one by one, except for a gray wolf who looked like she was going to bite me hand off if I even attempted to touch her. Jacob and Paul sat down with the wolves while Sam stood up and looked down at us.

"Why are you with vampires and not your own kind?" asks Jacob, peering at me through his lashes.

"Because the Cullens are my family. And my own kind are waiting for me to come back from my vacation with the Cullens."

Jacob shook his head, probably not believing the words I was saying.

The sandy wolf seemed to give me a lopsided wolfy grin. I couldn't help but press a small kiss on his snout. The wolf snorted and sat his heavy head on my lap, while the gray wolf seemed aggravated by his behavior.

The Cullens had retreated from behind me and were now collecting the bats and baseballs scattered across the field. I looked up at Sam and gave him a small smile.

"I hope you aren't too mad at the Cullens for harboring a witch from you all, I promise I will bring no harm to anyone. I didn't come to harm anyone." I whispered, tugging at the anchor around my collarbone.

Sam nodded and all the wolves began to rise up, including Jacob and Paul who were still in their human form. The sandy wolf whimpered and hid his head deeper in my lap. I stroked his fur and gave him another kiss.

"I want to meet you in your human Mr. Sandy Wolf."

He immediately rose up and ran towards the woods. The trees began to shake and out came a boy no less than 16 years old ran out. Once he was close to me I could see that he was very tall, probably 6'1" with black hair and bright brown eyes. He had a youthful, huge grin plastered on his face, which in time made me grin like a fool. I felt like an actual 15 year old around him.

"I'm Seth," he said putting out his hand in an offering.

I looked behind me to see all the Cullens smiling at me. I looked at Edward who was beaming pride. Pride at what though? I raised my eyebrows in question and he gave a small, subtle nod. He was proud at the fact I was able to tame the wolves with my words.

"I'm Bella," I answered, grabbing his hand tightly and shaking.

"It's time to go Seth," spoke Sam, who put his hand on Seth's shoulder.

"Maybe we can hang out Bella? Only if you have time though, I don't want to mess up your schedule or anything," rambled Seth.

I giggled at his rambling. "I can meet up with you after New Years and before I go back to Hogwarts."

He gave me a wide grin, and nodded. "That would be awesome. Just come on the reservation and maybe some of the others want to hang too."

I nodded and waved at him as he made his way towards the woods.

I turned back to the Cullens who were trying to get away from me. "Why are you guys running from me?" I asked.

"You stink Ballerina!" exclaimed Emmett.

"What?" I sniffed myself and all I smelled was my strawberry body wash.

"You smell like wet dog, which stinks like shit!" yells Rose.

"No I do not! I smell like strawberries like I always do!" I ran over to Edward who was pinching his nose. "I don't smell do I?" I asked pouting.

Edward nodded and looked up at the darkening sky. It began to pour buckets of rain. I reveled in the rain and grinned at Edward. "Do I smell now?"

Instead of answering me he pressed his lips to mine. His lips left mine and ghosted over my neck. A shiver shuddered throughout my entire body. I stepped back and looked at him, almost examining him.

"Why?" I whispered.

He looked confused. "Why what?"

"Why are you still here with me when a monster is coming after me?"I ask, after everyone has promptly left the field leaving us by ourselves.

"Because I love you Bella. I can't live without you. You're everything to me. I was a monster myself before I found you, and then you filled me with your love and I became something new."

By the time he was done, tears were brimming in my eye, threatening to spill over. "Edward," I managed to gasp out. The rain was making it hard to see him because it was like a curtain. I crossed the threshold and it suddenly ceased raining to my amazement.

Edward enveloped me in his arms and hugged me close to his body. "I could never let you go. When you left, I thought I was dead. I couldn't feel anything. I was the walking dead and then you came back into my life, and everything shone with your beauty and glory."

I smiled at Edward and used my wand to conjure a single red tulip. "I love you." I handed him the tulip and watched his lips form his famous crooked smile. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along. The Jeep was running and waiting for us. I hopped inside and fastened my seatbelt. I grinned at Edward who did a U-turn and set us on track the bumpy, muddy road.

I laughed so hard the entire ride that I snorted on occasion. Edward laughed loudly, which surprised me because I had never heard him laugh so hard, he even managed to sound out of breath.

Once we arrived at the house I stumbled out the car with tears streaking my face, my hair a wild, red mess, and my face split into the biggest grin ever. I looked back at the Jeep that it was no longer squeaky-clean like Em had it…now it was streaked with mud. Even the roof had chunks of mud stuck to it. I couldn't help but start cackling at the mess Edward had made.

Everyone ran outside to see what Edward and I were laughing at and gasped when they saw what happened to the monster Jeep.

"Why is everyone laughing? Did Ballerina fall on her face?" declared Emmett.

He stopped short of his path when he saw what we had done to his Jeep. Or more of what Edward had done to the Jeep.

"What happened to my baby?!" he managed to sputter out.

I jumped on Edward's back, knowing a race to death would be coming up. "We have no idea what happened to your precious Jeep Emmett!" spoke Edward calmly, even though I knew he was trying so hard not to laugh in his brother's face.

"I'm going to fucking murder you Eddie!" growled Emmett.

Edward snarled at the nickname that Emmett gave him.

I jumped off Edward's back knowing that the fight that was ascending wouldn't be a playful one. "I'll clean your damn Jeep Emmett." I pulled my wand out and called water to me and drenched Emmett's Jeep in water washing away all the mud that was currently present on it.

I walked up to Emmett, and even though I was shorter than him, he still held fear for the immense power I had at my possession. I would never use any of it on him though, but he didn't need to know that.

"Ballerina, I'm sorry."

I walked past him nodding. He had nothing to apologize for. Edward and I had taken advantage of his hospitality of allowing us to borrow his Jeep and we brought it back filthy. It was our fault. I looked down at myself and saw I had specks of mud scattered across my chest. I looked over at Emmett and jumped on his massive back. "To Edward's room!" I squealed, when he started bouncing around.

Emmett ran up the stairs and set me down in front of a guest room door I had no idea about. It was adorned with an intricate soft pink B, with a ballerina in mid-twirl on the inside. I touched it lightly and glanced back at Emmett who now became interested in his shoes and the floor he was standing on.

"Emmie?" I questioned hoarsely.

"I thought it would make you feel more at home if you had a place of your own inside the house. Esme and Alice helped me with the decorations on the inside and everything else. But I hope you like it, and I hope you understand the meaning behind us giving you a room in the house."

I nodded knowing exactly what they meant. They gave me a room so I could understand that I had a place in this family.

That I belonged with them.

These people were my family just as much as my blood relatives were.

I opened the door slowly and was in awe in how much the room exemplified my personality to the fullest.

The dark and light shades of the room mixing together.

The hand-drawn stars on the ceiling.

The four-poster bed in the center of the room against the back wall, covered in a mountain of stuffed animals, ranging from fat caterpillars to fierce lions.

The desk facing the window that was covered in blank, leather-bound notebooks waiting to be written in.

Everything about this room screamed that it was meant for me. That the Cullens had analyzed me over and over again to get the perfect balance between girl and witch. The room was beautiful and amazing, and something that I would always cherish.

I turned around and saw that all the Cullen's were inside the room waiting for my response. My face was split in a grin that was so wide my cheeks were beginning to ache.

"I absolutely love this room! It is so…amazing! No, amazing doesn't even begin to cover the beauty. There are no words that can do justice to the beautiful gift I have just received." I ran over to them and hugged them one by one, finishing with Edward who kept his arm around my waist.

"We have to go hunt Edward, and now that we've made sure that Bella knows about her new room, now would be the perfect time to go and get some hunting done before we head off to Hogwarts," spoke Jasper, whose eyes were opal and giving me chills.

"Yeah, you all go ahead. I'll stay with Bella and keep her company," answered Edward. The vampires nodded and left out the front door into the wilderness that called their name.

I looked up at Edward and saw that his eyes were a bright topaz. "Are you still good from the hunt you did at Grimauld Place?"

He leaned down and pressed his forehead against mine. "Of course. If I wasn't I would have gone with the others. The thirst isn't bothering me so it's okay Bella."

I pulled back and walked towards the bed, I ran my finger along the part of the comforter that could be seen. "This is really nice," I said grabbing the fat, stuffed caterpillar that was calling my name. "Who came up with the idea?"

Edward chuckled and answered, "Emmett. He believes that you are still a little girl who deserves to be spoiled rotten with materialistic…animals."

I giggled at Emmett's implication. "I don't know about the little girl part, but the spoiled rotten one I could go for," I said in a teasing tone.

Edward smiled his crooked smile and ran towards me, pushing me on top of the bed of stuffed animals. "I am not going to christen my bed with all of my animals on it."

Edward groaned and rolled on to the other side. "Can we take them off then? They can sleep on the floor, they're not even alive Bella!"

I giggled at his troubled face. "Let me sleep and maybe then I'll give you an answer, which somewhat rhymes with the word sweat." I whispered against his lips. His hands were firmly placed on my hips and I could feel him under my skin. I took in a shallow breath. "Sleep?" I asked.

He nodded and made space for us in the bed. I slipped under the covers and took off my clothes except my bra and panties. I felt the bed dip on the side Edward was on. He had also taken off his clothing, and was currently just in his boxers. I grinned when he wrapped his cold arm around my waist and pulled me towards him. My body shivered but it wasn't from the cold of Edward's body, it was more from the delight I was feeling to have Edward so close to my body. My skin was on fire wherever his fingers touched me. I let out a breath and fluttered my eyes closed.

All that was on my mind were the good things that were currently in my life. I would never regret naming the Cullens as my family. I would never regret discovering that Severus Snape was my father. My heart beat for all my family. Wizard, witch, and vampire alike. If they were taken from me…I don't know what I would do.