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Everything Will Work Out

My mind was reeling. I was having a thousand thoughts a minute; I couldn't even begin to fathom what the thoughts were about. Images, voices, memories were flashing against my lids in a colorful array of thoughts. It took everything in me to wake up again. I shivered from the cold that surrounded me and let a small smile grace my lips.

I felt a hand running up and down the length of my back, stoking the never-ending fire in the pit of my stomach. The hand moved away and I whimpered at the loss of contact.

"It's time to wake up beautiful."

I groaned and rolled over. "More sleep." I tucked my head under the pillow and grabbed it tightly. Someone plucked it from my grasp.

"Esme will be very upset if you don't eat the breakfast she made for you," whispered Edward into my ear while nibbling on my ear.

"If you get doing that we're never leaving this room." I sat up and watched him through my lashes. "Today is the last day of the year."

"That it is."

"Do you even take notice of the years and days?"

Edward laid his head down on my lap, "When you an immortal, sometimes the definition of time gets away from you."

I ran my fingers through his disheveled hair and laid a soft kiss on his forehead. "Maybe time won't escape you so often now."

He gave a small smile while he closed his eyes.

"I'm going to tell you a secret," I whispered into his ear.

"Tell me anything and everything," he spoke, never opening his eyes.

"I'm petrified of the future."

Edward's eyes opened and I gazed into the depths of them. "I'm afraid of the future also, you know." I watched him with a raised eyebrow. Edward was an immortal vampire, he had nothing to be afraid of…ever. "I'm afraid that during this wizard war going on I'm going to lose you again and this time forever. I don't want to ever lose you, you are supposed to be mine."

"Yours. Forever yours Edward." I placed my hand over his heart and kissed his lips lightly. "This is mine."

"My lips?"

I giggled. "No silly your heart. It has a rhythm all it's own and it's all mine."

He nodded and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. "Sometimes I think you're too perfect for me." I giggled and took the sweet compliment in my heart.

I shoved him off me and dived into the bathroom. After taking care of all my needs, I wrapped my body in a fluffy towel and made my way towards the closet. I settled for a pair of sweats, a cami, and some fuzzy socks. I looked back to the nightstand where my wand was hidden and shook my head. I didn't need my wand. I was safe here in Forks. Nothing that could harm me with magic was present here. Walking down the stairs I sensed a different presence. There were more vampires in the house. New vampires.

"…haven't see you all for months now! We thought we could visit you."

I turned the corner towards the den and caught sight of five vampires who were not my Cullens. I eyed them just as intently as they eyed me.

"Who is this?" asked a brunette with a thick Spanish accent.

"This is Bella." Edward made his way towards me and pulled me close. I fisted his shirt tightly in my hand.

"This is Isabella?" asked the man holding the brunette close, with the same Spanish accent.

Carlisle answered. "Yes. This is the new member of our family Eleazar."

"Aren't you going to introduce us?" asked one of the blondes from the trio of women.

Esme took it from there and introduced everyone. "Bella come closer." Esme gently grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to the group of new vampires. "This is the Denali Coven, they live in Alaska. We consider them our extended family. These are Eleazar and Carmen." She pointed to the two people who had spoken with Spanish accents.

Carmen smiled at me and grabbed my hand that was free. "It's so nice to meet the person who has captured Edward's heart."

Eleazar continued to study me and said nothing, but gave me a small smile. I accepted what I got and smiled at them both before making my way towards the trio. The women with strawberry blonde hair stepped towards me and grabbed my hand. "I'm Tanya, these are my sisters, Irina," the blonde with chin-length hair stepped forward. "Nice to meet you," Irina spoke.

Before Tanya could introduce the other woman she grinned at me. "I'm Katrina, but I prefer to be called Kate." I smiled at her and made my way back to Edward.

"It's very nice to meet you all," I said. I was nervous. I knew I wasn't hiding it well enough. Would the see that I was a witch? Would I be considered a threat to them? I wouldn't want to ruin the Cullens' relationships with other covens.

"What are you?" asked Eleazar. He began to close the space between us. "She is human but not entirely. I have never seen another human like her."

I knew my magic wouldn't be able to hide itself. "I'm a witch."

Carmen and the trio gasped. "Wizards and witches exist?" questioned Kate.

I nodded. "There is an entirely different world you haven't set your eyes on."

The rest of the Cullens' joined us. "Are you all staying here to celebrate New Years with us?" asked Alice.

"If you would allow us to join you on such a short notice, then of course we would be honored to stay," answered Eleazar.

Alice and Rose squealed and hugged Tanya, Kate, and Irina. I hugged Edward closer. I was beginning to miss my family at Grimauld Place. The way everything ended tugged at heart. I touched my anchor and sighed. My family would understand. They always did.

I left Edward's side and went back to our room. I dived into the closet and changed into more decent clothes. Wrapping a scarf around my neck I walked down the stairs. "I'm going out!" I yell running out the door.

No one said anything before I closed the front door. I began to walk and sensed Edward following me.

"And where do you think you are going?" he asked, pressing his front to my back and resting his head on my shoulder.

"I'm going to visit Seth. I know it's before the time I told him, but I hope he won't mind if I intrude for a little while."

Edward pressed a soft kiss to my jaw. "Would you like me to go with you baby?"

I shook my head. I needed to be alone for a bit. "I need to be alone. I'll call you when I want you to pick me up. I want to walk there to take in the scenery."

Edward spun me around. "I love you," he whispered, pressing his forehead to mine.

My eyes began to tear up, "I'm so scared Edward, what if I die? I don't want to die."

Edward hugged me against him and settled his head on top of mine. "I won't let you die. I could never survive knowing you weren't breathing anymore. There is no reason for you to be scared Bella." We fell to the snow together and Edward pulled me into his lap. "Do you still want to go hang out with Seth and the other wolves? Will you be okay?"

I got off his lap and settled into the snow in front of him. I grabbed a hold of his hands and pressed one into the cheek kissing the palm gently. "I want to go baby. It'll give me sometime away from everything bad."

"What brought on the change of emotion?"

"Nothing. It was a fleeting thought that turned into something more." I stood up and looked down at Edward. "Kiss me."

Edward stood and kissed me fiercely. I wrapped my arms around his neck pressing him against me, my fingers slipping in his hair. I pulled lightly and got a groan out of him. I moaned into his mouth, "Edward," I whispered. "I still want to leave."

Edward smiled against my lips and kissed my cheeks. "I'll miss you,"

"As I'm going to miss you." I stepped away from him and walked towards the woods, turning back once more to wave. He smiled at me and waved back. I blew a kiss and made my way towards the reservation.

I arrive to the reservation and smile. Everything looked so alive. I crossed the boundary line and was welcomed by Jacob.

"Hey Bella. What are you doing here? Didn't you say you would visit Seth after today?"

I nodded, "That was what was planned but I needed to get out the house. The Cullens have visitors and I don't want to feel awkward. Even though they would never allow me to feel awkward or left out."

Jacob nodded and grabbed my wrist. I gasped at the heat emanating from his body. "Everyone is at my house at my garage."

"Do you think they'll mind that I came here uninvited?"

"Of course not Bella. Everyone was wishing you could come sooner, but you came just in time." We stopped at a quaint small red house. There was a garage behind the house where a lot of men with no shirts on were huddled around.

"Are those the rest of the wolves?"

Jacob nodded and continued to pull me along. Before we arrived to the group my stomach decided to make its presence known; it growled. Shit! I left without eating the breakfast Esme made me. Jacob began to laugh at my expense.

"Are you hungry tiny Bella? We'll feed you! You'll be as big as we are before you leave!"

I laughed and ran ahead of him. "C'mon Jake! I'm hungry!"

He grinned his 100-watt smile and chased after me. Before he could catch me I ran towards Seth and hid behind him. Seth growled at Jacob believing I had been in danger.

Jacob growled back at Seth and I stepped out behind him before a fight could erupt between the two. "I'm fine! I was just joking around, I'm sorry if I upset anyone." I looked around and saw Paul glaring at me.

"What the hell are you doing here?" yelled Paul, who was now in front of me. I cowered behind Seth who was grinning and cackling at the situation.

"Cool it Paul." Jacob shoved Paul out of the way and held out his hand. I grabbed on to it tightly, grateful for the evasion of a fight with a wolf.

Seth settled his arm around my shoulders, while Sam walked forward with a woman who had jagged scars marring her beautiful face. Sam spoke, "This is Bella. She's staying with the Cullens for the time being. She is human but more at the same time. Be nice to her and don't let anything happen to her, we don't need to give the Cullens an incentive to fight."

I sat on a log where Jacob sat at my left and Seth at my right. I felt smothered but quickly became thankful for the sweltering heat these two were radiating in this blistering cold. A plate was handed to each of us by the woman with the jagged scars. I watched how perfectly at ease she was with the other men even though her face would never be perfect.

"I'm Emily."

She was crouched in front of me with a plate of food.

"I'm Bella, but you already knew that."

Emily smiled at me sensing my nerves. "I really like your necklace. Did someone special give it to you?" she questioned while handing me the plate of food.

"You could say that." I took the plate from her and began to dig in. The food was amazing and by the time I was done I was licking my fingers.

"The food was amazing Em!" cried out Seth while shoving the leftovers in his mouth. I nodded, in complete agreement with Seth. I looked around at the guys and giggled. Sometimes they could act like complete dogs. Paul continued to watch me warily but stopped glaring at me.

I rose from my seat and began to leave. "I think it's time for me to go. I've been for a long time." Seth rose from his seat and ran over to me, almost knocking me over.

"Don't go yet! We can go to La Push and hang out by the beach." Seth became desperate in his attempt to make me stay and grabbed my hand, tugging on it.

I smiled at him. "I need to go though. I'm sorry I came for such a short visit. I may come back though, so look out for me."

Seth sighed and nodded. He enveloped me in his arms and squeezed softly. "I can't wait to hang with you again."

I nodded and waved back at everyone, smiling at Jacob. I made my way towards the woods and the boundary. Back to my Edward.

I ran when I neared the boundary line. Someone emerged through the thick trees. I couldn't make out the person. I began to run faster, believing it was Edward. My face stretched into a grin when I saw that the silhouette was a man.

"Bella," spoke the voice.

I stopped mid-run. That voice didn't belong to Edward. It belonged to someone else. Someone I didn't want present in Forks.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded.

"I wanted to ask for your forgiveness. I am terribly sorry for leaving you after giving you your gift. I see you liked it." He pointed to the anchor that hung around me neck.

"I love it. It's very beautiful." I walked closer to my father and stop when I was directly in front of him. "How did you know where I was?"

He grinned at me. "Call it a father's instinct."

I playfully glared at it. "I rather call it magic. What spell did you use to find me?"

He shook his head and pretended to zip his mouth shut and throw the key away. I reached up and wrapped me arms around his neck. "I missed you. I've missed you my whole life. I hated you. I hated you because I felt like you bullied me because I was a Potter."

Snape made his way to the ground and held me in his lap and wrapped his arms around you. "I could never hate you my sweet rose. I used to be filled with anger and hatred towards you mother, Lily, but then I realized that even though she never confessed to anyone that you were really my daughter and not Potter's, she still gave me the most beautiful baby girl I could ever ask for." He began to run his fingers through my hair and occasionally kiss the top of my head.

"I forgive you. I could never stay mad at you now that I know you're my father, you might ground me." I joked, trying to lighten up the somber mood that surrounded us indefinitely.

I could feel his chest rumble with a small chuckle. "Yes. I will have to begin exerting the fatherly power I have over you. Maybe that way I can keep a close eye on you and keep you out of the trouble you seem to enjoy getting in to.

We were quiet, both of us just enjoying the other's company. He was enjoying his daughter's company and I was enjoying my father's company.

"Did you love her?" I whispered, breaking the silence.

"I did. I still do. She was my entire world, she was the reason I existed. She met Potter and didn't know how to decide between the two of us. I was the only one that knew of her internal conflict. James knew nothing. She was intimate with me one night and she became pregnant. She left me forever after that and became Potter's wife."

I gasped. Why did my mother seem so horrid? As though she had only used my father and then left him when she became pregnant.

"It wasn't as harsh as it sounds. There were many more factors that contributed to her marrying James. I don't want to talk about though, it's too difficult."

"Do you think you'll ever fall in love again?" I crawl off his lap and sit in front of him.

"I don't know," he answers truthfully. He looks down at his watch and begins to rise from the ground. He offers me his hand and I gladly take it. I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him tightly.

"Where are you going?"

He shakes his head, not wanting to tell me. I sigh, dark wizard business. Business I wish he wasn't involved in. It was my fault he was even involved in the first place. I just wished that he could find a way out. He kissed me cheek lightly.

"I'll see you back at Hogwarts my beautiful rose."

I waved once more at him and watched him make a black cloud and leave the forest. I watched the cloud disappear and continued to walk towards the boundary.

I saw another silhouette, but this time it was making its way towards me. I grinned; this one was my Edward.

He opened his arms and I jumped into them without another thought. Edward put me down as soon I got close to him.

"Why'd you put me down?" I asked, pouting.

"You stink." He grabbed my hand and we walked together back to the house.

"Guess who I saw just a few minutes ago?" Edward raised an eyebrow.

"My father." Edward's eyes widened considerably.

"Did he upset you?" he asked, grabbing me face with his hands and pressing his forehead to my own.

"Of course not Edward. He just wanted to say that he was sorry for how he left things back at Grimauld. It was good, I had some of my questions answered by him."

Edward nodded, not wanting to pressure me into answering questions I wasn't ready to answer.

We were at the edge of the house, where I saw the Denali's and the Cullen's outside. I pulled my jacket tighter against my body. I thought they would have been gone by now. Were they planning to stay with us for the New Years celebration Alice has planned? I bit my lip and continued towards them with Edward's hand securely in my own.

"Bella!" said Carmen. She began to approach me, but then she caught whiff of my scent. "Oh Dios!" She scrunched up her nose and backed away from me. "Why do you smell of mutt?"

"I was some friends, who are wolves in their pastime." Nobody took a step forward. Everyone, even the Cullen's, were holding his or her breaths as to not pick up my scent of suppose mutt. I pointed towards the house, "I'm going to go and wash up and hopefully get rid of the smell you all aren't very fond of."

Everyone nodded and continued to do what they were doing before I arrived. Edward still hadn't let go of my hand. I looked up at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Didn't you hear that I was going to shower?" I asked stopping in front of my ballerina door.

He grinned wickedly at me. "I heard you loud and clear." His innuendo was loud and clear.

I gaped at him. "No! We cannot do that while your family and your guests are in or around the house!"

He opened the door to my room and pulled me along, locking the door behind him (as if that would keep out a vampire on a mission). He pulled me towards him and wrapped his arms around me. "There is no one around. They all left to go to Seattle for a rather long stroll around the city. I'm sure no one will hear us, no matter how loud you are." While he was talking, he began to undress me. I now stood naked in front of him.

"You made your family leave so you could fuck me?" I glared at him. I was beyond pissed at the moment. I could not believe Edward had the nerve to make his family leave. I crossed my arms over my chest, which only seemed to fuel his lust more. "Stop it!" I grabbed the robe that was sprawled on the bed and put it on with haste.

He sat on the floor and pulled his knees to his chest. "I'm sorry."

I knelt in front of him and began to run my fingers through his hair. "Baby." I grabbed his arms and wrapped them around me. I snuggled into his chest. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just…" I stopped, not knowing what to say. I had hurt Edward's feelings.

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Edward buried his head in my hair. I clutched him against me with all the strength I had.

"I love you." Tears were beginning to well up in my eyes. I had made him feel bad when all he had wanted to do was make a nice gesture for me by making me forget the bad in the only way I could.

"Stop." His voice was broken and full of hurt. He pushed me away and made his way to the other side of the room. I stood up and watched him.

"Edward," I whispered. "Come here." I opened my arms. He turned around and watched my opened arms warily. He walked into them slowly and pulled me to the floor with him. He snuggled against me and let out a breath that rocked his entire body. Had I hurt him that badly?

"I'm so sorry," he whispered, wrapping his arms tightly around me. "I don't want to lose you. I want you to stay here in Forks. Don't go back to Hogwarts. You'll be safe here in Forks. No one will know you're Bella Potter, everyone will believe you're Bella Swan. You could live here with me and my family."

I ran my fingers through his hair and down his spine. "I have to go back. You're coming with me, your family is coming with us."

He tightened his grip. "No." He nuzzled his face in my hair breathing in deeply. "You're going to die if you go back. I can't let you go."

Tears were streaming down my face. I would die if I went back to Hogwarts. I couldn't abandon my friends though. They need me to save them. Harry and I were going to defeat Voldemort. Maybe my father would join us and help us vanquish the Dark Lord.

"Everything is going to be okay Edward. I'm always going to be with you and your always going to be with me. I'm yours baby, and you're all mine. Forever?"

"Always." He looked up and pressed his forehead against mine. "Alice had a vision where you died."

I kissed him softly, burning the feeling of his lips on my own into my memory. "I won't die. I won't let that happen. You promised me a 'happy ever after' and I want it so much."

He nodded and pulled me to the bed with him. We lay on our sides watching each other. He began to play with my hair. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. "You are so young."

I opened my eyes and watched him. He had finally revealed what frightened him. The fact that I was fifteen made it incredibly worse that I would probably make Alice's vision come true, and die saving Edward and Harry and so many others. "I am young. I'm fifteen but I only have to wait seven months before I'm sixteen. We'll only be apart by one year." I pressed my palm against his face and grinned at my silliness. Edward was so much older me, so much wiser. He had seen things I couldn't even dream of.

He pulled me closer to him until I was flush against his body. "I'm yours Bella." He was whispering, making this moment more intimate and intense. His topaz eyes were stormy with the emotions he was battling. I kissed the crease that was forming on his forehead and allowed for him to continue. "If you were to die, there would be nothing left in this world. If you died…I would die too."

His words shook my core. Would he really kill himself? Was there a way for vampires to commit suicide? "How?"

"By going to the Volturi." I waited for him to say more, but he stayed quiet with his eyes closed. I decided not to badger him on the subject. I could find the answers I wanted through someone else.

There was a scratching outside the door and a small meow was heard. I gasped. My kitty followed me to Forks! I scrambled out of Edward's bed and raced towards the door. I opened it and sitting in front of me was my cat. "Mickey!" Mickey sneezed at me and walked past me towards Edward and the bed.

Edward smiled at me and picked her up and set her on the bed beside him. She began to purr against him. "Look Bella. She really likes me." He was smiling his whole was lit up. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

I made my way towards the two and watched them from the end of the bed. Looking at them both made me want something more. My hands made their way towards my belly. I wanted a swollen belly. I wanted to be pregnant…now.

I watched Edward who didn't notice my movement. He was completely enthralled with Mickey. Was there a way to get pregnant with a vampire? I remembered Edward's words: You are so young. Would he be against it? I tugged at my necklace and watched them both with a smile on my face. Everything would work out, we deserved a happily ever after.

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