The Most Dangerous Game

By Captainkodak1

Just a little note on this one, it may be a little rough for some. Ever since I wrote "Cuddlebuddies" and didn't put a warning on it I decided I would never fail to place another warning on a story. Soooo. I will warn you on this one.

Huddling under the branches of a low hanging limb, Kim and Ron took a rest. They had been running since the morning and it was nearly noon. Kim pulled her canteen from her belt and took a long draft. Ron waited until Kim had finished half of the water and handed the canteen to him. He finished the rest off. She took the canteen from him and put it back into the sleeve on her belt. She glanced around nervously.

"Ron, I can't believe we are in this sitch."

He nodded.

"I believe I referred to it as wrong sick."

Kim nodded.

"You did. Right before I said it was sick."

She tried to settle down under the leaves and rest. She patted her pockets again not believed their 'host' had allowed them to keep most of their gadgets, except for their Kimmunicators and the tracking chips that had been in the back of their necks. Kim looked down at the watch on her wrist, a plain standard watch. Again, their host had been nice as to provide them since all their special equipment had been taken. Ron sighed beside her.

"How long before the party starts?"

Kim turned and looked back at him. She could see the concern in his eyes. She reached out to cup his cheek with her hand.

"We have about 4 more hours. I would suggest we get some rest as best we can."

He nodded.

"Go ahead and try and get some sleep. I'll take first watch."

She was going to argue then decided not to.

"Okay, but only an hour. If you don't wake me up in an hour you will be in serious trouble. Don't try and be all macho on me. I can pull my weight just as much and you can. We BOTH need our rest."

Ron nodded.

"Okay KP. Get comfortable."

She lay down on the grass under the tree and placed her head in his lap. She relaxed in an instant. Even though they were in the sitch of their lives just being held by him helped her to relax. She knew nothing would happen to her as long as she was with him. Her thoughts went back to how they got into all of this.

Kim slipped her arm through Ron's as they walked the deck of the small cruise ship sailing through the South Pacific. The evening sky would have been romantic except for the storm clouds that were brewing. Lighting shot across the sky and thunder rolled its deep bass notes across the water. The wind that whipped Kim's hair also started to whip up whitecaps across the waters they were sailing through. Her hem of her dress snapped like a flag in the wind as they turned to head back into the main cabin. Some of the members of the crew were moving the deck chairs to sheltered areas around the deck. Ron moved his arm around her slim waist.

"This really tanks. We just had a great dinner and I was looking forward to a nice walk under the stars with the most badical beautiful girl in the world."

Kim giggled.

"Okay Captain Romance, it's not that bad. We have a couple more days on board. I am sure we'll get our moonlit stroll before we have to leave."

Ron glanced down at her.

"Without interruption?"

She giggled again.

"Yes, see! I was prepared for this evening just in case."

Holding out her arm, Kim showed her wrist to him. The ever present Kimmunicator was not to be seen.

"I told Wade that we were taking the night off and if someone really, REALLY needed us then they could contact the Captain of the ship and he could get in touch with us. Besides, I was looking forward to a moonlight kiss myself."

Ron grinned as he stopped and turned to her.

"Oh you were? Maybe like this?"

Ron took her in his arms and gently placed a kiss on her lips. The kiss became a more passionate as the seconds passed. After a few moments they parted. Kim laid her head on his chest and sighed.


One of the crew walked by discretely as he carried some more chairs further up the deck, Kim blushed as he smiled walking by. He laughed.

"Don't be shy Miss Possible. We are honored that you and your friend chose our ship for your trip. Are you having a nice time?"

Kim placed her arm around Ron as she turned to the crewman.

"Yes we are. We would like to thank you for all that all of you have done to make our trip so peaceful. Does the Captain think the storm will be bad?"

The crewman looked over to the starboard side and out over the water.

"He's not as worried out that storm as he is some of the reefs in the area. This place has a bad reputation for losing ships. There is supposed to be an island over there owned by some rich guy. There are rumors that he is responsible for some of the ships being lost. But nobody can find any evidence, only floating wreckage."

Kim looked out over the ocean to see some lights.

"Are those lights the island?"

The crewman shook his head.

"No, they are reef markers. The Captain is giving them a wide berth. I'll leave the two of you to yourselves. Don't take too long now. That storm might make it a little uncomfortable out here in a few minutes."

The crewman walked off and disappeared into the ship. Kim held onto to Ron's arm as they strolled to the rear to the ship. She looked out over the water and started to stare at something.

"Ron, those lights just changed."

Ron looked out over the water.

"You sure KP? Why would the lights change?"

Kim hopped up on the railing and held one to the canopy for a better look.

Ron glanced up at her.

"Uh KP, are you sure that that is a good idea?"

Kim pointed out to the light.

"Ron, I saw them change, get up here and take a look."

Ron rolled his eyes and he clawed his way on top of the railing. He tried not to look down at the rolling waves below. Hanging on for dear life, he joined Kim in staring out into the darkness. That's when he noticed that the position of the lights changed, too fast and too far for the moment of their boat.

"You are right Kim. Maybe we need to tell the Captain."

Kim nodded.

"Yeah, let's….."

Their world exploded into a flare of intense light and incredible sound. Kim felt her body lurch from an electrical shock, far stronger than she had ever experienced before. She weakly heard Ron screech over the sound of the thunder. Then the cold chill of the water enveloped her as she hit the water. Weakly, she struggled to the surface looking for Ron. A hand brushed her shoulder and she looked around. Ron was right behind her flailing trying to stay afloat and check on her at the same time. She grabbed his arms and together they gathered themselves together. She turned to see the ship receding into the darkness. Even at the distance she could hear alarms on the ship going off and there was a small fire on the deck near where they had been standing. Rising up out of the water she tried to yell but the waves slapped her in the face filling her mouth with water. Coughing and gasping, she watched as the ship disappeared into the darkness.

"We are so dead Kim, we are going to drown, or the sharks are going to eat us or…"

Kim reached over and bonked him on the head.

"Head in the game Ron, there is an island over there and we need to swim."

Ron grumbled.

"Ahhh Kim, I am sure they will figure out we are missing and come back besides I hate swimming."

Kim started off with a few strokes.

"Well you can stay here if you want and become a midnight snack but I'm heading for dry land."

Ron looked down into the water then started swimming after her.

"Since you put it that way,…. Hey wait up KP."

Kim could barely feel her feet hit the grainy sand of the deserted beach. What little they could see amid the flashes of light from the lighting out to see was a small narrow beach with tree almost reaching to the surf. Ron crawled up onto the sand next to her. Both of them were gasping for breath and beyond exhausted. Together, they got up on their hands and knees and attempted to crawl a little further up the beach. Just before both of the collapsed back into the sand they dimly heard some yelling. Kim felt someone roll her over and shine a light into the face. Then, everything went numb and black.

Opening her eyes Kim laid still for a few moments, she tried to collect her thoughts as she used her senses to tell her about where she was. She appeared to be a single bed and covered by a sheet. Looking around she noticed that she was in a small, nondescript room. The only other occupant of the room was Ron lying in a bed next to her. She noticed that her dress was gone and that she was wearing a clean tank top and a pair of boxer shorts.


Ron sat up with a snort.

"Whoa! How did we get here?"

Kim shook her head as she stepped out of her bed.

"I don't know, but I am not waiting to find out."

Ron followed her as she crept near the only window in the room. Pulling back the drapes, they noticed a large window covered by bars looking out over an open area and into the jungle. It appeared to be early morning or late in the afternoon. Rain was pouring down and there were intermittent flashes of lighting and thunder. Apparently the storm they had experienced was still going on. They were still standing at the door when there was a discrete knock on the door. Both of them separated taking a different position in the room. When Ron nodded Kim answered.

"Come in?"

The door opened slowly and a tall angular man stepped into the room. Behind him was another man, this one made Motor Ed look like a munchkin. He was pushing a serving cart in front of him. The first man turned and bowed slightly to them.

"Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, I am Bernard Sharpe, welcome to home. I hope that you are well. The medical staff checked you over after Gerald here found you on the beach. I have had a meal prepared for you. I was not sure as to what you preferred so there is a variety of under the covers."

Kim slowly emerged from her fighting stance.

"We thank you for your help. Is there any way that we can contact our families? I am sure that we have been missed by now."

Sharpe shook his head.

"I am sorry Miss Possible but the storm has knocked out our communications for the moment. We hope to have everything back online soon. I will make sure the staff knows that you have priority on any outgoing messages."

Ron's nose drew him to the covered dishes. He opened up the lid to reveal a pizza, along with some hamburgers and some hot dogs. Inside a cooling bin were a number of sodas. Kim's own stomach growled a little as the smell of the food assailed her nose. She stepped over to the serving cart and looked down at the food. Ron had already knelt down and gasped. Kim's eyes went wide as Ron pulled a bag of mini-marshmallows from the condiment shelf. Sharpe laughed.

"Please excuse me from laughing; I have had a fascination with the adventures of the two of you. You have done some astounding things for two so young. I learned of your unique condiment while watching a cooking show where Mr. Stoppable here was a guest. He mentioned your preference while discussing some of the things he would cook for you. Now, I will leave you to eat and rest. Hopefully the storm will be over in the morning and we will be able to make repairs and get you home. Please accept the hospitality of my home. I am sorry to say that the same electrical surge that knocked out the communications to the island also destroyed the satellite receiver that gave us our television. I have placed a television with a selection of DVD's here in the room. Gerald and I will leave now. If you need anything please just pick up the phone and the operator will direct your call to the proper people."

Sharpe and his man turned to leave. Kim glanced at the window then back at Sharpe.

"Mr. Sharpe is it okay for us to look around and is there a reason that there are bars on the window?"

Sharpe shook his head for just a moment.

"I would prefer that you stay here in your room, but if you like you can look around the main areas of my home. Please do not go outside for your own safety. There is a reason for the bars on the windows. My island is a special hunting preserve and there are no fences. It would be rather dangerous to leave the home without a weapon for protection. To answer your question before you ask, I enjoy the hunt and so do many of my friends. We prefer the 'danger' of a real hunt even when at home. Do have a good evening."

Sharpe closed the door behind him. Kim and Ron looked at each other then out the window as lightening flashed through the bars.

Kim rolled her eyes as Ron continued to fiddle with the controls on the TV.

"Come on Ron. Quit messing with the TV, I want to finish watching my movi…"

Ron yelped and there was a small electrical pop.


Kim jumped over to where Ron was holding his hand waving in the air. The screen on the TV flicked and flashed for a moment then a news channel filled the screen. Both Kim and Ron stared at the screen. The Team Possible logo was on the screen along with their pictures. Kim reached down to turn up the volume.

"The world mourns the loss of the incredible Team Possible. The two heroic young people were lost at sea last evening. They were on vacation about the "Adventure". The two of were on deck when the ship was struck by lightening. It is thought that they were blown over board by the lightening blast. They were thought to be in their cabin and were not missed until they did not show up for breakfast the next morning. A search was immediately launched but the weather grounded all air searches and limited any surface searches. The search was called off when the owner of a local island contacted the authorities with the bloody and torn clothing thought to belong to the heroic couple. He stated that the clothing showed signs of a shark attack. The weather has precluded any further contact with Mr. Sharpe although he promised to send the clothing back to the parents of the two lost heroes. This is Jason Black of World News Channel. We here at the News Channel extend our condolences to the friends and family of Team Possible. This is Neal Black. Good night."

Kim and Ron looked at each other then back at the door as it opened. Sharpe was standing there with Gerald and a couple of other men. They were all armed. Sharpe raised his pistol and fired a single shot into the television blowing out the screen.

"I see that I should have taken better precautions with the two of you. Now, you seem to have found out that I have not been completely honest with you. Since you now know most of the story I must request that the two of you come with me."

Kim glared at him.

"And if we refuse to cooperate?"

Gerald raised his rifle waist level and fired one shot between the two them into a picture on the wall. They turned to see the shot had hit a picture of a lion. The bullet hole was perfectly in the center of the forehead between the eyes. Kim and Ron raised their hands and walked slowly toward the door. Kim mumbled under her breath.

"I guess he gave us the answer to THAT question."

Welcome to a little story that has been bugging me for a long time. A couple of my chat buddies know what the score of this little story is. Some of you may recognize the title of the story and could guess what is coming. Stay tuned. It's going to be really interesting.

I am still working on Future and School of Life so expect a new chapter soon.

This is the Captain

Right hand salute

Roger and out.