Dangerous Game
Chapter 5
The Journey Home

Kim snuggled down into Ron's arms in the Global Justice hoverjet. GJ forces raided the island within a few hours of Wade setting them free. The news channels from around the world could only be described as going completely insane. The full story was starting to hit the airwaves fueled by clips of the action that Wade had found in the archives. Dr. Nevius and Dr. Finn were in special custody along with all of their equipment. Dr. Director had instructed the crew of the hoverjet that the two young people would have priority clearance for anything they wanted or needed, the first being direct lines to talk to their parents. There had been tears of joy aplenty during those calls.

Now, they were cuddled together in one of the acceleration lounges on the hovercraft. They would be back in Middleton within a few hours. Right now they simply held on to each other. No words needed to be said. They would deal with the situation as they always had and always would. Together, forever.

Anne Possible stepped across the kitchen to get a dish cloth. Tim had gotten a smudge on his suit and she wanted to get a wet cloth to clean it off. They would be leaving soon for the Memorial Service, not a funeral; you had to have a body for a funeral service. As she reached for the cloth hanging on the edge of the sink, she noticed the multicolored shadow reflected on the bottom of the sink. Looking up she noticed that the shadow was coming from a sun catcher that Kim had made for her for Mother's Day when she was in the fifth grade. A sob came from her mouth as she reached up to touch the multicolor object hanging in the sunshine streaming through the window. As she caressed the sun catcher, two hands settled on her shoulders.

"You okay?"

Anne turned to face her husband. That face that she loved so much had aged years over the past few days. The smile was gone and a certain amount of life seemed to be missing from his eyes. Wrinkles seemed to have appeared over the past days and dark circles colored the skin under his eyes. She fought back a sob as she settled into his arms. His arms came down around her slender frame and held her close. She felt the slight stubble of his face bury itself along her neck and the slight dampness that was on his face. A sob broke from her lips.

"I just can't believe she is gone. After all they went through, after all the dangers they faced, THIS had to happen. THEY WERE ON VACATION! The first real one they ever had since they got together. Then they had to…they had to get…"

James hugged her tighter as he fought to keep his own composure. The past few days had been very difficult. First the news came that they were missing. Then the horrible truth of their fates was known. The media had gone ballistic over the story. The two heroes of Team Possible passing from life while on vacation. The Middleton Police and the Army had to set up a cordon around the neighborhood and their phone had been taken over by Global Justice. Only those with a special code would be able to get through to the house. The Stoppables had moved in with them over the past few days. It made it easier for the Security Forces to look after them and the twins were a great help looking after Hana.

The twins and Hana were some of the reasons they parents were able to keep their sanity. It is always said that a parent should never have to bury a child. They would never have that privilege. The two of them didn't have anything to bury except some scraps of cloth.

Dean and Jean entered the room and joined in the hug. James and Anne loosened their grip to include the other parents of the lost pair. The four parents stood for a moment as they held on to each other. James cleared his throat for a moment and raised his head.

"Kim, Ron. We miss you so, so much. We are trying to come the realization that you will not be coming back this time. We take comfort that you were together in those last moments. We know that you would have fought to your last breath to protect each other. Ron, son, I know that you would have given everything to protect my Kimmiecub even if it meant losing your own life. I always meant to tell you how much it meant to me that you were always at Kimmie's side."

He stopped for a moment as his voice started to quiver. Dean started to speak.

"Kimberly, Ronald. We do miss you. Hana misses her brother. Right now she is having trouble understanding that you will not be coming home. She still insists that both of you will be coming home. We hope that someday she will understand. Ronald, your mother and I never really sat down and told you how proud we were of you and what you have done. We hoped that you might have a more sedate life but that was not in the works for you. Kimberly, Jean and I consider you our other daughter. You choose by yourself to remain Ronald's friend even when no one else would. You gave him a chance at love, though I think that it was mutual between the two of you. We…"

The phone that hung on the wall began to ring. The parents stood still ignoring the ring until Anne broke from the group, wiped her face and answered the phone.


James stood watching as his wife blanched and fainted to the floor. He and Dean were able to partially catch her before she hit the floor. James checked on her as her eyes opened.


James snatched the phone. His heart nearly jumped to his chest as he answered.


A voice came over the phone that he thought he would never hear again.

"Daddy, it's me! KIM! We are okay!"

James looked at the phone for a moment and placed it back to his ear. His voice cracked as his heart soared for hope beyond hope.


The big screen TV in the living room came on in communication mode. Hana squealed when she saw the picture. There was Kim and Ron plain as day on the screen. The parents ran into the living to stand in front of the set all firing off questions rapid fire while Kim and Ron answered them just as fast. If anyone had been watching it would have sounded like a mass of incoherent noise. But to the four parents and two young people it was the most elegant music in the world. Tears flowed from male and female eyes together. Rufus lay passed out on a chair cushion. After a few minutes everybody was able to slow down and take an easy breath. Through it all Hana had sat quietly in front of the set and smiled.

"Brother and KimKim coming home."

Monique, Felix, Tara and Zita were all sitting on the first row behind the empty pews where the family would be sitting. The Upperton Cathedral was packed with dignitaries and other from around the world. Flags from around the world lined the interior and Global Justice troopers in full dress uniform lined the outside rows. In the front of the pulpit lay sets of Kim and Ron's mission clothes complete with backpacks and boots.

Monique checked her watch. The family should be coming in at any moment. It was nearly time for the service to start. That was when she noticed the President enter the room and approach the pulpit. He composed himself for a moment before he began to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will have to postpone this service for a few moments. The families of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable have not yet arrived. The reason they have not arrived is the same reason we will be delaying the service. You don't have a Memorial Service for people who are alive."

There were numerous gasps, screams, yells and general pandemonium within the room as the President raised his hand for calm.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please. We have just been informed the Kim and Ron contacted their parents by secure link. I have been briefed on a small part of their story and I must say it is just as incredible as the lives of these two young people. For the moment, I hope that you will join me as I call for a day of celebration in honor of these two heroes."

Monique's hands had covered her face when the President had made the announcement. When he finished speaking Josh stood up and yelled.

"Team Possible SCORES!"

The room erupted in cheers as programs, flowers, coats, ties, hats and practically anything else that could be thrown into the air sailed into the air. Monique watched as the President pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his eyes. Tara turned and the two of them enveloped each other in a crushing hug.

Now he needed to get to work covering all this up. He turned his chair around and wondered where the two had disappeared to. The muscles of his stomach curdled when a voice came to his ears.

"Now that we are alone, we can finish our little game."

He turned around to see a pair of gleaming green eyes and a pair of gleaming brown eyes coming toward him.

"Yes, you are going to learn the most dangerous game is screwing with Team Possible."

Sharpe tried to push is chair back but it slammed into the lip of the desk behind him. He noticed a Glock sitting on the edge of the table. He tried to snatch it from the table. As soon as his hand touched it, a boot came down on top of it. The sound of several bones snapping came to his ears as well as moaned. He pulled his hand back and cradled it in his lap. The chair spun around and he found himself eye to eye with a pair of emerald eyes. Except there was no joy, love or anything in those eyes, what he saw was his own reflection and behind that reflection were two black pits that seemed to bury into his soul.

"You like to hunt; you like to play games with something you consider to be inferior to you. You enjoy inflicting pain, horror and all the other things that come with what you do. What kind of creature do you think you are?"

He tried to sneer in her face.

"So what? I enjoy hunting. Why should I care what my prey feels, it is nothing but prey."

A loud snick came to his ears. Just as he remembered what the sound was, the hunting knife that was part of the girl's field kit appeared in his face. It was the same one that she had…. The blade slowly flashed in front of his face. He remembered the ripping pain when she had driven it into his leg. The girl's voice came to his ears.

"I don't kill, at least if I don't have too. Right now I don't have to. But I sure can make there are never anymore of you."

Her words broke through his terror when he saw her spin the knife in the air and drive is downward. He screamed as he waited for the pain to come as he felt the chair bottom vibrate from the force of her blow.

Jean and Anne sat down on the couch after everyone had calmed down to a small roar. Jean's hand trembled as she clutched a sopping wet handkerchief to her face. She and Anne clutched their hands together as they gazed upon the most wonderful sight in the world. Their children were alive. Jean forced herself to speak.

"Ronnie, what happened? Are both of you okay?

Ron nodded as he reached down and took Kim's hand. He brought it up to his lips and gently kissed her hand. Then he turned to face his mother.

"Yes mom, we are okay. A little worse for the wear, a few bruises and a few other things but we are fine. Nothing a little time and a little love will not take care of."

Kim and Ron glanced at each other as he made the last part of his statement. Kim gave him a wan smile as she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips.

James rubbed his hand through his hair.

"But Kimmie, that ..that man said you were dead. Dr. Director, Agent Du and Wade found…found…."

Kim's dad's voice cracked as he forced the last words out of his mouth. Tears welled from Kim's eyes as she reached out to touch the lens. Just like she wanted to reach through the lens, across the miles and touch her father's face. She nearly choked on her words as she spoke.

"It's okay daddy. We know what you were told. The gentleman who reported it all was responsible for all this. He made sure to tell us what was going on."

James bristled.

"But why Kimmiecub? Why would he do such a thing?"

Kim and Ron hesitated as they clutched each other tighter. They turned to face each other enveloped each other in a fierce hug. The parents knew something had happened to their children that shattered the two of them to the core. But now was not the time for that story. They knew the two of them would let them know when they were ready to talk about. Kim and Ron broke their hug and turned back to their parents after gently wiping the tears from each others faces.

"That's a story for another time. All we can say that we made sure that he will never do something like that again and his ideas will go no further than just himself. We made sure his idea of fun stops with him."

James scowled.

"Kim, you…you…. you didn't."

Will Du sat back in his chair and faced the cell where his prisoner lay on his cot in his cell. The medical officer had been by earlier and had called in a psychiatrist on a consultation. Will knew he had had his differences with Team Possible, but he also remembered the rage that he felt when he thought the shark had killed the two of them. Then the news came in. The most incredible news he had ever heard. He had not been briefed fully as to what had happened to the pair. But what little he had heard was beyond belief.

They had been captured and forced to play a hideous game on a level never before envisioned. He felt a great admiration for the two of them. How they survived something like that and not totally lose it mentally spoke well of both of the. He smiled at that thought; both of them. They had not been out of each others sight since GJ got to the island after their coded distress call on a special frequency. Staff psychologist had already talked with them and had set up a schedule of meetings. Dr. Director had taken the two of them off of the general duty roster and placed both of them on medical leave for an indefinite period. It was their minds she was concerned about more than their bodies.

It was the condition of their prisoner that concerned Dr. Director the most. The Sharpe fellow was almost catatonic. One nurse with red hair had gone into his cell to check on him and the man had completely freaked out. One part of his briefing had been what Kim and Ron had done to the man after they caught him. Du himself had seen the chair in which Sharpe had been sitting when Kim and Ron had made their point at their displeasure at their treatment. The hunting knife was driven into the seat of the chair so deeply that they could not remove it. The position of the knife made every male agent cringe when they saw it. A picture of the chair had already been made into a demotivational poster and was making its way through the GJ units. It was a simple picture of the chair with the knife driven into. The simple words at the top and bottom told the entire story.


Kim held onto Ron's arm as they walked around in the backyard of Kim's house. They had returned home a week ago after spending a week or so at GJ headquarters under medical observation. James and Dean stood at the bay window at the rear of the house drinking coffee as they watched their son and daughter. Dean sighed as he watched Ron take Kim into a hug.

"I hope that Ron is not being a problem staying over here for now James."

James shook his head.

"I meant to thank you for letting him stay. I know some folks have made some snide comments at the synagogue."

Dean shrugged.

"No matter, the same ones tell me that Ron should find a nice Jewish girl and not get involved with a Gentile. They try and remind us weekly that multi-faith relationships are not approved of. But we ignore it. What matters to us is that Ron is happy. Have they been sleeping better?"

James thought back to just a few days earlier. Two days after Kim and Ron had returned home Kim woke up the entire house with a blood curdling scream. He and Anne had dashed into her room to find her clutching one of Ron's shirts to her chest and screaming his name. A quick call to the Stoppable house had brought Ron to their house at a run. Dean had arrived just a few minutes later in the family car. He told James that he had been reaching for the phone himself to call for Kim. Ron had just woken up from a nightmare himself. It didn't take but a few seconds for the two fathers to agree that it would be best for Kim and Ron stay together for now. So for the near future, the couple would spend a few days at one house and then more over to the other so each of them could spend time in their own home. The guest room was set up at each house for the other but seldom used. The parents had no concern that anything would happen. Right now it was more important for the two of them to get through this difficult time.

James nodded.

"Yeah, the psychologist from GJ said that for right now they need to stay together. The rest will come later."

The two wives joined their husbands by the window. They had been briefed fully by Kim and Ron and by Dr. Director. When the full story came out they were horrified at what had happened. Jean had been physically sick and Anne had to turn over a number of operations to colleagues she had been so upset. It didn't take long of the media to break the full story. The full horror of the situation had been played and replayed across the airwaves. There had been several offers from a number of television networks and movie companies wanting to make special about what happened. All of the requests had been politely and some not so politely turned down.

Wade had shown up the day that Kim and Ron had returned home. It had been a very happy reunion. Not quite as happy as when Rufus first saw his two most favorite humans in the world. Monique, Tara, Felix, Zita and Josh had shown up the same afternoon. A reporter had gotten a shot of Josh standing up at the service with his arm in the air. The headline had screamed the same words he had spoken. The words, "Team Possible Scores" had raced around the world with his face associated with it. That had earned his a kiss from Kim that left him in a momentary stupor. It took a kick to his shin from Tara to bring him out.

Kim held onto Ron as they stood in the backyard of her home. They knew their parents were watching and that was okay. Right now just being there together, holding each other, hearing each other breathe and hearing the heartbeat of the other was more than enough. They would have a very hard road ahead of them but as long as they were together they would be able to make. Hana toddled up to the window and gazed out the window at her brother and the person she thought as her big sister. She looked up at the four parents and smiled.

"Ron and KimKim happy."

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